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Water pump for my vegetable field

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for your support! I used the loan to purchase a brand new water pump!

I feel so great because I know that I will manage to grow my vegetables and repay all my loans!

To Chris and all my other wonderful lenders, thank you so much!

Distributing solar lanterns and electricity kits

Dear Lenders,

Wow! This is so awesome! So many wonderful folks participated in my new loan request!

I am truly grateful to you all for helping to make our goal of bringing solar power to our community a reality!

Thank you all so much for your amazing support!


Distributing solar lanterns and electricity kits

Innovative idea! good luck and best of success. Nick.

To grow my bakery business

Hello to all my lenders including zidisha team I am very glad to inform you that my business is progressing because I received my fund on 23rd Oct 2020 which is 1,073Gh cedis and I used to purchased 7bags of flour, I thank God for good thing he has done for me because 7bags of flour has finished with in 6days and I have purchase another 9bags of flour today, yours heartful support is growing my business but you have supporting me a lot since I joined zidisha, my earnings have increased and I have used my earnings to top up of my flour number because anytime, any day the items can be increased and I thank you again because you have reduce my 3time in one week purchasing in to 2time in a week but still transport of my business is weaking me, I thank you all for great things you have done for me may Almighty God richly bless you all and your families,Goodnight to you all keep safe!!!

Selling provisions

Happy to be well and safe. Its my prayer too that all our lenders and the entire management are fine and healthy in this time of Coronavirus pandemic.
Let's hold our hands together in combatting this pandemic and we will emerge victorious in Jesus Mighty name, Amen.
Be blessed always #TeamZidisha

Expand vegetable farmland and buy farming inputs

Hello, lenders I have raised my installment amount and I am committed to repaying my loan in full soon. Thank you once more for your patience in this credit journey.

Mobile phone repair and accessories selling

I will be using this loan buy phone parts such as mouthpiece, cameras ,screen to repair damage phone and also sell phone accessories to people around. It will really help me build up my phone business and earn money. Thank you very much for such good service. A very big Thank you to all my lenders,stay blessed.

Loan for art

Thanks for the loan. Now I'll be able to buy some acrylic paints, wooden frames and brushes to assist me to complete my art project.

Freezer and kitchenware for my restaurant

Just want to say a heartfelt thank you to my lenders. I appreciate all.

Selling second-hand clothes

God bless you zidisha. Thank you

Expansion of my second-hand clothes business

Thanks so much Margaret, the loan helped me a lot and the new stock did boost my earnings. Thank you for your support


The joy is when people who don't know you but have trust in you and have lend to you to work and pay, without demanding collateral from you. They believed in my dream and are kind toward me by showing me love. What else can I say to them? God bless you all for your love and care.

To buy okra, peppers, and garden eggs (eggplants) to sell

The first loan though small it enabled me to buy some okra to sell. Thanks so much

Hospital supplies for distribution

I'm grateful to zidisha, thank you so much

New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

Greetings to Zidisha director and every lender. God shower His blessings to you all.

Buying materials for sewing smocks

Smock sales are getting better. Thank you

Investing in sanitizers, nose mask and sprays

Wow thank you very much to all my lenders for helping me in my business


Buying salt to serve my customers at wholesale

That is great Elizabeth, I hope you make a good profit for your efforts!

Safari and adventure travel company

Oh wow - what are the chances that I come to know someone who is so close to Lake Nakuru! Sad to hear that the flamingos have left. At least you can still find them in Lake Elementaita.

I know. Some things are not to be described or captured in camera - you just have to see it in person. Enjoy the sight. But yes, a few photos will give us at least a glimpse of the grand view you have!

I hope too :-)

Re-stocking accessories for walkie-talkies

Greetings Joshi, trust you are well and keeping safe. Many thanks for checking on me. I am very much here but I purposed not to borrow for now. My walkie talkie biz is still standing and I thank God. It is not easy time at all coz many many markets here are still depressed due to COVID-19. Small activities are back and I'm also trying to hustle here and there, not just talkies.

Re-stocking accessories for walkie-talkies

Hello Purity,
saw your 'like' for one of my comments on the forum - hadn't heard from you in a long time. How are you doing? You still in walkie-talkie business? The current loan shows as 'expired'? Hope you are not having technical difficulties.

Business loan

I will use this loan to buy Plastic ID Card printer.
This loan will help in improving my business.
Thank you very much. I really appreciate.

Buying salt to serve my customers at wholesale

wow! God is good, I have received the loan that was disbursed to me. I'm going to buy sacks today for my business. I appreciate it alot. Thank you

Safari and adventure travel company

Thank you very much dear lenders.

I have just received my loan this Morning. I truly appreciate your support.

I will start on the renovation works and keep you updated on the progress. I promise to keep my repayments on time and to finish paying the loan in good time.

Thank you very much.

Have a good day!

Safari and adventure travel company

Hello Joshi,
Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I passionately love what I do :)

The Lake in my photo is called 'Lake Elementaita'. It is a few kilometers to Lake Nakuru. These lakes form part of the various lakes on the floor of the Rift valley. They are very beautiful, I hope someday you will get to see this for yourself. Lake Nakuru nowadays has very few flamingos because the water levels rose and the flamingos left, but Lake Elementaita and two other Rift valley lakes still have flamingos. It is such a beautiful sight of the pink flamingos covering the lakes. I cannot even perfectly describe how lovely it looks. It is a phenomenal spectacle. The pink birds are in thousands.

I will sure post a photo of the vehicle once done with the work. Thank you so much for your support!

And I do hope someday you will get to visit Kenya. I'll be happy to take you around. Thanks :)

Safari and adventure travel company

Hello Mercy,
nice to read that your work is your passion - not many can claim that. Your profile picture has lake in background. Reminded me of a fantastic National Geographic film that I had seen about "flamingos on lake Nakuru". Maybe, some day I will have fortune of seeing that spectacle in person and maybe I might take a tour with your company :-)

Wish you all the best in your business plans. Post a photo of your vehicle once you have finished up all the work!

Mpesa mobile phone payment transfers

Thanks so much my lenders for giving me this loan.the loan will help me boost my float and add more stock for my mtumba again thanks to my lenders

To purchase clothing bales to sell

I am overwhelmed by your patience and support for my loan. To my surprise, I received my money for the goods I sold in bulk to my customers. Thank you so much.

To purchase welding materials

Am glad to receive this am going to add some to it for to buy welding machine thanks you all


Loan for local manufacture of seed spreading drone

This seems like a great project. Good luck with your business!

Restocking & renovation

I would like to thank all my lenders from the beginning till now. You have really been a blessing to me and my business. God bless you

To buy equipment

I will complete my repackaging process.
My customers are excited about this and it will help my business because it is more comfortable and convenient to carry .
Thank you all my lenders , I really appreciate.

Rice farming

Good evening Erik,Thank you for the concern,My project is doing fine, We are looking forward to harvest in late December,I also used part of the loan to lease a rice farm for off-season farming in January,I am really grateful for your support, I am comfortable making payments ,The payment schedule is ok,I am facilitating the payments from my other business.

Expansion of my second-hand clothes business

Official trouser, sorting them out.

Expansion of my second-hand clothes business

I was able to add stock for men shirts and the lady dresses which has really boosted my business. Thank you so the support you have given me.

Training seminars for small-business owners

Thank you for funding the loan.

Ill be purchasing;

- Content material development for a tax course i am running for Micro SMEs

- Content creation for learners.We will be able to print trainings manual.

Yam, maize & cassava farming

I will Employ labourers and buy yam set
It will help me increase productivity
I want to use this opportunity to thank the entire zidisha team for giving me this opportunity to increase my business.

Expand my tricycle taxi service

I have fully repay the due installment today. I m grateful and happy for my lenders for them helping me with this loan. I will continue to make repayment on time and be committed to you. Thank you all for contributing for my success.

Fashion designer, beads and garments making

The loan really helped me, I was able to add the loan to what I have to buy the necessary materials needed to manufacturing beads sandals, waist beads who's expenditure cost is 1800 Ghana cedis which can generate an amount of 700 Ghana cedis as income .Thank you very much

Buying a printer for my cybercafe

Thank you lenders i have received my loan and this will help a lot in my business

Buying of clothing bales to sells

Thank you lenders. God bless you

Distributing solar lights

Thank you all so much.


Making curtains

Best of luck for your exciting projects Hildah and delighted to support you again.

Bike purchase

What a surprise, I feel so joyful this morning,i say a big thank you to all that took part in my loan, thanks sooooooo muuuch.

Making curtains

After buying an overlocking machine i have reduce on my business expenses and increased my profit. back then, whenever i finish sewing my garments i paid for overlocking, but now i can overlock my clothes easily, time saving and i make more profit because i have cut on the expenses spent on overlocking. To others, just like i used pay for overlocking, there are main sewing business people who pay for their garments to be overlocked.

Stock of cassava flakes for my retail shop

A very big thank you to all my lenders, God will richly bless you all to the fullest, I have just repaid my loan, and I got a tremendous help from the loan, the last loan helped me to make more sales and also help in putting food on our table. Thank you for all your lenders, God bless you.

Loan to increase inventory for my shop

Thank you lenders for your continued support. My retail business is growing and thanks to you.

Hospital supplies for distribution

My just previous loan made a great difference in my hospital supplies distribution and my sales have increase and by God Grace, it is opening doors for other customers. I thank zidisha and the lenders for this great opportunity for me. I thank you you all.

Stock up my beauty shop

all the best paul

Computer games & other software

Thank you lenders for assisting kamaa wa comp games and computer services.softwares