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Greenhouse vegetables project

Thanks lender so far I'm doing great coz I have manage my loan still pay house rent.and school fees for my children's... I will pay that last installment next week hope I will be able to have another loan for my new project.

To buy three grade cows for dairy farming

Dear lenders
The cash i received i added 30,000 kes from my savings and bought i motorbike for bodaboda business ,i bought it at Nairobi city at a cost of 99,000 kes.I have already give it out to a trained person who will be driving it and bring 500 kes per day.This will make me pay my loan without struggle and increase my savings.
Also last weekend i traveled to upcountry and replaced old iron sheets with the new ones,this was hard for me before.And i bought a fish toy for my daughter Gloria.Thanks a lot zidisha and my lenders in general.God bless you.

Power generator for computer training school

I am Doing well and business doing well too. The Loan has really helped me in times of blackouts as I bought a solar panel which though never worked to my expectation but the inverter and the battery has saved me a lot. Thanks to my lenders.

Masters degree

Since I bought the two books on nutrition ave been able to do my school work on time and I'm now well informed on many topics concerning health and ailments and how to deal with the ailments. Thanks to my zidisha lenders .

Help John's School & Travel Bags Shop Acquire More Inventory

Having the opportunity to expand my business was a greatful event in my life, i was full dependant on my brothers and parents on college fees payment, am happy to say i can now pay half the amount for next semister on my own. In my family i am the first one to do that. Now that am on a long vacation from july to december, Zidisha has given me an opportunity to become a fully enterprenuer instead on stay jobless at home. May God bless all lenders in Zidisha Community.

Buy a computer for my electrical shop

Thank God am through with my first loan.thank so much to zidisha group coz the interest is very small and its very easy to repay the business have grown and am doing very well now waiting to apply for a larger amount

Complete goat housing and feeds

I am happy to express my satisfaction with Zidisha plan of lending. The loan I received enabled me to start my plan to improve the shelter for the Goat. My next loan will enable me complete the structure and be able to send the photo of the house. I have the confidence that zidisha will be of great help to me in making my dreams of diversification a reality by being able to produce more goat milk. This will increase my income. Also I plan to start a paultry keeping after completing the Goat project in my future loans. Thank you and God bless all.

Rent farm and buy fertilizer & insecticide

Hi zidisha the loan that i have just completed has help me put food on the table for my family and also it has help in increasing in profit that i paid for my son's school tour and also paid a half of his school fees. Thanks zidisha

More shoes to restock my business

Today i was able to deposit my second payment to Zidisha.After getting the loan i went for my stock on Monday of 10th August 2015.The business went on well with an increased in my income.I went for my next stock on Monday of 17th August 2015.Since when i got the loan i can say that i am happy for i have cash to buy my family food and other domestic wants.Thanks a lot to my lender Paul Bauchheit.

Seed, fertilizer and fencing to grow maize and kale

Hi, i just want to thank you for the support you have given so far, Farming project is great and i enjoy raising and taking care of the cow i bought with the loan..I pray hard to make it and with zidisha am sure i will.thank you.

Inventory of men's and women's materials for my tailoring shop

i here saying thank you to my lenders for the loan you gave me,my tailoring business it as earned me 100% interest,i have many customers that makes me to work day and nighty and i trust with you zidisha my business will grow and to touch many lives.due to the growth of my business in these holiday i was able to support some neighbors needy children with the leaning materials you can see their photo bellow.Amen God bless you.


Light construction equipment

Dear Charles,
any news for us, please?


Oil palm plantations

Dear Agus, do you have any news for us, please`?


Construction of brooder

Dear Zacharia, thanks for your effort!


Used book business

Dear Asiswanto,
do you have any news for us, please?


Materials for temporary vegetable green houses

Nixon - please inform us about your status!


Farming project loan

Eunice, any news for us, please?


Fertilizer and manure for vegetable planting

Dear Collins, do you have any news for us, please?


Selling school backpacks for children

Rahmaida, any news for us, please?


Inventory for farming tools for my farm

Dear Samuel, thank you!


Help to improve and expand my bakery business

I thank you lenders for helping me with this loan. I will purchase more materials and ingredients with this money and expand my business. Thank you very much and God richly bless you all.

Fish stock, fishmeal, pumps & lights for my business

I am very grateful indeed to Zidisha team and especially the lender for funding my aquaculture venture. The loan (my first) has enabled me to increase fish stock, fish meal, air pumps, backdrop. already i have secured some fish and accompaniments order that will go along way in repaying my loan. Also am looking forward to increase more of my stock and operating capital as i repay this loan. Thank you and God bless you all. Will keep you posted.

Loan to set up a football watching auditorium

The loan I received has greatly had positive impact into my business. The first stock got finished with me having profit to pick another stock for sale. I have therefore been able to supply the needs of my customers. I really thank Zidisha and the lenders for the favor they have done me.

Purchase a three-wheeled taxi

Hi Zidisha Team,
I am doing well and great,repaying my loan on time.
I am glad to learn that my Credit loan has been increase to a great figure to help me grow my business.

Charles Muchira Njiru.

Shoe stock boost

Hi George,

Good to see that updating your profile was succesfull and you got funded! Wish you nice profits.

Loan to work out faults in my taxi

I am really happy to express my gratitude to the Lenders of Zidisha for their kindness support been given to me, now my living life have changed all because of the loan I got here and I give all the Thanks to my wonderful Lenders of Zidisha. May God bless you all.

Groundnuts for resale

hi lenders. thank you for the loan my business has improved so much..... am selling so many computer accessories such as flash disks which are on very much on demand and earnings have increased thank you so much.

College & University Tuition Fees for My Two Daughters

Hi last loan has help tremendous. I have grown from a small salon and cosmetic that I was.I have separated my salon with cosmetic- opened a separate shop .Two,the income has improved my family status.

Loan to boost my clothing business

Thank zindisha lenders for helping me lift my struggling business.Throughout the sometimes challenging environment I was able to win.Am looking forward to keep moving on

Food & home goods supplies for my wholesale store

Thank u my lenders for your great support with you I'm moving forward

Buying books to sell to schools

Hi lenders, am happy yet again with my life and business. i feel am on top of my game, with the money u gave me i manage to buy the books that i was given orders to buy and i made a profit of about $150 i am still getting new orders and am finding profit out of each, schools are about to open and am expecting a huge supply of books to schools, On Saturday 15th was my sisters wedding which was so successful and we celebrated the beginning of he new life in marriage. On 27th august will be my birthday, while on 30th will be my daughter terry's birthday turning 9yrs old i bless God this far.

Computers to start an IT training center

hi lenders i thank you very much for your support, my sister is now able to study the tuition during this august holiday, is just your support in my life. thank you all lenders.

Loan to buy more goods into my shop

Thanks be to you all my sweet and wonderful lenders for lending me with first loan, in fact i was able to buy those goods as was stated in my proposal. Now my is growing to the extend that my profit margin has increase to about 45% . if fact i am most greatful to you all. Thank you

Cooking oil, tomatoes, soap and a popcorn machine for my shop

my profit has increase incredibly and i say thanks to my lenders

Android applications development tools purchase

Thank you Zidisha and my lenders once more for the opportunity. With your help, managed to purchase a second laptop for my business and attained more efficiency and work capacity. At least I can do two projects concurrently with the help of my assistant. Am actualizing my ideas more easily, thanks to the support from you guys. Am very grateful for the funding.

Comprehensive insurance coverage & heavy, reflective jackets

Dear mr, paul, mr dlplingle, Mr leornadia and you Melissa, i salute you tonight and wish to inform you that i am fine with my humble family, As i type this message to you now my family is sited next to me, MY dear wife Beth salutes you and wishes to let you know that we are happy having friends like you who faithfully funds our profile any time we post a loan application through zidisha, WE love you all and wishes you long live under the protection of the almighty God. Today is a special day in our family, it is a thanks giving day for the far God has brought our family, Surprisingly my wife looks on the list of the people we ought to thank, you are number one for three reasons, please allow us to state [1] Ever since we joined zidisha, we have never bounced to raise a loan, everytime we post a loan, we are always in serious need as a family, we thank you for funding our profile onces and repeatedly. [2] We thank you for wishing us well, [3] To find people of your heart around us is difficult . WE just say thank you. According to Beth, she says ' the best way to appreciate you is to be faithfuly to what we promise you' To that what Beth says i agree. Anytime you can type your greetings to us and we will be happy to reply to you all. May almighty God bless you in abundance, amen.

To purchase a secondhand motorbike

Thank you dear lenders for enabling me to prosper,i was so glad to receive the loan and my business improved greatly.My family life is improved and i am happier.

Computer and accessories

I used the money to buy
laptop batteries, Laptop memories,
and hard drives ,the items i
bought has really improve
my business to a very high level.
My returns has increase to about 53% and i have
invest most of the profit into the business.
Now life is more convenient with me and my family.
The most recognized place at my neighborhood is the Legon Botanical Gardens where people go there to play with the family.

Tricycle to convey farm produce to the central market

Hello lenders,

Once again my people are very much happy with the support they've received from you. The pump they say has made things very easy for them to water their farm produce. They report great and significant growth of their crops and some have started in planning on going large scale.

I'm almost done repaying this loan and rely on your support for funding my next loan.

Thank you so much lenders.

Buy land to build a home

I take this opportunity to thank all zidisha especially lenders for loan you gave me, it has been able to take me through coputer courses wich will be doing my certificate in the next two weeks.

Purchase of inventory for my retail shop

I want to take this opportunity to thank Zidisha community and My lenders for the support they have given me since my joining to Zidisha.
The loans I have currently received have really benefitted my business a great deal. This is by increasing my sales volume by having me increase my inventory to my clients requirements. The profits generated have also helped my purchase more stock by reploughing back part of it and also enabling me pay for my tuition fees which has enabled me sit for the end of semester exams.
I do thank you for all your support and may God bless you all.

Loan to expand my cosmetic business

I am so overwhelmed with satisfaction and joy that through zidisha I now have extra income to cater for my wife and children. This is because my cosmetics and perfume business is doing very well. Lenders God richly bless and increase you all.
Ps Sylvester Amoah.

Purchasing bulk fertilizers to sell to farmers

Dear Lenders,
Having purchased some stock at the shop, my sales are up by 89% improvement.The additional of stock changed the clients flow to the best and computer timer usage has increased as clients have a seat while refreshing themselves.
Also, the profit received is being banked for my finance to be more stable.
Otherwise as updated earlier, I underwent a guards training and am awaiting deployment soon.The company is recognized in Kenya and Africa at large (KK Group Of Companies).
There salary scale is so good, per security officer they pay 15,000/= , which is $145 dollars.
On the other hand my daughter is growing big, now 1 year and 7 months though she is unwell as this August is a rainy season.
Lastly, I am proud of zidisha and my lovely lenders, hope all are fine.
Thank you

Tools and equipments for my laptop repair business

i really thank every lender who has taken it upon himself/herself to help me improve my business. I promise that i will not let your help be in vain. I have used this funds to purchase an LED Desk Lamp Magnifier which will help me work well on computers and laptops when repairing them.

To continue adding more stocks of fabrics

I have posted on the photo, I am now able to accept big orders for cook outs. and for bigger events since I bought the large pots and the revenue has been good. I also bought some fabrics which are popularly used for tent decoration. The last loan helped me to also repair the torn parts on the tent which are now more presentable before I raise money to buy new ones.
I really appreciate and would like to assure all lenders that I am making good use of the loan you are providing.

Petrol car wash machine

Many thanks goes to Zidisha and my humble lender for lending and letting me be my own boss, the loan got made me accomplish my dream of becoming confident spare dealer
Now I can sell assorted vehicle filters thanks to my lenders.
Customers are flocking in my shop because of becoming a reliable spare dealer. The profit was good and was full utilize, for I added car accessories like dash board sprays.
My family is now happy for I can provide additional and plan for a trip to gede ruins, to watamu beach and vascodergama in malindi

Materials for business training seminars

I thank my lenders through Zidisha for enabling me complete my recently concluded research project on organic pesticide. I am planning to go to the next phase after my manuscript is published by the Journal of Health and Pollution. This has made a difference in my career. I will get an opportunity to partner with my former lecturers (of Chemical Engineering) and together we will work on the product's commercialization. This will entail further research on the product development (final formulation, preservation, patenting, packaging, pilot plant production, other) and projecting the commercial model for industrial scale partnerships.

Loan to cater for my spinal therapy at kenyatta hosipital

With the over 600$ you gave me,I have grown tremendously from just a simple room to a fully fledged office with necessary equipments thanks to school are currently on recess, I have two photography tenders which I hope will help me clear the current loan through the high returns am anticipating.Kudos Zidisha for making me a great entrepreneur.

Eben beauty saloon & acessaries

This is what your loan has raised me to. Thank you team of zidisha