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Water business

Hey lender, am soo greatful that I have paid my loan, thank you very much for having that broad heart, you really want us grow, the other great gift to us from you is the option of adjustment, thank you

Loan for my cosmetics business

Thank you Andreas, Colleen, and Lisbeth for lending to me

I need loan to grow my clothing business

I am very grateful to you all lenders for your financial support. God richly bless you!

Business loan

With the help of my lenders,I will purchase 6 bales of secondhand assorted jackets and also pay school fees balance.It has given me a financial boost to purchase more stock for my business. I would like to appreciate all my lenders for the loan.

Selling warm baby clothes

Thank you may God continue to bless you.


I use this loan to support my business tnx go to Zidisha loan

Distributing local beans, rice, peanuts and lentils

Thank you very much my lenders.
I'm very grateful. Finally my business is going to be revived because I had completely run out of stock.
I'm going to buy more cereals for my shop.
Thanks alot my lenders. Thanks alot team Zidisha.

Stock of medications for my pharmacy

The previous loan I collected, I used it to buy more malaria and typhoid test kits during health screening exercises. Thanks so much for your immense support.

Youth computer training center

training kids tech skills

Samuel’s fashion loan project

These are some of the woven Kente and some design printed Ghanaians fabrics wearing by the women during mother’s d

Business loan

Through the help of my zidisha lenders,I was able to purchase 6 bales of second hand assorted jackets each costing $70 at total amount of $420.This have made my business grow because i have attracted more customers than earlier. This investment has help me raise money to go back to college and study part time tourism course which will help me to open my tour company in future of which am paying $ 330 per semester.Am hoping with your help I will be in a good position to finish learning as I work with no struggles.may God bless you my lenders.

Samuel’s fashion loan project

Knowing that this weekend, Saturday precisely is Accra, the city of Ghana’s Market day and of course Father’s Day on the following day(Sunday) will be high demand of garments in our services, gave me the opportunity to have a target.

Thanks to Zidisha and My lenders for the loan I took to the market for purchasing my fabrics for sewing. At the end, I was giving many of the fabrics on credit to be payed later by Miss Georgena. She was kind to me when we all realized my selected fabrics was more than and also expensive than the money I took to the market as the result of the high demands of some customers who spoke to me in the Process of purchasing.

She did this because she noticed that I have been visiting her store store continuously now a days and I and I needed help that faithful day 12th of this month.
Knowing that Zidisha is there for me I then paid my loan with the little effort I’ve made out of some of the fabrics in other to borrow a bigger amount to paid my arrears at the store as I promise the Woman even though my loan was to be paid on time by 24th of this month.

With this bulk fabrics I have now, I know i will go far this weekend and my business is will be 15% increased. And with this loan, I will have peace and sound mind of focus in my business knowing I have been faithful and loyal to her( the kind woman).

Purchase of more iphones

Thank you very much Paul and PeterP for funding my loan I will use the funds to buy 3 Refurbished iPhones

Servicing my business motorbike

Thanks for the funds. I want to appreciate you all. I wish to do servicing of my motorbike since it is my main source of income. I believe this will assist me a lot in prevention of wear and tear. Also the time reduced in visiting the garage will be converted to production hence improving the quality of life for my family. Thank you.

Loan to buy inventory for my jewellery business venture

Its Gloria once again and I'm very grateful to your contributions made into my business so far. It's been a while since I requested a loan because I had enough capital to run the business and that is because of your help and immense support. My business is thriving and by his grace I have to expand into other areas all thanks to you!
God bless you so much.

Samuel’s fashion loan project

Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society.

On Sunday 16th of this month is Father’s Day in my motherland Ghana. I’m grateful to have received my loan on time since most people will going to church on Sunday with colorful African sewing clothings, thanking their creator of how grateful they are to be remembered. It market time!! In addition to what I have saved, I will be buying more fabrics for sewing more clothes since there’s going to be high demand in the market this time. Thanks to Zidisha and God bless Ophelia, the one who thought me about Zidisha.

Samuel’s fashion loan project

Hi Laurie,

I agree with you of the woman’s intention of apologizing. “She didn’t apologize for the right reasons” but what can I do? Hmmm, that’s part of life sometimes but to me it was and is a lesson in life wealth to kept.

Thanks very much for this compliment; “That was kind of you”. And I must confess that I really did enjoy reading the post you referred me to and almost became addicted to your profile as well. I have really learnt a lot from you.

Once again, I have found out something. Loyalty to Zidisha and lenders is equal to(=) Family.
Laurie, I will look forward to see your contribution to my fashion project in my next loan if by God willing it happens to be in your capacity to fund me as you stated.

Much prosperous

New photocopier and additional stock

Dear Zidsha lenders

Thanks for the loan,

I have been able to restock my cyber cafe, Iam waiting for stock delivery from my suppliers then i send you photos.


Business expansion

Thanks to zidisha my mother is happy now, the shop is not empty now

Business enlargement

Thank you very much for the loan it will help me expand my have been of great help and how i pray that God will bless you abundantly.

100 people sitting capacity tent to rent out during events

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members who contributed to my loan.I intend to purchase 100 sitting capacity tent.This will boost my business since currently I have 50 sitting capacity tent which sometime is small for big events.

Purchasing iron sheets for roofing

Oh, wonderful. The loan will help me buy the iron sheets for the building. This will enable my family to live in a better place. May I take this opportunity to thank all my lenders for lending me the money. Thanks too to the Zidisha organisation.

Loan to add up supplies

Iam grateful to lenders

Buying of minerals in my shop

I will use to buy minerals. This help me to improve my business. Almighty Lord richly bless you for what you have done to me. Thank you very much

Educational supply shop

Good luck!

Rafa's training-items loan 3

The previous loan was useful as it helped me gather sound equipment for my training courses. Thank you very much!

Selling warm baby clothes

Thank you lenders and everybody my progress is steady.

To buy motor and bicycle spare parts

I am grateful for your assistance. Sometimes i feel like i owe my survival to you. I just closed the payment of a loan of GHS 159. I am about posting a new loan an i will still need your help. Thank you.

Samuel’s fashion loan project

It a beautiful day with great joy covered my face all because of Zidisha. Am grateful to have found out that, Gh99 have been disbursed into my account since yesterday.

I have been able to buy fabrics for sewing to the market and is almost done to be distributed to a customer sharp!!.

God bless you, and I thanks you very much my lenders who proudly supported me financially for me to get my Fashion clothings to the market and reaching out people(customers) with my clothings in their offices and homes unlike previous when I use to look forward for customers ready for business to get to me at my shop with either money for fabrics or their fabrics and materials for sewing before we start doing something.

New display counter

To all lenders who have been giving me support,I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH.Through you good lenders,I am going to stand up tall in my salon business.
Be blessed and I love you all.

To buy a chair

I thank all my Leanders for the loan I repaid, I bought a settelite dish, now I enjoying with my family watching news, movies and other program,so far my children are not going to stay again to the neighbors.This round I am planning to buy a beans because my children like to eat, I will buy more so that I will save money that I will use every day for buying beans.

Creating jobs in sales of building stones

Dear all

May I take this opportunity to first thank all of you who have taken their moment and effort to contribute to this venture.
Thank you

The amount acquired here will assist me a great in my process of buying quarry stone harvesting tools.

All which at the day it will enable to countiounsly be on production.

To repair my commuter van & boost income

Hello friend's,
I may lack enough words to say to you but may God bless you all.

Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

Greetings from Zambia to all my lenders!

We have had a busy week distributing solar lanterns to our clients in rural and slum communities of Eastern Province of Zambia.

Today i share pictures of one client by the name of Fanayo Zimba, a single mother who is raising 7 children. She visited our office and managed to pay a deposit of $25 towards owning the Sun King Home 60 solar lantern. It has three lights and she was excited to be part of the Rent to Own happy clients! She told us that one light she will put in her bedroom while the other in her children's room and the remaining light she will put in her small grocery shop.

For the past 2 years she has been using a small lantern which was dim and not providing bright light for her grocery shop when it was dark.

Now her children can study for longer hours and her small grocery shop can be one for longer hours. With the Sun King Home 60, she now can save $200 annually which translates to $2,000 in ten years!

Thank you to all my lenders as we continue to transform lives through solar lighting to people who need the solar lantern the most!

Take time to visit our website and see the impact we making:

ZIKOMO! Thank you!

To buy accessories for my mobile phone repairs business

I bought mobile phones screens and touchs and chargers.
It has makes my work easy.
My earns has been increased about 20%.
I used to reinvest in the business.
My family are doing well everything is fine.
I'm living in a very peaceful environment and the people unique. There's a festival called apoc meaning democracy . Doing the festival if the chief have any wrong you can tell him without any fears.

Distributing affordable solar lights

Thanks so much for the write up. Zidisha is doing very well and improving lives. I don't know how it would have been with me without zidisha. Everything that happens God knows best. I love this wonderful family.

Gypsum fitting equipments

Thanks to my lenders for the last loan which I bought my satellite signal finder to offer my services,thanks again to zidisha

Buy a public address sound system and speakers for hire

Purchased a A3 epson printer which gives me some cash in occasions such as weddings,dowary ceremony,weddings,graduations and business brochures printing. At the moment Jobs may be achieved at any time since this is an predictable season but things is Shaped by God blessing that i get cash to make my refunds from other services in my cyber.
Best regards to Zidisha lenders and the team for supporting us.

Green grams, rose coco and wairimu beans stock

to all my lenders, thank you so much for the support you have been giving me, the loans are helping me grow my business, thank you so much.

Stock of cabbages to sell

Hellow lenders I'm so fine and great with my business doing ..I wish all of you a lenders the best in life

Increase income

Thanks zidisha, the loan was helpful, I increased my stock of my vegetables vending business, am happy


I was commissioned to make some artworks for a bar in Ilorin Kwara State yesterday the 8th of June , 2019 and work has started . The art work will be made mostly from recycled material. Thanks for believing in me .

More stock for my wholesale/retail shop

Hello lenders.. I received my applied loan of Ksh 34910 as i expected.. Have also managed to add more funds from my savings and ordered for my seedling stock.. i'm expecting to be delivered to me anytime from the suppliers. This will really increase my shop sales by far 30%. I have received so many pre-order so far to almost more than i ordered.. I really appreciate for the support you gave.. Be blessed,,..Thank you.

Car for taxify

My last loan was indeed helpful and a life saver.

I am thankful to the management of Zidisha and the generosity of lenders on the platform. I am confident that i will always maintain my good payback history and hope to raise enough loan soon enough to meet my goal of acquiring a vehicle for taxify

Clothing materials

O am so excited, and grateful for the loan offer. Thank so much. This loan will help me go a long way in my business growth. Thank all once again.


My sewing business

This is my 2nd time to help fund Susana and I am very excited. This is a very good project and Susana repays on time. Kathleen

Best Wishes, Susana!

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Dear Lenders, A few days ago, we Muslims celebrated Eid al-Fitr ... although it was rather late, I would like to wish you a Happy Eid al-Fitr for the lenders who participated in the celebration. I also want to provide developments regarding my online store, Alhamdulillah the sales went well so that from the profits I could give a little money to my nieces and nephews and people who could not afford the Eid al-Fitr. At the moment my daughter is still on school holiday, going back to school next week, and will take the results of a class increase test in the third week of June. This year my daughter will go up to grade 6 in elementary school, and next year will enter junior high school, hopefully the test results will get good grades so that it will make it easier to get a favorite secondary school. Thank you for the lenders for the kindness given, I hope all of you are given very good health. Amin. Greetings, Endang

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Dear Lenders,

Beberapa hari kemarin, kami umat Muslim merayakan Hari Raya Idul Fitri .. walaupun agak terlambat, saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri untuk para pemberi pinjaman yang turut merayakannya.

Saya juga ingin memberikan perkembangan mengenai toko online saya, Alhamdulillah penjualan berjalan dengan baik sehingga dari hasil keuntungan saya dapat memberikan sedikit uang untuk keponakan-keponakan serta orang-orang yang tidak mampu pada saat Hari Raya Idul Fitri.

Saat ini putri saya masih libur sekolah, masuk sekolah kembali minggu depan, dan akan ambil hasil test kenaikan kelas pada minggu ketiga Juni. Tahun ini putri saya akan naik kelas 6 sekolah dasar, dan tahun depan akan masuk ke sekolah menengah pertama, mudah-mudahan nilai-nilai test hasil belajar mendapatkan nilai yang bagus sehingga akan memudahkan mendapatkan sekolah menengah favorit.

Terimakasih untuk para pemberi pinjaman untuk kebaikan yang diberikan, semoga kalian semua diberikan kesehatan yang sangat baik. Amiinnn.


Barber shop equipments

will always be thankful to Zidisha and more so the lenders for the kind support and gesture extended to communities around the world....thank you

Buy beautiful materials for making hand-embroidered tablecloths

i thank zidisha family and lenders for your loan i was able to add stock of roll of materials which enabled me to make more table mats. Business doing so good and my profits have increased. Thanks so much to lenders

To repair my commuter van & boost income

Thanks so much to all my supporters.. Be blessed.