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Inventory of merchandise

I will pay on time thank you

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Saya akan bayar tepat waktu terimakasih

Loan to buy stock of weaves for my salon

Thank you lenders for funding my loan. I will use the loan to buy weaves which I commonly use in braiding. My salon will get a higher profit return as by buying the weaves in bulk I will be able to save more cost as well as time. Thank you once again.

Business growth

Thanks a lot, u guys re really awesome! God bless you all

Selling soaps

I have received the loan and I have added it to my Uber Transport/Soap business and I am growing my business to the glory of God and to the appreciate of Zidisha. Thank you so very much all my lenders. God richly bless you all in Jesus name.

Harvesting and transportation of carrots in city market

Thank you my reliable we have been harvesting the carrots so the first batch will be transported tonight the another on Monday evening...... Now that you have funded me I will be paying labor and transportation cost. Thank you

Building rental houses

Hello my dear lenders, it is my pleasure to take this precious opportunity to humbly say thank you for fully funding my loan, it now upon me to reciprocate by repaying back promptly and on time so that others may also be helped the same way. May God richly bless you. Samuel.

Stock boost

I used the loan to increase stock in my business and managed to top up in building a pit latrine to be used by my clients. Zidisha is quite flexible with reasonable repayment formula which helps me balance my books to realize good profits.

Supplying uniforms to schools and other institutions

My work have been eased as a result of financial help from my lenders on zidisha. How I pray for a great increase in my credit limit so that your generosity not only impact my family but society as well. Am lost of words to express how I feel because of your aid but simply say let God bless you lenders more.

Harvesting and transportation of carrots in city market

Thanks Margaret, sure I will. God bless you


Harvesting and transportation of carrots in city market

Good luck Esther with your harvest of carrot!

New laminating and binding machine

Thank you so much.

New laminating and binding machine

Hello Paulson, that is a wonderful photo! Thank you for sharing.

Corporate institution of social enterprises

Hello, am greatly grateful for the team behind Zidisha. I hope my just started journey with you will turn to be a life changing experience. Regards, Sylvester Musyoka

Offering training courses in software development

The previous loan was really helpful in helping me purchase some study materials for my online training courses and classes. Now i'm able to accommodate more students in a single session rather than having some wait for next sessions due to unavailability of study materials. Thank you

Selling health supplements

Dear Lenders
Thank you very much for your faith in me.I Will use the loan to boost the business. I am striving to attain 100% rating in this loan.

Open a second branch in my printing service

Special thanks to all my lenders for their support during my previous loans. Indeed I have never regretted for joining this platform. I have really benefited from the support from my lenders. My business is now growing well. God bless you all.

Computer training center

Thank you for lending, it has really improved my microbusiness.

Acquire a shop for my natural health and beauty products

Dear lenders,
Thank you so very much for financing my loan. The loan will enable me to set up my small shop. I will keep you posted on the progress.
Once again, I thank you all very much and may God bless each one of you abundantly.

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

Hello Joshi and Laurie, Always grateful to you. Can't thank you enough for your love, care and support. All I can say is God richly bless you.

Books printing and publishing

Thanks so much for the loan I have been given in time past. It has really made my books printing and publishing a huge success. Though I still have some funding to do, I am very thankful to my lenders for the loan I have been given thus far. It has brought lot of progress to the printing and publishing of the books

Men's shoes & footwear

Dear lenders,
Thank you so much for the previous loan you gave to me that was of great importance and assistance. I used it to buy and resell more shoes as well as opening a facebook page for advertising my products at a monthly fee. The loan has helped me gain twice as much profit and save up capital for my next restocking. The loan also helped in my daily sustaining, thank you so much.

Best regards.

Procurement of apparatus for physics practical

The last loan really boosted my business,I was able to procure new marker board and some apparatus for chemistry practical..... .
My centre hosted some students for WAEC GCE chemistry practical.Photograph of some materials procured are attached.The cash flow will improve significantly very soon because of preparation of students for WAEC EXAM.

Selling fabric for making clothing

Thank you very much, I appreciate your effort towards helping me expand my business promise to never let you down.

New laminating and binding machine

Thank you for the compliment on my son. I have followed the link you shared. It's very informative. Thank you so much.

Building rental houses

i am very very thankful to all my lenders and zidisha organisation for funding my previous loan which i used for building my family house.this has realy saved me from paying rent of approximately usd 60 hence increased saving for my investments and family developments.

Acquire a shop for my natural health and beauty products

Thank you Isabella. It is my prayer that it goes very well.

Acquire a shop for my natural health and beauty products

I hope your business goes very well, Mercy

Purchasing of laptop

Am so happy I got my loan on time and I was able to use it for the project at hand (to buy more stocks)because its not enough to buy the laptop as stated before I believe the next loan will take care of that. Thanks to Zidisha thanks to my lender God bless you all

Fruit drink supply

Loan repayment successfully done this morning and I want to thank my lenders for the support, care and love show to me by lending to support my dream.
God richly bless you all and grant you good health.

To buy phones and accessories for re-sale.

Thanks so much lenders for all your effort. Am about to complete the current loan. I hope the same support will be given for my next loan. God bless you all.

Equip shop with goods

I thank all my lenders for giving me this loan opportunity and also use this medium to say that am deeply grateful.
Of course the loan will be used to buy more goods to the shop.

Business expansion

I received N35,750 in my account,I have already bought additional goods to add to my stock in my shop, thank you very much for lending me money

Selling hair weavons to beauty salons

Thanks for the loan was able to increase my sales and will be able to increase my profit am greatful

Inventory for my retail shop

that is my shop

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

Hello Joshi,

You really made me happy, I thank you for your kind words and also, motivating me to do more.
Thank you and God richly bless you.

Computer center

I have received the amount of 11464NGN and have bought my computer materials .thanks so much

Buying of ladies shoes and bags for resale

This is what I bought with the loan and I am hoping to get a higher loan next time to help improve my business

Business expansion

Am very grateful for ur timely response and support to my financial needs. Am using this fund with money at hand to buy a new generator to support d old one am using should in case of emergency. It will makes my drinks ever ready for customers at any time. From that I make huge sales n increase profit.

Tailoring material dealer

The loan was use to buy, some clothes materials, to my store, I also buy equipment such as tape rule, and part if it for my store rent , i really appreciate you for the loan sir

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

have not contributed to this loan but have been following you for some time now. What's remarkable is that this loan was for a community project and not just your individual business. To add icing to the cake, by paying off this loan fully in time, you have added to the credit risk fund pool thereby helping someone else with their Zidisha loan.

You have a very inspiring story. Keep it up. I certainly look forward to contribute to you next loan.

- Joshi

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

Loan repayment finally completed. This was my 5th loan with Zidisha and I felt very humble to say that I have never had a past due. Having joined Zidisha since April 2016 till today, I still maintained my 100% on-time payment. Always grateful to the Zidisha team and to all lenders for this wonderful opportunity. Opportunity that allow me to adjust my repayment such that I never have a past due in my loan repayment.
What else can I say to the many lenders who supported me all these years, I say BIG THANK YOU, for believing in my dream and supporting me. God bless you, protect and grant you all good health.

Acquire a shop for my natural health and beauty products

Dear lenders,
I am happy to report that I was able to secure a small shop through which I intend to sell my natural products. I managed to pay the first and last (deposit) rent for the shop and have it painted.
I am now seeking more funding to stock the shop, buy a weighing scale and packaging materials.
It will be a great stride in building my sales to have a retail outlet and to have a central position where clients will come. Having a shop will also build a clientele from walk-in customers and provide me with an opportunity to upsell when a customer comes to the shop.

Mpesa mobile money transfer service

Thanks for funding me It really boosted my stock. I restocked every all the items I need more and boosted my m-pesa its too early to determine my earning but l am sure come this time l will make extra more which l will be able to take my family for christmas holiday this year. My holiday we have to go where there hotels on the beach it out of town . Thanks once more for your kind help.

Ruth Musela

Satellite dish for my sport viewing centre

thanks to all my lender
am very grateful

Product packaging

Hello Paul, I am grateful for the loan. I will use it to buy more essential oils and lotion base Shea Butter for the production of my signatory body lotion.This will enable me meet demand for supply. thanks once again


My dear Lenders, I have received the sum of #23,373 in my account and I'll continue to remain grateful to you all for boosting my financial confidence. Again thank you

Fabrics purchase

My previous loan was used to purchase some beautiful fabrics which I sold to my clients. Some of my clients made beautiful dresses from me with the fabrics

Distributing solar lights to wholesalers

Thank you Mr. PAUL and Emma so much. I used it to fuel my truck for the weeks distribution.

Buy a blowdry machine to benchmark with barber business

Hello Zidisha i am still in progress with business and schooling for a hair dressing course .Thank you the lenders wherever you are i give a big thanks to you for enabling me swell through my business

Sewing bags

Since my last loan, my business have had challenges but it's working out well, my first African made bags are out and have sent samples out, unfortunately I don't have a picture of one right now but I'll post the moment I finish with them so that you can see how far I've gone through your help.