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To help me expand my livestock

Thanks to zidisha team and lenders,I can now boost of forty-five goats being females and males . Indeed upon joining zidisha,my livestock business is now going on smoothly whereby now,I have to expand my pen. I intend to sell some to my community members . I also have the intention of selling some to our local market. Thanks to zidisha team and lenders. God bless you all.

Buy a 17" tft computer monitor to train computer packages

Hi team,
Below is a picture of the networking tool kit that i bought. Thanks so much for the loan. Am great full it will assist me work extra hard in all areas of my course and job.


To buy a grinder machine for my welding business

I would like to take this rare opportunity to thank my lenders most sincerely for giving me the loan for me to buy the ANGLE GRINDER MACHINE. And I'm really grateful to my friend Ruth Zozi and the entire Zidisha family members for granting me this opportunity to be part of this winning team. This is going to help my business and improve my profit margins. Am planning to expand my Welding workshop so that i can increase the number of welding machines to 2 and probaly increase the number of grinders too. This way, i will have a full working workshop.

To pay workers at the sugarcane farm and service motorcycle

Dear lenders, today I took a photo at my neighbor's farm. He also invested sugarcane plantation and now harvesting. (photo not clear, apologies.) soon I may also harvest my produce. kindly fund my loan so that I don't miss these sugar company tractors Am now 15% funded. God bless our lenders. God bless their. families!

Selling mobile phones

I'll buy second hand Computer because people ask me do I sell computers and not just any Computer. They ask about Quad core,Core i3, i5 and i7 series. For the mean time, I'll buy One and see how it sell. I will also buy headphones, game controllers, HDMI cables,optical mouse, pendrives, tablet cases, power banks,android charging cables,card readers etc. Buying and selling this stuffs will give me different dimension and options to my importation business. People loves to buy this items and the interest that comes with it is very good. It will help me enhance my mobile Phone business and it will also give customers different options to buy. Lastly, I'll like to give great Thanks to God,Lenders,Zidisha, My Family and my customers for supporting me throughout the good,the bad and the ugly. I Thank you all and wish God returns all you've done for me with his Grace, Blessings, Riches and most of all shine his face upon you and all your families. Amen


Poultry farming

The loan was used to purchase additional chicken.i was then able to increase the sale of eggs from the venture hence generating more profit.currently i supply an average of 20 eggs daily to the market.
My ambition next is to double the current sales by the end of this month with additional stock and developing my infrastructure.

Medical equipment for nutrition consult

It is yet another academic year.With the help of Zidisha team and lenders I have successfully paid for my tuition fees and sorted out all other matter related to school.Thanks for the support.
God bless you all

Loan to Buy Desks for My School

hi lenders.thank you for the support.i managed to buy some books and they are helping a lot. you can see the children in class reading with their teacher.thank you god bless you.

Pay for back surgery

Dear lenders, this is to let you know that my business is booming. I managed to buy a refrigerator and I now sell soft drinks in addition to my other beauty business. The response is good and this has increased my income in a big way. Thank you so much for this valuable support.

Supply of rice, egg white and sugar

I had been traded on the loan in the form of rice and sugar, as well as additional requirements other daily goods. I am grateful that the loan from the zidisha can increase my efforts. Here"s a photo I attached my efforts. Once again thank you for zidisha

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Yg telah saya belikan dari pinjaman tersebut berupa beras dan gula, serta tambahan kebutuhan barang harian lainnya. Saya bersukur pinjaman dari zidisha dapat meningkat kan usaha saya. Berikut foto usaha saya saya lampirkan. Sekali lagi terima kasih buat zidisha

Purchase a car for bakery deliveries

Dear lenders,
First let me say sorry for not updating you my lenders and zidisha team ,but i bought the stock as i wrote on my loan profile.since then i have realized a wonderful profit which influenced me to add 10% salary to my workers.I also bought some crates to be used for packaging of cakes.Sincerely i feel so empowered through zidisha,
Thanks a lot my lenders god bless you

Expanding my small electrical shop

thanks zidisha team as i have seen great fruits since i got the loan because i was able to add more movies,electonics and phone accessories and and it is picking so well.were it not Idisha i wouldnt have moved that far.

New stock for my clothing store

With the given loan ,my business has really expanded am able to get profit and to break even,I started with ladies wear but now am selling unisex wear.
Thanks to my lenders,they have brought this far,I feel empowered.

Purchase stock of sweaters and jackets

I revieved 19000 ksh. I bought 2bales of baby clothes. They had good items which i believe will make quick sale to make me get more bales next week. Thank you for helping me with this funds they are agood help to boost my business. Thankyou.

To purchase another piece of land for vegetable farming

Within the last three weeks, my business has generated quite a good income which has enabled me to rent a two hectors piece of land to greatly increase my vegetable production. I know that the next loan will allow me to hire two people from within my community who will assist me to manage the plants.
Thank you Zidisha!

Need a cow and a goat to expand my local butchery business

My business is still going well and am making more profit.

Spare parts for my repair shop for gas cookers, stoves & ove

Dear Lenders, I am so grateful for this loan. The profit of what I had was able to help pay my little boy's school fee. And I know the next will do even more. Thank you

Overlock sewing machine

I visited up country in august twice! That's a pic of me and my husband at a seasonal river in the eastern part of the country,where I come from.This period is usually very dry so don't ask where the water is.
I loved visiting it was great.

Moving beauty salon to a spacious room

I will start by thanking all the zidisha crew for this platform. My special regards goes to the lenders who made this possible. I have now increased my customer base thanks to the loan you granted me. I am now planning to relocate to a more spacious room for the salon to accomodate the ever growing number of customers. Thank you again.

Raising Chickens

Here are new pictures

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Voici des photos neufs

Purchase more stationary and also invest in cookies

Dear Lenders, I am pleased to informed you that your loan did fantastic in my business. I was able to buy more stationary and reach more customers as I informed you. So serving my customer better is no longer a problem. Besides that I was able to buy water dispenser from some of the profit I derived from my work . Now no boiling drinking water.My family is very happy
God bless you forever.

Increase stock of fish & meat in my cold storage business

Dear Lenders,
I am pleased to informed you that your loan did fantastic in my business. I was able to buy more fish and meat as I informed you. So serving my customer better was no longer my problem. Aside that I was able to pay my kids school fees from some of the profit I derived from my work .God bless you forever.

Tools & equipment for repairing computers

Hi lenders, i am very very happy to write to you today to inform you about the success of my business. I am really doing very good in my business and clients are very happy with my work. I thank each and every lender for the support. Thank you.

Expand my school by building two more classes

The previous loan was of great help to me. I have expanded the facility to accommodate more pupils and the returns have continued to increase, thanks to Zidisha and my lenders for the support.

Producing building & cement blocks

Hi lenders I thank you very much for supporting my production now my productivity has been increased to 2000 blocks now at first it was 1000 blocks infact this money has help me a lot I bought sand, cement and water and pay for labour you are moving me forward thank you for your support God bless zidishaI Have received an amount of nine hundred and fifty five Ghana cedis from zidisha so I bought sand gh 340 cement gh 360 water gh 50 and pay cost of my labours gh 200.

Buying more electrical appliances and expand my store

i have used money to buy more more appliances and you can see from my pictures and it has help me a lot and now my income has been raise 50% and my work is going on well that my customers are more happy too
thanks to all lenders for their help and my God bless you all

Shop expansion

Thank you lenders, For so far i have made sales of seven of the cooking bags,And its left with three more to go and i believe it would be sold this week.i have also added a picture of the cooking bag.
Thanks for your support.

Purchase of camping tents

Dear Lenders ,
The money has been disbursed to me . Thank you for your generosity. I added the money to what i have been able to raise through my business and purchased five camping tents part of the 100 pieces that i need. once again thank you for helping me start the journey to achieving my target.

Sustainable dairy farming

Farm supervisor ensuring that all maize has been harvested and stored appropriately.

Sustainable dairy farming

Cash used to pay labor for harvesting maize .5 casual labourers @ $3.92 total $19.16 this includes packing in bags

Potocopy machine and a printer for cybercafe

I thank my lenders for giving me this loan, the money when disbursed can enable me buy a photocopy machine and a printer for my cafe.This will enable me satisfy customers who have been questing for these services for long as well as those who place demand for such services. Accordingly it will increase my profit margin and help to boost my business.
Thank you, may the lord God bless you for your generosity and kindness.

Help me purchase more new computers

this is my photo in my shop

Agro chemicals for my shop

I must thank my lenders for granting me loan to invest in my business.As I said to buy cocoa spraying machines and chemicals for my customer s in the area,they don't go far away to buy these things again.I must say my business has increased by 25%.I am investing in with the profit I get to take care of my sister who about to further her education and if another loan is granted I can expand it
if possible can also employe some of the youth in the community .in fact,I must say zidisha loan has helped me so much.

Rice & cereals for cereals shop

Last year at harvesting period:

Rice & cereals for cereals shop

This is the level where the rice is currently. Soon I will need to spray the fertilizer on the rice.

Advancing of my cyber cafe

Hello lenders..
The finance you have dearly provided i will use to pay part of my university fee and some of it for my expenses at the school.
Thank you much for your great support and am grateful.

Second-Hand Tyres & Rims for My Shop

i will encourage any person who really wonna do business to try zidisha and to be honest in der repayment. with their help i have been able to buy more goods to fill my shop,i have also earn profit and have use this profit to support my father pay my junior brothers school fees.i have also been able to buy on vulcanizing machine to support my business. i really thank the team soo much

Additional provision of Pop Ice & Apparel my Online Shop

Some stocks inventory clothing was at home used to stock merchandise offline :)

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Beberapa stok persediaan pakaian yang ada dirumah dijadikan untuk stok jualan secara offline :)

Purchase of Secondhand Electronics for Reselling Business

I purchased water dispensers worth US$65.00. The purchase has made a difference because my daily sales have increased. My business
earning have increased to 50%. I have used 30% to increase my
earnings. My children have been promoted to the next class. If
I get another loan and my sales increase I will go for holiday in
December 2015.

Buy a fridge for my business

Hello wonderful lenders,
I am humbled to report this to you. Zidisha community as a whole is doing wonders around and specifically to me.
Ever since I got the amount I had requested as a loan to improve my business which includes selling of women articles like brass, bangles, necklaces and foot wares for both women and men It has been great since of the money I received I have been able to repay my loan with ease and also maintained my profits to cater for my household needs.
This has also made my partner develop confidence in Zidisha since he never imagined that one can acquire money online and be able to carry activities to the end without problems since he thought Zidisha was a scam kind of thing
He is now confident that Zidisha is real and now a great supporter of Zidisha.
I want to say thank you.

Resale of groundnuts

am so happy for my second loan i will continue to buy computer accessories because they are selling fast and it will boast my business.thank you very much to my lenders

Sewing machine for making sanitary pad and tampon bags

Thank you to my lenders! I have registered my company and that is all thanks to my lenders. I really appreciate you. Registering has enabled me to sell to Girls' schools and NGOs.
I would like the next loan to be for procurring more machines so that I can increase the quantity of produce.

Loan for business strength and growth

I take this opportunity to thank you so much indeed for the money you have lent to me. I am very much pleased to inform you that i have already received the cash and i have already put it into use in my business.

The objective that i had was to invest the money in fast moving computer accessories and i would wish to report the following.

I have been able to buy the following for sale: Blank Compact disk recordable (CDR), Blank Digital Video disk recordable (DVD R), Flash disks, Memory cards, Ink for Ink Cartridge refill and Printing papers for the first Loan.
With these, i would be able to serve the demands of my customers well to enable me run efficiently and at the same time build more money to facilitate the repayment of my first Loan with ease.

I promise to repay my loan at the right time and i hope you will continue to support the growth of my business to another level.

I will be getting you kept posted on the latest developments in my business.

May God bless you abundantly.

Purchase stock of sweaters and jackets

I plan to add my stock of tops, dresses and mats to my boutique which i buy from the gikomba market. This will improve my sales which will help me continue paying my loan in time and also manage paying a small plot that i bought. I also thank the sponsers of this project for the support they give us because it will help eliminate poverty. Thank you


Barbed wire to fence my farm

Thank you dear lenders,I used the loan to buy a knapsack sprayer that has helped me improved the quality and quantity of my produce.thank you

Increase stock for my food kiosk

Am a happy person with proud to be associated with have really made my life to change .you have empowered me.I have voice.and powerful .thanks zidisha.long live zidisha

Purchasing bulk fertilizers to sell to farmers

Attached is a photo of Bevarages, snacks and a small stock.Am trying to open a kiosk adjacent to the cyber.This is just bt a start.

Add More Tyres and Tubes to My Inventory

Zidisha team,you are wonderful. I thank you for your full support for the growth of my motorcycle bussiness. Keep it up and poverty is gone. Peter Gicheru. Mitimingi,

Fabric seller

I used my loan to buy new clothes and other such new my license to increase my turnover by that before and I and my family are well, healthy side of this good and this is joy. So thanks to Zidisha loan, it feels good and I thank our lenders is very well and we wish us very long screw them and their families so that they always remain in our side and continues to lend us. Thanks good.

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J'ai utilisé mon prêt pour acheter d'autres nouvelles pagnes et ces nouvelles mon permis d'augmenter mes chiffres d'affaires qu'au par avant et moi et ma famille sont bien, côté santé ce ce bon et ya la joie. Donc grâce aux prêt de zidisha, ça fait du bien et je remercie très bien a nos prêteurs et on nous-nous souhaitons de très longues vis a eux et leurs familles pour qu'ils restent toujours a nos côtés et continue a nous prêter. Merci bien.

Expand my business

I do really thank the zidisha team and it lenders for how grateful they have help me with my store. It has really help me to expand my business and I am grateful for how far you have brought me. Thank you very much.