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Organic fertilizer for my bananas

Many thanks to all my dear lenders for supporting my farming business. I have received K446.00 which I want to use to buy more banana suckers for planting.

Pay rent for my business stall & buy more beauty products

Thank you very much all my lenders, God bless you! I will now use the money to pay rent for my business stall, and the balance to buy more beauty products. This will enable the business to run seamlessly.


Desks for my ICT school

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others Mohammed!

Support to buy detergent and soap

Thank you lenders for the loan support given me. I appreciate it so much.

To buy bags of sea salt

Thanks for the funding

Farm equipments

Thank you so much for the loan given to me. I received a loan of 13,000 and it was helpful. I should be able to refund the loan as soon as possible and get a higher credit to expand my business. Thank you

Purchase a road cutter

Dear Mary,

good luck with the expansion of your business.

Best Regards from Switzerland,

Loan for grocery business

Thanks to my lenders and Zidisha team for the loan. It has really helped me with my shop.
I have repay the loan as promised and I am looking forward to receiving my next load when I apply for it.
I am grateful.

Phone accessories

The previous money helped me to start up a new business which is better than the berbarbing business,I thank you very much because it's only you who could have helped me this much.

To make a deposit on a tricycle

My wonderful lenders I thank you all for greatest support to lending me a loan to deposit a tricycle for my business I thank you a lot.

Organic fertilizer

Am request for this loan to buy organic fertilizer in my necessary vegetable garden and I want these vegetable to grow well and sell them at a profit, they are selling very fast and are highly in demand. Today most people consume a lot more of vegetables to avoid GMOs food to safe guard their life and health.
Thank you so much my lender may God bless you.

Selling detergent, sanitary pads & toiletries

Hello Joshi,
Great to hear from you once again. I'm doing fine and I hope you are doing good too.
Always grateful and thankful to you for checking on me.
I wish you safe and always take care.

Purchase bags of organic fertilizer

Dear lenders.

Am so thankful for the loan you gave me, it helped a lot. I got more seedlings and fertilizer for the maize. Thank you so much.

Teaching aids for pupils

Kirk Moore, Anne, Daniel McFarlane, Bpryse, Jeanna, Donald Major, Kathleen Coleman, Varia, Julia and the team, thanks for believing in me.

Selling detergent, sanitary pads & toiletries

as usual, I am here to tap you on shoulder with a "how are you doing my friend?" !!! It has been over a year of challenging circumstances for all. Hope you are in good health and doing well. Take care.

Grocery business

I have received K797. I will buy grocery items. I want to thank you for the wonderful service you doing thank you. I really appreciate for your support.

Capital upgrade for cosmetics business

Dear me, the Joy of receiving the loan mix up with desire hit the ground running made me forget to do the right thing. I received 996 gh cedis. I have already bought goods Worth 1400 GH cedis and supplied. Actually I will collect payment today. I already got orders which I am sourcing right now. I hope to share pictures with you my lenders next time, so we all share in the Joy of giving and receiving. God bless

Office space for my accountancy firm

Hello my lenders,
In my last application for a loan. I used it to purchase an office desk for my company which is growing by the day. I can't explain how happy and grateful I am. Thank you for your kindness and hope you continue to assist me to make business bigger

Mini importation of fabrics

Thanks to all my amazing lenders who have taken it upon themselves to fund and support my business.thank you once again.this money will help me buy some goods for my customers .jeans ,female corporate wear and bags

Mini importation of fabrics

Good luck! Happy to help!

To purchase a sprinkler

I want to thank you lenders for the help I received from you, my kid is now doing ok and probably on Monday next week she will even start going to school, the hospital fees where settled in time and if it wasn't for your help I wouldn't have manage to pay those urgent fees. Thank you

Loan for farm equipment

The previous loan i used it to transporting maize from the farm, and it was a big achievement and i earned 80% from the business I was making, thank you for the loan

To buy camera lens

I received an amount of 2,312 GH, I will use it to buy camera lens which will help me produce good quality pictures and may God bless my Lenders and Zidisha

Expansion of construction business

Dear Lenders,
I am glad to inform you that I have received a total amount of 11,158 Ghana cedis.

I am currently working on getting the shop and the machines up for running.

I am very grateful for the loan and will keep you updated on my progress.

Thank you

Mobile phones spare parts order

Thank very much for the loan

To order face masks to sell for the prevention of Covid19

My bottle store business is going well after the loan from Zidisha. I want to thank all my lenders for this help.

Motor vehicle insurance

I really struggled to repay my last loan following a difficult year for tourism world over. Gladly, I managed to repay all of it.

To pay my farm workers

I thank you a lot all my lenders for your support you lend me a loan to employed two works to help me to do my farming work.

Developing my bakery

It's long time to meet again my greeting to you all I am very sorry to post comment about my progressing and everything is moving forward I have made my first payment on 31st March 2021 respectly and the business is good as I said earlier when I am creating new loan propose I said I got a contract of my electrical work that while I couldn't post comment of my progressing because I am very busy this days and even I am volunteer mentor and because of my busyness I can do a review so I hope by the end of this month or next month I will be free if God permit. Thank you very much all my lenders may Lord of heaven bless you and guide you all, keep safe always and Good night!!!

Buying jewelries to resell

Thank you zidisha and the lenders for your support in my business

Computers & accessories for school laboratory

My lenders and the great team that constitutes, I am thankful to you all. I fully repaid my loan today and the loan was helpful.

To pay labourers to assist me harvest maize

I have received the loan amount of ghc644 and I have used it to purchase some Weedicides and Fertilisers for my farm business. This has helped me to clear up the weeds on my farm and also apply fertilisers to the crops. This year, I am expecting bumper harvest because of the loan facility I'm able to access. I thank my lenders for this loan and hope to continue this relationship. God bless them abundantly.

To buy more sacks of ginger

am very grateful to all the lenders for supporting me to expand my ginger business

Growing my grocery shop

The loan I have just payed off helped me aquire a variety of new stock for the shop which attracted a lot of customers. Hence the reason I have paid it off earliar than expected. I want to buy more stocks to grow the business.

Well water for my school

This last loan ensured continuing in my drive to dig a well as a source of water for my school and our immediate community.

Payment of materials transportation to work site

I have received 1346gh and am so excited,l am using this amount of money for materials transportation to my work site..l thank you all my lenders

Inputs for crop farming

Iam very grateful for the loan amount of 3710 disbursed yesterday ...ill use it to buy metal strands and weld them in abid to expand my greenhouse . Thanks so much

Building affordable homes

Thank you lenders for the loan, it is of great help towards securing doors and windows to the premise. God bless!

Buy a maize-sheller machine & transport maize to market

Dear lenders my maize is now ready to prepare it for sale and find market. I need at least 20,000 ZMW to buy the maize sheller machine and hire transport to transport the maize to market. Am expected to produce 3500 to 4500 bags of maize of which when I sale them I will generate the income of 60000 ZMW to 75000 ZMW, I will generate good money representing 80% in terms of growth than before.
Thank you so much my lenders for supporting me I'm so grateful to you, am really humbled and I will do my very best to give you satisfaction on my progress of my business and repayments of the loan.

To buy cement to produce blocks

so greatful my wonderful lenders i will use this loan to get some bags of cement for my production

To buy a bike to ride to school

Dear my lenders I really appreciate wonderful thing you done it for me to offer me a loan which is 1,164ghc to buy a bike to ride it to school I thank you a lot may Almighty God bless you and guide you.

To buy car spare parts pre ordered by my customers

I used the previous loan to buy more car parts and supplied to my customers immediately. This has helped boost the confidence and trust between I and my customers thereby winning me another contract to supply more. Thanks to my lenders for this loan.

Distributing drinking water

Very big thanks to the lender for the loan. It had really helped me. I'm grateful


My family raises bees. You will do well in this!

To buy a deep freezer for my kenkey fish & vegetables business

I have used my offer to deposit my deep freeze and it's will help me to improve my business but I didn't deposit all amount I received because if I used all amount it affects my next payment installment so I deposit 300ghc so that I can use the balance to support my business because all amount I received is 745ghc so I thank you a lot may the Lord of heaven bless you guide you all. Keep safe always!!!

Purchase of inventory for my provisions shop

I will like to thank my lenders for the support given me.I purchased inventory for my business.The purchase had made a significant difference since most of the things i acquire are things people really needed.My earnings has increased to about 10% and also as i always do,i reinvest my earnings back into the business.With achievement,i have been able to help two of my neighbors with a job,by taking care of my shop.I really appreciate your dedication and support towards my business.

Fresh tomatoes, lemons, oranges, apples & vegetables

I will order more fresh fruits and I will also order fresh vegetables and four boxes of fresh tomatoes it will truly help me because I will have more things on my stand and thanks alot lenders for the loan

Selling second-hand clothing

Business is improving. Thank you for your support

Business selling foodstuffs

I will buy more bags of rice, more bags of beans, cassava flour and bags of millet,it will help increase my sales and revenue.thank you for the loan

Toward buying a motorbike for transportation to work

I just want to say thank you