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Help me build standard six classroom

baby class academic trip (domestic animals lesson) in my school,i ensure that kids are exposed to all possible relevant learning opportunities available to us.

Help me build standard six classroom

pupils during academic tour at lake victoria - kenya.

Help me build standard six classroom

our introductory class pupils graduate as they joined class one (primary one) January this year (2015)

Purchase more medicine and shelves for pharmacy

Hello to you all my lenders! I thank you very much for your loan which has helped me improve my medicine stock.I bought syrups , tablets and injectable medicines and now i can treat my patients well and my income has also increased .The earnings i have used to repay my loan and my family now is a very happy one.Thanks and may God bless you!

To expand my poultry business.

Dear lenders,

It's such a great honor to inform you that my first loan from Zidisha really changed my poultry business in a very positive way and uplifted my living standard. I am proud to say that in December 2014 i managed to sell over 50 well fed broilers at a price of $10 each (Ksh 950) , and i also sold 40 ordinary chicken for $5 each due to the high demand over the festive season. I used some of the profit ($50)to complete repaying my first Zidisha loan, and the rest to cater for my basic needs and buy more chicks and feeds for my poultry business.

Inventory of fruits for healthy living.

Good morning lenders,
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for the enormous support. I can now buy apple in boxes and has really boosted my business. I use the profit to pay for my rent and my good up keep.
God bless zidisha lenders

Inventory of meat supplied for my butchery business

I want to thank my lenders for supporting my business.
I purchased one equipment that is helping my business a lot. i replaced another meat mincer which had broken down.
the purchase has made my business easier to operate.
The earnings have increased to 2%, it can be more unfortunately the business has been slow due to the January period, but things will be well.
Please Check out my new mincer that i bought with the money from zidisha..

Family-planning product inventory

Hi Richard,
You are such a good soul. I'm glad to hear that you're sometimes able to give free product when others truly cannot pay for it, sharing your profit with others. Of course, I'm not glad to hear that you have had to do this, however. I hope, though, that more people will be able to benefit from this great creation of Julia Kurnia's--Zidisha!--so that more and more people can improve their financial situation and then be able to buy these important products from you at a price that is fair to both buyer and seller.

Selling school backpacks for children

Type bag schoolboy I sell

House building.

Dear Lenders,

I would like to thank you so very much for believing in me and my project. For sure your funding has enabled me to expand my chicken project up to 20 pullets having 200 pullets in total now. In two months time i will start collecting eggs, at least 5 trays a day and i am overwhelmed by the many orders that i am receiving already; people booking the eggs. In future i am planning to expand the coop and keep a larger number of pullets plus i am also planning to venture into broiler chicken farming in order to meet the market demand. Your help and your support has made me a happy farmer.

You are surely making my dreams "Young Successful Farmer" come true .

Abundant Blessings on you.

Inventory to purchase plastic chairs and tables

business in progress

Loan to finish constructing our home

Hallo Lenders und Zidisha Team ,

Der Architekt hat bereits ausgelieferten die erste draft.Please siehe beigefügte .

Isaiah Githaiga

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Hi Lenders and Zidisha team,

The architect has already delivered the first draft.Please see attached.

Isaiah Githaiga

Loan to finish constructing our home

Hi Lenders,

Here are the photos of the Items I purchased for our business with proceeds from the last loan.

Isaiah Githaiga

Motorbike project

I managed to buy a good dairy cow that i have assesed with the help of a vetinarian and under good management she can produce upto 7 liters of milk a day. she is a good breeder cow.Just what i needed to start my dairy farming. I call her ZIDISHA.

To purchase a mix of goods and prepaid mobile phone cards

This stall for a living place for the needs of family life

Purchase computer accessories for sale

thank you team zidisha and my lenders. I have been able to purchased all the tools and equipments I needed for my work.

Arts and crafts

Thank you for your kindness.

I particularly love my new charger. I am not wasting time looking for one anymore. This week was also a superb week, I graduated from a health program at The photo can tell you of my jubilation.

Have a jubilant week too.

Inventory of supplies for seaweed farming business

Seaweed is one of the largest commodity in my area that Jeneponto, seaweed has many benefits, for this seaweed is still managed by members of my group are traditionally so that the quality of seaweed is still far from complete, I am always committed to compete with producers of grass Other sea, one of the factors or constraints faced by groups of seaweed farmers is the lack of adequate equipment and even the government has not been able to contribute material for local government budget is very limited. Representation of seaweed farmer has not received serious attention from the government, for which I am always looking for a solution to be able to strive together in a group increases yield and capable of producing quality and quality seaweed. Through loans from Zidhisa I hope to be able to compete and can provide modern equipment

Stock of noodles, flour, drinks, soap and milk for my shop

My mother's daily activities - the central market selling groceries Bantaeng

Stock of noodles, flour, drinks, soap and milk for my shop

Hi. Funders and zidhisa, I am glad to have joined this community, hopefully with these loans can provide the first experience for me as only parents who always help complete goods in stores and pay for my education, I hope I do not end semerter longer burden the old because I want to focus my efforts at home. Me and my sister

My name is Kerry and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Nairobi, Kenya. Yesterday I had the opportunity of meeting Jannet Kanini in Ongata Rongai, a neighborhood of Nairobi.

Jannet owns a store that sells all sorts of clothing items as well as fruit. Her ultimate goal is to have a store with so much inventory, there's no need to go anywhere else. Immediately upon meeting her, you can tell she is a clever and well respected woman in the community. When I first arrived, she was meeting with friends and neighbors to offer them advice.

Jannet began her business in March of 2012 when she received her first loan from Zidisha to increase the inventory of her store. She began with ladies undergarments and has expanded into almost everything else. Before opening her business, Jannet worked at Beacon, a center for those suffering from HIV in the neighborhood. She told me that she chose to quit the center to start the business because she felt a need to explore and think outside the box, which was too difficult to do after 8 hours a day at her job.

Jannet and I easily fell into a convesration of local foods, music, and customs. A lady came by to sell her a Mukimo, which looks like a green tamale, but in fact is a type of puree with potato, corn and local greens. She bought one and offered me one. When I told her I was in the mood for Chapati, a type of pancake that they eat here with stew, she ran out to ask the hotel nearby if they had some. We sat and ate our lunches together, and when I asked what she did in her spare time, she told me she sang for her church choir, where her husband is the pastor. I was fortunate enough that she sang for me, first in English and then Swahili. What a beautiful voice! Jannet says that her other ambition is to create a CD, which is currently in the works. I told her I would be the first to buy one.

We sat for a while longer like that exchanging stories, talking about her children (she has two) who when they were younger, Jannet used to take them to the Nairobi National Park. She said it was a day to have a picnic, relax, and answer the questions of small children. Well, Jannet I think you are a woman with most of the answers.

Buying new ladies clothes

My name is Kerry and I am a Client Relationship Intern in Nairobi, Kenya. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Jane Wamuyu in Ongata Rongai at her clothing store and salon about 20 kilometers from Nairobi Central.

Jane has been a member for Zidisha for three years now. WIth loans from Zidisha lenders she purchased the shop in 2012, and uses loans now to stock the store's inventory. Jane has also employed a friend of her's, Nancy, who helps with washing and styling hair. When I met Jane, Nancy was also there and we sat down to talk about the store and their lives here in Nairobi.

Jane came to Nairobi in 2004 with her husband from Nyeri, a city in northern Kenya. Her husband sells building materials and also borrows from Zidisha. While he was working, she decided she wanted to open her own business. She had always braided her friends' hair when she was a young girl, and loved clothes, so logically it made sense to open a salon/clothing store. Now she has had the store for three years, and is very proud of it. Jane is also a great saleswomen. I almost left the store with three t-shirts and a pair of leggings. She says that trousers are her best selling item. She goes to the market downtown twice a week to buy clothes to stock her store. She is a great location, right on the main road of the neighborhood of Ongata Rongai, where many people pass by multiple times a day.

In her free time Jane likes to swim at Multimedia Unvierstiy of Kenya, just down the road. As a child she grew up with her six sisters swimming on the Tana River. Having six sisters also contributed to her love of clothes. THey had to share their clothes, but they were also able to pick from six wardrobes. Jane's parents are still in Nyeri where they own a coffee farm. Jane spent much of her child picking the red berries off the bushes during harvest. She had a very different life in Nairobi.

Jane hopes to expand the inventory of her store with help from Zidisha. She uses the profits to pay for her two daughters' schooling as well as monthly expenses. With a well kept store and an employee, she has really made something for herself as a transplant in Nairobi.

Lydiatesh food production

The pictures shows items we bought with the money I received. The items were as follows;
Tropical mints kshs. 115
Kenya drops ". 75
Mr. Berry. ". 75
White mints ". 90
Big daddy sachet. 250
Ginger biscuits. 250
Lotta outer. 75
Total. 930
Safaricom 50. 369.20
Sportsman 10. 858.00
Safaricom 10. 184.60
Safaricom 20. 369.20
Airtel 20. 370.00
Rhino ndogo 2. 50.00
Kifaru green 1. 200.00
Total. 2401.00
Umbrella for shade. 1800.00
Sufurias 2. 1000.00
Cooking staffs. 1700.00
Transport. 200.00
Grand total. Kshs. 8031.00

Clothing materials for my african designs shop

Samples of clothing

To open an internet service provider company


To open an internet service provider company


Purchase of agro chemicals for my farm

I would like to take this opportunity and thank the entire zidisha team once again. This is to let you know that the loan I got has helped me a lot in the case of reducing pests on my farm drastically. My mango plants have also shown signs of growing very healthy too. I would also want to creat your awareness again that if maybe you have anybody who buys mango, you can direct him to me also, I would like to do international market too. Thank you and these are some of the pictures of my farm

Inventory for clothing and braids

Determination is Key

With the profits I get, I have already recorded one album.

Cattle for dairy farming


Book selling

Hello Erick
I am deeply moved at how most of you folks look after your families and your communities, seeking to give back wherever and whenever you can and I believe you folks set us a great example of how life could be if all did the same.
I actually feel honoured to be allowed to be a part of your lives and am grateful for the opportunity to help you and through you others with whom you are involved.
Who knows but maybe one day I will visit Africa and maybe meet some of you in person.
God bless and good luck with all you do

Fees for hairdressing training for my wife


Fees for hairdressing training for my wife

This is my wife during hairdressing classes

To buy printing materials and stationeries

zidisha is one of great things that has happened in my life, i used to have difficulties in getting money to improve my business, the printer i bought with the help of zidisha loan has enable me to earn a little more than i used to. my books say that i get ksh350 has profit daily. i use part of this money for my upkeep and save the rest to buy computer, to catch up with the overwhelming demand of my services. the lake Victoria is very interesting, it is a fresh water lake, it boarders three countries that is; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania. this has made Kisumu an entertainment city , it is growing fast and i should tap to its growing energy. thank you.

Purchase of accessories

my colleagues and i

Purchase of accessories

at my project proposal presentation

Purchase of land to reduce rent cost for my green house

My incubator is almost done thank you for the support i have payed the deposit and on payment of the remaining amount i will be able to sell day old chicks to satisfy my huge demand.

Buying materials for my mushroom cultivation

Ophelia -- thanks for posting all these photos. Until now I had no idea what a mushroom farm looked like. This looks like a super-efficient way to do it! Wish you good luck.

Adding inventory of baking supplies for birthday cake business

FROM : Mrs CECILIA (Bungur Jember)

Siapa mau Menyusul ... JANGAN MENDADAK YA ...
HAPPY BIRTH DAY : DImas Bagaskara

Window curtains and shaggy mats

Thankful to all zidisha family

Window curtains and shaggy mats

Am so grateful and so happy with zidisha. i was able to take my son to a new school and buy the requirements like uniform and even materials do to the window curtains

Buying materials for my mushroom cultivation

Mushroom growing site

Chicken farming

The same type of chicken inside their cages.

Purchase kitchen & beauty equipment for Nawra shop

Good morning all, thank you to all the lenders who helping my "Nawra Shop".

I used my load to purchase and equip my shop, there are beauty tools, mobile card and cologne. So my customer have many option to buy in my shop. In public holiday, i'm work at my shop to serve customer.

I really appreciate for my lender. Thank you and God bless you.

- Hani -

To employ two workers

just relaxing after my break at my shop siting in front of my house
now i can say that soon the money will be disbursed to me

Opening a new branch of "Zidisha Youth Empowerment & ICT Foundation"

I am so happy for you, congratulations on your business operation permit, this is wonderful, now you are on your way and next all of Ghana... wow!!! I knew you would do it ... you are such a inspiration to me, everything you have set out to achieve you have done it, follow your dreams and look what happens. I am very excited for you .... you will go far in life my friend. I am happy your feeling good and life is treating you well. I can only imagine how many people you will help.... your awesome George!
Lorey Brown

Registration for my laboratory

Hi Dear Lenders,
I am so glad and thankful that I am able to write this you today. This is to inform that I was able to purchase a Glucometer which I bought at KES 5000($56) and strips to be used with it at KES 1800($20) and Pregnancy test kits at $24, this will enable me to offer more tests in my laboratory to serve my community gladly
. Thanks all. God Bless you all. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Buy some spare parts for my motor bikes

Today was my second meeting with Isaac. It's great to see that he has received his loan and bought the spare parts for his motorcycles. However today I went for a different reason.

Last time I wrote that Isaac is the chairman for Tuinane, a group of local businessmen and women who meet weekly in order to pull together resources to obtain loans and exchange ideas. Isaac invited me to their weekly meeting and it was a very interesting experience. Isaac lead the meeting introducing me and two members of a microfinance bank that dispurse loans to groups. The interesting part was one of the loan officers told me that he had applied for Zidisha, since he could not obtain a loan from the very bank he works for. Why? Because he lacks any tangible assets. Score for Zidisha!

During the meeting a lot of money was collected as group members paid the treasurer of the gorup their weekly installment. Banks will lend to groups like this rather than individuals isnce there is more accountability. Group members make sure other group members pay.

Isaac spoke mainly in Swahili, but we switched to English when it was my turn to talk about Zidisha. Only Isaac was a member of Zidisha, and he very much encouraged the others to apply after my presentation. It was a very successful meeting and I am looking forward to hearing from these potential new members in the near future. Isaac was great at managing the group and being encouraging and supportive. Thank you Isaac for spreading the word and supporting Zidisha!

Mitumba clothes

My name is Kerry and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Nairobi, Kenya. Today I had the opportunity to meet Nancy, a new Zidisha member living and working in the suburb Kawangware of Nairobi.

Nancy was extremely welcoming. She met me in the center of the neighborhood and walked me to her house. When we arrived, she immediately rushed out to buy a Coca Cola so she could offer me something to drink. Nancy is used to taking care of people. She is the eldest of six siblings ranging from six years old to thirty. She is also the mother of a sixteen year old daughter who she had at the age of fourteen. Her mother and siblings still live a ten dollar bus ride (which is expensive here) from Nairobi in the town of Mumias. She has been helping to support her mother, since their father walked out on the family years ago. Here in Kenya, it's the oldest child's responsibility to take care of the parents, and Nancy accepts it whole heartedly. She also visits them around every three months.

Nancy met her current husband at Church around six year ago. He is a carpenter that specializes in interior fitting - making cabinets for kitchens. Nancy is very proud of him and showed me some photos of his work, which was impressive. He has also used Zidisha for a loan and helped his wife to apply for hers as well. Nancy decided that she wanted to sell clothing for her small business venture. Why? "Because clothing doesn't rot," she said, "like a tomato or mango". She began hawking her clothing, which means selling without a storefront. She soon discovered baby and childs clothing was the most popular commodity, so she decided to specialize in that. Nancy sells to her friends and acquaintances, which can be challenging since most time she takes a partial payment of cash and the rest credit. This means she has to come by their houses at a later date to receive the rest of the money. She goes to the main market once a week to buy the clothing and then sells it all during the week. The profits from the business go to her daily means, and any extras to her mother and the rest of the family. Income fluctuates quite a bit, but Nancy is very hopeful.

I couldn't help asking if baby clothes also have something to do with perhaps wanting another child. Her daughter is living and working at her Aunt's salon in another part of town. Nancy said her and her husband pray for a baby. I asked which she would prefer, a girl or a boy? She said, this time for sure a boy. Here's to hoping that she will be able to outfit a son some day soon.

Security systems boost loan

Awesome encounter with my first loan. Guess what? as little as 3517 KES I managed to purchase 15 pairs of ladies shoes which amazingly is going like hot cake. my profit margin is tremendously increasing and within a week I have doubled my stock. Bravo Zidisha.