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Cashew plantation loan

Thanks you very much my lenders, loan was fully received. Am grateful for all your assistance


Zidisha loan best loan so he help my business as a DJ for now i can do with u guys thank so much

Loan for africa prints, shoes and car hiring

I bought men clothes and Africa prints. It have increase my profit by 7% and also help me take care of my mom and also my children. My neighbors have stop going to the next town to buy clothes. Thank you lenders

Manicure and pedicure kits plus display cabinets

I confirm receipt of 36262 KES. I am going to use this loan to purchase manicure and pedicure kits for my salon business. The rest of the money will be used to make display cabinets and additional stock items for my business. Thank so much zidisha and lenders for your support to my business. Looking forward to increased profits

Help me get full stack web development certification

I am doing fine with Zidisha and I hope I'll increase my loan limit to the amount of money that I need for starting my dream business

To buy female sheep for my livestock rrlearing

I am sowing beans on my other farmland

Buy 3 table for restaurant

The last loan changed my life in a big small restaurant have attract more customers because there every kind of food. Thank you lenders God bless you.

Clothing business

I will buy trousers, shirts, and shoes including neck-ties for my business to grow. Thank you very much my lenders.

Motorbike taxi

Hello lenders.more photos of my business

Motorbike taxi

Hello this is has my business gone.Thank you very much

Purify water in my community

Thanks goes to my dear lenders for helping me till this far and God bless you all

Manicure and pedicure kits plus display cabinets

Good luck!

Kind regards from Switzerland,


Add fencing to protect my farm

Good luck with your fence!


The business is growing.

Educational fees and expenses

I have seen growth in my financial capacity and this is due majorly to the support received from the zidisha loan. I am very grateful for being aided to take up more business and inject more capital and also to meet other basic needs being of the profit made. Thank you so much and God bless you

Kamaa wa comp games and computer software's.

Thanks alot lenders am glad you have been assisting me with your loans to keep me updated with my computer services.


Thank you do much for being part of keeping African children in school and supporting their moms! your support will help improve lives.

Textbook acquisitions

Summer Classes soon to begin. All prepped and ready

Beans & kola nuts sale

well it hasn't been easy, i started with Beans, at some point ventured into kola nuts, made some losses, and was able to catch up again. At a point i thought it was not going to work but thank God put in extra efforts, went the extra mile of collecting extra goods and paying back after sales. Today i am so happy cos i can also give out commodities to smaller traders and wait for them to bring payments. Thanks to you my lenders and thanks to Zidisha that was patient with me even when repayments became slow. I wouldn't be where i am without you. My next consistent comes in next week, will make pictures available

Setting up of relaxation centre

I will buy more drinks,pork meat,cat fish,glass cups ,DSTV ,drink covers ,tables and chairs to boost my relaxation business.
These will boost my business and increaae sales and my weekly profit.
I thank you all for the loan.

Guest house renovation and revamp

Wow and congratulations to me !! Though it was tough through the unprecedented low and high season but i managed to repay the loan . For starters at the beginning there was a slight delay in the disbursement of the loan but when I got the money I wasted no time and worked with my suppliers to ensure that my project of the anticipated expansion of the meeting hall/ conference room for my guest house was constructed and thereafter in a few months after completion I embarked on marketing the new facility conference hall to the local community that included women groups, local government as well as NGOs who have started using the facility/ conference hall for their meetings and to date i am realizing extra additional income for my guest house and this is has enabled my guest house to be a fully fledged hotel thanks to Zidisha community.

Loan to invest in my transport business

Thanks to lenders.


Thank u zidisha lender for the loan you grant me I really appreciate, The loan has really helped me so much to buy foodstuff

Efficiency, product line and service provision improvement

Thank you all so much. I have received my loan amounting to Ksh. 78842/= and remain greatful for the same.
May you all be blessed as I embark on this new step of development.


Fabric purchase

I have just received my loan.. This came when needed. Am grateful my lenders. I appreciate your kind gesture to us all. I will go to the market on Monday to get some goods.. I promise to always make my payment on time so I won't affect other borrowers.. Thanks so much

To purchase lcd tv for my hotel

The amount ihav reccived 5798ksh , Iwil buy tecno phone and once again take this opportunity to thank all my lenders may God bless you all.

Add more computers to my cybercafe

I have receive the loan. I thanks lenders. I will make use of it and repay back. I am grateful.

Setting up of relaxation centre

Thank you Sabrina ,certainly,I will update you about my progress.


Setting up of relaxation centre

Good luck with your business - I am looking forward to read your updates

Selling men's clothing

Clothes for selling.
It will help me be financially stable.
Thank you for helping me grow.

Purchase Medicinal Herbs For My Business

will buy more goods with it
God bless my lenders thanks very much

Materials for making clothing

Hello Helen,
wish you all the best in your sewing business. Can you post photos of a couple of dresses that you have made. Just curious to see those!

Funds in support of my masters studies

Hello lenders,
Please I have been granted the study permit now.Thank you for all your support.God bless you you all.

Efficiency, product line and service provision improvement

Thanks for the motivational words and monetary support!!

Materials for making clothing

Am grateful to zidisha

Add more computers to my cybercafe

I use the loan amount as inventory for my cybercafe .l thank my lenders.

Stock of staple foods for my shop

Am very grateful for my business as I see it growing with all hope. Thanks zidisha team

Vegetable farming

I am happy all lenders for the contributions. Thank you.

Buying seeds

Thanks lenders am halfway now about time I finish my loan and i take on other one I have seen increase in my income come December holiday I can afford to take my children for a holiday this has been a dream come true.

Building, construction and painting

I will buy new working gadgets, employ more workers and this will greatly help me towards looking after my family and starting other new projects.

Thank you very much MaggieK

Buy solar lamps

Thank you! I am excited. I will share photos once I purchase the lamps.

Open a mobile phone payment service center

You are doing a great job to uplift borrowers live. The loan I recently got zmw 951 was used to get a trading licence for Airtel money business. I want to start doing this business as part of my business diversification strategy. Thank you

Gilgal springs academy for the vulnerable.

Hello Dear lenders I have introduced uniform to our pupils so that many will be motivated to come and join us next term.


Buy solar lamps

Good luck Richard with your solar lamp business, it will help keep people healthy to not breathe the fumes from kerosene.

Samuel’s fashion loan project

Great shirt, Samuel!

Efficiency, product line and service provision improvement

Dear Zidisha lenders, kindly receive my warm and happy greetings as I begin by thanking you for the last loan you gave to me. I have faithfully completed my payments for it.
The loan has helped me grow twofold. I managed to purchase some machines that increased capacity and efficiency that has increased my profits by an estimated 30%. In this, I am motivated to increase my staff by one, as well as refurbish the premises so as to handle an increased client flow and maintain efficiency. Ideally, this will enable me take on a second member of the community as a member of staff.

This last loan has been so encouraging, as for the first time in a while, my son has gone through 3 semesters without any hiccups as regards school fees and has not therefore been sent home for lack of the same. This has led to an improved performance academically on his part. For this, I am extremely grateful.
Finally, and in brief, I wish to employ the new loan's funds in strategies that will make a brand of this business, looking long term.

Thank you for making a positive impact in my life, and in return that of my family and those who depend on me. On my part, I promise to continue being prompt and faithful in servicing my loan. May God bless you all and the entire Zidisha family!

Mixer installation

Halo my lenders, here I do thanks your kindness generosity , towards my loan. I received a total of 123647ksh, and now am preparing the house for the business. Maybe after two weeks it will be ready, I will photo it and send you .I will also update you on its progress. Once again thanks you all.

Business loan

Am happy that my loan is 100% funded, it actually came as a surprise to me because I was given 13days yesterday evening I applied. Now I'll have to start business immediately. With the loan I will be buying locally little by little pending when my credit limit will grow higher, then I'll start importing foreign materials and export my skilled designs as well. The loan is actually for materials (fabrics) for my fashion and designing business. Am so happy to know Zidisha team and am saying a very big thanks to my wonderful and kind hearted lenders. Long live Zidisha

Happy living decor

thanks zidisha you came in handy and I am forever grateful

Working tools

Many thanks for providing #5,084 loan for me without stress
,I used it to buy thread for making these round neck polo orders,please am still looking forward to get bigger loan to expand my garment making factory.i say once again thank you very much