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Loan for university admission fees and laptop

It another beautiful day the Lord has made. Thanks for all the support and the patience given me. Am very much grateful for being with me at this very point of my life.
God bless you all my dear lenders.

Stock for my hardware shop

Dear Lenders, Thank you for the previous loan which helped in buying few fast moving commodities in the hardware and also for the Equity float money. Please Fund my next loan which will bosst me even more further. Thank you very much

Manufacture of appliances

The picture below is me working in my own office at home, but now with your help have been able to expand and have a more presentable office for my clients.
so I need more to expand to a higher level. which will allow me to employ more staff

Support my business

I love zidisha loan

Support my business

Zidisha loan help me a lot as as deejay

To enable me boost and expand my business

Hi.I received my loan of 15,304NGN.i was able to make payments for my RAGP(Recharge and get paid) business and i was able to buy more stuff for my business.Thank you

Driver training school

I am very thankful to all of you who offered to assist me with this loan, we want to fix some of our cars for driver education, this facility will help me with payment for spare parts and labor.
Thank you once more and God continue to bless you!

Purchase of a popcorn-making machine

Hello Lenders,
I feel elated that was able to complete my loan on time. Am also grateful that the loan helped me boost my mobile banking services business (Mpesa). My clientele has grown tremendously & sales are improving.
I have become involved more by being a Volunteer Mentor and can attest to Zidisha changing lives.
Thank you for your contribution.

Car rental business

I have just refill one of my renting cars fire extinguishers


Hello lenders, again thanks a million for the last loan offer I received. I was able to buy a half bag of groundnuts and a bag of corn seeds. I tried out a different kind of production with fried groundnuts mixed with fried corn seeds, a combination of these two in my locality is called MAN-POWER. You see, people in my area value this very much especially during this raining season, they consider it a very good stimulant and also act as an aphrodisiac which is completely safe in its natural form. In other words, the fiber and carbohydrates in corn, the protein and the rich natural oil found in groundnuts enriches and increases their nutritional value in combination.


To purchase a piece of land.

Think about adding a rental unit when you build on your new property Dancan!

To buy phones and accessories for re-sale.

Thank you all very much good people of zidisha, you have done it again. Good bless you all for your kind gesture. So excited.

To pay application fees for college

I am very happy to have this great aid, it will help me settle part of my SAT registration fees.I pay my own fees and sometimes I get really sad not being able to raise my fees on my own but you guys have strengthen me not to give up but to see the sky as the limit. My biggest thanks goes to sayuri and John Minges for the help and thanks to zidisha .......God bless

Hospital bills

I'm very grateful.

Become a coop banking agent

I take this opportunity to thank all my lenders and the zidisha organization at large. I am so glad and for a while I can see everything moving in the right direction. My dream of having a co-op agent in my premise has at long last been achieved. May God bless zidisha organization abundantly, and may it live forever.

Selling traditional vitenge wrap skirts

Thanks alot my zidisha lenders. I will use this loan to buy a variety of vitenges to help me boost my business. If possible I will also get back to making outfits from the vitenges atleast to have that fulfillment to my clients. Thanks alot once more my zidisha lenders for making my business grow. Asante

Provision of quality health care services

My lenders greetings to you all

Wedding and portrait photographer

I’ll be sending some studio equipments for maintenance with this loan. This will help me keep up with standards in the profession as well as extend the life of my equipments.

Thank you very much lenders, y’all make like easy.

To purchase a piece of land.

I will like to thank my lenders for their continuous support with my progress in my business i count on them always.

Cassava farming

Zidisha has been the pillar of my cassava farming business. Through out the loans I've been granted have manifestated into the success of my business. I am grateful zidisha

Airtel mobile money service agent

Dear Lenders i'm truely grateful for yet another contribution to my agent business

The acquired loan will directly be injected in to my mobile money business thus boosting my liquidity this will surely help me meet my targets and repay loan on time

Thank you once more

Mwenda Kaluwaji

warm regards!

Photography equipment loan

Thanks to all the lenders from my previous loan amount, that helped in logistics and setting things up faster for the target training as earlier indicated. My next loan is meant to buy some photography equipment to add to my camera currently. This will go towards the purchase of some lighting equipment for better photography and better quality pictures, I am hoping to add a new niche area for the photography equipment to offer real estate property owners, agents and agencies quality real estate photography. This equipment is a start for a bigger vision within this niche area as a weekend activity and business. Thanks for your support, looking forward to your continued support through the Zidisha loans. Thank you!


Buy potato seedlings for planting

I hope your have a very success farming season with your potato seedlings!

Equipment for laundry service

Dear Lenders, I trust you are all doing well by the Grace of God.

Business is moving very well as I am currently working on 3 different contracts. It is all through your financial support that I am able to get to this far! I am very grateful to you all for helping out with the little that you can.

I am currently setting up a laundry as another business and I am almost 80% completed in putting up the laundry. I am using part of my profits from construction contracts to do this. This is to ensure steady income when I run out of contract.

On the other hand, I am aggressively advertising for new contracts so business is very good. Thanks once again for your support. God bless you all

Legal document and advising service

Thank you so much for your support and assistance. I will be able to make restocking purchases and also pay for the business costs and partial payment for consulting services. God bless you

To buy a washing machine for my laundry service

I will buy a washing machine to make my work faster and easier
Thank you my Lenders
I really appreciate and will not disappoint you

Driver training school

The last loan was extremely helpful, our business atmosphere was conducive and it made us proud. we are eternally grateful to our lenders and hope to continue getting assistance when needed. Thank you, and remain blessed.

Loan for buy mobile phones accessories.

So far so good business is moving on well and am Paying my last debt today to seek for another loan. Thanks to you all for supporting me. I also seek for you help for the next loan. Thank you.

Mixer installation

The business is now getting known to the community, thus hoping an improvement , and also we a improving our standard here it's image

Improving my business

My aim is to build up French Language Center equiped for lectures, interpretations and translation.

Car rental business

Thank you very much my greatest lenders for you greatest support you offered me, I just can't say alot but I believe you will understand my feelings, I am so much excited. God bless you.

Harvest of farm

I want to express my profound gratitude for the funds made available to me. I intend using it to hire a corn thresher and labor to harvest my corn farm.

Buying more needed tools and materials

Thanks to all my lenders, i have successfully received my loan, God bless you all


Nice to see that you have paid off the loan fully! Thanks. I can help out another borrower - maybe your next project :-)


Healthy lifestyle

Wish you the best of luck to help the health of your community. Natural and native health products are very important for good health

Men's shoes & footwear

Dear lenders,

Thank you so much for the support I have gotten through Zidisha.
So far the business is fine, hoping to increase the capital so that I have more variety of different types of shoes for my customers.
Attached are some of the shoes I am selling.
Thank you
Best regards

Gas supply

Am so glad for everything you ever did for me,am so progressing well now,be blessed

Selling fresh local vegetables

Hello Lenders,
I write to confirm the receipt of the money. Thank you so very much. God bless you

Car rental business

Thanks so much Laurie, I actually used the money on my other 4x4 Toyota hilux for fuel and rented it out for a tourist and I was paid 5 days money and I used one day money to top up fuel for their journey, which I then used the remaining profit to refill my fire extinguishers for the Nissan and the padjaro car. Thank you very much for your greatest support

Buying more needed tools and materials

Words cant really express what i feel right now, how Zidisha lenders has make a very big impact in my business and in my life. I was able to deliver all my clients works to them on time and this has really make me and my team very happy, as a matter of fact i haven't ever ever regretted joining Zidisha. Thanks to all my Lenders and the Zidisha Team. long Live Zidisha

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

A loan amount of 7,436 GHS safely received on my MTN mobile money wallet. I'm so grateful and thankful to all my lenders, for your support, believe in me that yes I can do it and also your genuine desire to support my dream.
Again, I promised to live up to expectation by repaying my loan on time, so help me God. To Team Zidisha, I say well done for this great and wonderful opportunity.
God richly bless you all.

Monthly interent subscription

Through Zidisha, I have been able to maintain consistent service to my clientele. This partnership is reliable as from time to time I have managed to receive funds towards the purchase of internet subscriptions. I received and paid on time because I was able to continue operations and make income without interruption. Each borrowing is towards making it possible to operate without stoppages. I appreciate the support I have received from Zidisha lenders this far.


Open a new branch of my restaurant

Best wishes for growth in your restaurant business Geoffrey!

Transporting my cabbages to markets

I will go to the garden to take my cabbage, It will help me a lot to transport my produce to the market so that I can supply to my customers and appreciate you a lot, thank you lenders for your support.

Computer training center

Thank you for lending. This will go a long way in helping run the cyber micro-business.


Good day.
Thank you for the loan of 7,056 NGN for my transportation and adding to my capital for goods to be bought in Onitsha.

I will be going by this weekend as the cash was credited into my account yesterday being Sunday.

Thank you as i look forward to repaying on time and assessing higher amount.

Loan for mini importation business

Am very glad zidisha is here for us, they listen and attend to all our issues, thanks to all lenders as well for being with us even in our difficult moments in life. Am more than happy to be part of this family.

God bless you all.

Internet cafe

Every child have the right to education. In Africa, about 75% of children have either not enrolled in school or going to very poor schools mine included. Schools are charging very high fees with poor services. A big number of children are dropping out of school. It hurts a lot as a responsible parent and citizen to see these children grow up uneducated and poor citizens. This is why poverty in Africa will continue for generations ahead.
I have a dream and i'm dedicated to fight hunger and poverty through education. I bought a plot and some blocks to build an excellent and affordable educational facility.
I will look for help from well wishers to sponsor 65% of the poor children and charge $11 only per term for those that can manage. This charge is nothing compared to $48 most private schools are charging on average.
My hope is heavily dependent on Zidisha because of the flexibility in the repayment plans. The school will carter for 560 students going in groups of 40 students per class. if i manage to reach a credit limit of a least $85 on Zidisha this year. I'm talking about 560 poor children accessing free education next year in my community.
This is how great the impact of lenders on Zidisha can be see and appreciated.

Car rental business

On the first day I recieved my loan I had enough from it I made 773.50 on the next day which I used 70 to pay part of my loan and used the 700 to replace air bags in my renting car for a secure and successful drive. Thank you lenders for the support you have given me

Business boost

I want to appreciate all my lenders who have helped me meet my needs in the previous loans granted to me. I will appreciate if this one I just applied for is given due consideration as it would help me boost my business. Thank you. Best regard