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Build a new compound for my cassava business

Dear members
I’m so happy to give you this message. Dear lenders it is so good to help poor men. You are making what God like. My parents told me that it is better to teach somebody to fish than to give him fish. With you lenders, you are learning me how to success to my life because without money we can’t do nothing for development.
Dear lenders, I’m so glad to inform you that I celebrated the ceremony of my new house and the `attieke’ house the last 30th December 2014. In that way please pray GOD for me because I fear my enemy. I spend one hundred cfa for the ceremony to buy ram, rice and drink. The ceremony was very interesting and I was very surprise to see all the old men of my village. My uncle who gave me troubles in my life was also present.
I thank all ZIDISHA for the good job they are doing in this world. My life has changed by ZIDISHA. I missed words to thank you. I don’t forget also to thank the first person who was also the first Peace Corps volunteer in my village.
Happy new year to you ZIDISHA. God give us what we need and also good health.

Buy tents and leather sets for shoe-shining business

At work

To buy some cereals for my store

this my alternative crop from last season where by i had planted the french beans.
i expect to harvest this maize toward the end of feb.

Tuition for my university degree education

Thanks to Zidisha my semester education is secured, I have some pocket money to start the next semester and some remains to make early repayments. Thank you for helping me through my education. Now that's me on campus, finish paying my tuition fees and now I'm all set for the next semester education.....

Second-hand clothes bales for resale.

Halo family,
Thank you very much my lenders for believing and trusting me with your money. I received my loan yesterday after i accepted the bids and that was pretty fast. I am humbly honored and feel appreciated coming from a remote area in Kenya. Thanks to you my family can enjoy farming including my 22 months baby. Before my husband was farming only coffee among other businesses but since I upgraded the kitchen garden everyone wants to be part of either pumping water, harvesting for sale veggies or feeding the chicken.
We are so exited now that another chicken coop is being constructed more work for all with higher benefits. Hmm! ,thank you my lenders for believing in me. I promise by the grace of God all will run smoothly and i will not disappoint.
Happy new year,stay safe and blessed.

Brush fire protection for my orange farm

My orange farm

To build a new classroom which is permanent

Dear lenders,first and formost i would like to thank you for funding my loan .I have paid the loan fully.lenders your money had been utilized well. I have managed to buy 30 textbooks for Magina preparatory school.I had bought text book for class 7 and 8 which i focused most .The exciting and encouraging thing is that one book is been shared between two pupils,that is encouraging to pupils, parents and me.Since the journey of hundred miles start with one step , am seeing my goal been fulfilled.I had been impressed .On my side my children have benefited from that they can have access of textbooks.I been the founder of my school i have seen pupils have improved on their performance and i had admitting more pupils this year.The community is really benefiting having their children been given text books at school and the text book are pricey most of the parents can't afford.Once again, i thank you very much for your great effort.

Purchase school stationery for educational supplies business

Thanks Regina for your congrats. This world has enough opportunities for each one of us to do something that can put a smile on someones face. After all are we not from the same cradle? Today am in town shopping for the paper and ink.Here in Kenya Public Schools open on Monday 19th following the end of the Teachers` Strike. Thanks and long happy life.

Buying stock of wood logs to split using a chainsaw to prepare for resale

Thank you Mr Dennis Furr for sharing your cherish memories with me. Also I would like to thank you once more for your highly concern and great care for this Saw on how it could be harmful. Am handling this Saw with a great care as it is the best quality kit and can be harmful too.Am passionate with this job as it's profitable. I have to ware safety equipments; Gloves, gumboots, safety hearing, eye protector and overall before operating because it is noisy and can be dangerous when carelessly handled and thank you for keeping on reminding me and God bless you a lot.

Computer accessories

I serviced my machines now am enjoying good service, its true never allow dust on the machines. Powered by Zidisha.

Computer accessories

I serviced my machines now am enjoying good service, its true never allow dust on the machines. Powered by Zidisha.

Harvesting and transportation of carrots in city market

I thank God for what He has done for me the year 2015. Thank you to all my lenders, i thank God for you. I cant believe have managed to deliver orders to my clients almost double what i used to in a week. Live long my lenders

Upgrading of my computers

Zidisha is changing my life for since I bought a new laser jet printer, my daily earnings have improved significantly and am really grateful. Before I got the loan from Zidisha, I had a single printer and in case it broke down, I could lose a lot of money but now I got two printers and my services are really good as evident from my customers remarks. Thank you Zidisha. God bless all the people involved.

Buy school stationery

The first loan came around Christmas season and it enabled me to buy items that move very fast during the period. I made good profit from the business and it has helped start the new year on the right footing. Thank you lenders and keep up the good work you are doing.

Flight to participate in Haitian cultural theater

I took Part in the Hackaton of Telenovela on september 2014 in my school , ESIH. It was about building a a web apps in tree for for a telenovela for Haiti, about deforestation.

School fees for my son

I would like to thank you for the money you gave me. i bought a new monitor as i had requested and now my students are learning without squeezing. The purchase of the new monitor has really helped me because i have gotten more students and am even planning to start building at home in the rural area in the month of April because my earnings have increased. thank you so much for your support and i believe you will continue supporting me.

Purchase of a printer and printing materials

these are some of the photos of my business with one of my employees working

Purchase of a printer and printing materials

my last loans were of great help to my business. i managed to expand my business, move into an ideal locality and get more people to work with. zidisha has been the backbone to the growth of my business and all i can say to my lenders is may God richly bless you as you continue helping young entrepreneurs achieve their dream.

Inventory of laptops for my computer hardware store

I joined Zidisha exactly one year ago and I have benefited from two loans so far. This credit has catapulted my business to levels I would not have imagined. My profit has increased drastically and I can now afford a better life for my young family.

As part of my social responsibility, I have trained over 15 students from poor backgrounds in ICT. Hopefully, the number will keep growing and the beneficiaries will improve their lives and have a good multiplier effect in the society. With the friendly terms that Zidisha gives, I can confidently say that the sky is the limit.

Buy a better car for my taxi business.

Dear lenders, I have completed repaying my third loan and like the previous two, it has impacted positively on my transport business. I managed to overhaul the engine of one of my taxi vehicle which made it possible to operate the vehicle smoothly.

This increased my income drastically and this has had a positive effect on my family where we can now afford a better life and a secure future. I hope the next loan will take my business to the next level.

License, equipment, snacks & fast foods

Greetings All,

Hoping that you are having a great start to the new year and that the holidays were filled with happy times.

Finally things have calmed down since children have now reported back to school. It was a busy time with the holidays and back to school sales. Over the holidays Christmas decorations and toys were on high demand and during opening of schools recently mostly bags and stationery were best sellers.

I'm quite glad to report that sales were good and thanks to the items I introduced to the shop with the help of my last loan I managed to treat my family to a Christmas weekend holiday and have some money saved to replace the stock. I am planning to order for more toys as most were sold out over the holidays.

I have included a few pictures of some of the decorations i was selling and also some toys that were fast moving in terms of sales.

All this was made possible with your help and once again my family and I are very grateful to the Zidisha family for its continued support. Wishing you all a blessed 2015.

Purchasing a three in one coppier machine

this is my daughter's picture before the operation, i shall post the picture also after the operation.


Inventory for my phone-delivery grocery business

Dear Lenders,

I’m Peter, an intern with Zidisha currently working in Indonesia. Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Mr. Rachmat Adim, a Zidisha borrower and Volunteer Mentor in Surabaya, East Java. Apart from his main job in construction, Adim helps his mother sell food and household goods at their local traditional Javanese Market. Adim’s family has managed a shop in the market for over 20 years, and over time they’ve expanded to occupy three full stalls. They sell a wide variety of goods: from rice to eggs to charcoal. Adim’s family shop sees a lot of foot traffic due to its location along a shaded pathway at the entrance of the market, and there are always people relaxing and chatting nearby. Directly next to their shop is a vendor who sells freshly cooked gorengan, or fried snacks.

When I visited the market, Adim’s mother welcomed me with a cup full of tea and a plate of traditional Javanese sweets. It was a really homely environment, with plenty of laughing and colorful conversations in Javanese.

Loans from Zidisha have helped Adim increase his stock and keep his family business stable during drops in revenue (for example, occasionally a customer might buy goods on credit and never repay). They have also helped him expand his stock and stay ahead of sales opportunities. Adim was able to get credit in the past, but the interest rates on those loans were much higher than with Zidisha. Because most of his profits were being used to pay fees and interest on these loans, money was very tight and he often missed sales opportunities because he couldn't restock quickly enough when merchandise sold out. Because of Zidisha's lower interest rates, Adim is now able to stay on top of business opportunities and keep his shop fully stocked - creating a higher, more steady income for him and his family.

It was Adim's positive experience with Zidisha loans that inspired him to become a Volunteer Mentor and to invite his fellow merchants to join. By recruiting responsible members, Adim has steadily increased his borrowing limit. Adim is a great asset to Zidisha in Indonesia, and to his fellow borrowers. Now that he is the proud father of a two-month-old boy, Adim is looking forward to expanding his enterprise and using his higher savings to support his wife and son. Below are some pictures of Adim's shop and the traditional market it's located in:

Motorbike taxi to employ another driver

Hello Lenders, apologies for not updating you on my progress.
I was on my annual leave from my regular job, and i took advantage to go and work on my chicken project. I managed to add 25 chicken, 3 months old. Am expecting to add another 25 soon. here are the photos.

To purchase accessories to stock the shop to maximize profit

Dear Lenders,

I had the pleasure of meeting with Michael yesterday and after a lengthy misunderstanding with a trotro conductor, I eventually made it to take a look around NAKWES Group’s office in Legon, Accra, near the University of Accra campus.

Six months ago, Michael and four of his friends were all working separately for IT and ICT companies when they got together and decided to address two issues affecting Accra:

1. Ghana has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world – 25.6% in 2012 - compared to a global average of 12.6% .
2. There was no laptop and electronic repair service near the University of Ghana, requiring students to make a time-consuming and costly trip to the inner city to service their computers.

Michael is an entrepreneur at his core – as early as grade school he could recognize and capitalize on a market demand. So it’s no surprise that he found himself and his friends starting up their own company in response to the problems faced by their community.

And so, NAKWES (their name from the first letter of each founder’s surname) was born. NAKWES offers laptop and mobile phone repair as well as IT training and media classes that aim to help graduating secondary students pass their tertiary exams. They also recently started their NAKWES College branch, offering a three-month program of media and computer courses for adults. The College will be graduating its first class of 25 students this month.

Michael’s use of Zidisha loans has been helpful in allowing for the purchase of laptop accessories and tools, but he is really excited to continue borrowing and increase his credit limit. NAKWES is looking into the business of importing laptops for resale in order to support their growing education initiatives and hopes Zidisha will be a key factor in making this happen.

Again, I’m so grateful that Michael and the NAKWES team took time out of their busy work day to show me around. The business is promising, especially for one just six months old, and I’m very excited to seeing how the company grows. The team appreciates the support of you, Zidisha lenders, and looks forward to continuing this relationship!

Ghana Country Ambassador

1. Obed, Michael, and myself.
2. NAKWES Group cofounder Obed and a busy workstation
3. Michael in front of the office


First i would like to pass my appreciations and thanksgiving for the immense help you gave me,I managed to make a big difference n make a change in my business.
I was able to expand and employee a few staff hence creating a job for the society.
Even though i delayed in some points to pay the loan,I was trying to expand the business in which I faced a financial stalemate n there for I had to clear my loan first then I apply for the next loan.
The loan has really helped me,am able to fulfill my personal needs and also the business operational cost.
I really would be happy and advantaged if you would please give me another boast.

yours sincellary

lawrence mbaru

Phone project shop in mwea

i take this chance to thank the lenders so much for the loan they gave me which i have fully paid .the loan was a blessing to my business of mpesa and phone accessories.i made a hug profit of almost 40% of the loan amount and the business is now growing and a good rate .Our customers and now happy with our new products and good variety of phones .i believe with my second loan i will be bale to get more profits and with good news of my baby yet to be born in two months,the family is growing and so the business is also growing .Thank you so much and be blessed.

Inventory of household products for my retail shop

new inventory and it was all possible by Zidisha, Thanks a lot.........

Inventory of tyres and car spare parts for resale

new four wheel drive engine thanks to Zidasha

Money to build a classroom

This was during a price giving day

Money to build a classroom

A day out with the children

Materials for business training seminars

Hey there!....Thanks to my lenders. I completed my preliminary tea survey research. It lasted one month. I am waiting for the main project. But a dynamic young one does not sit and wait for the next task! Planning ahead is the phrase.
During the Christmas holidays, I spent some time on the farm in my rural village in Western Kenya. I went to check there a project we initiated on tree planting in 2008 under Green Kenya Organization. I even invited a journalist who writes for a famous Saturday magazine called 'seeds of Gold' in the Daily Nation newspaper in Kenya. Her name is Evelyne Okewo. She covered a tree planting project. the title was "Why not grow your money on trees"The story did not explain as we wished, about our "RETIRE NA MITI PLAN" by Green Kenya Organization. It is a simple concept. After some survey of Western, Nyanza and Rift Valley regions, we noticed that some Kenyans can be very busy and they may not have time to till their lands. Some even travel outside the country while others live in cities leaving vast land fallow. To them we are proposing a very promising venture: high-value tree farming without the hassle of getting involved. That means your farm makes money for you as you continue your normal business and job. Here is how it works. We researched on very high-value trees and together with our agroforestry experts, we have identified different species for different ecological zones in Nyanza, Western and Rift Valley. So how does the plan work? Through Green Kenya Organization, we have a team that tills the land, then we have the special tree seedlings for specific zones. Please note that not any of the seedlings is to be planted. This is where a farmer needs technical guidance for maximum results. After planting, we get the farmer someone to guard the farm (if he wants) for at least one year, while ensuring that weeding is done at least twice in a year. Fertilizer application (at right ratios) is also done. All this at very affordable cost but the value is great. On average, on only 0.25 acres one can raise between 300-500 trees. Let's take the lower side. For 300 trees we guarantee to buy from you at Ksh. 2,000 each once they mature. So on 0.25 acres you can make between Ksh. 600,000 to Ksh. 1,000,000 at an investment of about Ksh. 50,000 in 5-7 years. That means on an acre one can make Ksh. 2.4M-4M at an investment of about Ksh. 200,000 in 5-7 years.

The original newspaper link is here:

Adding inventory for mobile phone business

selamat malam para Pendana dan team Zidisha...
Batu Batako ini nantinya akan saya pergunakan untuk membangun konter saya menjadi lebih besar dan permanen...
tinggal menunggu proses pembangunan saja, semua material sudah terkumpul...

Purchase office equipments

Hi, i managed to collect the boots today, they look great and am hopeful they will add real value to my firm by having decent dressed guards. Thanks to all the lenders.

Inventory of laptops for my computer hardware store

Dear lenders, I am so very grateful for the support you gave me when I asked for a loan from you. With the facility, I was able to set up a cyber cafe which has brought in income and also helped the local community a great deal.

I started a computer college with the proceeds from the business and I recently clinched a deal with a local company where I am supposed to train their staff members. I need better machines for the training to be done to their specifications. For this reason and using my savings, I have decided to accelerate the payments so that I can apply for another loan soon to enable me buy better computer which can support the latest software in the market.

Solar-powered clean water purifier & books for Hope School

Great! This is a blessed day indeed! I have received my first loan with Zidisha, I am happy, and the kids at our school will get 3 new desks to be used at the classroom. I am happy to be part of this great team.


Thanks to all my lenders.
through the fist loan i bought some few timbers and made two beds giving me a profit of almost the amount i had borrowed.

Expansion of fresh juice making

I have received my loan and I am grateful. I will be buying a anew , bigger and better blender and I will keep you poster on how it has affected my business.

Construction of bio-gas digester

Dear lenders,
I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the faith you have in me. My loan was funded in a record 48 hours and now I have the funds to construct the cow shed. May the lord bless you abundantly.

Egg wholesaler

The loan was quite a success to my business,I managed to acquire a business permit and health certificate with the loan acquired.This has created customer confidence on the quality of our eggs and also less interruption from the government officials.The calmness at mtwapa has also increased orders to the improvement in security.The business is now capable of supplying 600trays a week equivalent to about $2133 and a profit of $133 is also being made.This is why i was able to meet my loan with the shortest possible time.

Computers for computer literacy training & online education

Dear lenders
I thank you for the loan as it enabled me to improve my business and I was able to train more users about online business hence empowering the society I live in.
Thank you once again and I will be glad if you fund my future loans.
Best regards

Working capital to print more editions of my schoolbooks

Book business

Renovate my shop(jackshop) and add new stocks.

Hello Zidisha lenders.
I was just thinking about several NGOs in my country who receives donour funding from over the world and the impact of the funding on the ground were they work.
For sure, I beleave no one in this world is in need of donations or grants but what we need is just surport ( expeciarly) sources of cheap loans to fulfill our dreams. I salute you lenders for noting that if you lend at low interest rate you ate opening the world of small enterprise to a bigger number than when you donate the funding. Am sure we will produce real entrepreneurs in Zidisha community than from donor funded projects.
At this point, I wish to thank all Zidisha technical team who works around the clock to see that fundings, instalments,profiles, comments and the main website is fully updated. You are doing smart to us and only our great father can pay you back. I wish you all success in whatever you do.

Purchase of water tank

I didn't believe it when i got a message from zidisha saying have been funded and as we speak now have bought the tyres and are being fixed. Guys believe zidisha is real and is changing lives. What a great idea for the poor. Let's spread the word and make many more trustworthy clients join.blessed be to all the guys who came up with the idea and also the guys who fund the organization. Aim higher

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer

My own photo used in an ad of mine i give to high school kids.We are allowed to go to boarding schools on Saturdays and take photos of the kids.They usually pay 20kshs per kid i.e 25 U.S cents per photo. This is common occurence in almost every high school in Kenya where photo men show up at the gates on the kids "free time" on weekends.

Loan to buy Epson l220 photo-printer

Thank you Matt,i have tried the effect with gimp step by step.Still trying to get used to it but loving it.

Loan for maize purchases

I want to buy this donkey and its cart and improve the cart and even give the donkey a better treatment.

Loan for maize purchases

Cassava i plant,weed and sell.

Loan for maize purchases

The maize we buy from farmers.It is dried in the open and we place it in the store to transport to town for retail sale.

Sewing machine purchase

Help me to sew more dresses like these