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Food provisions

Thank you so much my great lenders

Printing press

Thank you once again for your generous fund. Through your donation I have been able to buy a box of A4 sheets for my business and continue working towards to repay the loan. You truly make the difference for me, and I am extremely grateful!

Mini-importation of fabrics & clothing

*I want to buy clothing for both male and female.(ready to wear)from turkey.
* This will help me achieve my set target .which i need to meet before August.
*thank you for making this targeted project a reality.

Purchasing more handbags to sell

Thanks for your support

Tuition to become a nurse

Best wishes to you from Australia.

Inputs for vegetable crop farming

Am requesting for this loan to buy farming tools such as rake, hoe, watering cane for watering the vegetables and some organic fertilizer to apply on the vegetables to ensure that the vegetables grow very health and sell them profitably.
Thank you so much my lebders for being on my side during this period when things are so hard in my country, am grateful for your efforts for making my loan a success.

Transporting 5000 bags of maize to market

Am here lenders requesting for humble support from you, I need money to hire a truck to transport my maize from the farm to market so that I can sell them the market is readily available for me to sale at good profit during this marketing season. I have harvested another 3000 bags of maize
I sell vegetables daily and hence I will be saving some money to repay towards the loan and I will ensure that I repay the loan on

Thank you my lender for supporting me and for making it possible for me to my loan funded very fast, am so happy may God bless richly bless you.

Purchase polypipes for my vegetable field

Dear Ketty,

Thank you so much for funding my loan. As entrepreneurs, let us continue to support each other!

I also thank Julia for this amazing opportunity! Thank you Madam.

To pay off my sister's school fees

Thanks for your support my great lenders! May God bless you all in abundance.

Buying building materials for my shop

I hope you must be able to provide more housing materials and other buildings materials to your customers and keep it up for a good business, hope you all the best

Business loan support for buying & selling clothes

Thank you so much my cherished lenders for this loan support given me. Am grateful.

Roofing the classrooms

To my supporters ;
I have received K15 761.
I have planned to buy the roofing sheets to roof the remaining uncovered 3 rooms.
Am so thankful for your supporting this project for this will make a very big difference in my life.

Order small phones to sell

Immediately I receive these funds it will be invested into the mobile phones, I will order small phones to resale at my booth.
Thank you for funding my project

Fertilizer to increase crop yields

Thankyou very much for this loan. I will be able to buy the inputs needed for growing an assortment of vegetables.

God bless

Fertilizer to increase crop yields

Best of luck with your farm!

Grocery business

I have received 1065 I am humbled I really appreciate I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all your support. I want to buy more goods

Ayuma's motorbike spare parts

I will buy clutch,brake, accelerator wires, bulbs,side mirrors, because items are on huge demand on daily basis this loan will increase my income thanks for the loan.

Roofing the classrooms

Thanks Marama! !!
I can't wait putting up the roof and showing you as way of appreciating your good gesture to help me move ahead with my business and making improvement in my personal life

Film projector for school laboratory

I am thankful to Nikko, Michelle Taher, Bpryse, Emma, Joseph Hwang, Paul Buchheit, Richard Tawiah, Bonus Mwansa and the director.

Private security for school

Thanks Paul.

Ground nuts and popcorn

Thank you very much

Bags of flour for baking

My pay it forward funds have been recieved , Ghc97.00
Thank you very much for the assistance.
I will add this initial funds to purchase extra flour since the gas oven will cost me approximately Ghc 2000 about $350.

Loan to buy study table & chairs to sell

I will like to use this opportunity to thank God and also thank the funders for funding my loan. I will use the loan to buy Cylinder and standing fans. This will help me get more profit to pay back the loan quickly.

Money to purchase scale for my recycling business

I will use the money to purchase scrap metal materials
This will helpe to get income
I really appreciate you all my lenders thank you may God richly blessed everyone who help me to get the money

I.T. service and training center

I appreciate all those who are coming in to fund my next facility with Zidisha. As usual, I promise you repayments of full amounts.

Ground nuts and popcorn

Good luck!

Loan for renovation of phone shop

You are the best thank you so much.


Fertilizer to increase crop yields

Our best wishes to you, Mandla, in your farming this year!


Planting trees and flowers

Our best wishes to you, Evans, in your project!

Money to purchase scale for my recycling business

Thank you my lenders this fund help me to increase my business 5%

Used clothing sales

Thanks Paul for your support, I promise to pay on time.

Photocopier ink for cybercafe business

May the Lord keep upholding you all in his mercy

Inventory of environmentally friendly cooking fuel

Hello Esther,
I wish you well with the business. You've lasted many years later in zidisha.

To buy organic fertilizer for my vegetable garden

I will buy organic fertilizer to improve my vegetable gardens, thank you to the lenders from the pay it forward program for their contribution of funding my loan.
Thank you for your support.

I need a laptop computer to do research at home

I am in a real community! God bless all my lenders and make Zidisha strong than ever before.

Selling GSM mobile phone accessories

Big thanks to Lindsey, Ravi Taxali and Wisdom2080 for your support. More blessings on you guys!

Buying a modern sewing machine

A very wandaful Thanks to mr joe slam, mr makepeace , and above all zidisha community i will use it to buy modern sewing equipment.

Transportation of maize to market & buying empty sacks

Dear pay it forward members and lenders, am so happy with this program has lifted my business and am so glad that it has made a big difference in my business and has taught also how to take back to community and help pay it forward members have their loans funded in good time, I salute you to you all members and may God bless you all.


To buy medicines for my prostate problem

I hope you will get well soon! I wish you the best!!

Loan to buy vehicle parts for resale

Thank you Benvenuto. May God bless you. This business will grow and you will be a part of the success story

Loan to buy vehicle parts for resale

Hello again Stephen. Happy to continue in this journey with you. Thank you for the fast repayments, and best of luck to you as you continue to grow.

Medical care for my mother

My thoughts are with you and your mother. I completely understand, and I encourage you to take care of her first and foremost. May your mother get the best care she can.

Medical care for my mother

My mother has been admitted to the hospital. It has brought some financial pressure on me but i will do my best to start repayment soon.

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

There is national lockdown and our clients income has reduced drastically. We have a 21 days total lockdown with the raise in covid cases. will return to my normal repayments once this is lifted. Thanks for understanding and continued support.

Buying a modern sewing machine

Greetings from Germany, my friend.

T-shirts for my cybercafe / branding business

@Nikko, thank you so much for your positive words and support. Zidisha loans have been part of the growth journey for my business.
Do feel free to check out more about my writing and community development work at www.literatureafricafoundat...


T-shirts for my cybercafe / branding business

Hello Morine,

Congratulations on your incredible business success. I just saw your current loan request & took some time to read everything & learn more about you and your amazing business.
First, your childrens books are wonderful! I live my life from a wheelchair, and your books caught my attention.
It is clear, you are a woman of strong spirit, harnessed by a sharp intellect and driven by healthy dose of motivation.

Im honoured to be among your supporters,

To purchase equipment for my construction work

I received the loan thank you and God bless you all

To purchase building materials for building my own house

Christian, very glad to hear this! Saw your video too :-) Do keep us posted about the construction.

In the video, I could see the blocks put together with cement in between. You mention iron rods in your comment above. Curious to know how are they used. Maybe inserted in the blocks from top and anchored in ground for additional strength to the walls?

Business selling potatoes

Firstly i just want to thank Zidisha for the continued support i have received over the years i have been with them.

The loan has helped me build my business my savings have stabalised by 30% i also managed to purchase a booth which is currently used for mobile money

The other achievement is that much of the profits i have made is going to pay for my degree programe which im starting next month

Im really grateful to the Lenders and plan on using the next funds to reinvest in my business for continuous growth