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Buying more organic fertilizer for maize crop

Thank you lenders for supporting me, the loan was really a great success. My business has now improved and making good profits.Thank you so much and may God bless you.

Transportation business

Currently facing some financial challenges as a result of the inability to complete works on my transport vehicle.
However am still committed to settling my indebtedness to Zidisha and it's cherished partners.

Addition of stock to my clothing stalls

I received 95744ksh.
I will buy sunglasses, watches, rings, wallets, earrings, chains, lipstick, hairband,belts, padlocks, caps.
Thank you all my lenders for believing in me through this journey and making my dream of owning a clothing stall come true.

Sales of food provisions

Am so much grateful for my last funding, it was indeed helpful, God bless you richly

To stock my shop with new hair products

There are some new weaveons and hair products on the market now which ladies are using to plait their hairs and also do wigs so the demands for these products that's why I am applying for this loan to enable me buy more hairs into my shop to sell and increase my sales and income. The previous funds helped me to get some of the products like Darlin Hairs and Weaveons, Obaasima Relaxer and Hairs etc, Now my customers are happy because they are able to get the new products to buy from my shop at cheaper price. This loan will even boost my sales as it help me to stock more products and sell at very reduced prices. Thank you.

Selling cassava and other vegetables

My lovely backers, the amount of 498.00 I have received and I thank you a lot and I will used it to buy more cassava and others.

Women’s fashion

I am so very grateful for the good work the zidisha team is doing here, your cup shall never run dry

Business of selling rice

I will put it in my business so that my business can grow and thanks for your help i do appreciate

Loan to pay my rent (for two years)

I will be able to pay for my two years rent advance, so as to settle and work, have peace of mind and some privacy, and also, some development in my personal live.
Always grateful and thankful to all lenders on Zidisha and also, to team Zidisha for this wonderful opportunity.
God richly bless you.

Loan for forklift training (and transport fees to school)

Hello dear Lenders, am very happy to inform you that the loan has been disburse to me. Thank you all, for your unconditional support. May Heaven bless you all.
thank you.
stay safe,

Loan to pay my rent (for two years)

Amen, and thank you very much for your best wishes

Selling cassava and other vegetables

Good luck Grace I hope this offer will help a bit.

Stationery supplies business

Thank you for the support amounting to KSH 8,101. I restocked my supplies of stationery with the fund

Cake oven

To my Lender's, hope you are all well and Thank you for your continued support.
I got a very good deal on a convection 9 tray oven that has a 5 tray proffer from the shop that sold me the one deck oven ,so I traded in my one deck oven topped up some cash and got the bigger one.
So far am happy with its performance ,can't complain.

To put toward buying a sewing machine

Thank you so much my lovely lenders God bless you

Expanding my salon shop

What a blessing you are my dear lender, much blessings to the zidisha team

Invest in my green beans farming

Thank you all for the support lenders.

Cloth for sewing designer dresses

Thank you very much in so many ways, Vicki. I also promise to make sure to use the funds profitably and pay it back into the community to use in funding other developmental projects.


Cloth for sewing designer dresses

Good luck to you!

Loan for forklift training (and transport fees to school)

Hello dear Lenders, deep down my heart i thank and appreciate you all for fully funding my loan application. i knew you won't disappoint or let me down. am very grateful for always supporting me.

this loan would be of great help to me, as i would use part to buy a form and also use part to fully pay for the cost of the training. would also use some for transpotation and other things i may need for the training.

May the almighty God fulfil your heart desires like you have done mine. May God repay every cent u contributed towards the funding of my loan to pure joy and happiness, Prosperity, Good Health, long life and a blessed home.

stay safe...

Money to continue my new shop

Thank you so so much for your help I pray someone help you too


Loan to pay my rent (for two years)

May all your dreams come true Hagan!

To put toward buying a sewing machine

My lenders thank you so much and i will be looking up for your support again.

Purchase food & buy insurance for my food retail business

Re: "...May God have mercy on our Mother Earth..."

God works through all of us. Please take the time to read what's on my page, and what's linked there, too. It's long, but there's no issue more important to the future for all of us than the facts referenced there. I wish it weren't so, but almost nobody wanted to listen to the science (and the math!) fifty-plus years ago, or at any time in the decades from then up until now, and we all are paying the price.

For anyone not good at math, don't worry, you won't have to do any math... you only need to read closely (and read/watch/listen closely to what's linked from my page, as well).

There still is something VERY effective that we all still could do (in addition to what's being done already, but MUCH more effective than all of that, combined)... but it needs to be done NOW, not at some far-off time "in the future"... we already are living "the future" from sixty, fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten, five, and two years ago...

We have to get serious about what we've been doing to Mother Earth, and everyone has to become educated about what THE main cause is of most of our problems on this planet (and what the *humane* solution is to that main cause of most of our problems).

Please ask your daughter also to read everything on my page (and to read/watch/listen closely to everything linked from my page, too), as a part of her education. At this time in human history, there literally is nothing more important than the facts that are mentioned there.

UPDATE: There's another long (but also important to read) public-service post, another based on science, as well, here:
[Edited Sep 12, 2021]

Re: "...May God Bless my Lenders and Zidisha, always..."

May God bless you, as well, Linda.
Best wishes, and please stay safe. :)

Educational expenses to become a journalist

Thanks for supporting me

Supplying gypsum for construction

Thank you my lenders, this cash will be uses to pay my gypsum supplies and the profit realized will be used to cater for home expenses

Invest in my green beans farming

Thank you lenders

To buy hair tonic

In my last loan I got was used to puchurse a dryer. I can proudly say that, my project was a successful one and am grateful.

Selling stationery to fellow students

I added the money to the money I had and I used the Total funds to buy some school requirements and paid some few food stuffs to eat at school.

To put toward buying a restaurant business

Business climate if not favorable due Covid 19 pandemic, but we hope normalcy will resume very soon.

Restocking lingerie, chains, nose masks, hand sanitizers, etc.

I was able to buy burglar proof to secure my shop to prevent thieves to break in. I was very worried and it was a challenge for me and thanks to the lenders and to zidisha for the loan, Now my burden has been lifted from my shoulders and now I can sleep better and sound knowing my shop is secured and safe.

To promote my tailoring business

well done, and stay safe, buddy

Mobile money transfer business

Thank you my lenders for supporting me, my mobile money business is doing well and the profit I make I reinvest in the business to make it expand.
Thank you once again and may God bless you.

Buying a bale of summer time clothing in my shop

Through your financial support my business is growing well and stable, so far have been surviving through the same business with your support. The profits made I reinvest and also buy food, and pay school fee for my children.
Thank you so much for supporting me I really appreciate.

To buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer for my vegetables

Dear the lenders am so grateful for the support you have been giving me, my business successes has been as a result of your support. The business is doing very well and it is stable despite minor challenges 2 months ago due to the just ended general elections here in Zambia. The profits made is used to buy more agriculture equipment's and farming inputs to grow the business.
Some profits I use them to buy food and improve the well being of my family.
Thank you very much my lenders for your support I hope and pray that you will support me again in the near future.

Laptop computer for work, and a vision check-up

Hi, Joshi.
Yeah, it has been over a year if we check from the timeline comment here. I got an email to review some of new member before, I thought there will be loans for Indonesian, well, Julia said not yet. That when I saw the question at the forum.
Yup, got vaccinated last month, just a bit sore arm. I'm fine and I hope you and the others lenders also fine wherever you are.

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Hi, Joshi.
Yeah, it has been over a year if we check from the timeline comment here. I got an email to review some of new member before, I thought there will be loans for Indonesian, well, Julia said not yet. That when I saw the question at the forum.
Yup, got vaccinated last month, just a bit sore arm. I'm fine and I hope you and the others lenders also fine wherever you are.

Increase my stock of car accessories

The loan I took previous ly was very successful and I want to thank my good lenders for giving me such a loan. God bless you all.

Gradually open a provisions shop

My dear lender thanks so much God bless you

Selling cassava and other vegetables

Hello my lovely backers, previously I bought one sack of cassava 120.00 and this recently Ioan which I have completed help me to buy 150.00 and I hope if this offer comes through it will help me to buy a least 3 sack of cassava.
Thanks and hopefully you can make it possible for me.
God bless you all.

Pay school fees for one of my siblings

Zidisha is helping me so much. Thank you

Expand cultivated land for growing cabbages

Hello Zidisha,I am doing well,land preparations was over ,I have hustled so much to buy seeds and money for workers,so far I have all seeds required am now working on the process of planting, thanks Zidisha

Buying wood to make chairs to sell

I received the loan that was paid to me and I am going to use this money to buy wood to make chairs forsale. I really thank my lenders for this loan.

Crop farming and shop business

Thank you all for funding my project I really appreciate and I will repaid on time

Restocking my cosmetics shop

Thank you all my lenders

Expansion of my dressmaking business

First I would like to thank you lenders of zidisha platform and zidisha team for giving me the opportunity to join this platform I had some challenges which am now overcome it and I have resume repayment

To help pay my daughter's school fees

I'm impressed about how zidisha has organize itself. Thank you

Grocery business

I have received 295 I will invest this money into my business that am running which is grocery. Thank you very much.

Producing a new music album

Thanks for funding my project. I will by a condenser Mic that will help me solve most of my vocal recording problems. This will favour the creation of clean mixes and maybe help to sell my work. Thanks again.

Educational expenses to become a journalist

Thanks very much for all the lenders I am very grateful for the support towards my journalism career

To buy more school bags to sell

I and you friend made them and I order the lunch box and orders.