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Buy more clothing materials and pay my masters degree fees

Hello to you lenders,

Am greatful for the loan you gave me. I managed to open up another small branch where i sell men shirts. This i employed one of my orphaned nephew whom i adopted and is in college, so that he can manage. This helps him with some pocket money and to buy a few books for himself instead of me doing all those. Am very grateful and i appreciate your help. The only thing i do for him now is paying fees. I have also made some profit which has also made me pay up my loan on time. Next i will move it to a better place because this is not a permanent structure. Attached is the photo of my nephew in the shop. Thank you once more. i really appreciate your help.

Purchase of inventory for my retail shop

i know my lenders would wonder what are market days. in Kenya there are certain days that are marked for business and poeple travel from different areas to do business in different areas. this days are called market days. possibilities of getting or purchasing inventory at a cheaper price are higher on this days.
as for me am located in springs just along the tarmac to the main university of Moi in Eldoret. market days are on Saturday at a place called Chepitiret along the Eldoret - Nairobi highway ( 14Km) from where i have my business, Tuesdays its at Kesses ( 2.5Km from my business. at chebaiyo on saturday ( 2.5km from my business location and 1km from the main university)
its on this days that i maximise on purchase of inventory for my retail shop enjoying economies of scale apart from the cheap prices offered.
i managed to purchase my inventory and am now ready equipped with the same for same at a margin to generate my expected profits and can see my business is currently performing well looking forward to pay my installments in time.
do have a great day my lenders and thank you for the support.

Purchase inventory for my beauty salon

i think i can increase my installment by a small amount so as to complete early my loan. the current loan has brought adjustments in my sales increasing them and this goes to my profits a new group of clients in my business and my old clients remaining or doing business with me.
thank you for the patience.
have a great day my lenders and Zidisha community at large

Buy computers for my cyber cafe business

Hi, I highly appreciate what Zidisha and My lenders have done to me. Finally the printer that I purchased with the loan you gave to me arrived yesterday. Today was when I was testing it and I am happy that it has already brought a big difference. Today I managed to serve my clients faster and there were no complains of customers being delayed. I hope this is a good start and that I will be able in the coming days to make more profit. Thanks a lot to the lenders and Zidisha org. I am posting the picture of my new acquisition, its a fairly old model (epson stylus photo px660) but its worth it because my competitors are using the same for their business and it has few breakdowns with studio quality photo prints. Thank you

Selling fruit & selling meat

This great day as we celebrate mothers day,I take this opportunity to celebrate the entire zidisha family for their great support towards my journey to my dreams.Life has really changed courtesy of your support.In fact the business is doing very well.Good luck my lenders in all your endeavour.

Adding chickens to my farm

It would be very bad for me not to thank the staff of Zidisha, am very happy for the work you people are doing, it must be a lot of work! Full of ups and downs but the going on of Zidisha shows your commitment is worthy mentioning! Keep up the good job and know that my family is very grateful for what you are doing to help me and people like us! May the almighty keep you in good health to keep serving us better n better each and everyday in all your respective duties! Be blessed

Urgent request for home renovation (fallen house)

Iam touched by this day as we celebrate Women's Day. I wish to offer all Women a Gun salute.. Its really evident that behind every successful Man there is a Woman . I also salute Mama Julia for being a Champion of Zidisha. All women are very caring and for that I WISH YOU ALL GOOD HEALTH And a Happy Mother's Day.Mother's We honour you for your dedication to bring us up..For all the successes we have are out of you.

Family-planning product inventory

On this special day that the world is celebrating "Mother's Day", there are some women here at Zidisha, who have left an indelible footprint in the sands of time, and I would like to mention a few:
Julia Kurnia (Founder & Director), Bayle (Administrator & Country Liaison Manager), Laurie (Staff Member), and Taylor Hanna (Country Ambassador to Ghana). These women are women of substance.
There are others also working behind the scenes.
Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day!

I take this opportunity to wish ALL women on Zidisha, especially lenders, a Happy Mother's Day, too. You'll never be forgotten. You have paid your dues as mothers to the entire world, not only to your close acquaintances & family members. Any Zidisha woman reading this post, I wish you a Happy Mother's Day. You are my "MUM"......

Stepping up coaching business

Dear lenders. Follow this link to hear from some of our previous volunteers from around the world on what we do at EFYE thanks to the funds that you lend to us to run small businesses that fund our community development projects.
Thank you for your continued support and we appeal to you to help us raise the loan we have now posted here to run yet another business that will not only create employment opportunities but also help us run more initiatives. Thank you.

Sim cards for my mission to collect january fees for my degr

I am so grateful to zidisha family for the much support they are giving. Surely zidisha is the place to grow oneself. continue with your good work. I specifically want to thank all my lenders who have contributed to my tuition fee of which am waiting for disbursement. it's indeed wonderful to be here.

Stock of prepaid airtime for mobile phones

Dear Laurie thanks for your advise i do really appreciate for your support and your time you took to guide me thank you,
here is the update of my Son as they re-opened School for Second term i bought him new School Uniform and paid his School fee from the profit i made from my Business,
Thank you for your support Zidisha Community for Changing My Life forever,am now focused to expand in future.

Clothes materials for clothing production

Working with the industrial machine has made me more efficient because before the industrial machine I wasn't able to sew like ten clothings a day but now with the industrial machine I sew more than ten clothing in a day. This loan has really made a very big difference in my life and my community as well. Thanks to zidisha team for lending me such amount.

Buying of a good camera and painting my cyber cafe

Yeaah am through with clearing payment of my last loan and am so happy and thankful to you all my lenders for the support in my project of making my life a better stage for me and my family. What I made from the last two weeks enabled me to pay part of school fees for my son who currently in Form 2 in high school amounting ksh. 6000 . Earlier I had a problem with attaching the pictures of the scanner and binding machines that I bought with the money you lenders gave me last time but with the help of Cameron from the Zidisha team I was able to attach and am greatful for the help. My next project is to buy latest partitioned personalised tables for each client to use as they browse at my cyber since alot of people need privacy so that the next person sitting next to you does not see what it is that you are doing on the computes or the internet and I have a budget of Ksh 25,000/= . I humbly appeal for your support again my lenders and may God bless you all abundantly. Thank you all again.


Four more top bar hives for bees

With the new look of my honey and bicycle to reach clients ,the business increased and revenues to increased . I expected sales to increase by 50% but it went to slightly over 75%. Thank you so much.

Sewing machines for my african smock business

my joy and happiness knows no bounds, all thanks to zidisha. i am now able to widen mycnetwork of customers who buy from me. production has increased significantly as am now able to buy more fabrics which is something i previously couldn't do. i am most grateful and feel so humbled to be part of such a great opportunity.

Purchase of New Cellphone Inventory for Business Expansion

I want to express my profound gratitude to zidisha community lenders for helping to fully fund my loan without going expiration. I am glad and beside myself with joy. I will keep lenders informed of my progress with this loan and how it is going to help boost my business. God bless all and sundry. CHEERIO!!!

Vehicle for delivering chicken and eggs

Part of my free range chicken busy feeding....this is my back-yard.

Flight to participate in Haitian cultural theater

Training session by David Jean Louis with some members of COSAFH about the Triade Plateforme for the management of their network activities.

Loan to increase affordable mobile phones for my shop

let me take this opportunity to thank my lenders for funding my first loan which enabled me to add four phones to my stock which has increased my profit with ksh. 3000 per week thankful and God bless my entire lenders.


To all my lenders i thank you a lot for funding on my project , i have already received the money, amount 8,831kshs. am on a process to furnish the room, i have furniture.
I now take this note to thank you in advance, lots of your kindness and trust, may our Dear Lord bless you.

Internet installation for convenience and efficiency

Dear Lender,
I am hereby expressing my joy and appreciation for your kind generosity towards my business. I received a loan of Ksh. 16, 220 and managed to get the internet flybox which is far much better than the gadget i was using before. I have already started working with it and hope all will be well. I promise to retain my commitment and consistency in updating you on the progress and loan repayment. You are a wonderful partner in this business.
God bless you abundantly.
Eliud Njoroge

Application for $300 (ghs 938) for inventory for my boutique

I thank God for the progress in my boutique business. After the repayment of my first loan I applied for the second credit base of GHS 931 ($245) and by Gods grace it was funded.I added sales from my boutique and traveled to Togo with the aid of a friend in the same business to purchase assorted clothings,especially men's lacostes totalling 300 pieces,out of this 300,65 pieces was funded with my loan of $245 and rest from my sales for.Am back and business is doing very well.thanks to my lenders and the wholes zidisha team. Am very greatful.

Completion of my diploma course

Dear lenders, today I'm proud to receive my first payment from my online transcription work after purchasing a laptop which has enabled me to make this wonderful start. I must say though the past couple of weeks were challenging. I wanted to buy a desktop PC but they seemed to be very expensive. It was about 300dollars. I window shopped around for a second hand option and got a good fit for me, a HP laptop whose photos I will attach here too. I got it at about 120 dollars after adding onto what was lent to me. I must say so far so good. Given that I had already bought the accessories I needed with my first loan, my laptop now connects via a modem, and I use my headphones to listen to the audios I''m supposed to transcribe. I just buy and load bundles onto the modem and log on to where I already have an active account. This week I made 27.95dollars which I received via paypal. I have withdrawn Kshs. 2319/= (after deductions) which is going to cater for my family's needs this weekend. I must say I'm very happy about this and intend to work even harder to earn the extra coin to improve my family's living standards. This would not have been possible without the help of you my lenders. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

Chicken and rabbit rearing

Dear lenders,
my business is doing well the numbers of eggs supplying in the market has raised to 6 trays from three per day and the rabbits are 30 in numbers. thanks for your support,
i look foward to have to increase my product soon .

Equipment for my fitness centre

Dear Zidisha Team and Lenders, infact,
I am indebted to you many thanks, the loan I got from you is really blessed and luckiest money. Thank you so much for your highly and wonderful support, because of you, my younger sister Esther A. Ansah has now started her secondary education at Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. I have paid her admission fee in the amount of $210 respectfully. My Elder Sister also in University Of Cape Coat (UCC), one day night, we made a phone call and she asked me to support her an amount of $422 to pay part of her semester fees, in fact, it was very hardly for me to get that amount in the first place. But the loan I received from you was used to purchase some items into my shop, and the profit I earned from those items enabled me to support my Sister’s to pay the fees she requested from me. May God bless you all. I will surely bring my elder sister to this platform.

I promised you during my loan funding that, when my loan got fully funded and disburse to me, I will never disappoint you but to pay it accordingly and surprisingly and I am fulfilling that promise without any hesitation. May God bless you all once again. Thank you.

Motorbike for transportation of commodities for retail shop

Dear Zidisha Lenders,
The previous loan has made a significant impact on the growth of my retail shop. I have been able to purchase cooking oil and maize flour in bulk thus meeting the high demand of these commodities at my shop. In addition, I have introduced a wider range of soaps. The loan has therefore enabled me to have more money for ordering more stock more frequently. Ordering stock more frequently has improved my relationship with my suppliers some of whom have decided to give me free delivery services. The savings that I have made in terms of transportation cost have made it possible for me to offer better prices to my customers. The monthly revenues have increased from $400 to about $450 while monthly profit has increased by almost 20%. Now I am able to pay the shop rent on time without having to use money from other sources. In addition, my niece who is actively involved in managing the shop is happy to earn a better wage. I believe that my business is set for newer heights as this partnership with Zidisha lenders grows stronger. Thank you Zidisha family for giving me hope and confidence and making my customers get better value for their money.

Increase my mobile money transfer 'float'

Dear lenders, I am happy to let you know that the loan that you advanced to me late last year was a boon to my business. I was able to increase my stock of mobile phone accessories and this boosted my sales by about 15%. Thank you so much for your support - much appreciated.

Boost stock of secondhand clothing for my business

hi lenders and zidisha,
i bought a bale of mtumba cloth ware and brought them to the store, customers are really liking them and am so exited that things are working out as i expected.
bellow is a picture of me in the store and my son James..


Stocking mobile phones for resale

My second loan has risen my profit margin from USD 500 to USD 900 and these because most of customer prefer buying in my shop coz I offer good discount and many mobile variety compared to my competitor.with good return that I get I was able to service my loan smoothly without problem.thanks lenders family for your support.

Second-Hand Tyres & Rims for My Shop

Its been so good,having this loan.I really brought some care tyres with it.after selling I at least got one third of the loan cash as profit.and I thank the zidisha team for funding my loan.I know wih time my working capital will increase with the assistance of zidisha loan.


Dear lenders,
My past loan has been instrumental in enhancing my business. Having a faster internet connectivity is the back-bone of my business that entails professional writing. After installing the connection, I managed to be accessing jobs faster and also delivering them in a timely manner. Subsequently, my clients are happy and they have build confidence in me. I have now become reliable which translates to getting more orders from the clients. My earnings have grown by approximately 30 percent and this is a remarkable growth. My business still has a room for improvement and I believe that with Zidisha, I am going to excel and become successful.
One of my ultimate goals is to create employment for other people especially the youths who are highly capable of being productive but they lack means of generating income. I have already identified a few who are like-minded and with time I will be in a position to empower them with writing skills.
In my area, recreation is key but due to lack of facilities, the locals have made an innovation whereby the nearby river acts as a source of water for a local swimming pool. The swimming pool has been constructed close to the river and locals take their time to either go watch their children having fun or watch them compete on who has the best swimming talent. Safety is guaranteed for the children since the pool is fenced and it is under the watch of the adults all round the clock. The kids are also supervised while swimming.

Mpesa and equity agent float funds

The loan of Kes 2000 Zidisha gave me was used to purchase phone accessories and increase my M-Pesa e_float. My business has improved ever since am able to capture many transactions per day. So far the earnings have increased From March to April by 10%. I have bought new stocks with the earnings and the other is added to the loan repayment amount. Among our achievements me and my wife Mercy have been able to open a new Mpesa Agent shop at Githurai 44 which we want to incorporate electrics among the stocks. I love the neighbourhood here since people are so hospitable and are excited to buy from us since they love young people who engage in business instead of other non valuable activities.

Packaging materials and solar drier for vegetables

dear lenders,the business is doing well.I managed to expand my farm, and did good drainage,the crops are doing well despite excess rainfall. the market too is not glutted because excessive rain has destroyed most farms. Thank yo so much lenders

Buy animal feed and vaccines for farm products business

Hi lenders, I want say I am greatful l for your support, I managed to boost my business. My vaccines are well kept for my esteemed customers no more complaints from the customers. moreover, i thank the Zidisha community at large for creating such a a platform for members.
Thank you and God Bless

New phones and acessories for my shop

Infact, my first loan has realy help me increase my stock level.Patronage has increase because l was able to purchase different brands of phones.My profit margin has also risen from USD760 to USD1,102. This profit was reinvested back into the business and my stock level has also increase from 100 to 120 phones.I was able to purchase 10 phone covers in addition and cost per one is USD 19. So this my next loan will go a long way to help me expand my phone shope business if funded.Thank you.

Expand barbershop and potato farm

My potatoes are doing well i plan to harvest them after a week.thank you so much my lenders.

Solar powered lighting for rural kenya

I got the loan disbursed immediately it was 100% funded.. At least I am assured that I will be able to reach more homes with the solar powered lamps and the cook stoves. I have already hit the road running.

Art and craft

Thank you so much Zidisha for your consideration of my application always ever since i joined. I am glad and pleasured with your aid because today i can satisfy my market on time and whenever they need me. Like the loan i just completed repaying helped me a great deal because it was during low season and a reliable customer called for some products(key rings, pen holders, memos and picture frames). I was therefore able to buy the materials i needed and pay my labourers. That loan really saved time as in i was able to catch up with the deadline i was given. After delivery i received my pay and so paid rent, paid tuition fee for my gal and bought some few resources that i was running out of. Thank to you Zidisha.

Chicken farming for eggs production

Dear lenders
This week i have paid school fees for my brother in-law worth 10,000 kes who is at high school,something that i was not able to do before.sincerely if people can join zidisha we can eradicate poverty within few years to come.Thank you my lenders,God bless you.


have also introduced tomato

Buying of a mirror and 10 plastic chairs for my hair salon

I love my business.

Buying windowsand door frames

Am happy and great full to God for seeing me thru my first loan
I used the cash to buy one day old chicks which are doing well despite losing one.
Working as a matron for Betel church at the same time taking care of my chicks as made me busy and occupied my idol time.
I will also be selling the chicks in six months time which will make me a business woman in my area.
Most of my church members and friends are happy for me and they encourage me to even rare more chicks as they will also buy from me.
i also noticed that if i manage to be in surply in the next six months i will definitely have to maintain my supply.
Last week i went to a seminar at a farm known as Kari in naivasha a town near my home and i learned more about chicks rearing as a business and one of the reasons why farmers fail is because they lack a consistence supply which discourages the buyer and leading to termination of contract between the buyer and the seller.
So to be consistence i have to add chicks after every two weeks and not buying bulk at once.
A farmer who buys 20 chicks every two weeks is more likely to meet the buyers demand than one who buys 70 and sell all at ones then fails to surply the next day.
Am new to this business but the little knowledge i get from different farmers is helping me a lot.
thank you so much for the loan.

Increasing the number of sacks of potatoes to my business

Im very thankful for your loan i have managed to buy stock from farmer for my store so to sell them customers in retails. Also have employed two worker to supply sugacane from my store I am greatful too for your funding it has increased earning since i can sell in retail and wholesale. Wheelborrow bought are two, have recondr so neighbours can watch news in my house that is through the increase mount. since then life has changed my kid can go to school wth no problem. God bless you lenders abundently.
kebaso john

Loan to prepare cocoa seedlings to sell to customers

my farm is improving.we are cultivating the cocoa seedlings.
i have employ five workers with lenders of zidisha money

Add more anti-malaria drugs to pharmacy

Dear lenders i take this opportunity to thank very much for your loan.I was able to stock malaria drugs only because i knew in a coming rainy season there would more malaria threates.The loan was such a blessings not to me a lone but the whole community who were able to get affordable medicine and i was amazed my sales increased by 40%.Thank you for such a wonderful job!

Working capital for my slim-fit suit clothing shop

At last I got to visit upcountry and pay a visit to my mum and the entire family. Her Kiosk is doing well as she used the money from Zidisha to buy stock for her small Kiosk. She sells basic household food stuff like sugar, salt, cooking fat, exercise books etc. She hopes to expand her business and build a much bigger shop in the future. Here are some pictures from the visit. She asked me to thank the lenders for the loan. So lenders and Zidisha...'THANK YOU!'

New industrial overlock machine

Hallo lenders,
The loan you gave me has made life easier for me.
The machine is very valuable and crucial in the production process.
I have managed to make profit and I was even able to pay for my younger sisters school fees.
Thank you and hope for your continued support.


Scholarship two

I joined zidsha community in the middle of March 2015 and I received a loan less then two weeks. The amount we received has done marvelous change in our business status. It has given us a good turn up income that stabilized our rent payment in time, our school children fee without stress. The last month which was April we closed with wedding dresses order that advertized us for more customers. Thanks to those who helped us to join the community of zidisha. The following photos it was the wedding order product in April 2015


Books for our primary school

Thank you dear lenders for supporting me.The new trem begun today ,i hope the pupils will enjoy the first porridge before the week ends

Inventory for fabrics and additional sewing machine

Zidisha members with Taylor