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Loan to buy additional stock for my new branch

The loan experience was fine. i was able to buy the items i needed and as a result my business was boosted by the money i invested in. Thank you lenders

Purchasing toaster and other kitchen utensils for my food stall

My profit increase, so I would like to increase the amount of my weekly installment.

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My profit increase, so I would like to increase the amount of my weekly installment.

My book stock

Thanks to my lenders
My business is growing day in day out. Everything about my business is growing perfectly. Every week l am able to order new books and tools which is useful in academic life.

Flat screen tv for customers to watch latest movie trailers

-i purchased movies, empty cd's and cd covers.
-i have grown to another level now i can buy things in bulk and it becomes cheaper.
-my earnings have increased in double.
-i have used the earnings buy expanding my business buy opening a movie show where children pay 5sh per every movie.
-its a blessing my family is good and i give thanks to you.

I want to try to sell a new cake

now my business is growing, I could buy my child"s various needs, such as school equipment and follow the guidance of learning, I am more eager to sell, once again thinks to funders.

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sekarang usaha saya semakin berkembang, saya bisa membelikan berbagai kebutuhan anak saya, seperti peralatan sekolah dan mengikuti bimbingan belajar, saya semakin bersemangat untuk berjualan, sekali lagi trima kasih kepada para pendana.

To build a new classroom which is permanent

I would like to thank all lenders for funding my loan of $320.I used the fund to construct a library which is now complete.It was a big success for me and the school.You funds bought construction materials like sand . cement and iron sheets.

Loan for education and to boost cyber cafe' business

Hi zidisha team and Lenders, it is with great appreciation that I humbly thank you for the invaluable support towards my business. indeed profits are remarkable and influx of clients has drastically increased due to the quality service delivery offered. This calls for an expansion of my business due to the demand of services by esteemed clients. I can now assist my siblings to have their school expenses met by giving them pocket money and also now my standards of living has improved. Thanks Lenders and Zidisha team.

Purchasing bulk fertilizers to sell to farmers

Zidisha is really doing a great work and if Julia
Kurnia is asking for more help please lenders do help this platform.
I am a great beneficiary of this program and it has really change my life as well as my business.
Indeed Julia Kurnia is really what she is saying
she is.

Good work

Farming and sales of cashew nuts

The difficulties and hardships I went through over the past few months would have been difficult to resolve but for the timely intervention of zidisha. I can now boast of a six hectare cashew farm, have been able to sponsor the education of an eight year old girl in my community who is deaf and dumb and my wife has been able to expand her business (sale of egg). Zidisha has been a blessing and would continue to bring changes to the less privileged.

Salon and cosmetics shop

Thanks very much lenders for your loan. i managed to buy additional blow drier machine to improve my services to my clients and this has boost my daily income from kshs. 500 to kshs. 700. I will work hard and pay in good time to increase my credit limits.

I want to grow my business with zidisha so that i move my business from rural centre to town centre where i will make more profit and support my family well.
The best thing about zidisha is that it is so easy to pay back, You can reschedule the loan when held up, loan size increment when you pay in time.

zidisha is incredibly convenient and just fits into my lifestyle well.

Buying plastic containers and other plastic items to sell

Thank you all my Lenders and the Zidisha Team. My loan has been disbursed and would like you all to know I will be using it for the purchase of the oven as said. The remaining balance will be added to my own funds for the flour and yeasts and others. Thank you so much.

College fees for my sister

Hello Beatrice,
I'm fine thanks. I hope you as well. I'm glad that your loan became fully funded, especially since you had already such an excellent track record with your previuos 2 loans and how your business has developed. I think it's very nice of you to pay for your sisters high school fees. I wish you and your family all the best.
God bless you.
Best regards

Local juicing

Merci, Zidisha. Tout ce passe assez bien pour moi.
Dans ma petite localité, je me bats tout les jours
afin que les choses change positivement.

Thank you, Zidisha. Everything is going well enough for me.
In my small community, I fight every day so that things change positively.

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Merci Zidisha. Tout ce passe assez bien pour moi. Dans ma petite localité, je me bats tout les jours afin que les choses change positivement.

Providing drinkable water to people in Kofikrom Village

Thanks very much for funding my loan for me,I am going to use this loan to supply water to my people.

Selling coconut oil and fish to pay for nursing school

Hello my lovely lenders, thanks once again. Your loan is keeping me smiling in my business and in my Education. BLESS YOU.

African Clothing

Below is the stock I added using the Zidisha loan. Am a proud business lady...

Bar/restaurant license and start selling both food & drinks

Hi Lenders,
I feel privileged to let you know that my business in still averagely performing. Since the inspection is yet to be done, I am still offering both soft and hard drinks. Anyway my plan was to incorporate the restaurant section to increase my earnings but so far the County Government is yet to do its part. All the same I can’t complain so much since I am able to make something out of what I already have and therefore even if the government delays am assured of making some profit still.

After the challenges I had recently, we attended our friend’s wedding ceremony with my wife and we had some fun.

Thank you for standing with us by funding our projects through the loans you give to us.

John Mariga.


zidisha have really enabled me meet my customers demand hence increasing by by about 10% weekly. thanks

My daughters school fees

Back To School! It was joy as one of my daughter's, Phoebe, reported back to school yesterday Monday, after being out for several weeks due to school fees. I would want to sincerely thank Zidisha family and the generous lenders who made this possible. With the first loan that was disbursed a day ago, I managed to pay part of her pending school fees arrears and all of us as a family were very grateful. Am positive that I will be able to secure the fee balance for both her and the elder sister too. I seek your continued support towards this end. God bless you all.

Rice farming

I wish to thank lenders,for funding my previous loan i note that through hiring of the motorbike monthly i was able to cover the market widely and in three months i have been able to build a reasonable client base,With now the contacts of clients in my database my marketing activities has become so easy & cost effective since i mostly use the database to do telemarketing before meeting the customers physically.I wish to inform the lenders that i have also been able to m make savings towards buying a motorbike for my business.I have already identified the motor bike from the seller & am awaiting clearance top up from my bank

Loan to set up a football watching auditorium

I don't really know how to express myself to reflect how exactly I feel after my loan has been funded. I wish my lenders could see me or I can send a video message for them to really see me well. I am highly grateful to you, my lenders. I had done all feasibility studies for my business but did not know where to get the funds. This is the happiest day in my life. I will use the money exactly as I said in my loan application and will never disappoint them. I will also use this platform to personally thank Roy for his care and advise. Roy, God richly bless and continue to exalt you. Thank you.

Hosting & domain name registration for my web programming service

WoW! By God's grace I've been able to fully repay my loan and maintained an on-time repayment of 100 percent. Thanks so much my lenders, Mr Roger Wang, Mr Bjorn and Mr Dan Buthler for financing my first loan.

I've been working on the website of a fast growing company in Ghana. It's been so challenging, and I'm learning great stuffs working on their site. I'm building my portfolio as well. I'm developing the site for free, yes free. It wasn't easy to win this contract but things have gone well. I know my firm is going to go very far after building an amazing platform for them. It'll pay later.

They've been adding and changing stuff. The site is not yet live and I'd gladly share it with you upon completion. I have to report to work too... and even working on my business site as well. Just left with a few polishes to take it live. Well, I am learning to work under pressure and improving my skill set.

Once again, thanks a lot to the entire Zidisha crew and it's Lenders. We're very grateful to God for your life.

God richly bless you!

Dairy business

I managed to purchase another set of my cows,now i have a very healthy and lovely cows so far they are three in number and one is pregnant. The earnings have not increased yet but i know by December i will be milking two of them. I appreciate the kind of support you have given me all along.
Zachary Kwanya
VM Athi-River

Re-stocking my botique

First I would like to thank my lenders for the loan which I got and it really helped me purchase the children cloth and women, the profit which I got assisted me in paying my children school fee and also in restocking of another bale of cloths
Am very grateful and may you continue assisting others. Am also promising to continue abiding by the zidisha rules and regulations

Thanks in advance

Loan to support my clothing sales

My business is growing day in and day out due to the help i got from zidisha. Thanks

Bike for spark media outdoor activity

Hello zidisha. Am glad to share some of achievements set on a three weeks objectives plan.
I bought a digital camera and additional stock from the profits realized.
I believe that an asset is a working tool that ploughs back to the income statement.
The environment is favourable since schools are closed and I use the time after work to tuition student here at home at 1/2$ per student
I believe giving back to the community I gain a lot in terms of marketing
Once again thank you zidisha for financial support

Buy a plot of land

My Tearoom will soon be changed to cafe just because of Zidisha, the benefit keep changing everyday from 20% two months ago to 30% this month. With Zidisha know I believe I can do more Thank you

Top dressing fertilizer and herbicides for my maize

i have harvested my broilers and be able to sell all of them. hence i have got good returns to repay my loan and still remain with profit. thanks to zidisha for helping me start the business

Loan for bulk recharge cards to sell in my neighborhood

As I said earlier that I wanted the money to circulate in the business for a while, now my capital base has increase which has led to increase in my profit gains by 25%, :-) I am the most happiest woman on earth and this was all possible thanks to Zidisha. So I am increasing my installment amount. thank you

Repairing my leaky roof

Thanks to the loan i was able to construct a lavatory unit and with it i said goodbye to enteric fever, thank you zidisha and you dear lenders.

Money Transfers & Electronic Refills

While thanking you for your generosity, I invite you dear lenders through this message and some slides made in my point of sales (POS 1, 2, 3) __ The completion of the last two points were created due to loans which you had kindly granted me. Do not hesitate to always support me so that I thrives. I commit myself as I did during my 4 previous loans to respect my commitments to you. I told you big thank you while reassuring you not to not let you down

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Tout en vous remerciant de votre générosité, je vous invite chers prêteurs a travers ce message ainsi que quelques diapositives réalisés dans mes point de ventes( point de vente 1 ; 2 ; 3 )
La réalisation des deux derniers points ont été créer grâce aux prêts dont vous aviez bien voulu m'accorder. N’hésiter pas à toujours me soutenir afin que je prospère. Je m'engagerai comme je l'ai fait lors de mes 4 précédents prêts à respecter mes engagements auprès de vous. Je vous dit grand merci tout en vous rassurant de ne pas pas vous decevoir

Fabric for making hand-designed clothes

Thank you so much for the money, my business is on another level. I managed to get the fabric and other material I needed and iv made double profit on all the dresses I sold. Thank you!


Loan to buy health products

I use my loan to purchase different kind of medical equipment and drugs. This has increased my profit margin. I was able to save more money to plan for the building of my clinic. Am hoping to get my next loan in other to fill my shop with enough drugs . Thank you

Purchase more stationary and also invest in cookies

Life is improving faster because i am making more profits and able to pay all my bills

Aditional of more new waxed fabric materials

Dear all Lenders anmd the zidisha team.I am greatiful for your generous support you gave my shop in my last loan.I have increased my daily turnover courtesy of zidisha lenders,through the zidisha paltform.Thnak oyu aqll and I promise you that we will walk all along for the betterment of my shop in future ambition to be the sole supplier of the African Ligaliers.Thank you alot.

Inventory of new children's clothing

Hall to all the zidisha farternity team.I am close to my loan payments and I thank all the lenders who supported me durring my loan bidding.For the last few days ago,my clothes business has regain back to business life,making my daily revenue increase.This has made me also to pay my loan without any problem of late.I would like to say Big THANK YOU to all the lenders for making my business improve to anther level.Thank you all and have a Super week.

Stocking mobile phones for resale

Presenting a gift to my grandmother after visiting the old people in my village,thanks zidisha team for your support after getting a good return in my business,i now able to share sum with the old age.

To purchase more shoes and belts for my shop

I am thankful to my lenders that this loan has brought a big increment to my business and my life as well. With this loan I was able to bring in different types of shoes which are likable to the community, so it makes me gain more profit, so it has really helped me. Thanks.

Adding a computer lab to our school

I thank my leaners for helping acquired an English language books for junior high students.

Repurchase of a printer for electrical drawings

Hey my lenders,after exhaustively for the best quality and economical design printer I was able to purchase one last week with the help of your loan.
My business is noe running smoothly and am happy for granting me a chance to rise up.
Below is the photo of the printer working.
Thank you all
thank you zidisha

Offset printer for my cybercafe

Thank you so much lenders for your continued support. The CPU i bought has really changed my business in terms of profit realization. The profit has increased from 600-800 per day .The profit realized have invested in purchasing A canon printer which i use in printing business cards,wedding cards and many more documents for my customers .I also opened a small business for my wife which she operates from the house.She sells eggs and baby pampers.
thank you so much and God bless you

Lok-lok sales

Thank you zidisha on loan now I can get some more stock, now do not need anymore the same loan moneylenders, there can be its own income

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Terima kasih zidisha atas pinjamannya sekarang saya bisa masuk stock lebih banyak lagi,sekarang gak perlu lagi pinjaman sama rentenir,bisa ada pemasukan sendiri

Purchase a motorbike to deliver my poultry products to customers

Hi lenders,
Hi how are you all?
Long time you haven't heard from me!Its high time i want to send some good news here.My poultry project grew a bit bigger since the last time you heard from me-when i bought the motorbike i realized quite a huge figure of savings ,So what i did to give back, i began mentoring community widows & widowers on best poultry rearing tips just to help them meet some of their basic needs.Kindly see the photos here attached.On the other hand my family lifestyle has changed-i was able to take my kids to a private school where they now enjoy quality education unlike before when they were in a public school.

Kindly,im the one in blue T-shirt.

Welcome to peruse my links here:

Purchase a motorbike to deliver my poultry products to customers

Hi BernadetteV ,
It's Benedict here!
Thanks so much.It's nice to hear from you.
It's long time you and the other lenders haven't heard from me!

My apologies for such a long silence.Now BernadetteV i'm doing well with my business if i may say.Things here are a bit advanced and new ideas are born everyday at 'Signature Birds'.Your loans worked wonders ,i redesigned my poultry farm as is below on the photos ,infact 95% of the developments you see here is from the finances you have been channeling to me-Thanks for everything live long you all!

BernadetteV,i have extended my work to the surrounding community here.So what i'm doing now is that i mentor community men & women,i'm so interested with the widows and widowers.I train them on the simple & best tips on rearing backyard chicken using the available resources.All this is aimed at making them being able to meet their basic needs.See the photos here.I'm the one in blue T-shirt.

I hope you wil get time to check on other progress reports on this links here.

Expansion of my livestock business

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all the zidisha lenders for their Godly assistance granted me in times of need. Where i had no place to look for help,zidisha held my hand to be on my feet again by giving me loan to buy feed , roofing sheets, cement and also helping me to buy goats to add to my livestock production.
Fortunately one of my goats has given birth to twins and the other is also pregnant. i will earn big income to pay my loan.
In addition will employ two guys to assist me in my livestock production.
Now in the farms my family(sister and grand mum ) is helping me
Thanks a lot.

Loan for expansion of cyber cafe

I have successfully completed paying my last loan despite the challenges I faced. However, I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the results of my investment. With the profit from the stock I purchased, I have managed to upgrade my computer accessories to up to date keyboards and computer mouses.

I have also managed to get a bigger shop and I hope I can manage to fill the extra space with more computers and hopefully purchase computer accessories for resale.

Loan to add more mobile phone accessories to stock my shop

Thanks very much to lender for the support granted me in the previous loan. By the grace of God, I was able to invest it and that business is greatly booming. My customer base has increased and now i am getting more profit from it I am really grateful.I hope that my second loan will also be funded. This is all thanks to the almighty God and the lenders of Zidisha.

Accessories for my computer shop

My extreme gratitude to Andy Fletcher and Paul Graham for making my loan possible.Zidisha has been a real revelation and many people I talked to about Zidisha didn't believe there was any such thing. Processing loans in Ghana is so difficult and demanding and I hope many money lenders in Ghana would take a cue from Zidisha so that many people can access their loans more easily and also adopt Zidisha repayment methods that make repairment so easy and flexible. I will always be grateful to Zidisha and its community of lenders.


To buy soft drink refrigerator to meet customer demand

Hello lenders,

I am grateful to all who supported my loan and now kindly request more lenders to contribute so that I can purchase a refrigerator thus facilitating reduction in fresh juice spoilage as well as serving my clients with soft drinks thus increasing my monthly sales. This will lead to job creation for local person as well as improving living standard of my family.

Thanks in advance for considering to contribute towards my loan.

To help me expand my livestock

Thanks to zidisha team and lenders,I can now boost of forty-five goats being females and males . Indeed upon joining zidisha,my livestock business is now going on smoothly whereby now,I have to expand my pen. I intend to sell some to my community members . I also have the intention of selling some to our local market. Thanks to zidisha team and lenders. God bless you all.