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Stocking the business

This is me the the middle with my daughter Esther and her daughter Lavine wishing you all the best

Sme water supply

Zidisha saved me from doing things manually while serving my customers to now fully keeping records on the Laptop to keep track of my clients .
I feel so blessed to be a Zidisha member as part of my loan made me purchase a laptop which was very necessary in the business.

Long live Zidisha

Purchase of two hair dryers for my salon

Thank you my lenders for the awesome help that you gave me.I bought a hair dryer equipment and it has tremendously improved my business.It shortened the waiting time meaning no time wastage for the clients,and this has been a boost to my business.The number of customers I serve per day have increased by 20 % thanks to the hair dryer.The hair hair dryer has been a godsend.My income has increased and I cn afford to take my children out to the park often,and I have been able to participate in chrch activitites even last weekend we went to the park and we enjoyed boat rides and the children did face painting.

Funds to buy a digital camera

Would like to thank all lenders for making our dreams come true,
as for my case I bought an extra computer for my upcoming cyber cafe',an extra machine means additional income,approximately an extra Ksh 4,000 per month,and this in turn would mean more stock for my business.
Last sunday was my daughter's birthday, huh'. She turned one. my lovely angel. Couldn't be happier.

Inventory for my electronics repair business

Thank you all my lenders and this is part of my progress

Adding stock

My first book, get your copy

More malaria treatment drugs

Dear lenders,

I am very thankfull for your kind support.Your loan has really help me to expand my business and little by little i see myself achieving my ambition in life.Am very greatfull for Zidisha for giving me unique opportunity to raise loan.With small business getting a loan has been a big challege hear in kenya.Now i am able to repay more because my revenue has increase.Thank you very much.

New industrial overlock machine

thank you so mach for the loan i received, i was able to purchase an industrial sewing machine and it is currently in my workshop.
the machine has boosted my production rate, I am now producing more suits in a day and and i have created a job for a tailor.
i am projecting higher profits.
this improvement has really encouraged me to work header for my business my workers are happy because pressure has reduced,
pictures coming up soon.
my regards,
Derrick Otieno

Renovating a leaking roof for my business

I have bought a new printer. This is how the printer looks like and I hope it is going to help me.

Inventory of rice, maize flour and sugar for my retail shop

Hi Team,

I received the disbursment today.

Already I was able to add more stock to the shop this morning.

Thank you lenders.


Water tank for irrigation and water storage

Hi dear lenders, my farm is doing great with the water equipment i have installed so far, that is a water pump machine and a water tank. i can now manually pump water into the tank and later on irrigate my farm. Am looking forward for a good harvest in my farm and make another step in developing my farm. I appreciate you all and may you be blessed!!

Printer for my cybercafe


Lab exam items

hallow my good lenders,thank you very much for allowing me serve my customers better at the time my service was needed. it made me get more becouse isupplied the educational materials on the moment my suppliers can give me materials on small credit becouse so far iv been doing well with them. ihave been able to pay for my wifes collage fee from the the same business and my familly is doing good. thanks alot

Printer for my cybercafe

Disability Is not Inability is a story that teaches children to appreciate themselves despite their challenges..

Printer for my cybercafe

#Team zidisha, I would like to also inform you that apart from my printing shop, I also love to do charity work. I love children and I love educating and encouraging them that despite the hardships they face in life, they can and will one day make it if they are focused and work hard. Here are the two books that I have authored: Helping Nafula's Mother educates children between 4 to 7 years about HIV/AIDs, how it is spread, how they can take care of those who are infected and those that are affected in their community....

Loan for maize purchases

Today i am seeing the five donkeys which are being offered for sale.I am yet to choose one but God willing i will purchase one by the end of this week,wish me the best.It is very hot in our part of the country and people are buying grains in readiness for the rains which come after the hot season.I hope all of you are doing fine.

Stationery and photocopy paper supply

the business has really picled up well after the long wait for the schools to repoen. am glad am supplying more than last year. the business has grown and i know with zidisha by my side, megabyte computers is going to be a very big company. i am expanding now to supplying stationary ....full business now

Loan to buy a table and seats for my chicken hotel

I have completed payment of the last instalment and in good time. I have almost doubled my profit with the new and bigger storage facility. Infact i am now able to sell even rabbit meat and doing even better than chicken.I thank God for the far my business has reached. I thank all who entrusted me with their money. God bless you mightly. I wish to launch another project of purchasing a motorbike for carrying my products. This will help reduce transport cost and thus raise my profit margin.

Chicken rearing

The car is in working condition. Thank you.

Buy a 17" tft computer monitor to train computer packages

Thank You so much Mr Vincent Oyoo. To my dear lenders and the entire Zidish team I have uploaded a recent picture of mine that I took in my friends office.

Power connection to my residential house

Graduation at St Agness

Wholesale and retail business

Hi guys,

The loan I took up has been really helpful to me and my business. I used it to buy a tft monitor for one of my cpu's that had a faulty monitor. This has in turn boosted the my daily and monthly revenues and in turn I feel that I can boost my business further by taking up another loan to buy 2 more computers and upgrade my internet from 1mbps to 10mbps. The future looks bright but I wouldn't have done it without you help. Thank u and God bless you abundantly.



Expansion of my home supplies shop

Dear Lenders,

I got to visit Gloria this past week at her home in Nungua, a suburb of Accra, where she lives with both parents and four younger siblings. (A full house! But she says she loves the energy of her family – her siblings are always joking and pulling pranks on each other.)

Gloria works in a laboratory focused on preventative medical care. Although as a child she dreamed of being a doctor, the expense of schooling limited her education prospects and she settled for working as a lab technician. She loves helping people and is happiest when she is able to help tackle and cure a patient’s illness. Although she likes her job now, she explains that previous laboratory conditions she’s worked under haven’t been ideal and that private medical labs don’t always prioritize the health or safety of nurses and technicians, so she hopes to open her own medical laboratory one day and put the knowledge she’s gained to managerial use.

When she’s not at the lab, she is working with her mother in their general goods shop, which supplies Nungua with everything from soap to tools to food. She says “Zidisha has really been a great help to us” as it has helped maintain their current stock while allowing small investments: they have recently been able to purchase a stock of electricity and fuel-saving devices to sell (reducing consumption of electricity by 30% and fuel by 20%), as well as materials for her mother to make beaded and woven sandals.

Gloria is incredibly grateful for the support she has received from lenders, and hopes to continue to grow that relationship. She enjoys having many ventures and plans on using future loans to continue to expand her shop and eventually to purchase a trotro (small bus).

Printer for my cybercafe

After getting my first loan, I bought an office stapler that I so much required and some office supplies. I am now happy that I will no longer need to hire a stapler when I have documents to bind for my clients... #thank you team zidisha!


Funds to add three more computers to my business (cybercafe)

Just to say thank you to all zidisha and all lending community/persons.
After buying the CPU, I took my time to format it and when I tested, it it had indicated no malfunctions, just it works the way I expected it to work

Diversifying My Business by Venturing into Chicken Farming

hi there
have been away but am ok.. have managed to build for the chikens and i have bought three fully grown up chikens.. i have 15 eggs in the incubator expecting to have 20 chikens by next month.. thi is how we grow .. my wife can now eat a kienyenji chiken and eggs .... hahahahahah .. thanks all... lets make the world a better place to be free of hunger..... God bless you.. wait for the pictures... wooooooi this computer is uploading very slowly.

Bicycle for ease transportation to work

Hello everyone.
I hope that all of you are in good health and doing well. My freelance journalism is going on and I have now decided to go proffessional. I will be undertaking part time lesons in journalism, photo journalism and also get into video shooting and editing. This way I hope to go into media fulltime and gradually get out of my other ventures. I will keep you posted.

Purchase a knapsack sprayer for my farm

I managed to purchase my pump and know working on the logistics of fixing and making it operational. Happy My Greenhouse will have full supply of water,

Add more stock to my business

Dear team,
Am now happy that I managed to buy the printer and it's now prepared to serve my customers effectively. I'm hoping that the return will increase for I will be able to handle more customers without delay. And in case of breakdown, I will not let them down because now there is a back-up.

New tyres for my car

Entertaining our church members,with me are the other choir members.

Restock existing store & open a new branch

Dear lenders, I have finally cleared my first loan ever with Zidisha. I wish to express my gratitude to Zidisha family for allowing me to join this amazing group.

I spent the money from the loan to buy fast moving items for my electrical shop and this increased my sales significantly. I am now all set to apply for a second loan which I believe will take my business to even greater heights.

Increase inventory for my school uniform business to support my charity school

Dear friends and lenders I am soon coming back to you.I am happy to be paying my last installment on 1st February 2015.I will be applying for the second loan immediately to increase stock.I am happy to have made so many friends including those who did fund my project.Hope to meet you then.

Adding inventory for mobile phone business

Good Night At The funders; and also Team ;s Zidisha,
hopefully always given health always ..

This is the result of my shopping yesterday for adding accesories Mobile,,,,,

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Selamat Malam Pada Para Pendana dan juga Team Zidisha,
semoga selalu di beri kesehatan selalu..

ini merupakan hasil dari belanja saya kemarin buat penambahan accesories Handphone,,,,,

Adding inventory for mobile phone business

beginilah kegiatan saya di malam hari,,
bergelut dengan Tugas serta ketikan anak-anak sekolah maupun masyrakat umum...

Adding inventory for mobile phone business

proses pembangunan konter saya ,,,,
semoga saja cepat selesai

Inventory for my phone-delivery grocery business

My baby boy and wife

My daughter's school fees for form two

I thank you zidisha for the loan I took, I used it to plant grass for feeding my cattle. I am not struggling to look for feeds since the pasture has boosted the food stuff. I have enough time to look after my animals, the milk production has gone high.
The achievement I have gained to the family is that I managed to take my kid to college and others did their final examinations who are yet to join studies for the next level. Also have a look of me at the farm I planted grass from the money I borrowed from you.
Thank you very much

Loan to add my stock

with claire in the bananas farm

Loan to add my stock

still in the farm

Loan to add my stock

in the cow shed cleaning before leaving to my store

Loan to add my stock

i and my last born daughter claire feeding the pig

Surgery fee

hi Katie trust you are fine. Am fine too, just to update you on the progress; the french beans are proceeding well despite an attack by bean fly which destroyed most of the crop. Its because when I was due for the first spray I did not have the finances to buy pesticide, but I thank God you rescued the situation. here is the photo of the crop. Thank you so much.

Weighing scale and organic fertilizer

Hello Stephen
Good luck with your application - as a child I loved tomatoes and remember how we ate them as if they were apples.
Last year I grew some in my little back garden for a friend who loves them - the two plants went mad and gave me so many tomatoes I was able to share with my neighbour and other friends and even freeze so many for cooking - they were absolutely delicious and this year I plan on growing more.
I look forward to hearing your updates and success story.
God bless


Tuition education for all

I am happy that I have received my first loan yesterday. I was invited by a friend and I am sure this what I was looking for. This first loan will enable me hire one more teacher on Monday 26/1/2015 so that I expand my market.

Thanks to Zidisha. May God bless the lenders and the Zidisha team.

"Mama Vinnie's Shop" needs more stock

Hello lenders, Its this was a wonderful week for me, After receiving the loan i visited a cosmetic distributor and placed an order for my shop, i shared the story how Zidisha gave me the loan. The distributor was so taken that i she ended up advancing a stock worth Ksh 20,000. I ended up having a big stock of Ksh 25,000 which is Zidisha loan plus my saving and credit advancement. Truly the trust Zidisha has shown me its being extended to other who i never though they can. Thanks Zidisha community, Thanks to the founder and all Lender. Next week i will post my new look of stock full shop. God bless you all.

Funds to register and become an mtn mobile money merchant

I was able to redraw my funds today and just like I proposed, I increased my credit transfer stock purchase and bought higher recharge card amounts. By doing this, I didn't have to turn away customers who usually requested for the high recharge card amounts (5ghc and 10ghc). They were happy I provided a reliable service just like I promised; thanks to you, my lenders. Kind Regards.

Materials manufacture of brick red

Proses produksi batu merah, pencetakan dan pengeringan sebelum di bakar menjadi batu merah

Expanding my tailoring shop and buy new sewing machines

At my workplace

Annual studio rental fee to run community activities

To all lenders,

I would like to inform you that I have finally fully repaid my loan. I made some dance props to enhance our performances visually and bought approximately 25 dancing shoes for competition last season. By having good preparations, we finally won some local and national championships, Thank you so much for your supports and appreciations, it really means a lot to my community to keep growing and becoming much better, channeling local youth a media to express themselves through positive activities in dance. To watch some of my works with numbers of local youth here, feel free to check videos that I have made with my students. Here is the link:

Once again, thank you so much! May happiness always be with you!