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Making a clothing shop

I will make an online clothing store that is starting to grow and can help household income to send children to school

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Saya akan membuat toko online baju yang di mulai ini berkembang

Dan bisa membantu pemasukan rumah tangga untuk menyekolahkan anak anak

Building rental homes

Best wishes to all those who funded my project. I will be able to purchase enough seedlings to plant in my upcoming forest as I continue to make effort to grow bigger my forest. To the members who financed my projects, I thank you so much and may you be blessed in your endevours

Building rental homes

I ventured into tree planting project. It has been a good journey for the last three years creating a forest of my own and zidisha has been my pillar

Chocolate ice

This is my new business, ICE CHOCOLATE made from dark cacao / pure cocoa powder. Low price, high quality. Wish me good luck, thank you!

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Ini adalah bisnis baru saya, ES COKLAT yang terbuat dari dark cacao / bubuk coklat murni.
Harga murah, kualitas mahal.
Doakan saya semoga sukses, terima kasih!



I used to purchase groundnuts as my business for sale,and it has helped me improve my business greatly.I also have increased my earnings by 20% indicating a positive move.Then I used the increased earnings for savings and expenditure.I have kept my family a good life due to my business since I gain profits and provide effectively..My neighborhood has been good and I have been taking my family out for trips for them to enjoy themselves.

Addition of stock for my general stores shop

This funding will help me procure a set of free weights for my gym. Thank you once more for making it possible

Business expansion

Good morning to you all my financiers, am really grateful to you all for enabling this project to be realized. As I had stated during the initial application, I will use the monies to identify and hire an assistant to support my business and home since we have a little baby two years old. This will help both the business and my family to increase productivity by having an extra workforce and also create some free time to spend as a family which I treasure. Once again am very grateful for the aid and I wish you all well in your different endeavors. Regards and blessings.

Kuku tayari farm

my business us doing well and my children have benefited alot from the sale of eggs and of the poultry that have come to age.
all this is not possible without all of your help....thank you soo much!

Photography seminar

Thank you backers, the funds were promptly received and has been very handy in my project.

My photo seminar project to a rural community has been welcomed so far by the teenagers and youths in attendance, all this is by your support. Thank you so very much.

Purchase of electrical conduits

I intend on purchasing electrical conduits in wholesale that will boost sales of other electrical items in my shop
I want to thank all of you for making this dream possible.

Farm imputs

Hello wonderful people. Just like I promised you, I bought the cow. It has sinced gotten a beautiful calf. Thank you great people.

Expansion of my business

Thank you so much Zidisha community I rily appreciate your help koz for the last two successiful loans I've been able to change my life and also do something positive and important with my life. God bless you all

Build shop

Hi Backers..Am really great full for your support.Thank you for making my dream of having a shop come through.

Poultry business

Thank you for making my dream possible .I couldn't have done without you guys

Purchase of bicycle tools

This is the bicycle I bought and it is doing marvelous in getting a living for my family. Am planning and working hard to see that my credit limit goes higher till I see my plans in life are fully fulfilled. I once again thank you zidisha family and my lenders who makes sure my project is funded fully.

Pub business

Hey Dyna,
Hope this helps.
Good luck and GodBless

Purchase of bicycle tools

Am so greatful zidisha family for the support you are holding on me. With you and the progress am making I know I will change my story, am no longer the same as before I knew you. I believe that my entire community will also benefit greatly. My income has increased from ksh. 800 per day to ksh.1200 per day. Now am happy that very soon am going to start learning my CPA course. Above all I pray for God's hand in everything that we do here as a community.

Certification to become an accountant


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zidisha Team for funding my school.
I am now a CPAK CIFA & ACCA is ongoing, this is an effective platform we appreciate ur help

Overcoming poverty

I faired on when with poultry farming by selling eggs and chicken after which I bought 5 goats each at ksh 5000 by the end of the year they would have double

School meal and book fund program

I will use USD700 to purchase 100kg of rice,100kg of beans,100kg of sugar,100kg of maize,100kg of Green grams and 20 litres of cooking oil.Another USD600 Will be used to buy Competency Based Curriculum and story books to re-stalk our library so that we can expand our book fund program(Pupils borrow books for research and home work then pay Ksh100 per week)
From lunch program and book fund our school will make a profit of USD700 per week

Purchase of stock

Thank you for the help. May you always be healthy & successful. I will put these funds to good use to buy stock items.

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Terima kasih atas bantuannya. Semoga selalu sehat & sukses. Saya akan menggunakan dana ini dengan baik untuk membeli stok barang.

Purchase of bicycle tools

Am so greatful for funding my project. Have found a new bicycle hopefully my business shall go on smoothly and I will make more money per day than before.

Buying baking ingredients

Hello zidisha family,I just want to express my gratitude to.all my backers thank you so much for your business and profits have really improved.I am grateful for all your help,may God bless each one of you

Poultry layers project

Hi,I hope this little contribution will be of help to you..

Work of my hands

Thanks members am grateful
Funds will help me to pay schoolfees for my daughter.thanks so much for making it posdible


I manage to enlarge my business by increasing the stocks both in volume and diversity.

Add medicines to my pharmacy

Thank you all who have paid their attention to my project of adding stock to my pharmacy and ensuring that I get fund. This is going to help me reduce out of stock in my Pharmacy.

Choppies expansion

Thanks Leigh for the support, I will continue to bring smiles to those who need it

Want to develop a clothing store business

Thank you very much beautiful sister Best wishes always

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Terimakasih banyak kakak cantik

Salam sukses selalu

Mutai general shop

Thank you so much backers for the loan.The loan has assisted me to buy a plot,build a house,pay school fees for my children and also my earnings has increased.Thank you

Business expansion

Good morning Zidisha Partners, my last funds were of great help to me and my small household business which I partner with my wife selling consumable household foodstuffs within our neighborhood in Nairobi city in Kenya. It’s a small business with minimum stock requirements and we are thinking of hiring an extra hand to help us since we also have a small child my wife is taking care of. Currently, the profits from this business have grown steadily and most of it carters to our family's basic needs like rent, food, electricity and water, and school fees. I intend to use the monies to restock the business to enable good cash flow and to hire extra help to enable quality time with my family. Thank you for your continued support.

Carwash detergents

I hope all is well with all Zidisha family.
I just wanna let everyone know that my business is fairing on very well.
From my heart l cannot stop to say a big thanks for support you accorded me.
May God bless all zidisha family abundantly.

Music production and selling

Let me take this opportunity to thank you backers for the fund I received, it has helped sell my music songs and being famous too.Thanks

Equipment for fashion design and beauty salon

My business has grown due to your support,I now have three branches which are running very smoothly.Thanks alot backers for your support.

Watermelon and French bean farming

I will lease a school facility to expand my school business. This will help in gaining more customers and hence more income. Thank you very much for making this possible.


I harvested 20 bags of potatoes and was selling at 2200 per 60kg bag . I used 30000 to clear school fees for my children. I was glad to have such a good boost.

Buy more different types of fashion clothes

hey hivine i want to tell you that i appreciate and support your hustle keep up with the good Work.

Tradition herbal doctor at kipkin herbal clinic

I am martin cheruiyot a youth from rift valley Kenya doing.
Zidisha helps me realize my side hustle of selling medicinal herbs in small towns and urban centers in order to raise money for my daily needs.
They are demand because they have peen proven to cure some diseases . I have made it our objective to research and get answers to chronic diseases and can now boldly say that we can provide answers to 95% of the known chronic diseases USING HERBS AND TREES. My mission is to To ensure the population is healthy and their life enjoyable to the fullest.
I market and sell TRADITIONAL medicinal herbs in small towns and PHERI urban centers in order to raise money to meet daily needs, pay my children's school fees, and also provide for them. To offer alternative treatments and remedies that are safe with no side effects at cost-effective prices.

Building a shop to sell fish

I will buy another land for my fish pond will help me make more fish pond so I really appreciate for funding my project thanks a lot

Loan to buy more gas cylinders

I congratulate BRB from Australia and Rita nurdianti from Bandung Indonesia for supporting my project now l will have to maintain machine to continue serving the society. May you be blessed

Fransbos enterprise

It's through this business that I managed to get my studies. So by improving it I will empact much to the community

Stock of fish for making pepper soup

I want to use this loan to increase the amount of stock in my store, to buy more fish in stock instead of going to buy it in the market on a daily basis, this loan will help to minimize transport cost and the stress of going to and fro on a daily basis.
I want to happily thank everyone who participated in this contribution and to the whole zidisha team for bringing this platform to it's existence.

Buy more different types of fashion clothes

The loan has increased my profits from Kes 15000 to Kes 21000.Thank you so much backers for giving me the loan to grow my business.Regards


The money I received helped me top up to start a small farm.I grow kales, Spinach and cabbages.Another about will go a long way to expand

Purchase of new air fryer

I will use the funds to purchase a new fryer this will greatly increase our production capacity thank you you everyone for your support

Purchase of new air fryer

I was able to order printed packaging for our products right on time to finish an order for our wholesale partners thank you so much for your continued support

Handaa's farming

Dear zidisha, your fund has help get buy a piece of land,pay school fees and increase my earnings.Thank you very much.Regards

Feed for my chickens

I sincerely want thank all my backers who contributed to my poultry farm project,

My project is a big one there needs quite and amount of money to establish it fully but fot the fact that i was able to raise something from my backers through the help of this amazing platform gives me the assurance that my project will definitely reach its pick in due time

I sincerely appreciate all my backers for chipping in, and to also assure you all that the funds received will definitely be put into proper use.

I have a huge passion for the poultry farm business i am going into and i have also acquired the right training to make it successfully profitable.

Thank you all for backing me up financial and i assure you all that i shall update us all with pictures and progress every step of the way.

Remain blessed and lets keep rising by lifting others.


Purchase of stock

Thank you zidisha. My previous project went smoothly because of the help of Zidisha's friends. Hopefully Zidisha will grow well in the future & help all those in need

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Terima kasih zidisha. Proyek saya sebelumnya berjalan dengan lancar karena bantuan teman2 zidisha. Semoga zidisha semakin berkembang dengan baik kedepannya & menolong semua yang membutuhkan

Buy food for the school

I will buy some chicken for the grade 6 project.. thank you all for making our project possible, this will help our kids to be responsible and will learn more about poultry farm. Thanks