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Working capital to print more editions of my schoolbooks

Hi lovely lenders, my business is ongoing .My book publication business is becoming more profitable because of the helping hands from Zidisha and my dear lenders.As at now, 3000 copies of my new edition is under publication for next academic year in September .In fact , Zidisha has giving me more vim to write more series of school books.I thank you very much .I also want to remind you that , there is still a lot to be done, since my aim is to distribute my books nationwide in the near future. Long live Zidisha, long live my devoted lenders .God richly bless you.

Spare parts for repairing computers

Thank you so much my lenders for granting me this opportunity. The first loan really help me a lot it has boost my confidents and has brought improvement into my business. I can proudly say my business has increase about 70%. Thank you so much.

To improve my poultry farm

Dear lenders my wife is very grateful for your support, our future looks bright, through the business we will secure my daughter's education, in this modern times education is the key to everything. i have started preparations, soil sampling, sourcing for manure, and seeds for my next plantation, among other necessary steps that are needed.

Storage cans for distributing milk from local dairy farmers

thanks zidisha, my business has helped me alot in raising enough money to pay for my sibling's school fees and my son too,, with time i look forward to saving more money to enable me pay for my higher education learning. Because of the passion i have for my business i plan to apply for another loan soon after fully repaying the current one. I hope with it my business shall boom with timeand may be with time i shall establish my own milk processing industry. Thanks zidisha am happy indeed.

Loan to buy training materials for my coaching business

i had faith with my ideas and they have bore fruits so far. I just want to inform my lenders that with my loan i was able to opened up a shop where i sell my goods from. The shope is located at the city centre of nairobi where i moved after completing my studies. At the same time the loan heleped me complete my school fees and I am happy i will be graduating ina months time. My earnings have really increased after i sought a marketing campaign from friends and one of the local stations, and also after being selected to showcase my products and services in one of the entrepreneural events that was held in Nairobi. I look forward for another loan as i plan to expand and include more services and products as well as importing the goods myself. thanks all memebers, be blessed.

I want to buy a water pump, pipes and intallation

Am so thankful for making me reach this far in my business. Before i knew you i used to sell five littres of milk per day and i used to walk along to find my customers today i have two carriage bicycles that help supplying milk to my customers. Am so happy to have you assisting me financially. Thank you so much and may God bless you all for your kind heart.

Fabric for making clothing

Hai to zidisha family at large. In fact i got the loan you rendered to me , i was able to purchase some material and also bought one more sewing machine. I'm so much happy now that i'm able to attract more customers and my income has come up at least and i can pay my rent without no problem . My children are happy that i do pay there school fees in time and there up keep has now become better than before, and even my neighbors can now see new change in me than before. Hope more will continue coming and join the zidisha family to benefit also and hope they enjoy as i have enjoyed.

Spare parts for printer repair service

Thanks to the my lenders and the team for making me happy and my family, since now am able to moved my younger sister from a day school to a boarding school for her to get peace of mind to study and she is very happy.
Am able to do all these through my lenders and the team who strengthens me.
Because now am making a lot of profit from my business of which you have help me to this far.
Even now my prayer is that, God bless my lenders and the team to help me open a very big training center in Berekum.
God bless you all and increase your blessings.


Stocking my shop with more drugs

I thank Zidisha a lot for giving that affordable loan, the loan has help me to stock my pharmaceutical shop and the profit out of the business have been to settle my wards school fees and also since the conditions of payment was cool, I have manage to pay all my taxes I was owing to the government.

Loan to buy a better sewing machine

I have recieved my loan which is $100 and with the help of this money,i have purchase a brand new knitting machine. This machine has save me the time and stress of going to another town to make knitting on my clothings. Aside this i make extra money when others come and make knitting on their clothings. My earning has increased from $5-10 every week and thanks to zidisha for the loan. I have saved my earnings and i have been able to expand my shop with that. I have also employed four workers. Ankaful where i reside is an interesting place to be talking about the beach and the forest reserved in that area. Am so proud to associate myself with zidisha and i recommand zidisha loan to all businessmen because it is fast and reliable.


To expand my bouquite

The first loan has really help me a lot, I was able to get $57 as my profit. I am really grateful to the lenders and zidisha team very much.
The next loan is really going to help me to expand my bouquite shop.

Loan to improve my poultry farm

Hi lenders.thank you for your continued support.the loan you just funded has been of great help.i was able to buy four bags of 50 kg of diammoniam phosphate fertilizer. i already applied it on my nappier and the results were good.the growth rate of the nappier increased hence providing enough feeds for my cows.this had an effect on the amount of milk least there was milk everyday and an increment of about one liter everyday which translates to about dollars in a month.

Buying a mini van

It was such wonderful time in our country when the American president Obama came to visit our country last weekend, for the first time in our country we experienced total security check in all areas especially in the areas where the president was supposed to attend a function, and this being the first time for such kind of a leader to be in our country we were over joyed in the whole country. And my business the whole of that week i was very busy taking photos and it was the best experience in my business.

To pay the remaining part of school fees

the loan i have complited really helped me.i managed to buy my son some school items and still bought materials to make mat.thanks so such .will be glad if you give me another loan

Loan to add more stock to my clothing shop

Good day, Zidisha family and my lenders. I thank you very much for your help. With my first loan, I started off by buying more shirts for both men and women. This helped me earn something that could help me expand into selling of sandals too. After a while, I could generate some income that aided me to hire a bigger store room to make sales in. I have really benefited from this loan. Thank you for helping me expand my business.

Computers to start an IT training center

hi zidisha team, my family parents have now moved from a temporary residence to a permanent residence, this is just from the support i have achieved from your loans. am grateful of you lenders. my business is now stable just from the time i joined you. always the best in your future endeavour.

Buy materials for my wedding workshop

I was able to buy the machine that is I am now saving on the amount I had been using to hire the machine at 50 KES. per day whic brings the total amonut saved to 3,000 KES.

That amount has been ploughed back to the business hence also increasing my stock for the business .

Once again, thank you so much for funding my first loan.

Graphic design course module ii

I wish to say that i am no longer jobless. Through Zidisha i have started a business which i can now call my own. I am proud that i am self employed despite high unemployment challenges in Kenya.

Fertilizer and machines for my agricultural shop

I am always grateful to my wonderful lenders who helped me out of my previous loan,i share a big thanks to you all because with that loan i was able to buy new goods into my store and again was able to supply my customers with all that they want which has gone a long way increase my base profit for about 40%. I fact i thank you all once again and plead on you're behalf to come to my aid once again.thank you!.

Loan to set up a football watching auditorium

Through Zidisha I have been able to make great impact in my business. I have been able to add up new collections to my shop. This has made me to win more customers who initially did not buy from my shop and this is all thanks to Zidisha.

Adding more terminals to my cybercafe

One day when i write my success story, Zidisha will be in the first line. This community has been a part of me since day one. I started by working for someone and now i have my own place, all thanks to Zindisha for holding me through.
With my previous loan i was able to start sellling ex-uk laptops especially to college students who were my target market.
I started off with a stock of 3 laptops and right now its up to 7. I have been re-investing most of my profits and before the end of the year i am expecting go go even further, atleast a stock of 11 laptops.
Thank you all and God bless..

Purchase a car for bakery deliveries

Dear lenders
This is to inform you that the first loan that you gave me,i used to buy a motor of my big oven in my bakery.Since then the production has increased which has made me to serve my customers sufficiently,automatically the income increased by 15% I have bought a bed and mattress for my little children from the profit .Zidisha has made me to start realizing my dream.Thanks God bless you.

Restock existing store & open a new branch

Dear lenders, ever since I joined Zidisha, my business has experience growth since I was able to meet needs of my clients. The last loan particularly gave me a good boost because I had an order to supply energy saving bulbs to a number of clients and this loan came in handy. I am looking to grow the business even further by getting bigger loans from Zidisha. Thank you very much.

Business boost

Thanks Roy.
In my line of work, time is of essence and the faster I serve my customers the better for my income. in so saying, the first loan allowed me to have some stock so that I don't have to rush to the spare store every time I have a customer. this has made it possible for me to serve more customers daily than before in-turn improving my income.

Business website building

The money i received from my previous loan i added some other little cash and started a very small businness of selling clothes which has really grown to a boutique shop and thanks to Zindisha. i am posting a photo of my boutique shop

Expand and demystify my poultry farm

Thank you lenders for your support.
I have planned to increase my stock of rabbits and hens. I also have plans to buy food for all of my stock.
This loan will help me eradicate hunger in my farm and increase the rate of production.
The demand of eggs, rabbit meat and chicken is increasing significantly and so as to meet this demand, I have to increase my stock.
Thank you my lenders for your support, You are there for me, without you, there is nothing I can do. Thank you very much guys.

House completion

Hi there... thank you for the loan, i managed to get a smart phone HTC which cost me kshs, 21000/-. this is really helping me in daily running of my business. Am able to communicate effectively with my clients. i dont have to me in the office to respond to emails anymore.
due to this effectiveness, i have managed to close deals in time. once again thank you for your continued support.

Buy a computer for my electrical shop

My business has grown from 5% profit to able to add stock to my shop and I have managed to get more customers God bless zidisha and am aiming to go far with you people

Coal sales heater

Thank you very much for your invaluable support. It is a great pleasure for me to welcome your generosity through these lines. This first loan allowed me to pay some coal bag which I could sell.

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Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien inestimable. C'est un grand plaisir pour moi de saluer votre générosité a travers ces lignes. Ce premier prêt m'a permis de payer quelques sac de charbon dont j'ai pu vendre.

Additional stock to my shop!

It was a great success with my previous loan. I got to add additional stock for my business which gave fresh and a good new look to it. Customers get drawn by the 'look' of a business. A well stocked shop will attract more clients than a poorly stocked one. Sales volumes shot up dramatically. It was GREAT!!!!!!!!

Thanks again!!

Clothing sales

Afternoon ... once again i would like to thank you for the first loan you me,i have being able to grown significantly in terms of stocks and profit.I kindly urge you to lend me the $200 request to boost more on my business.Promise to pay installment on time and update you regularly on my progress.
Thank you and God bless you

Boosting my business

when I made investment with the money I was given from Zidisha ,My Business has greatly increased therefore I want o increase my repayment by some a mount on top of what I was initially paying.

Frozen meat and vegetables for grocery shop

I'm glad to announce that my loan has been funded. It would enable me secure a power generator for my cold store due to erratic power supply in my country. I will also increase my stock and hire an extra hand to help me operate my shop.

Buying of new open and closed shoes for women,men,and kids

Hi zidisha family with the loan that have completed paying,I got profit of 32,000kes for 3months with this I payed schoolfees for my 2,kids, I bought more 13damies for putting in dreses,bought 6 metals for being hunged on dress and trousers,paid bill for my mam in the hospital

Family house & shops

Hello lenders and zidisha community at large,I am elated that with your help my wife has now joined college because your loan boosted my business as a result improved income.The extra income is doing a wonderful job as now i can rest assured that the future looks shiny and beautiful.Thank you all.

Provisions and solar lamps for my store

The loan has rely help me a lot,now lm able to buy the provisions which l could not buy into my store. I'm planning to extend my store with the next loan that l will receive from you,lenders. Thank you lenders...

Book selling

Dear our esteemed lenders,
This is Erick Chebii wishing to express my joy for the far you have supported me in my business. I have managed to secure two sheep out of the business that you supported and I intend to continually accumulate my stock of sheep as much as I can. I know that with your support I will be able to achieve my goal

Weighing scale and organic fertilizer

I thank zidisha team for enabling me modernize my farm . I bough a foot pump that I use for irrigation. I thank you so much

Petrol car wash machine

Thanks for thé Goodyear support we are getting from zidisha and our leanders.
Again thanks to my leaders , for i was able to stock m'y Shop with filtres that were not in stock.
In any Kind of any investment , there must be returns. Thé profit was awasom, for i am able to cater m'y family needs.


To refill lpgs for sale

Dear lenders and zidisha fraternitry at large, this is to inform you that i have just completed repaying my previous loan. infact since i joined zidisha jan 2014 my life has been never the same again, i never knew one day i will put food on the table without many struggle, i never knew my son will be schooling without being sent home now and then due to lack of school fees, never knew will be paying my rent on time looking forward to build my own house, never knew will be driving my own car and transporting my goods and gases not using public transport means using my own vehicle. But without you i could not have archive all this. i salute you.

To refill lpgs for sale

Dear lenders and zidisha fraternity, am glad that i have just completed repaying my previous loan on time. this is to inform you that when i joined zidisha last year Jan 2014 my life has been never the same again due to zidisha loans. my business have been the talk of the town due to it fastest growing to these who knew me before when i started it. i never knew that i will be putting food on the table without struggling a lot, paying my rent on time looking forward to build my own house, never knew that my son will be schooling without being sent home due to lack of school fees, never knew one day will be driving my own car or transporting my gas cylinders using my own car without using public transport means! you are part of all my achievement. i salute you.
Regards, Joshua Mwiti Meringo.


To my lender, i greet you in the name of God, i would like to inform you that the loan has made different in my life. now my cyber is growing monthly and my customers are also happy because they always seeing changes in my cyber, they also get any service they want clear, clean and faster. thanks a lot for helping me improve my life in terms of business.
thanks in advance,
Augo moses.

Purchasing bulk fertilizers to sell to farmers

I convey my thanks for lending me within a short span of time. My Business has grown adequately with a great margin of 82% from ground zero.
Thank you so much to Zidisha Team.

To refill lpgs for sale

USA president Obama is in Kenya for entrepreneurs summit in Nairobi. Am very happy being one of amongst young entrepreneurs. Karibu kenya

Purchase of land to reduce rent cost for my green house

Thank you very much lenders.
My project is growing to heights i never imagined it could.I am getting more from the farm and the chickens and i have settled my master's school fees.
I now have a 2 month old son and he is doing well thanks to your support.
Thank you very much once again.

Expand my pig farm

I am so glad that I found a reliable partner in Zidisha. Ever since getting my first loan about a year ago, my business has grown beyond my dreams. I now have two shops under my name and I believe with your continued support, I will be able to scale higher heights of success.


Stock of cold drinks for my bar

I've received the loan, and everything is going quite well with my business. I bought some more bottle of bears, coca and so one... the good thing about Zidisha loan is that it motivate me more in all the activities I undertake as there are some more people who care about the business progress. I thank you all again for giving a such opportunity.

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I've received the loan, and everything is going quite well with my business. I bought some more bottle of bears, coca and so one... the good thing about Zidisha loan is that it motivate me more in all the activities I undertake as there are some more people who care about the business progress. I thank you all again for giving a such opportunity.

Bookstore and photocopy service

Greetings success for us all. I say many thanks for the help of loans that have been given to me so that I can advance efforts photocopy shop and office stationery that I am living. and these loans make the business is growing growing and increasingly ramainpengunjungnya

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Salam sukses untuk kita semua. saya mengucapkan banyak terimakasih atas bantuan pinjaman yang telah di berikan kepada saya sehingga saya dapat memajukan usaha toko foto kopi dan alat tulis kantor yang sedang saya jalani. dan pinjaman tersebut membuat usaha tersebut semakin berkembang berkembang dan semakin ramainpengunjungnya

Expand and restock my retail shop

i thank all the lenders for the first loan i was able to restock my shop and renovate the shop now its big and business doing good. My profits have increased to 80% up from 15%. Thanks lenders and God bless you.

Buy tents and leather sets for shoe-shining business

Hello lenders.
I am happy with you work and i thank you for that.I added the stock in my two shops and my sells have increased.
I managed to get good profit and part of it i used to pay back my loan and pay salary to my workers.
I also bought aplot which i am planning to build it.Thanks for you support
Handson from kenya