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Making clothing and pig raising

Am buying some fabrics for resell and it will help me for prompt delivery to my customer. Thank you lenders.

Buy a new shaving machine

Thank you for support.

Provision shop

I will get goods for my shop, it will help in expanding my shop and put More goods in it. Thank you so much for your support am very grateful

Create a school management app

That's a cool project! Happy to support!

Simple power machines

Through Zidisha lenders, my business experienced about 14% increase in sales in the last 3 months.
This loan is purposed towards sustaining the continues growth by acquiring more working machines that will enhance quality of the work and timely delivery.
Thank you Paul Buchheit and Daniel Kalla for being supportive via the loan.

Solar lanterns for harvest for women & girls

Hello my lenders,

First and foremost i want to thank you for your continued support towards the growth of Kukula Solar. Your continued lending to my social business enables me to continue transforming lives of families in rural and slum communities of Eastern Province. Alot has happened since December 2019.

We have distributed 175 solar home systems in rural communities of Chipata and Katete.

We opened our second office in Katete District and employed our first Area Manager. Works in Katete is going on well and sales are increasing each day.

We have continued to empower women to take up leadership positions in my social business and ensuring that they continue to earn an acceptable income.

Children's study time has continued to increase, helping them to improve their grades so that they can achieve their dreams.

Women continue to save upto $70 annually for switching to our solar products and men can now work at night molding blocks or doing gardening.

All this amazing things are happening because you decided to believe in what we are building. Together we are disrupting the way products reach people living at the Base of the Pyramid.

Thank you so very much for making this possible and i continue to look forward to your support in my next round of loan application.

Thankyou so very much! ZIKOMO KWAMBIRI

Seedlings and fertilizer

Much humbled to your great lenders for being helpful in my farming venture. Remain blessed zidisha team.


I will buy cabbage seedlings for planting during this rainy season,this will help me increase my yield hence high profit.
Thank you alot my lenders for the assistance

Enlargement of raw material base

Waoh,got funded in less than 24hiurs,waoh. Thanks Mr. John Minges for your kindness,may the good Lord be kind to you too. The loan will move me forward in getting more materials for my customers thereby increasing my customer base and profit.

Simple power machines

Zidisha loans through my LENDERS has really helped the growth of my business, having acquired some tools & machines which has really enhanced our production, quality of finishes and timely delivery. Our sales in the last 3 months indicates about 14% increase in sales. There is no stopping now, with more machines, I am optimistic that more can be achieved.

Generator to use during power outages

I thank you for granting me the will enable me to fullfil my financial obligations

Simple power machines

Working machine purchased, partly funded by loan from Zidisha.

Enlargement of raw material base

Hello wonderful lenders,God bless you. This last loan amount helped in no small way to expand my business.

Computer and printer

I am grateful for the loan may God bless you abundantly and I will utilize it efficiently

Finance products

I was able to use the last loan to add to the cash needed to purchase products that I sell on my ecommerce sites. Since the Coronavirus outbreak in China, it has been difficult getting products but another means was gotten though expensive than getting from China but the loan help me to get extra cash for the extra costs.

Unique Bible events booklet production and car wash

To all my lenders,
Iam excited with the loan which has been approved for my business usage and is as a result of you people's contributions
Thank you so much for your generosity.
With this loan I will open the new business of car wash, to buy equipments and car washing materials and pay for water connection
I have not abandoned the production of unique Bible events booklets at all, additionally, I will purchase the materials and pay for the book binding machine to easy the work.
Many thanks once again for you lenders. May God bless you dearly

For purchasing fashion wears for resale

This was the last clothes I bought with the loan

Tuition fee for my wife taking a degree in education

God bless you.

Loan for art

I managed to buy new paintings for my art business and was able to deliver the finished paintings to my client.

Second hand clothes business

Business has been good ever since I joined zidisha. Thank you lenders


Best of luck. I hope I can help!

Buy a laptop for cyber

Thank you Mr Joseph Edd. God bless.

Crop production expansion loan

I will use the money to buy more vegetable seeds. It will help me to produce more vegetable for my customers and make more profit. Thanks so much for the loan.

Buy a laptop for cyber

Go George!

Waste recycling business

I am thankful to you all. May you never lack

Low cost housing

I will buy cement to be used in construction of the next phase of rentals.

Training accessories

Partnering with a Kids Skills Acquisition Centre to teach coding, Animation and robotics

Clothing, computer equipments and building materials

Thank you so much zidisha and all the lenders that funded my previous loans. With it, i was able to purchase more goods (clothing and computer equipments) that helped increased my sales in relation to my customers demands thereby bringing about 67% increased profit in my business. Thanks and God bless.

Seedlings and fertilizer

Thankyou lender Paul Buchheit for fully funding my loan to expand my farming. God richly blesses you.

Working capital requirements and restocking

I have been setting up a new grocery shop in the Ajah axis the reason I have been quiet, but it is up now. Thanks

Loan to go back to school

Thank you Lenders for the confidence you have expressed in me.
I will put this loan into good use.

To buy large format printer for my designing firm

Thanks for your patience and endurance. Will pay off shortly as promised. God blessed you all who made me achieve my dreams.

Waste recycling business

I collected a loan of 10,000 from zidisha and this added to my capital. As a waste recycler I was able to buy more waste and my profit increased. Thanks to zidisha

To assist in buying equipments for my new computer shop

Thanks for your constant support. God bless

Working capital

I have been able to get more clothes for my shop, thanks so much for your help

Health treatment and school bills

Thank you very much my lenders the loan is improving my I own my personal tricycle which which I used for the mobile drinks supply

Long-distance trade of bags and shoes

Hello wonderful lenders, I wish to thank you for the help given to me, this money will be for transportation and increasing my stock.

Making powdered sweet potato

I was ale to buy a bag of sweet potatoes to processed it. it has helped me to increase my number of purchase. I tried to upload my photo of the potatoes here but the network is not too good here, next time I will try to upload.

Long-distance trade of bags and shoes

Good luck. I wish you blessings and prosperity!

Maize seedlings

Thank you for the support being a member makes me feel secure as I have a shoulder to lean on. The loan will help in farming. God bless.

Loan to buy more phones to my phone shop

Dear lenders , with this loan I will buy more mobile phones and SIM cards to my phone shops, this will help me in my business because , where I am located with my shop, there is no other phone shop near by, so as a result , this help me gain much customers so if I increase the phone business, it will help me more. Thank you very much, is a pleasure to work with you and I always ready to work with zidisha

Selling children's clothing

Thanks dear lenders for your generous support to my business.

To develop my sewing material business

I want to use this medium to say thanks to every hand that contributed to the funding of my loans, God Almighty Will see to your increase in all your life endeavor, the loan will help me get more goods to my shop,and this will help my customers get what they want at the right time,The goods goes thou: 2 Rolls lining black=N13,000, open Zip 18inches black, white, yellow, Orange,blue,brown and red colours one bag each by 120= 2,800x7 = 19,600, thread black 20roll= 7,000, thread White,red,Navy blue,orange, brown,milk,green lemon green, purple and light blue,=50dozens =17,500, scissors big and Small 1dozen each =NGN5,520,and many more,and for my medical shop,the list is as follow: Funbact A 2pkt NGN6,400, 1roll zipferon tonic NGN5,000, 2cartons paracetamol syrup NGN8,600, 2cartons o.r.s NGN11,000, 1/2 çarton paracetamol by 96 =NGN 8,500, 2roll piroxicam 20mg=NGN4,400, 2box ibuprofen 400mg =NGN5,200.etc. Thanks once again to every body that contributed to my success.

Selling ladies' wear

Wishing you continued success with your business!

Selling ladies' wear

Thanks to all my lender, I really appreciate your support.. the money will help me buy more clothes and it will help me go a long way... thanks once again

Selling of building materials

I will purchase some of boxes of nails and padlocks .And this purchases would help me make some profits and also boost my business as well. Thank you every much for your kind support.

Wigs and weavons business

Wigs and weavons is what I will used the money for. The profit will be reinvested into my business. Thank you very much

Add stock of shoes to my shop

Good morning my leders. I received my loan amounting to ksh 60,889 . I bought two dozen of men shoes, two dozen of ladies shoes and one dozen of baby shoes. Thank you for your support and God bless you.


The loan really made a huge difference in my business because I was able to get some new products and this has boost my business up, thanks zidisha

Selling of building materials

wish you all the best.