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Selling accessories for mobile phones

From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all that you did by granting me this loan. Am highly grateful for this opportunity.i will be able to buy some more mobile phone accessories to expand my horizons. This loan will surely help me meet the demands of the accessories at the market. God bless you much

Photography and video business

I made repayment today August 27, 2020. I take this opportunity to say I am grateful to all lenders for their contributions and support. I appreciate your support for me. God richly bless you all.

Buying an overlocking machine

With the current loan. i will buy Fabric, threads and curtain tapes for making curtains.

This loan will expand my business and if the business grows, more profit for me and it will be easy to run the business smoothly.

A thousand of appreciations to my lenders for entrusting me with this loan once again. As a way to show my appreciations, i promise to repay the loan in time.
Thank you again.

Vegetables and cereals for home delivery

Fresh tomatoes, I usually get them before they ripe completely to avoid spoiling

Vegetables and cereals for home delivery

The onions

Vegetables and cereals for home delivery

Here are the potatoes packing them for delivery

Stocking my provisions shop


Well done. Keep the good work, and I wish you all the best.

Music website

The the loan will help me to buy the materials for house building for my grandmother,

Transporting pineapples to market

Displaying of the pineapples at the market place

Covid 19 protocols in my saloon

Special thanks and appreciation to all zidisha lenders for helping me till this far and May the good Lord Almighty God bless you all.

Buying an overlocking machine

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my lenders again, for the wonderful work you have been doing and for entrusting me with the loans. your help is highly appreciated, my business has tremendously grown with your help. In the sense that my face-mask business income has increased by 3000ZMK a week and i take home 2000ZMK a week. With your help i can easily pay people who help me to run my business and buy materials easily.
thank you.

Fresh vegetables for sale

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for lending me the loan. I will use the money to grow more vegetables for my garden. Thank you.

Purchasing textiles

Will use the money to buy textiles and make uniforms for my customers I want to say a big thank you to all of you

Distributing health supplies

i want to thank the lenders for enabling me do continue doing business during this pandemic time, it is through the finance i get from them that has enabled my business to thrive

Vegetable farming

Thanks for your support Zidisha lenders, it has truly been a great experience to expand my small acreage and grow the vegetables to sell to my customers. It has enabled me to support my family and I will continue to work hard to do more.

Inventory increase

Thank you for funding the loan within a short period of time. I will add more stock to my beauty shop. I will stock fast moving items that clients have requested. I will manage to increase inventory by 3/4. Thank you so much. I will now be able to stock more hair braids, body oil and hair extensions.

Equipment for dressmaking

This will help me to buy a new sewing machine which will boost my business by ensuring all jobs given by my customers are done on time and receive payments right there and then.You so wonderful my lenders, you have brought in my heart as i was longing for the new equipment for sewing different types of materials.May God bless you wonderful people.

Tess's Food Shop

Thank u so much. I will get goods for my shop and sell them so as to pay back my loan.

Cybercafé working capital

Am so much happy with this service and I believe one day I will reach the maximum amount. Thank you for continue helping us achieve our goals in business

A bale of garments

I bought a printer, a ream of paper and ink.
With a printer , i have have recorded an increase of customers in my game center. A very good number of people is coming through to do the typing, printing, scanning and photocopying.
Wow! buying a printer was a good move. I don't know if i can tell precisely how much the increase is, but i am sure i can explain. All the things i have mentioned above cost me 400ZMK and i make 70ZMK to 100ZMK a day.
I have used the increase earnings to repay my loan in time and i am still making more profit, all thanks to you.
I have started a new business, i am in partnership with my mother and it's doing great.
thank you

Buying artificial hair to sell

Thanks to my lenders ... I received my last loan and the attached image are what I purchased for my beauty salon shop....thanks to the help Zidisha lenders around the globe gave salon is now growing and i have enough hair to fix wig caps ,sell the hair and make enough money in order to support my life is changing gradually with Zidisha.

Buying a freezer for my provisions store

The loan has helped me to purchased Pearl freezer which is helping my cold drink business to flourish

Electronic medical records (home healthcare)

Best of luck to you, and your dreams!


Wow , I love that manufacture Mask too during the pandemic and till date we produced them at cheaper rates here . we do have a sales of about 500-800 pieces per day

Sewing machine

Dear Oforiwaa,

good luck with your business!

Have you thought about adding textile masks to your offering?

There are a lot of sewing patterns and instructions out there. As you do this for a living, you may not need them, but I copy them for illustration:


Step-by-step instructions:

Youtube video for efficient production:

European countries have made masks mandatory, so I assume it may be similar in Ghana. Many people use disposable masks, but there's a need for reusable ones, as well.

Kind regards from Switzerland,


Dear Amina,

good luck with your business!

What do you think about sewing textile masks for private use?

A very nice pattern is the "Olson" mask.
This is the pattern:

The manufacturing is described here:

And this is a very good video tutorial:

Making these shouldn't be a problem for a professional like you - I did it myself with basically no prior experience.

Masks will be with us for a while (at least that's what can be observed in Europe), so we might as well make them fitting, comfortable and nice!

Kind regards,

Buying and reselling affordable solar lights and kits

How are you all doing? Hope you are all doing well?

Farming project: oyster mushrooms

Thank you lenders for all your support so far. I hope you are all doing well and safe.

My photo printer loan

Thanks to zidisha team and my lenders for granting a loan amount of 2729.00 Ghana cedis. This amount has help me alot in my business. initially business expectation turns wrong and repaid became a little challenge to me since some debtors were unable to paid their debt as agree but through hard work and dedication the loan has been repaid even before its last payment date which is 4th September, 2020. Once again thanks to my lenders.

A bale of garments

I received 315 ZMW and i bought a printer, ream of paper and ink.
I have shared the the pictures and they clearly show how happy and helpful the printer is.
Thank you lenders for making it easy for me to experience and experiment new ideas.
thank you.

Increasing stock of foodstuff & plastic items to resell

Hi lenders.I have made my second repayment. Thanks for standing with me.I am doing well.stay safe.

Farming beans & tomatoes

Thank you so much lenders for your support and contribution to my farming which has been the backbone of my other businesses. May God richly bless you.

Chicken rearing & making cooking fuel from biowaste

Hi Erik. Happy to note your interest for funding my project. The threat of CO2 is real and we are concerned also. We recycle charcoal dust to reduce pollution in the environment where initially,it was strewned all over the streets and water channels thereby holding water run off, whenever it rained. The stagnant water bred mosquito which causes malaria, another killer disease in here, Africa. So we break that hazardous chain and provide a source of fuel to the lowest class of our society.
Incase of sawdust, we char it in an enclosed environment so that it turns black without reducing it into ash. A process known as carbonisation. Though we cannot rule out CO2 presence in the process, research has shown a reduced level of carbon dioxide in the product.
Other by products are maize stalks, grass and dry organic matters.
All in all, our recycling has reduced desire to cut trees for fuel and instead use dried matter. The saved, growing trees in our environment reduce carbon in the air. The bigger the forest cover, the lower the CO2 in the air as you know the CO2 is an essential to trees. We contribute indirectly to reduce carbon dioxide in the air. As time progress, we plan to introduce carbon neutral bio- mass as you suggested.
Thank you.


Chicken rearing & making cooking fuel from biowaste

Hi Gichuki - happy to help fund your project. Obviously the charcoal briquettes and sawdust when burned create high levels of Co2 that contribute to global warming and pollution of air but I understand the challenges in transitioning to carbon neutral. Any future plans for recycling carbon neutral bio-mass?? Eric

Buying a generator & adding stock into my general store

i added another stock at my mpesa and some in my sandals shop outside my mpesa flour

Stocking my provisions shop

I received an amount of GHC 3,213 and I have buy my new refrigerator to sell cold drinks and water to my customers and I am going to increase my stock of water and drinks.
Thanks to all my lenders for the support ,I am grateful to you all.

Farming beans & tomatoes

The virus isn't a joke . Let us all keep safe,put on a mask please at all times. It's safer than sorry. By putting on a mask you not only protect yourself but you also show that you care for others. It is a responsibility that we need to take seriously.

Farming beans & tomatoes

Packaging tomatoes for the market


I purchased fertiliser, pesticides and also employ labour. I have been able to expand my farm spray fall army worms. I had 50% increment. To expand my farm and also buy farm inputs. Since I joined zidisha l have increase productivity by 50% . Some times l helped others with Food stuffs. The area is mainly a farming community with electricity you will see children playing when there's moon light.

Purchasing home supplies

Am very grateful for your kind heart in lending to support my needs.

This loan will help me very much in acquiring equipments needed for the house.

Once again I say a very big thank you to all my lenders, and Zidisha company for this amazing platform.

Refrigerator for selling cold drinks

Wonderful lenders,thank you for your timely help,I have paid the last installment of my loan. The fund provided helped a lot in expanding my customer base.

Fresh vegetables for sale

Dear Lenders,

The payment of vegetables which i supplied to one of the local restaurants has just been released, so I am sending my thanks to you by repaying my loan in full! Thank you.

Buying a generator & adding stock into my general store

at work place

Introduction of banana chips

Dear Lender thank you for the previous loan it has really help me in rejuvenating my business and monthly turnover especially after the corona lockdown affected my business badly

Baobab business support

Thank you for the support. With my first loan I received, I have been able to but some raw materials for my baobab powder processing business .
I produced about 20 pcs and already sold all out :) I’m going to reinvest my profit into buying more raw materials until I’m able to buy my own baobab processing machine to cut down cost of production.

Crop farming

I will use the money to buy more farming equipment for my farm and to deploy people to work with at the farm

Organic fertilizer and other farm expenditures

Thats my outcome from my farm

Farming beans & tomatoes

This is my harvest this year and my helpers in the farm. Glofha general supplies. When I look back I just give God thanks because my beginning in 2016 was so humble ,today I can have employees to help out and learn . We have been able to compete previously for project support seed fund for training and support if the youth. Have been able to train young people and women on entrepreneurship skills, because I too learnt one step at a time.

New machines for my contractor business

With my several last loans, business has actually changed. It is simple and more profitable. Despite of the challenge we are all passing through of corona disease in Kenya, business is going well.

New machines for my contractor business

With the last zidisha loan, I really up lifted my business such that I have no, enough words
to explain. I'm going on well with business and waiting for another loan. For a long period, I had been not borrowing but for a bizzy working business man loans are essentials. Bellow is a photo as I prepare for a terassal floor at a site.