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Mini-importation business of computer accessories & gadgets

Thank you so much, you all are wonderful

Loan for rent

wooooow amazing dear

Logistics & purchase of raw materials: cassava, etc.

I am so grateful for the loan you offered me earlier. It really helped my business, although the previous year was hectic due to covid 19 pandemic, but are picking up gradually. Also we are grateful for making repayment easier and more flexible. Thanks once more. I will be prompt in repayment to this time.

Buying clothes to resell

I am really grateful to zidisha for the love, support in my business. Thank you so much

Open-field tomato project

Hello Zidisha Group, I have not been able to access the internet in the last few days, that's why I took long to get back to you concerning the loan I received.

First, I want to thank you in a very special way for having seen into it that I am afforded with that loan facility. Banking on your continued support, running my agribusiness has to a remarkable extent been a smooth undertaking.

I'm grateful I was able to pay my worker with the little amount that I received from you.

Thank you and God bless you.

Inventory of foodstuffs

I will like to take these opportunity to thank lenders and Zidisha staff's for supporting my business since i joined Zidisha platform

Buying an interlocking block-making machine

With the last zidisha loan I bought an interlocking block making machine. This is the machine being tested. Thank you lenders.

Renovation of student housing

U can see we changed the windows,, the floor was made the corridors plastered and the roofing plus colour of the sheet we changed thanks to you now I can pay the school fee of my daughter easily and pay my loan

Renovation of student housing


Expand my produce sales

my income is increasing even after the inconveniences with the weather atleast it has increased with 1.5% from where i was.
i have been able to clear fees for my brother who is a form four candidate .
thanks to zidisha God bless you

Gypsum supply business

With this facility I paid my gypsum supplier. A ton of gypsum is going at KES 1,200 at quarry and transported at KES 1,200 to factory thus a total cost of KES 2,400, other costs such as County Council fee make the total cost per ton to be Kshs 2,500 per ton. A 30 ton truck of gypsum costs KES 75,000. This paid for slightly below a third the cost of a truck.

Each ton makes KES 500 at the factory thus a 30 ton truck makes a total of KES 15,000 a third of which is KES 5,000. During the facility period two trips were done making a total net profit of Kshs 10,000 from this support.

Buying an interlocking block-making machine

This is the machine bought with the last zidisha loan. It's a machine for making interlocking blocks.

Selling clothes and cosmetics

I thank you all my lenders for this great opportunity am truly grateful

To buy organic manure

I want to thank you my lenders I received 450 ZMW and am going to use in my farm business for vegetables. Thank you.

To purchase insecticides/stickers

I thank all my lenders I received K1,228 . This loan I will use to buy seedlings for planting at my farm, and I thank you once more.

Glass screen protectors for smartphones

I have read the first habit (Be proactive) and few lines on begin with the end in mind. From the little I have read, the book helps to improve self.

The way we see the world is entirely base on your own perception. More over, to change a given situation, we must change ourselves and in order to change ourselves, we must first be able to change our perception.

I would like to focus on how to build good relationship with others.

Thank you for knowledge you have impacted. Have a nice day, hear from you...

Selling second-hand clothing

I'm so grateful to zidisha. Thank you

Glass screen protectors for smartphones

I love to read your messages! I believe that we have a LOT in common. :-)

There are so many wonderful resources available. I remember reading Steven Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People", and thinking that it was nice, but not particularly powerful. Then, a couple of years later, I was struggling with time management, and I read "First Things First" (which is the third Habit), and it had a HUGE impact on me, and created several changes in my day-to-day life. Then I went BACK and read the 7 Habits again - this time, they all made sense to me! I ended up *teaching* the 7 Habits to groups of people, and I still think it's one of the best books ever written!

However, the point of the story is that a book (or idea) is only valuable when it is *relevant* to the individual's needs. Are there certain things that you're struggling with right now? Topics could include...
- controlling thoughts & emotions
- creating positive habits & eliminating bad ones
- time management
- relationships with others
... or many, many others. Let me know where you'd like to focus, and I'd love to share some of my favorite resources on that particular topic!

Take care, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Loan to buy monitor speakers for my studio

Hi John, wishing you the best in your work. This is my first time using Zidisha. Hope to connect with you and help you grow your business, good luck!

Mobile-money banking

I will expand my mobile banking business because this time this business is doing fine, during this pandemic most have been avoiding banks but instead prefer mobile banking because it is convenient.Thank you my lenders for supporting me may God bless you.

Stock of groceries for my shop

Thank you madame Jessica for supporting me in this business may God bless you

Stock of groceries for my shop

I'm happy to support your new loan as well Lucy. All the best

Selling perfumes

Many thanks to my lenders. This loan I will order 20 Smart collection perfumes for sale in beauty salon. Since this is in addition to the other items I sale it means more profit for me.Thanks for your help and God bless you

Storage shelter for bananas

I want to thank all my lenders for this loan. I use the money to build a storage shelter for my bananas. It's rain season and it's raining heavily so this loan will help me to build shelter to protect my bananas. I will make more profit than before.

Glass screen protectors for smartphones

There has improvement in my business and as a result of joining Zidisha and have support from my Cherished lenders form all over the world. Thank you my lenders for your incredible support.
My business has seen great improvement and I have rent another shop in the business area of my city Kumasi. Store number G 1467 in the kejetia Newly built market. Thank you once again for your endless support.


Manure and other fertilizers

I love to see other women succeeding in agriculture. Best of luck to you and please keep us updated on your progress.

Bismark Boda-Boda (motorcycle taxi)

I'm going to buy some parts for my motorcycle in order to function well thanks for the loan.

Beauty salon

Thank you Mr shown,thank zidisha team,thank you for helping in the middle of the pandemic may God bless very much you are sweet.

Supplying face masks to schools

As a business man sometimes I have to lisenten to my buyers, my customers came to me 2 weeks ago in demand of personal protection equipment for Corona virus, so I pay attention to them and gave them some, after 24hours, the demand kept on increasing day and day in out...this amount is going to supply surgical nose mask in one state school, especially kids nose mask

Roofing of my house

Project on progress


Thankyou very much for this loan. It will help me get started on my next project by getting the seed and other inputs required to get started. God bless you.

Selling safety equipment for construction workers

Thank you so very much to all my lenders for this help. I will use the loan wisely to buy safety equipment for selling to construction workers. Safety is important as people work so there is demand for safety attire. I will sale and make profit, Thank you for your help and God bless you all.

Organic fertilizer for tomatoes

I thank all my dear lenders for this wonderful response by funding my loan.I will buy organic fertilisers for my tomatoes and this loan will help me have a better harvest and my earnings will be more. Thank you very much.

Farming oyster mushrooms

Hello my lovely lenders, I hope you are all doing well and staying safe from Covid, I pray everybody is safe here. Have a nice weekend ahead of you.

Expansion of perfume oil business

Good day,

With this loan, I will buy more bottles of perfume oils to cater for the growing client base. It will help me sustain my already existing customers and make my perfume oils easily accessible to new customers.

Thank you for granting me this opportunity to keep staying in business

Manure and other fertilizers

Good day dear lenders. With the loan I just paid back I was able to buy fruit seedlings just like I had indicated in the application. Thank you soo much for your generosity

Buying cocoa seedlings to nurse and maize to grow

Its amazing that I have such a wonderful support from my lovely lenders, God bless you all. Thank you

To buy rice and prepare wakye and sell

Hikari God bless you . oooooo I would have given you the wakye. Thanks very much am very happy.

Glass screen protectors for smartphones

Hello! I just watched two videos of Nick. The joy in his eyes is contagious - makes me want to go out and work harder than ever! Hope you're having a great day, and if there's every anything I can do support you (besides helping you here on Zidisha, of course!), please let me know!

Education project

Thanks Hikari. With your encouragement and help I will definitely put in the best I can


To buy rice and prepare wakye and sell

I wish I could taste your wakye and jollof (I'm a big fan of jollof)! Good luck with your business!


Education project

I loved your video! Keep up with your good work of empowering women and children!


Sewing business expansion

Hello Mary!
It is a pity that the normal banks are not after such responsible and proficient people which are all around us but doesn't have the necessary attention. Well done and please keep going especially with the idea of setting up a proper entrepreneurial training center, and again especially for the young girls.

Distributing improved vegetable seeds

I was able to procure myself this new hybrid enza seeds from the previous loan given me..
thanks to my lenders

Distributing improved vegetable seeds

Dear Zidisha,

Kindly find attached work done so far in my mini farm with the help of zidisha loan..
thanks to the lenders

Tailoring equipment

I received 416,733 NGN after deduction
I bought more tailor material into my shop.
I thank you all my lenders and
God will continue bless you all my lenders

Provisions and cosmetics shop

My loan from Zidisha has been a great pleasure for me to secure my business future with my recent loan. I invested it into my business enterprise and am getting a bigger results now. I thank my lenders for this loan

To increase my mother's purchasing and selling of corn

With this loan, I will be able to expand my mother's corn supplies business which will go a long way to help me saves to pay my school fees. Thank you all and
God bless all my lenders

Transporting cabbages and tomatoes to market

I will hire transport to market the cabbages because the harvest is very and generate good income.I harvested good number of cabbages and they highly profitable.Thank you very much my lenders the support of these funds will push forward this year.

Speedlights for photography service

Thank you for your blessings and help and has it is written in Proverbs 11:25, A generous soul will prosper and he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. May God bless every area of your life and may he make you successful and prosperous in everything you do. As Jesus prayed and said father the time has come. glorify your son, that your son may glorify you. I pray may you see the glory of God in your business so that we may give glory to him. Amen