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Tools for quarry work

I work at a construction field. I disintegrate rocks and the company gathers it and sell. But the company pays us at the end of every 15 days.
But due to the condition of the work I need some protective gloves to support me

Support school feeding program

Lenders of zidisha are very good people
Both local and foreign
Thank you all for supporting me

Support covid-19 vaccination program

It will help me support covid 19 vaccination
work at a radio station called pupubibi FM located in akwatia. Am currently on a program which is to encourage the village folks to go in for the covid 19 vaccination. With this I need support to carry on with this work


To put towards buying a smart television

Hope your business prospers. Please share your love and profits with others -God bless us all :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

To put toward paying for a trumpet

I play trumpet during programs and ceremonies. I belong to both an orchestras group and concert bands. I train the younger ones who wants to okay or newbies who want to learn how to play the trumpet.


To purchase more fertilizer and seeds to use in the field

Hope this loan helps. God bless us all :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

To put towards building my house (lay the foundation)

Hello my lenders I hope everyone is very fine I have just started my new job and I hope this job will help me to pay all my arrears.

Buying & selling fruits and vegetables

Thanks for supporting my project...I'm thinking to expand my business to start making peanut butter and still selling fruits.. At least am expanding

To pay off my sister's school fees

Things are now changing so please my dear lenders, I will pay it off within some short period of time. Thanks for your help. Love you all! GOD BLESS YOU IN ABUNDANCE.

Feed the birds

I really appreciate your contributions and support for me and my business. Your contributions have really helped me stay in business and also take care of some personal issues over the period. I have now been able to procure new day old chicks currently in Brooding. Thanks to you all

For maintenance of my farm crops

From my last loan amount it has disbursed and received thank you all individuals who made it possible

To buy make-up brushes

With the recent loan i received i was able to buy makeup brushes, i had some change, so i bought some concealer, contour that i will use in my makeup business.

To put toward paying tuition to become a nurse

I'm very much thankful to all the generous lenders for giving their support to fund my project to use. God bless you all

Phones and accessories

It has helped to stock up my shop with more phones and accessories so as to make more sales and profits in the last couple of weeks. Thanks to zidisha for the wonderful offer

Purchase of machinery

Zidisha is so helpful to the growth of my business


To put toward ordering clothes to sell

Good luck!

For materials to make clothing (also to buy face-masks)

Thank you everyone for your trust. Covid let things went really bad but we thank God now we are on our feet again.


To help purchase a new laptop computer for my cybercafe

Good luck with your business!

To purchase home supplies to sell

This loan has been a huge success into my business capacity because more customers visit my shop today

Buying and selling cellular phones and accessories

Please my lenders of Zidisha community platform my last loan was disbursed and I really thank you all

To buy make-up brushes

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support.

To continue my small container for my restaurant business

Hello my backers the amount of 1753.00 has been sent in to my account I thank you all for your support.

To put toward paying tuition to become a nurse

Thanks so much to all the lenders for the previous loan. It has really helped

To put toward securing a spacious place for I.T. shop

I'm very grateful to all the generous lenders for the kind support to fund my project to use for the proposed purpose

To buy diapers and clothing for my infant daughter

I pray that God bless everything you do for getting money to support others

For my business of selling home supplies

Hi guys, i am using this funds for transportation of rice cookers to customers I really appreciate it God bless you all

To buy airtime credit for mobile phone

My main work is to clean people house for survival . I left or post my contacts on the wall and if there is any house cleaning am called to do it. So I need loan to pay my sons school fees and I will pay back when I work.thank you

Website to advocate for climate-change / climate-crisis solutions

Amount Received After Deductions: 4,214 NGN
Use: Website Hosting Renewal
Really appreciative, will certainly pay it forward.

To supply building materials to customers

I will use the money to supply roofing nails to my customers
I have been supply the with other buildings materials and I will do this to help me maintain my integrity.
Am very greatful to zidisha community
My business is on going well

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

A very happy independence day to all Ghanaians, i also pray to the living God to bless the world with peace and unity.

Iced kenkey production

Got 2725 cedis from over 70! I'm overwhelmed with the love and show of support from all my backers,really appreciate the confidence shown in my project and hope to step up the business. Thanks to all my backers for the support.
Will purchase materials in anticipation of creating new markets.

To help pay my housing bills & transportation

By supporting this loan, you are helping entrepreneur grow business and increase access to clean water. This type of loan will be using to purchase a new delivery vehicle to deliver clean water to my clients

Go to a nearby village to buy brooms and sell

I will buy broom to sell as well
need money or support to buy broom from villages and come to sell in the market or places where they can daily buy. I do make the broom myself if necessary so that I make more profit.

To help pay for my secondary-school education

Thanks for helping me loan this money because it will help me continue my education. It has been my great joy that this will help me.
Thanks so much for assisting me. Am very glad

Additional stock of vegetables for provisions store

Good morning all. How grateful am I this morning to wake up and receive the good news my loan has been fully funded? As I had explained earlier I intend to use the monies to restock the business to ensure it gains momentum after the effects of Covid 19 which really affected businesses in our country and the entire world. I will have a small amount to treat my family now that schools are closed and everyone is at home. Once again am very grateful to God and all you who made this project successful. Have a great productive day today.

To help buy textbooks

Thank you so much.l confirm receipt and I have bought text books for reselling.
We are steadily growing and increasing books variety.


I will buy more will help me to maximise my profit.I thank you all for making this project possible

To help me buy manure, fertilizers, compost & seeds

I will be using this money am going to receive from zidisha community to complete my project and I would like to thank all of lenders that makes it possible

Supply building materials, sand and quarry stones

Dear all.l thank God for his mercy kindness for making it possible for me to finish paying my project loan installment today.I want to say thank you all, Zidisha team and lenders,l am grateful with your usual support and understanding. And please to you to always fund my project loan in order to keep my business going. Thank you all and God bless you.

To buy more fuel for my taxi

My backers I have received my loan for long time but I got a problem on my phone that is why I haven't Confirm my receipt and the amount was ¢431.00 and I have bought the tyre.
Thanks so much.

New equipment for my media work

Am much grateful for your support precious family. Fund raised would be used to purchase some other equipment like stage lights for my studio works

Carpentry work

Hi Awingura,

I would love to support your carpentry work. My partner is also a carpenter, and it's certainly not easy work for those in the trade! I take my hat off to you, and I admire your desire to build something into creation.

With love and light, from NZ
- Rach :)

To purchase additional medicine for my father

Still my father need medicine to lives longer am asking for a loan to purchase medicine for my father to help me continuing supporting my parents

Freezer and kitchenware for my restaurant

I would like to thank God and thank my lenders also for their immense contribution, love and support towards my business making it a success.
I really appreciate your support in this endeavor.

I cannot thank you enough for your help. You are nothing less than a blessing from God!
Please accept my vehement protestations of gratitude.


Buy popcorn maize

More will come. Good luck in advance

To help acquire a bigger shop for my shoe-repair work

I need a loan to purchase soles, nails, glue, thread. Etc. To repair shoes. My dreams of setting up a shoe repair shop in the market since I now does the work from my home

For my general provisions business

My sister is a seamstress and she needs Sewing machine to employ more workers to help her Sewing business so I request for fund to purchase Sewing machine for her.

Buy flour to try different type of cake

I will use the money to buy flour and flovora that I will use to do another bakery
People seem to like the bakery work that am doing so I t will help me get more customers
Thanka for assisting me because it has become my hobby. Am very glad that am being helped.

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello dear lenders, i hope by the Grace of the living God that you are all doing well.

It been 1 month and 2 weeks into the training and the experience has been awesome. new friends, new relations and connections. am very glad for the opportunity.

I humbly pray for peace to prevail among Ukraine and Russia. May the almighty grants us unity to stay together as one people in love.

stay safe and happy.

To help expand business of selling clothing & shoes

The loan has made more different for my life ,It has help helped my business to move forward ,Thank you very much zidisha leaders may God bless you all.