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Textbook acquisitions

Wow. Thanks so much all. As always i am humbled by your support. May you always find support in time of need as you have supported us. We'll be buying the following:
textbooks - $190
exercise books (custom) - $54
Thanks again all.

Uber business

I have two cars now for my Uber transport business. You my lenders make it happened for me. Thank you all and God richly bless you.

Add more computers to my cybercafe

I don't know how to thank lenders. God in His own ways will bless them. I really appreciate.
This will continue to my business development.

Loan to provide 3050 school sports wear in contract

I will be buying materials for sewing of school sports wear of 3050 pieces for the students
This will help me gain more contract works of sewing in other schools' wear.
Thank you very much lenders for your greatest support

Sewing machine for making clothing

Thank you very much for your wonderful support

Less privileged center

Zidisha is a great platform designed to give a helping hand hand to those who have visions but no capital.
The lenders on this platform are awesome. God bless you all!

Business expansion

In the last loan I had bought clothes for my business to sell and from the profit I managed to start selling shoes. In the next loan I want to expand and buy more clothes and shoes for sale.

Add two beehives to my farm

With the loan funds that I have just completed paying, I was able to purchase two beehives for bee rearing project. The purchase has made a difference in that my income source has now expanded. At the moment my earning is steadily increasing but much increase is expected in the next six to twelve months when I will start harvesting my honey.

Power supply for my cybercafe

I'm very grateful for your help
This loan is always help me to improve my business.
And he make impact in my business a lot ,before I make profit of NGN 10000 per day but now I'm make more profit of NGN 23000. So my business his improve since I join Zidisha loan platform.
I'm very grateful

Providing good drinking water in my community

Thanks and God bless you

Providing good drinking water in my community

You are doing a great job for your community!

To improve my business

Thank you for trusting me. I really do appreciate it. God bless you. I will use it to buy goods. It will really go a long way, thank you

Buying more computers for selling

I would like to confirm that i reveived Ksh 325097/-. i have already bought 10 pieces of hp used laptops @ ksh 200,000/- also used variety of monitors @ ksh 125,000.
i would like to thank my lenders so much for your continued support.


Thank you good people. You have taken away my tears.
I love Zidisha and her partners.

Internet installation for computer lab

Thank you for lending

Textbook acquisitions

Was able to do a lot of marketing, printed flyers, banners, ran facebook and radio ads and summer classes are currently ongoing. We even got some parents interested in home tutoring and as a result we've been able to hire two more staff to our pool to fit those requests. The support you've provided has been priceless. Thanks for being part of Zidisha and making our dreams come true

Zidisha empowerment

Zidisha has really helped me to boost my business, thanks to zidisha

Buy more coconut to make oil

Thanks for the loan. I received more than 21000.i used it for my soap business.

Selling new clothes

I will be glad for your funding, I will use the amount to add more stock in my business. I will add more men trousers, sweaters and jackets, this I'll help me by adding more profit. Each I will buy at price of sh1000 and each will give me a profit of sh500

Catering equipment

Thanks all lenders who take their time lend me this money, appreciate you all.

Stock purchase

Thanks team for these credit facility, looking forward to do more business with u guys

Purify water in my community

Big thanks goes to my dear lenders for helping me till this far and God bless richly bless them all

Tools for my artwork

God bless all my lenders for a successful loan received of GHC 510, i will never ever forget this and am most grateful . Thank u all. Bless you All

Adding stock to my agrovet shop

Hi lenders,
Am grateful for the loan you offered me . It helped me to purchase actelic insecticide and collard seeds at attached . This has boosted my sales and am gona pay my loan today because yesterday my sales was excellent . Thanks for trusting with your money

Garse shop

the loan has helped me increase my business profit

Renovation of my beauty shop

My business is growing steadily I thank you

Selling food stuff

I will buy dry pumpkin leaves and dry pounded groundnuts for selling.
This will help me earn some money and provide my customers with nutritious food.
Thank you for helping me to order more for selling.

Gilgal springs academy for the vulnerable.

Hello lenders! Thanks to Zidisha mentorship program I have received many messages of projects doing well from most of my mentees. I am motivated to learn more from them. Thank you all for lending my mentees funds to work on their projects.

Project execution

Thanks to Zidisha loan for the opportunity to re adjust my loan payment plan. Since I had done that my repayment has been running smoothly due to some ups and down I faced recently when clients delayed their payment after supply. Thanks ones again. You are the best

Loan to provide 3050 school sports wear in contract

Thank you so much lenders for responding to my current request, I just received some payment yesterday and I used part to buy the current sewing of 3000 School sports wear materials and I used part of the money received to pay off my loan, I thank you very much for your support

Tools for my artwork

Honestly this loan has really help me alot, i was able to buy more needed materials and this has really improved my art work. Am planning to add up a barbering shop to my art works since am good in it and i believe this will really earn me more profits and will make a difference by the help of my lenders. I pray to get more huge loans to start up my barbering shop soon enough , Bless all my lenders

Distributing lightbulbs and other appliances

Thank you lenders.. I shall always remember your kindness.

Purchase of equipment

another part of my project.thank you for the loan

Fertilizer and insecticide

Thank to you all for providing my needs. I will use your help in purchasing fertilizer for my farm. Now in Africa and in many parts of the globe, crops cannot do well on less fertilizer is applied to it. So, seeing this for a fact, your help is timely. Thank you

Selling rice, beans and other staples

The last loan I received helped me so much in buying more quantity of rice, beans and corn and was able to make more sales and profits week, thanks to my lenders who made it possible.

Big farming land.

Be blessed team zidisha for the financial empowerement to my agribusiness.
I'm humbled.

Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

Thanks so very much for Dixie for your support. Yes! Children now study for longer hours and women & girls can cook under a clean solar lamp lighting. All thanks to our lenders here on Zidisha.


Thank you Zidisha, I find Loan very helpful and i am totally dedicated to ensuring 100% repayment timing. Thank you again


Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

I am so glad you are replacing kerosene lanterns with solar ones! I hope this leads to much better health for your people.

Purchase of concrete mixture machine

I will used this to purchase to purchase concrete machine and other accecessories.
it will to maintain efficiency of my equipment and also get more of the machine.

I really thanks the team zidisha and all my lenders for granting me the opportunity to request for this loan.

Drinking water

I am going to buy the items andI am grateful and thankful to all zidisha lenders for helping me to finance my drinking water projects

Tomatoes, cabbages n grains for grocery

Good luck!

Setting up a small shop

Dear Lenders,
I thank you for your support through lending the loan amount to me. This loan will be a part of the financing I need to open a small outlet for retailing my natural beauty and wellness product. This is in response to many requests from my clients to have a store where they can purchase the products. I believe this outlet will also attract walk-in customers.
Thank you once again for your support.

Paying fee and buying t-shirts for album launc

Thank you so much Zidisha.

Distributing lightbulbs and other appliances

I can't tell you how grateful I am for the money you lent me last few days and today. This will help me buy more bulbs. Know that I will repay you as soon as I am able.

Thank You.


Power is in and painting has started

Start a cosmetics shop

Hello lenders, the last loan was helpful was able to improve my business and even employ someone.

Paying fee and buying t-shirts for album launc

Thank you so much Zidisha I was able to buy guitar strings and paid my sisters college fee and indeed you helped me alot and I would still need more help from you.i had send some photos of all the progress.thank you so much

Purchase of medical laboratory equipment

Hello lender. God bless you thanks for the loan. I will use it to purchase medical laboratory equipment.

Restocking shop with cereals

Thank you my lenders for your immense support to me and confirm receipt of funds amounting to Kenya Shillings 10,857 for restocking my small retail store shop.
I have bought the stock and trusting to sell and grow my business.
Thank you and God bless you with abundance.

Sincerely yours,