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School fees for my children

I will pay school fees for my daughter.
It will really help me since my daughter won't miss the classes because of lack of school fees.
Thank you for making my project possible.

Buy 150 kg of fertilizer for my farm

From the money I received last time, I bought Peatmoss, a medium used to propagate seedlings. I propagated 10,000 cabbage seedlings that we shall be transplanting to the open farm very soon.
Without the medium, I would have not been able to propagate the seedlings and I would have had to buy the seedlings from other farmers. This would have cost me 50,000 shillings ($333). With the medium I propagated up to 50,000 seedlings. This saved me $1,600!

Dairy farming project for the school

Hello to my supporters. I managed to buy the water tank for our school. I am yet to install the water tank to harvest water during the short rains. I'll keep on updating you on the progress.
For our previous project of maize farming, we had a bumper harvest and thank my funders for that. Below is a photo the maize harvested.

Small market

Thank you very much for your support. I have bought a cart to distribute the products, so I have hired a young man. I am very grateful that you have saved two families. At the same time, my customers are happy that they are getting the products on time, but I still need your support so that I can develop and expand the business so that I can support the community around me and meet the needs. I am very grateful to them and may God bless you and continue to support me more, thank you.

Add locks to hardware shop

I have been able to build our business many times over. I have been able to employ about 3 permanent employees and 1 casual. However due to the ensuing hard times in Kenya, my capital has gone down and would like to boost it by borrowing so that I can make supplies that are due to my customers. I am greatly inclined towards growing this business to create even more jobs for our youths who graduated and have no jobs because of the impenetrable job market.

Long essay support

My last loan supported my academic session this year, I was able to sustain the rigors and sleepless night of reading all through. To God be all the Glory for connecting me with people of kind gesture on Zidisha.

Kelly chicken and veggies company

i ventured in egg laying chiken and i bought 3moths chicks by mid this month they will start laying eggs of which is an improvement,i also plant sukumawiki for sale as in the photo i have already planted

Bale of blankets, ladies jackets & cold season clothing

I have received the funds in my MTN mobile monet account. I have also bought a bale of clothing for and ladies jackest as it is very cold here and demand is very high.

Am very happy my backers for supporting me. My business now has hope to expand with Zidisha online loans. Thank you so much.

Books for tutoring program

I want to Thank my backer for the previous project.You are such a gem sir.I repaired my washing machine and life has been easier for me and my son

School fees request

Thank you so much for your funding.
Through it I was able to increase my chicken by purchasing 10 more chicken and I have stocked more feeds to enable me feed them.
I was also able to repair the chicken house which was raining in on them.

Equipping our school computer lab

I did receive the amount of ZMW 807.00, in my MTN account and I bought the some desk top computers and some laptops, this support has brought enjoy for the school as more pupils and students will have more access to the computer lab.

As the school headteacher, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the backers who have been instrumental in this school project to ensure that our school is fully equipped in the computer lab.

Equipping our school computer lab

It will buy some 5 laptops and 5 desktop computers to equip our school lab, this will help the learners improve their IT skills.
Thank you very much my backers and lenders so happy for awesome suppprt. I will also do my best to give you satisfaction.

School fees

I will get my son's eyes checked. It will help him get glasses to improve his performance in school.
Thank you for helping me do this for him. I do appreciate it.

Greens and grocery sales

I will use the funds to buy more stalk for my green grocery businesses..The funds will help me to boost my business, have more employees so as to help them earn a living, through the funds I will also be able to take care of my kinds,pay them school fees without any problem.I would like to that most probably the members who made this project possible for me,Our Almighty God bless you Soo much as you continue helping others.

Buying fruit seeds

Zidisha has helped me start my own business that's blooming and I appreciate the people offering help here

Buying soap packages

Hello Backers
Thank you for funding me and help my dream to come true, my dream is to own a factory based in manufacturing organic and biodegradable cosmetics products
Thank you for making my journey easy.

Buy more chicks, water and feeding troughs for my poultry

Dear members
It's my hope that you are doing well. I have project to construct a public toilet in Nairobi Kenya. Members of the public will pay Ksh. 10 to use the services.
It's 98% complete.

The facility has for toilets for ladies and three for gents. This is near a very busy bus stop.
I need money for painting and carpentry job to fix doors to the toilets , I have started painting and applied base paint . I need to apply final Colt.

Small business

During the last project, i planted some vegetables in a small garden. This has helped lower expenses in the family's budget. The family is healthier too.

Packaging spices for sale

we planted some trees on the 14th of July 2023. this are students from my form two Geography class. they were so happy to start the process of adding the vegetation cover of our school.

Purchase of an electric motorcycle for delivery business

Thank you so much for funding my project. It will help me purchase pawpaw seedlings, organic manure and cater for labor. This will be beneficial in setting up my organic food forest that will ensure we produce healthy food for my family and my neighbors.

Registration of a first aid at work place course

Hello ElWal,

Thank you for believing in my business through your support am greatful. I have received the funds today and am going to purchase packaging boxes for the school chalks that I have produced this week. I believe the company is going to grow and create employment for my people. Thank you once again.

Jacqy's shop

Jacqy, my name is Jacqueline too, and I want your shop to be a great success, and I know it will be! The Jacqui's must stick together - we have the best name in the world.

Fresh juice making

Thanks all for making it possible for me to enlarge my business and add juice making project, I will buy a powerful blender, display jugs, plastic chairs, a table, disposable cups, and fresh fruits,. With the money I will be able to add juice making project to my current green groceries kiosk,. Thanks you all who made my project possible, mapesi Masami, Maxime, Peter Ojok,, Moses Chore, Heather,Mike and Jaçqui,,Zippora, Tam,, Collins,Ann Elizabeth, Andrew, Alvin, Julius, Daniel,Mary Denis,Noviandri,Christine,supatra ,Naud, Be blessed for making the project possible.

Street food

Thank you Heather from the united states for funding my projectmay the Almighty God bless you abundantly mum.Im going to use the funds to buy some beginning stock for my business and few equipments, and I believe the business will grow through profits and help me take care of my needs and those of my daughter.

University fees

Dear Lenders
I thank God that i have finished paying the loan. I also thank you my lenders for bearing with with even when the going was so tough for me. May God bless you.
I used the loan to pay university fee for a needy boy. He is doing well and he is in his 2nd year now. God bless you all

Purchase of an electric motorcycle for delivery business

Thank you so much for supporting me in my past project. I started an organic farm where I grow organic vegetables and tamarillo fruits. This has taught me a lot about organic farming as I had to research on how to deal with various challenges like pests. It has been an exciting journey and I'm looking forward to harvesting the fruits in a few months as I even add more crops. I want to play an active role in producing healthy food for my neighbors.

Dairy farming project for the school

I want to take this opportunity to really thank my supporters for the funds I recieved. I am going to buy a tank for rain water harvesting so that our pupils can drink clean water. This will help reduce water bone diseases and as a result performance will improve greatly. Be blessed so much.

Buy 150 kg of fertilizer for my farm

Am very excited to update the community that we are progressing very well. The seeds we planted with the media we borrowed money to buy have germinated well. We have nearly 10,000 seedlings that are a week old. We have about 3 weeks to transplanting these seedlings in the field and planting a second phase of 10000 more seedlings in the nursery.
The 50 kg media we bought will help us propagate over 30,000 seedlings in 3 phases each 4 weeks apart. This means that we shall have a consistent production from our farm.

Please see photos below.

Kales and cabbages farming

The completed projects really made a great difference in my household, I had a lot of food for my family ,i sold in cash and got a lot of profits that helped me pay school fees for my children promptly. I also bought new generator for irrigation.

Airbnb furnishing

My previous loan helped me acquire some electronics for my Airbnb making it more appealing to my clients. I have therefore maintained a 95% booking and increased my profits.

Business enlargement

Hi backers, the previous disbursement I used to pay for nine bags of cement that I used in plastering my house. in so doing I was able to create employment.

A DIY furniture project

I will buy all the materials needed for my DIY Furniture Project. Doing this is going to save a lot of money and time because instead of going to the materials market four to five times in a month is going to be just once in a month which is so helpful to me and my workshop. And I will use this opportunity to thank my lenders and say I'm so grateful thank you so much

School fees

It was worthy because from abject poverty it has really improved my life


I will buy farm pesticides and also to boost my chicken production in the farm and add more.
The fund will really help me in terms of increasing my farm productivity hence increasing income.
I highly appreciate the funder and promise to keep in touch with them for making my dream achieved.

New stock of clothing

Thanks for trusting me once again, I really appreciate your help. Us i said before i will go add new stock for my shop, mostly for the cold season. This will really boost my sales for this cold season.

School fees

The funds were greatly beneficial in helping me get into college and successfully completed my program! Thank you all for your support in this way.

New motorbike for doing deliveries

Hello everyone,
Thanks for your support for my project. I was able to achieve the first phase of the project and its live on
Our goal is to create a mental health platform which will connect users with mental health providers and look forward to our continued support.

Commercial mixer and cake topper machine for bakery

Thank you so much for funding my project. The funds will be of great help in equipping my bakery with an additional oven and mixer. This will assist increase production hence increased sales and profit.

Expanding my fruit sell business

Thank you so much zidisha for providing the platform in which people come together and fund projects to improve the economic status of other people.. I will use the funding to purchase more goods(mixed fruits)for my fruit shop and purchase a blender which I'll be using to make fruit juice and sell to my customers. Hoping it will do well.
With the help this platform I've been able to grow and be more financially independent which has been my long-term dream come true.
I sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you who funded my project. I appreciate your help in boosting my business and my life too. Thank you.

Heifers for my dairy farm

After receiving the money I will spend it by buying 4 heifers to boost my daily farming since I have enough feeds. It will help me much since it will increase my milk production in coming days, still it will create a job opportunity to one youth. I am really grateful for your kindness and goodwill for that act of funding my loan God bless you

Dairy farming project for the school

I want to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all the members who funded my project. I am going to buy a water storage tank for rain water harvesting.
Our school children will drink clean water and be healthy. This will help them perform better which will lead to the growth and development of the school.
To my funders, you have made this project become a reality. Thank you once more and may God bless you all.

Purchase of light trucks tyres for sell at the workshop

From the first application, I purchased Tyre Accessories (tubeless valves) for sale at the workshop.

This has really helped me from losing revenue because we used to send customers to purchase the tubeless valves from other automotive shops, this has helped at improving my cash flow.

I used part of the earnings to support and fund other entrepreneurs through part it forward impact which enabled me to increase my contribution.

Once my income is consolidated it enable to me to fund my children as they complete their university education.


I will now buy more sugar cane for my crusher to increase my jaggery production. This will inturn help in increasing my profitability. I believe this will improve the livelihood of my family and community as a whole.

I therefore want to sincerely those who funded my project. I am really humbled for the sacrifice you have made to make my dream a reality. Thank you a lot and may God bless you abundantly.


Hello,have been quiet for a while but still doing great, my business is wow,I bought a motorcycle,doing bakery job with it, supplying and distributing my products to wholesales,and shops

Boosting the salon business

I hereby send my sincere gratitude for everyone who has funded my project. May you be richly blessed. May your baskets never run dry.
The finances will help me restock various beauty products in the salon. Therefore,this will increase my clientele base due to availability of products to offer my services. I will also be able to buy an extra blow drier so that we are able to serve more than on client at a time. Once our services are improved I believe I will get more referrals from our current clients. At the end of the day more opportunities will be created for hairdressers to be able to offer services at our salon. Thank you once again for your support.

Through Zidisha my business has grown from Mama mboga to grocery. Zidisha has helped me pay university fee for my daughter and now I still want to expand my business further. Zidisha is real.

Dairy farming project for the school

Hello my supporters. I am very grateful to you all for the support you gave for my last project. The project was planting maize for the school lunch program. The maize farm is doing very well and with your support we expect a bumper harvest. This is going to make a big difference to the well being of these children and the surplus of maize will be sold for the development of the school. Infact since I joined the Zidisha family I have seen a big change in the school in terms of development. I am very grateful to the Zidisha Team who came up with the idea of global fundraising. The picture is the maize farm at present. The harvest will be late July or early August.

Buy 150 kg of fertilizer for my farm

Today, 8th June 2023, we bought 50kg of Peatmoss (the medium that we use in our green house to propagate seedlings). We raised $58 from our most recent funding application and this helped us buy the medium. We shall propagate 34,000 cabbage seedlings in four monthly phases, all of which shall be transplanted in our farm.

In the first picture, we have the Peatmoss medium that we bought.

In the second picture below my team and I are setting up drip lines on one of the blocks in our farm.

We shall also post photos and videos of the propagation process here and o our website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Paultry project

Thank you for funding my project. Your support will go along way to help me purchase the following items; feeding troughs,watering troughs, trays, hatchers and to expand the housing. This will help me to realise my annual goal of doubling my produce output as well as help me get professional advice on best rearing practices.
Thank you for coming through at the hour of need and for making my project possible. Its my humble prayer to grow in my business venrure and assist others too.


Expanding my chicken coop

Supporting you because you’re a parent! Take care of your baby boy.