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Expand barbershop and potato farm

Hi Leonhard,
do you use organic fertilizer from your cow or industrial fertilizers?
All the best

Rabbit farming

the business is growing steadily day by day having increased my stock from 10 rabbits to 20 within a short period.Again i must say thank you lenders for this worthy course.

Add stock for my clothes shop

Hello jane! Let me assure you that you are at the right place. in my life, I have never me human beings with such kindness as I have seen here at zindisha. Am sure you wish shall be fulfilled in time so that you can invest the funds and repay back in time. All the best.

Residential house construction

Dear Lenders,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting me with your money. I have managed to improve the stoke of goods in my shop by introducing varieties of goods. This is slowly attracting more customer to my shop as well as boosting my income. If things continues this way i can surely predict a brighter future for my business, and my family. Please continue with the same spirit.
God bless you!

Kind regards,

Paul Mutie

Buying indegenous chickens for re-sell during christmas

my kids mellisa and spencer

Seeds, fertilizer,fungicides and pestcides for my farm

New capsicum plants have not yet installed a complete drip system.

Seeds, fertilizer,fungicides and pestcides for my farm

Hi guys thank you for the loan i secured from you.It has pushed me a step further.I was able to install a drip system for my farm which cut my labor expense by half from $43.76 to$25.68 and also increased production from my crops due to continuous supply water .

Purchase of training projector

Thank you so much the Zidisha Team. I am elated to have fully paid the third loan today. This has been enabled by the sustainable rates that you give us. Increased earnings from the investment has continued helping me with my farming and BPO processes. I have also gone back to school for my PhD in Project Management. I am contributing positively to my poor neighborhood as a beacon of hope and a motivator to the young generation. I have been able to hold informal sessions with the youths where we discuss various matters of life and how they can positively channel their energy. Finding Zidisha was one of my engagements in the past few years. May you keep the good work up!!! I will be filling in a form for the fourth loan once the last installment for this one has been credited.

New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

Thanks for your support! :)


Help mother buy stock merchandise

A neighbor stops by to shop during the evening. Ismail is helping her:


Help mother buy stock merchandise

Here is a view of the corridor where Ismail's family lives, and a view of his home business from the outside:

Deposit for farmland purchase

Happy Holidays!!!


Help mother buy stock merchandise

Dear Lenders,

I’m Peter, an intern with Zidisha currently working in Indonesia. This month I made a trip to Surabaya, East Java, to visit our borrowers. Surabaya is a city of over 2.5 million people, but thankfully it’s much easier to navigate than Jakarta. While I was there I got to meet Rachmat Ismail (he goes by “Ismail”), who is one of Zidisha’s earliest clients in Surabaya. He found us independently through online research, and soon began recommending Zidisha to his friends after his own positive experience.

Ismail lives with his relatives in a traditional Indonesian semi-enclosed neighborhood (“kampung”) in the Petemon area of Surabaya. For the past year, Ismail has been working as a dental technician. For seven years before this, however, he worked as a photocopy machine technician, gaining valuable experience that allowed him to start a side business as a photocopy machine salesman and repairman. Ismail used Zidisha loans to support this business, and even named his shop after Zidisha!

Ismail is shopping for a new location for his photocopy machine business – one that is closer to his home than the previous space. Although his shop is currently closed, he continues to service and sell photocopy machines on his own – sometimes even delivering machines to other cities in Java. Like many Indonesians, Ismail also helps with a family enterprise. He and his mother run a shop out of their house that supplies the neighborhood with snacks, water, toiletries, and other daily goods. Neighbors stroll by throughout the day, stopping at the door to make purchases. It’s much easier to visit a neighbor than to venture out of the kampung in search of a grocery store. The income from this business is supporting Ismail’s mother, and also helping Ismail save money in anticipation of reopening his photocopy machine shop.

Visiting Ismail’s family was a great experience. While eating snacks generously provided by his mother, we watched Indonesian soap operas and talked about his business and experience with Zidisha. Ismail is very knowledgeable about Zidisha, and gives his time as a Volunteer Mentor to help other borrowers use the service and recruit responsible new borrowers. He is a wonderful resource for the borrowers around him, and a model Zidisha client.

Below are some pictures of Ismail's home business:

Buying a photocopy machine for computer repair business

with my students

Build a new compound for my cassava business

Siaka, I'm very glad there was a solution. I certainly hope that your life goes more smoothly from this point on. Hoping all is well for you and your family, Jim Vandegriff

Deposit for farmland purchase

Helps a lot, Wiredfox! I will reduce the Mpesa float and invest the difference in new phones.
I have been asked for some phone models for too long now. The nearby EPZ ( a Wal-Mart garment making supplier) has over 2,000 employees at any given time. Since the EPZ pay is poor, most workers come join straight once they leave their parents households ( mostly after high school). Once they have enough households and belongings to sustain an independent life( bed mattress, a phone, some clothes, cooking utensils ) and some pocket money they abandon their per-piece-rate jobs and go in search of better jobs elsewhere. Therefore, there is an endless new crop of employees (customers) each time. The EPZ will always recruit some few new employees on every Monday ( to replace those who have left in past week ). I know this because i prepare most of their tax IDs (a pre-requisite for formal employment here ) for KES 200 each.
Especially January, I expect some 500 or so new faces to join Mazeras township. Most people would return, after Christmas holiday in their ancestral rural homes, with a renewed ambition for better jobs. Some may meet some long time friends over the holidays and return to totally different towns where the same friend would support them to secure a better job there.
It's the pursuit of happiness. No onewill rest till they achieve it.


Build a new compound for my cassava business

Dear Zidisha Members
I thank GOD for giving me idea to overcome my problem in my village. I was too discourage when people in my village exceptionally my uncle hate me because I did not give him chance to control my business. I thing and I’m sure that there is not a problem without solution.
I started to work with 3 women with my 2 wives making 5 women before my problem with my uncle started hating me for nothing. Being g in this situation, I decide to stop the 3 women left me with my 2 wives go on with my business. The 3 women have suffering for money business to put their children in the school. Now they run to my uncle apology him and ask him to order me to continue with my job so that they will continue their job getting money to put their children in the school. My uncle was too discouraged in from of these women and tells me: let them continue their job all the problem is finish. That is how I overcome to my problem.
Since the day that my uncle decided that the women should continue their job, I decided to repair the house for ATTIEKE. I started to repair it but the own lesson I got is that I should not trust to anybody in this world.
Yours SIAKA for ever……..

Dairy farming

dear lenders,its my grate pleasure to wish all of you merry christmas and a very beautiful new okey with my family, and the loan you gave me has boosted my business with a very big retail shop has grown big with so many customers. am serving almost 300 customers per day.its grate to me that my business is doing so well.i hope to start anew project which is dairy farming.i hope this will do good since i have already started. thanks so much

Blowdrier for my barber shop

Managed to pay my first installment of the loan.It is almost christmas day and customers are stocking up,buying groceries or asking me for raw sweet potatoes to prepare.I have added more stock in my shop and even got an offer on kale seedlings which i put in a seed bed,hope to move them into the field by the end of December.Its hot but at least i have water buckets i can use to water the seedlings until their transplant.Thank you everyone,will keep you posted.

Tea and dairy farming

I am able to pay more because I am getting more income from tea sales. Some of the young stems have matured and productivity has increased after supplementing with the appropriate fertilizer during the rainy season. I added the money you lent me to purchase bags of government-subsidized fertilizer on time and farming is good. I foresee good things and will soon increase further my instalments . I am very grateful Zidisha and all my lenders. Special thanks to JimVandegriff for his encouragement and contribution.

Deposit for farmland purchase

Dear Samuel
Thanks for this insight into your business challenges. It sounds as if you are taking a sensible, level-headed approach. Sometimes a delay to one's plans can provide an opportunity to reassess the business plan and consider other alternatives. But sometimes it's just annoying...!

New sewing machine to hire another trainee for my tailoring business

Samples of my work

Comprehensive insurance coverage & heavy, reflective jackets

Dear my lenders, i am happy to let you know that am okey and that my motorbike taxi business is doing fine. please note that i am able to submit my weekly payments very comfortably since my job is doing well. am now thinking about owning a brandy new motor bike come next year. Note that my business involves hiring motorbikes to qualified drivers who do not own one. in return one pays kes 1800 Kenya shillings per week. this amountis even excess by 1800-1485=315 of the total amount i pay on my loan. this is why through your help i want to own atleast two motorbikes come next year.
Thank you my lenders . merry chrismass and happy new year. from Duke ombagi Nyangau.

Help me teach and sell my transcription service

Mureithi the electrician. He worked on the project till really late at night. An amazing guy and loves his work. I'm glad he worked on the project.

Help me teach and sell my transcription service

We're almost there. With a pal Denis asking him what he thinks of the place.

Help me teach and sell my transcription service

The classroom setup

Help me teach and sell my transcription service

Branding of premise

Help me teach and sell my transcription service

Computers arrived on time.

Help me teach and sell my transcription service

Designers hard at work.

Traditional health practitioner

J'ai fait un tours au bosquet

Traditional health practitioner

J'ai fait un tours au bosquet

Traditional health practitioner

J'ai fait un tours au bosquet

Traditional health practitioner

J'ai fait un tours au bosquet

Mini-pharmacy for my community

First of all i will want to express my gratitude to Zidisha for such a platform. and to Swendl i am grateful for the help in terms of the funding. i am so elated. i could not believe it when i received the message that you have funded 100% of my loan. words alone would not be enough to convey my gratitude but surely God bless you. i am hitting the grounds running right away and i will do all i can to maintain my financial integrity. ones again ,i am grateful....

Renovate my shop(jackshop) and add new stocks.

Hi Antony,
And a merry Xmas to yourself, your wife and newborns.
Well done.
I am happy to hear that having access to funds is making life a little easier.
All the best.

A p.c+internet to aid expand my online freelancing business.

Dear lenders, I am delighted to let all know of how I have benefited from the loan that I have just completed repaying. As an online worker, I always wanted to own a personal computer and thanks to Zidisha and the lenders I was able to see it happen. Working from cyber cafes was always hectic since the costs were quite high as well as inconveniencing. Since purchasing the personal comp with help from zidisha lenders, I have enjoyed better profits as well as convenience in that I can work from my residence at any time including the night. I have also been of help to aspiring online workers who have often enquired what online working is all about, all thanks to the P.C I purchased with Zidisha's assistance. Unemployment in Kenya, being a developing country is real, but with online jobs which include transcription and writing, I have been able to rise above the menace into self reliance. I don't have enough words to thank the lenders who risk their hard earned money to assist people in the third world venture into business, without forgetting the affordably low interest rates.
Going forward, I have been saving some little money monthly, with which I anticipate to venture wider in online work by purchasing more P.Cs, and above all create employment for more. I look forward to it and I believe lenders will chip in to assist, and in turn I'll faithfully repay.

Inventory of Charcoal

Hi people,My name is Zoey Akinyi Ochieng, Akinyi means being born during wee hours in the morning, a male would be called Okinyi. Ochieng is my Dad"s name meaning being born at around sunrise in the morning,the female would be called Achieng(check out my Mums second name)In my Luo tribe culture demanded that children were named according to the time of the day,seasons(be it planting or harvesting)or any political activity that might be taking place during that time(like Independence,would be called Uhuru)as for Zoey ,mum tells me that she watched a movie while pregnant with me and the kid who starred in that movie was called zoey mmmmmh, that is a story for another day,however.I would really thank all Lenders who had faith in my mum"s loan and bidded for it,take from us that your loan will be paid in time as i know that she is a person of high moral standards and integrity,consider your loans fully paid and hopefully she would apply for bigger loans and you will be there to support her!in case i don't get permission to post another comment,I wish to take this earliest opportunity to wish each one of you a Merry Xmas and A Happy New Yeaar...

Inventory of Charcoal

hi everyone,
christmas is just around the corner,and as a family we have our tradition of making a very big christmas tree,then each member of the family is given a portion to decorate and as you decorate it you are expected to sing at least 3christmas Carrol as the others listen and of course on 24th eve we visit some of the widows and orphans in the neighborhood with some food items and donate clothes that both Robert and zoey have outgrown.kindly share with us how you spend this last days to Christmas or if you even believe in Christmas day.

Forage harvester for cheaper farm feed production costs

After the last loan, i was able to buy dairy concentrates in bulk. That way I was assured of good quality feed resulting in increased milk production.
The increased milk production resulted in more income from milk sale and subsequently more savings. I have been able to buy an heifer calf from the proceeds and increased my herd.

Attached is a picture of the dairy concentrates bought from the last loan financing.

Thank you Zidisha team.

Selling mobile phones

These are card readers and pen drives that supports both smart phones and PC's. The pen drives were 20 pieces and the card readers were 30 pieces. For the pen drives, as am writing now it's finished.

Selling mobile phones

these are some of the things i bought with the loan

Purchase of photocopier machine - phase 2

My Poshomill business photo.
Thanks to Zidisha loan.

Inventory of more equipments to my cyber shop

Thanks to Zidisha i was able to instal high speed internet connection to my place of work with KDN. Now access to internet is wow!!
Thanks lenders

Stepping up coaching business

we make bags from recycled polythene bags that litter our homes and streets posing a threat to the environment. Support us to achieve the dream of commercializing the production of the bags and impact on lives of the participants while at the same time safeguarding our environment. Thank you.

Computer project worth $300

this the machine that i bought it is working so nice thanks

Funds to add three more computers to my business (cybercafe)

Thank you so much to Zidisha and the lending persons/community. After I was funded my first loan, it enabled me to increase my stalk. The income profitably i make helps me in various ways, first of all am now a family man with a beautiful wife and daughter of two moths now. It happened my daughter got sick and She had to be taken to hospital and am happy to see her smiling in front of me because she is feeling well. secondly am able to pay my loan on time rate and lastly am able to maintain my customers by providing all goods and services they need. Thank you to zidisha community.
Bellow are the photos of my lovely family.

Stock of second-hand clothing to sell for Christmas

I went to clinic yesterday to find the being my expected child. Soon God will bless me with my second child. My expected baby is doing very well.

Cereal for retail

Hi Mercy! All the best for your business! And what a cute little daughter you have. My husband and I just welcomed our little daughter to this wonderful world 2 months ago. Thinking of you. Susanne

Purchase a motorbike to deliver my poultry products to customers

Wow! i have managed to compress the pictures i hope i will continue uploading photo updates as i used to do.Thanks lenders i managed to buy the water tanks as i had budgeted for the loan.See can also see the resting position being constructed to set the tanks ready for water harvesting.

Selling rice to pay university fees

Thank You so much Samuel. I'll need a laptop cover next week. Your hardwork too is impressive