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Motorcycle to deliver fresh produce to customers

i added my stock of green groceries with the money you lended me,at least i have a variety of my green groceries also transportation of my products is more easier. My profit has increased by 10% from the previous which is encouraging to siblings academics is okay even with corona pandemic i can manage e-learning programmes.


Buying of materials for my smock sewing business

Hi Ibrahim!

Thanks for the quick repayment.
This is a very a promising job you are doing.
Hope, at some point you will be able to sell the smocks at your own shop as well.

All the best!

To finance my university education

My loan was fully funded and disbursed yesterday. I successfully received, a loan amount of 3,642 GHS safely received. I'm more than happy and I want to use this opportunity once again to say thank you to all lenders here on the Zidisha platform. Your love, care and support is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Thank you very much and God continue to bless you all. growing Africa's ecommerce store

My Shipment Finally arrived after a long wait.. I will soon be clearing this loan

Buying of fertilizers and pesticides for my vegetable farm

Hello lenders I received an amount of 1156ghs and I will use to buy fertilizers and pesticides for my vegetable farming. Thank you so much lenders. I am much grateful

Selling jewelery and other accessories

Hello lenders I received an amount of 1049ghs and will be use to buy more of the jewelleries and other assorted materials. Thank you so much for your support.

To finance my university education

Zidisha loan has been helpful to me and my family. Gradually we are educating ourselves and paying our bills. In this era of COVID-19 pandemic we are able to provide our basic needs and able to work and pay our bills and feed ourselves as well, all thanks to Zidisha lenders. Currently, we are doing online studies and I'm able to buy laptop and buy internet data for online studies. Always grateful and thankful to all Zidisha lenders.

Growing my shop

Thankyou Paul Bucheit for your continual support. I couldn't have achieved any of this if it weren't for you. I will purchase the body lotions and other cosmetics for my shop. Please keep up the good work you are doing in our lives.

Buy a dryer and more salon products


Customs duty for imported goods sales

Thanks for the loan
I am going to use this loan to order new and trendy clothes to serve my customers.
God bless you for your support

Art center for youths who are HIV positive

With my previous loan,am grateful because it helped me put my business online,and the response was encouraging,with my next loan am aiming to aquire the necessary documents to officially start my foundation,it's a step am looking forward to, because one-day I know it will benefit alot of people.

Providing entrepreneurship training online

The Train the Trainers session held was extremely successful.Due to the loan, we were able to train participants on time, just before Covid-19 became a real issue and curtailed movement and gathering.
Future trainings have to be held as per current Covid-19 management guidelines (mainly online, such as video postings on whatsapp), we are however grateful, we could undertake earlier trainings via physical attendance.

Thank you for your support.


Researching biogas production

Great work!!!

Making hands sanitizer

Thank you once again Mr Paul

Selling jewelery and other accessories

Hello wonderful lenders, I thank you once again for your support given me. I am surprised about how my business is improving when I was introduced to zidisha. I thank you so much for your support. My daughter is now really well and I have been able to cater for her when I joined zidisha. Thank you lenders. God bless you and Julia

Add clothing sales to my shop

Thank you lenders for being this kind. The loan will enable me boost my business by adding new stock (mostly clothes). I truly appreciate.

Feed my provision store

I wish you good fortune. Best regards, Scott

Loan to purchase and supply health products

The ZIDISHA LOAN have been a lot of help to me in that l have been able to evolve in my personal progress and my dependants and prompt delivery of goods to my customers as soon as they requested for supply of health products that l deal in.
With the change of situations the world all over, l was able to withstand the changes as what they required since I they are health related products.
As money is available l quickly go for the required items and supply.
What is in demand now is Digital Thermometer, Hand sanitizer, paper napkins liquid soap and few others.
In effect, the previous loans keep me going despite the challenges.

Completing my online degree program

Hi Jane,

good luck with your online degree! I keep my fingers crossed the Covid-19 situation allows for better business again, soon.

Kind regards,


To buy 7-seater minibus for public transport

This is to thank my generous lenders for the last project on spare parts shop. I will be sharing some photos in the course of time.

The loan was helpful to me,despite the economic challenges I am somewhere now and the business is on course.

Your loans mean much to me and my employees as every job created changes the livelihoods of many others.

School fees

My lovely wife Bernice was very happy as the loan help her to buy the food stuff she want thanks to all my lenders

Sale of second hand clothes

Thank you so much for the funds. It will assist me great to buy second hand clothes for resale.

Loan for rent

Hello dear lenders,how are you all doing? I hope by the grace of the almighty God that you are all doing great. Am writing this message to inform you all that i have successfully received the loan you lent to me and also to thank you all for the support. you are all a blessing to me. God bless you all. thank you.

Acquiring converse shoes for my shop

I want to use this opportunity to thank all my lenders for believing in me.
Thanks to my lenders, i have been able to get more customers and my sales has also been increased.
Thank you Zidisha, and a special thanks to you my lenders as well
Thank you

Hardware inventory

Am happy to get my loan fully funded and i will be able to pursue and grow my already existing business. I will stock my Hardware shop and also include face masks to sell at the lowest price to my community in order to have all afford to control spread of corona virus.
I will get more profit in my hardware sales as i will add more items in demand.
Thank you my dear Lenders for funding my loan, much much appreciation.
Take care all of you as you go about your daily activities and stay safe.

Pots and other utensils for catering

I wish to thank all the lenders who have made it possible for me to receive this loan. A lender has advised that I rent out our pots when they are not in use. It’s a suggestion that we will likely implement

Second-hand clothing for my store

Hi Karen, do you offer boardgames too? Or other hands-on games/activities they can play in groups, like arts/crafts etc? Or just electronics/console games? Hope you're well :-) Emma.

To rent a shop for my jewelry business

Thanks to all lenders. Business is gradually picking up.
Zidisha is just great.

Second hand shoe retail

It helped a lot.thank you all

Loan to purchase and supply health products

The emergence of covid19 paved a new opportunity for health products.
My current customers and new ones are requesting for portable thermometer gun , face masks, paper napkins, hand sanitizers and more others but for a moment let me pay attention on these l have listed so that l can handle them effectively.
With this latest development, there is a need to fall on my reliable sponsors ZIDISHA to meet up with the demand

Second hand clothes business

Hello lenders business is picking up gradually and I thank you so much for your support in this time of the pandemic. Thank you so much

Sale of second hand clothes

The loan that i received helped me greatly in that i managed to meet my transport expenses and to also top up on my capital to order second hand clothes. Am truely greatful for the financial support i continue receiving from you all.

Vehicle for food distribution

Hey lenders thank you for the loan that was given last time.i did paint work for the two vehicles now have added a 3rd vehicle .be blessed beyond am so thankful

Buying of fertilizers and pesticides for my vegetable farm

Hello lenders my farming business is improving and I am having a significant increase in my profits. Thank you lenders for this wonderful support.

Cybercafe working capital

I will buy printing papers for my cyber business, this will help me gain more revenue am very thankful for the loan

Loan for rent

Hello dear lender, I thank you all for your support once again. Am very grateful for your confidence and dedication towards me. A very special thanks to you dear Marcus, you are really a God sent to me. God bless you all dear lenders. May you all stay safe in good health.

Purchase of equipment for my gym center

Thank you for funding my loan

Stock up onions, tomatoes and green pepper for home delivery

Thanks for funding my loan i will be a to get the tomatoes, onions and green pepper for home delivery. Thanks and God bless you

Buying of materials for my smock sewing business

Hello lenders I received an amount of 591ghs and will be use to purchase materials for the smock sewing. Thank you so much lenders for your support

Food supplies

I will buy vegetables and fruits for sell.It will earn me profit for growth. I really thank you for the loan

Exercise books production

I will buy production materials to meet up with our market expansion and soon I will be able to employ more hands. Thanks you my lenders you're truly vision helpers. God bless you.


Buying of materials for my smock sewing business

Good luck!

Laptop for my son to learn at home

Hallo lenders.It has been a very wonderful time since i joined Zidisha.My life has really changed a lot. From a dress maker to a great farmer.i have really enjoyed the loans in the past and i now wish to reapply . I therefore request you as my lenders to consider offering the loan on time as it has been in the past. This time round , i wish to buy a laptop for my son.As you know ,due to the Corvid -19,all schools are closed until maybe September.I need to take the holiday time to teach him how to operate a computer and other related things.

Toto's boutique

Hi, I have received kshs. 1,686 which I will use to boost my side hustle business of selling children's clothing. Thank you very much

Selling home appliances and clothing

The last loan i took from zidisha lenders was very helpful to me and my business.It was used to bought used printers which i am selling them right now.
If by God permit i sell them all i am going to make a huge profits on them
Thank you zidisha for always supporting us to reach extra miles.

Medical bills

Thank you all my lenders for making my son to resume online learning. He is happy and l called him . He has said a big thank you and he appreciate to you all out there for making possible to him .

Selling bedsheets

Dear lenders, I hope you are all fine and staying safe. It's me again. I am kindly requesting you to support me in my business. I know I had problems with the last loan but I still managed to pay it all. All the issues that affected my not paying in time, have all been solved.

Am ready for another loan and I will be paying in time. I will not disappoint you. Thank you for your support. Long live Zidisha

Stock for my second-hand clothes business

I received the loan well.
The loan has really helped me to buy cloth stock for my Business.
My customers are really happy to having seen me meet there demands ..I have also gained and continue gaining alot of profits..
I want to thank my lenders so much and encourage them to continue funding me in future,I promise to pay my loans always in time.

Dry clean and laundry service

I will use it to buy materials for my business
And thank you for the loan I really appreciate

Seedlings and fertilizer

I am doing good even though most of the activities in the shamba are slowly done by few labourers to avoid the speed of coronavirus disease. Its my prayer that all the zidisha family(director,lenders&borrowers) are keeping safe.
God's protection sorrounds you and your families.