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Poultry houses for growth

Dear Lenders,
I trust this finds you well .I want to clear my loan by end November as I have a project scheduled to commence mid December in my farm. Its to do with the water pump where already I have designed it on paper including its circuitry now whats remaining is the hardware part. I have in the recent past made two of the pumps which have played a significant part in enabling me get where I am today.
Also, I just got a promotion in my day job apart from farming. Through this loan you gave me, it has enabled me to clear my education and now scaling in greater heights. Thanks for always believing in me.

More stock +airtel money agent

i would like to reschedule my loan to pay more since my business has experienced a higher profit income.thanks to our lenders for enabling us achieve our goals and have hope to move on swiftly with our future programs.i injected all of the loan into my business .i bought more second hand clothes to my stall and what i an seeing is a good profit income.especially in november and december such a business has boomed because may people need clothing

Motorbike for village taxi service

Thanks You Dominic, i always believe in not giving up so i will always try till i reach my target with the help from Zidisha lenders, giving up is not an option for me, if i fail today there is always tomorrow.

Buying a mini van

Thanks be zidisha guys am now in abetter position to compete with other photographers in my area,and still the profit aim making as enabled me to clear the balance in my college ,and as i graduate this year i have no arrears ,thanks to zidisha.

Purchase of a laptop

At Kenyatta University doing Public Administration assignment

Passion fruit and tomato tree (ribena) fruits farm

Hi Zidisha fam, hope you are all doing great!!! I am currently undergoing an aeronautical engineering internship and happened to be sent out of town with no prior notice. I greatly regret and apologise for any inconviniences that I caused. Otherwise, the farm is doing great and each and every time I make sales or as am just walking around in it, I can't help feeling grateful for your continued support! I also thank Mr. Zacharia for his concern and for maintaining contact with my lenders while I was away; thankyou!!

Purchase hair washing basin for my salon

dear lenders' i appreciate you once more for giving me my second loan. am so grateful because it has enabled me to renovate my salon which is now looking good. i am really so happy because my clients my client are now enjoying my services in a very clean environment. my sales have really increased and now i can pay for my kids' school fees in time without straggling too much. i have even bought them a laptop through my savings from my first loan, once again thank you lenders for lifting my life and the life of all small entrepreneurs be blessed as u continue with the good work,thank u

Buying stock of wood logs to split using a chainsaw to prepare for resale

Hi my lenders and zidisha team as a whole. Thanks a lot for the second loan that I managed to repay fully on 30 . 10 . 2014. This loan increased my earnings that is why I managed my income well to make sure that on the date due, the amount is available. Now I would like to buy a power saw machine for hiring that will costs 68,000/= kenyan shillings with the third loan that I intending to borrow the moment the amount is credited. hiring a power saw machine is more profitable business in our area.

Chicken rearing-a

Hello team. My business is doing well now. Demand for eggs has also gone up. The few chicken that were not affected by bird flu have hatched and soon I will have additionals. I would like to change the installments amount to Kes 600 as the sale for eggs is now good. Again, thank you so much for been patient with me.

Purchase items for my cafe business

I want to use this opportunity to thank my lenders for funding my loan which help me furthering my knowledge about Entrepreneurship and Business Management ,thanks to the program i have acquired insight into project valuation and evaluation,cash flows management .I may say this knowledge has helped to see clear how to expand my business adding more value to it and also by minimizing risk as to increase my profit margin .Though i am yet to complete but i can testify that i acquired a lot of managerial skills .Once again big thank to my lenders

Expansion of my manufacturing & supplies business

my incread earning has enabled me to buy a skirt suit for my wife, and i am inteding to expand the business by opening manufacturing go-down. i will share rent with a friend ..after stabilizing i can seek for more space.. thanks a lot zidisha

Expansion of my manufacturing & supplies business

DEAR Friends of global pple.. thank u very much for the loan & advice u extended to me during loan sourcing that am closin my first loan those who stay in Nairobi kenya -AFRICA can we have a cup u tea on saturday afternoon..

Purchase of more stock for my business

the loan disbursed to me of US dollars 73 has really assisted me to increase the stock of sugar in my retail shop. now i would like to apply another one so as to buy wheat flour and cooking fat to sell in my shop as we near the December holiday when we have so many celebrations including Christmas and the demand for this products is usually high. thanks a lot lenders for your continued support.

To purchase 500 broiler chicks

I hope you re-post your loan application. I would like another opportunity to invest in your business and future plans.

Inventory forcosmetics,clothes and handbags

I really appreciate for the positive comments and the funding which is going on to all my lenders.I feel honored and very happy because you are contributing towards my dream of owning a wholesale.I promise to be loyal and trustworthy because this is the only organization that one business men and women don't struggle or under go pain to get loans. Zidisha is the better option, you don't discriminate businesses the funding is done to any business as long as one make a profit and is able to grow the business to a higher level. I am a youth leader in our church and I have advise them to start a project of keeping chickens for sale then later I will introduce them to Zidisha.

Distributing fertilizers, seeds & agrochemicals to farmers



Loan to finish constructing our home

Dear Isaiah, now you can get the smartphone that you need for your business! A friend in America told me about Zidisha and I chose your project as it was so close to being funded. I look forward to hearing how things are going for you. Wishing you success, Catherine

Publishing educational books

To all my dear lenders,

Its all joy and an obligation to inform you that I received my loan in full.I really appreciate.Now its getting down to work immediately.

Between I have lately done a course on working capital and cash management and the capital cycle.So I have the skills,I have the capital,I have the confidence,and most of all,I am a human dynamo!

I will make it…watch me!


Purchase a second hand incubator

I have been concentrating lately on my Masters degree research which i have completed awaiting graduation.My indigenous chicken have really helped me a great deal in terms of financial returns now that am able to control the number of chics i want ,thanks to the incubator.

Buying new open & closed shoes for women, men & kids

hi lenders have purchased old and new dreses,some shoes and now am looking forward to selling men wears so that can raise my income,with my small shop am able to support my mam,my kids who are in school

Expansion of my manufacturing & supplies business

I must say thanks zidisha i adopted my sister in-law's 2 children after she passed on... some three months a go. first i thougt i wont manage but your assistance has enabled me to take them in school and feed them together with mine 3 normally. KEEP UP GOOD WORK GLOBAL PEOPLE.

To continue adding more stocks of fabrics

I have already purchase 5 more plastic seats with my last loan. I hire to a local church in the estate every weekend they require 200 hundred. now i have 105 so I will keep increasing I gain USD 3 more every weekly from the added seats besides other services.
Thank you zidisha and I hope to increase more seats and other stocks through your help


Buy cooking appliances for my hotel

The blessing isn't in my small contribution but in your labour and the improvement it makes to the community. I've received your first repayment and immediately reinvested it in another project. I hope to continue in this way to help more people.

Inventory of school uniforms for sale

hi ccs36. Sorry for the late reply. I have been very busy of late hence the delay. I started my uniform business and I have already delivered 50 sets to different school in the neighborhood. I will file a comprehensive report soon. Thank you for your support and encouragement. With people like you close to me, I am confident I will take my business very far.

Expand my pig farm

This is the TV set that I bought with the money you loaned me and this has seen my business grow by leaps and bounds. The next loan will definitely lead me to another milestone and I am counting on you to make this happen. I appeal to you to make your contributions and I promise I won’t disappoint.

Loan for mens, ladies and childrens shoes

hi lenders, i don know how i can express my gratitude after i posted my loan and you funded my account in less than a week, am jovials about our mutual relation with you people. i went to the market and i purchased the commodities i had planned, still on visiting the less fortunate children am waiting for my fellow friends so that we can make a date and go on one sunday evening and give our contributions . thanks so much and me the ALMIGHTY GOD BLESS YOU FOR THE GOOD WORK

To add 4 computers and speed printer to my cybercafe

Hello this evening,
It is my pleasure to salute you and congratulate you for this great support to our families in Kenya. Nowadays I can see that you are boosting women on your website to post loans. Actually this is a great achievement to Kenya since women in Kenya are disadvantaged and most of them do not have hopes on capital for starting business.

License, equipment, snacks & fast foods

After profit from the sale of two tricycles and 2 bikes I introduced this scooters that are proving to be a good investment.

License, equipment, snacks & fast foods

The Tricycles I purchased with part of the loan. They have been really popular with customers and only one is remaining in stock. Looking forward to buying more.

License, equipment, snacks & fast foods

Greetings Lenders and Zidisha Team,

Hoping that you are all well, I thank God that my family and I are all good. In terms of business at the moment things are a bit slow due to end of year exams both for primary and secondary schools.

However I am looking forward to a peak time after schools close and the long holiday ahead. I am therefore gearing up for this by trying to stock up more products.

The bicycles and tricycles that I introduced to the shop with the help of my current loan did well in terms of sales and currently I have just two pieces remaining so that has motivated me to plan for more stock for the holidays.

The sales have helped me to pay back my current loan on time and I have used part of my profits to add some more products like photo frames and educational toys. I am also saving some part of the profit to build a display shelf outside the shop to catch the eyes of potential customers.

I thank you once again for your generosity and continued support. Wishing you all a blessed week ahead.

Upgrade my cybercafe

Hello Dorine!

I'm glad you could overcome the difficulties. Life's never a bed of roses, is it?

I see you have nearly completed the repayments, despite those problems. Congratulations on your good work!


To get some tools for my I.T. services company

Hope all are well. Am happy with the Zidisha Loan and I have attached you some of my clients' laptop that I have installed with the laptop stickers am selling. The business has been good for me :)

Inventory for my phone-delivery grocery business

I buy rice groceries . 500kg x 7000 IDR/1kg = 3,500,000 IDR and I would plan to add more , because I sold back in Lontong maker. Thank you for Landers and Zidisha team.

Purchase hair washing basin for my salon

I always visit them talk to young ladies and give out Sanitary Pads that most of them cannot afford. Whatever little that I have I share with them, it is giving back to the society. Shen Ge Would like to partner with me in this worthy course of action. Thanks


Prov 31 finsos

Yaaay!! I got 100% funding for my project. I am grateful for the opportunity granted thus far. Thank you to all my lendors. Here in Kenya we say, Asante sana. (Thank you very much). I will keep all of us posted in the achievements so far.. All in all, Im indeed grateful. ;)

To buy a hair treatment machine for my beauty salon

thank you zidisha members for granting me the loan. i managed to buy the steam machine and my customers have never been happier in the service they are now getting.

Adding stock to my retail shop

My new motocycle is doing good because,unlike the first one,it brings an income of $6 daily,$1 more.It has increased my earnings and life tends to be abit easy as far as daily expenses are concearned.

Purchase hair washing basin for my salon

Can you tell me a bit more about what you do at the children's home? Thanks.

Irrigation equipments to grow tomatoes for sale

Dear lenders, I have a reason to smile, this is how the lord has blessed me so far. Once again thank you for having faith in me and giving me your support.

An oven for my cake business

Hi Staff Zidisha, hi friendly lenders. As expected, I am writing to you in order to give you some news about my activities. Thank you and I give thanks to God because I was able to set up here is a month and a half my shed, it is 4 m2 and am currently negotiating for electrification because I intend to sell my cakes up to 20 hours the evening. Thank you to you.

Another greenhouse for my farm

Dear lenders due to improved incomes I am glad to reschedule my loan back to original installments rates,thank you so much for understanding,for now my farm is doing pretty well and I have a lot of clients coming to purchase daily. i am so grateful for your continued support.To be honest without zidisha ,I would not be this far.Thank you so much

To purchase a printer for children lessons

I had a fruitful week this week and with the schools closing in the next three weeks,have had several college students doing their research in my cyber thus earning me good money.
I have seen had good clients over the past one week and am preparing for a booming business during the school holidays thus am planning to add two more computers.

Loan to buy a computer for my cyber cafe

I wish to say thanks to lenders,lending teams officials(staff) and zidisha organization in general. With this forum i can afford to run my business and attend my class in Kenyatta university.

Loan for cake baking materials and ingredients

Thank you everybody for your loan support, i am doing well in my business, I feel in my spirit today I should share with you about my true life story.
John Makongo is the founder of this emerging organization. John Makongo was once street children and also Rwanda Genocide victim, I am a bachelor holder in theology and author of an inspiring book (From Rwanda to Victory) I also was brought up in an orphanage in Kenya and also lived on street searching for help, love and hope.

Due to the high rate of poverty in my family, my single parent could not be able to take my siblings and I to school. Thus, we became servants at our neighbors in helping to tend cattle in the field like David in the bible in order to get food to sustain our young 4 brothers.

In the year 1994 I had a desire to go to school after being removed in the street by a missionary who sponsored me but before I sought to run and find a refuge in the streets of Eldoret, which is a small town in the Rift Valley Province. When I arrived in the streets life became extremely difficult. I found a refuge at the Eldoret Children Rescue Centre, which was a home to orphans and children from the streets. This is where I settled and started my studies under the help of a German citizen known as Michael Nieswand. This is also where I received a call to worship God through music and joined the Jesus is Lord Team choir.
While I was in my Theological school in Bungoma which is in Western part of Kenya I received a calling of working with kids and my heart has been full of love for them and compassion, I went on praying to ask God if it was His will for me to continue doing so. When I discovered that it was God’s will, I decided to assist three boys in obtaining an education and living also in my house.

In the year 2009 I desired to work with friends from different parts of the world to further assist other children in Kenya to receive an education at first it was hard because none of them knew me. I shared my dream with friends and facebook friends and we came on with the idea that we should support the kids by providing them with education to bring a change to Kenyan children.

My desire is for this organization to grow with support from people around the world and in Africa, either through prayer, financial support or even coming to serve these children in Africa. Our dream for this organization is to build a school, vocational centers, and other training centers. My prayer is that those who are led will be in touch with what we are doing and join us. We welcome all people from every part of the world. Lastly, I would love to thank my friends around the world ( stewart funderburg,Mira Elmann, Dana , Beryl Williams and others who supports our organization for accepting to sponsor kids

Cradle of Hope Mission is dedicated in providing education to the poor kids who cannot afford uniform and books to get to school by providing education and feeding program. we also providing winter and summer short term mission to people from other nation and our country who want to serve and help the poor through providing medication and other services may God blessing you as join us

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet

i am so glad that my earnings have increased.. i am saving the returns so that i can be able to rent a store to be storing my stocks because as it stands i have to ferry my stock home every evening and ferry it back every morning. my own stock will enable me save on the energy used during the daily treks plus other advantages


Starting a poultry farm

Hi Jammytlee, I am doing wonderful here. My business has started picking a bit because someone of the peoples have started harvesting and I expect a lot on the coming days. There's a lot of heavy rain here but our climate is standard we don't have winter or summer. I have been very curious to to say hello to you but since zidisha changed their website its have been very difficult to log in. Thanks brother for remembering me. Cheers

Purchase Cyber Cafe Supplies

new envelops two rims of embosed paper and also manila paper one rim,new photo frames

Purchase Cyber Cafe Supplies

dear lenders this are the new stock i bought,sorry for delayed upload of the photos

Loan to buy raw materials for making soap

thanks Leonora, I had not even signed out after making the application. What a surprise! I am thrilled.

Tuition fees

Thank u for helping me out.there has not yet been any reported case of ebola in kenya yet,we r taking necessary precautions,thank u for your concern.have a good day