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Peter Kofi Berko     May 16, 2018

I am so happy for what my lenders have just done. I most grateful for funding my loan. I will use the funds to pay for cost of labour in my yam farm.
One of my dear lenders asked me how i plant my yams, i plant in my farm and take care them by wedding among them. Our land is so fertile to extend that we dont need fertilizer.
Thank u for the loan.

Yam farming
Bassa, Ghana

Carolyne Jerono Lagat     May 16, 2018

Hi lenders. Just to let you know that i was so grateful for the funds. I have been marketing the curtains i sell on facebook and i get new orders each new day. Thanks alot for the financial empowerment.

Buy a sewing machine
Busia, Kenya

Benard Kipyego     May 16, 2018

Zidisha you boost my business alot thanks

Dairy farming
Nazarene Uni.main Campus, Kenya

Anggalina Dwi Mandasari     May 16, 2018

Loan funds from zidisha are very helpful to me, with this loan money my child"s communication in parent by my parents in the village so smoothly. The search and purchase of goods to order for electronic goods credit so smoothly, I am very much thanks

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Dana pinjaman dari zidisha sangat membantu saya, dengan adanya uang pinjaman ini komunikasi anak saya yang di asuh oleh orang tua saya di kampung jadi lancar. Pencarian dan pembelian barang sesuai pesanan untuk kredit barang elektronik jadi lancar, Saya sangat perterima kasih banyak

The cost of grandfather"s hospital
Mojokerto, Indonesia

Septianingsih Rosiana     May 16, 2018

Glad to think you can repay the installments in a timely manner,, Now my store is in the process of improvement. To make my store better than ever. Hopefully his process smoothly. Thank you lenders and zidisha. Hopefully long life continues this zidisha community

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Senang rasa nya bisa membayar kembali cicilan dengan tepat waktu , , Sekarang toko saya sedang proses perbaikan. Agar toko saya jadi lebih bagus dari sebelumnya. Semoga proses nya lancar. Terima kasih para pemberi dana dan zidisha. Semoga long life terus komunitas zidisha ini

Stock of water & gas cylinders, and my child's tuition
Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

Okumu Makuba     May 16, 2018

I used the previous loan amount to purchase extra tents for the scouting team.
The scouters were so happy to receive the above as it was of such big help to them during the just concluded County Competitions. Despite the heavy rainfall and challenging weather condition, they put in all their efforts and were able to proceed to the Clusters.
We are planning on going for a hiking camp so that they can have a chance to visit the graveside of the founder of scouting.
Thank you so much for your continued and unending support.
God bless you

Scouting gadgets
Mombasa, Kenya

James Angwenyi     May 16, 2018

Thanks for entrusting me with your fund as it assisted to grow my small part-time Airtime Scratch cards sales in a Small scale business. I am happy to inform you that I am now able to satisfy my customers demand unlike the previous months when I was running short of supplies to my regular customers. I am earning average of 100 dollars in a week. Thanks so much once more.

Small scale business
Nairobi, Kenya

Benjamin Gatundu     May 16, 2018

progressing well, thank you lenders. The picture tells it all.

Expand animal shed and canopy cover
Nairobi, Kenya

Benjamin Benjamin     May 15, 2018

shops stocks,to fit my customers needs/orders , i earn usd 2 for one item, incresed earnings i used to pay school fees,rents,cost in busines, mostly am trying to advise my family in order to stay faithuly honest/, i dont like holiday cause its luxry and i dont enough money to spend,

Loan to buy maize flour
Nairobi, Kenya

Margaret     May 15, 2018

Hi Eva,
You are a natural born businesswoman to see opportunities like helping other girls to sell satchel water along with you. I hope you can add other products to sell too so you can continue to grow your business and continue your education. Best of luck to you as always, you are making us all proud of the way you are growing with and through Zidisha. Regards, Margaret

Mathematics book and private class fees.
Kwashieman, Ghana