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Business loan

Happy for your support and assistance in my life
I will use the money to upgrade my business

Loan for school perimeter fence

What, what a relief my able and enviable lenders, gargantuan gratitude to you all, this loan will be deployed to further the task of perimeter fencing of my school. Thank you all again.

Selling motor vehicle spare parts

Thank you so much lenders for lending me again, am so happy for the loan, I will used it to my More parts to sell in my shop for this Christmas period and make huge profit from it

God bless you lenders


Thanks everyone...
God bless you all richly

Roofing my resdential house

This is how far the i have gone with building of the house. just thought sharing my progress.

Second hand clothes business

Thank you very much Margaret, really appreciate your help and support

Buying a computer

I Will buy a will help me in my cyber business.Thank you all my lenders for believing in me.May God bless you.

Upgrade my taxi fleet chair covers

I was able to purchase new tyres for two of my vehicles with the last funds received. Thank you very much

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Thank you all so much God bless you.

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Happy to help again.

Oyster mushroom farm expansion

David has been of a great blessing and brought a lot of relief into my business. A big thank you to David and all the wonderful people of zidisha. God bless you all. We need more help like that outside zidisha and I promise to be faithful and pay back as promised and agreed upon.
Love you all...


Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Best wishes!

To buy computer set for my new shop

I am really grateful for your continual support,you have made my business grow to a greater heights. God bless you

Ajaj foods retail

I thank God and the lenders for fully funding my loan.
I hope to use the money to buy items into my store to ensure that I make enough profit to pay.
I thank all the lenders

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

With God all things are possible, it another wonderful Sunday. God bless and guide you all my dear lenders. Am very much grateful for being part of my life. Your support are well appreciated. Kindly keep being with me and support me. Heaven would surely reward you all, Amen.

Working capital for my restaurant

Hello Lenders,
There are times when entrepreneurs lack words of appreciation because of the good which you are doing every day to applicants. Please keep it up.
This loan will be used as an additional working capital for me to order more food stocks for the restaurant in preparation for festive season.
God bless you all.

Rafa's online class project

The previous loan was helpful in helping me meet my communication tools needs for my clients. I was able to perfect the vocal transmission during the training session by acquiring a better mixer for the new speakers.
Thank you

Book shop business

I thank you for the loan, it really help my business, I was able to get more goods to my store

Loan to buy more phones to expand my shop

Hello my dear lenders, I have receive my first loan and I want to thank you very much, this is my first money I have received and am very grateful to you all zidisha and am looking up to work perfectly and continues with you as I achieve what I have dream to make my business. Thank you very much,

Mpesa float and mobile phone accessories

Hi Zidisha family its been long since I posted but all in all business has been good and challenging at the same time this year but all in all am glad everything is working out well, I take this opportunity to thank all lenders who have stood with me all this time may you never lack. Thats all for today.


Stock of shoes for my store

Good luck Simon with your new loan. It is wonderful you share your profits with those less fortunate.


Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Please continue to help the people in your part of the world. Working together we can all make great changes!

Business loan

I am indeed grateful for your assistance and support
God bless you all

Selling house paints

Thanks to all my faithFul lenders who funded my loan.Going into the sale of paint has yeilded alort though business has it own crisis. I now take care of my kids feeding. Am planning to have another branch in my area. To avoid competitors not to reduce my sales.Christmas on the way as people will buying more paint for their houses .thanks to zidisha and my lenders

Stock of shoes for my store

Haloo my leders. The last loan supported my business in a very big way. I managed to raise school fee for my two kids and the same time I supported one of the childrenhome in laikipia county. Thank you for your support.

Work materials

I sincerely appreciate for the previous loan given to me it really helped me out, I will always be repaying prompt in repaying my next loan. Thanks

Purchase of school shoes

This loan will help in introducing more shoe stock. Further more this will a add to me in terms of profit making. May i thank Zidisha lenders for accepting my loan request.

Moses loan project

Aww :-) Gosh that made me smile Moses!!
Thank you for such a thoughtful message :-) & For taking the time to look into the suggestion :-)

All the best with whatever endeavours are in your future Moses :-)

Selling prepaid mobile phone and data credit

Thanks for your support and kindness. I will use it to work and produce the best results.

Moses loan project

Hi Emma,
Thank you very much for your suggestion. To me it’s a relieve to see you as the first to give a suggestion of diversity in business.
I am grateful to response to your call here at my discussion page. Kindly forgive me for taking such long, is because I remembered and followed an advice of my father which says; “ never conclude, rush to give answer...” when didn’t have any answer at that moment.

I have done much enquiries about your suggestion and is amazing to know something new. Am still on it having interaction with some experience women, unfortunately I haven’t gotten any man but in all, it was and has always been great chat about selling essential oils.

Enma, I do appreciate your time and care. I want you to know that am putting things in place and positively, this business will commence thanks to you.

Best wishes in life and long life.


To add more float to my agencies

My kids and I when I took them for a holiday.

Training center for youth

Hi guys. I'm back in business, and things are much better now after experiencing difficulties. I'm already setting things up for a better training center and with your help I hope to make a bigger impact. Thank you

African shirt loanword

I wish to thank all my lenders for the previous loan,it really helped my add more stock to my products and this went a long way of increasing my revenue.It has therefore given me much ability to take care of my family


To buy accessories for my mobile phone repairs business

I hope you gain many new customers George!

Equipment for cybercafe

Thank you for your money which will help me to finance my project.....may God bless you unsparingly.

Marketing for december coding classes

Partnering with a School to teach Coding and Animation basics

Purchasing of chalks, pencils, drawing booksand cryons

Thanks Mr. Paul for lending me this fund to purchase the chalks, pencils, drawing books and crayons. I promise to use this money for the intended purpose. God bless you

Add a classroom to our school

Lewis and Andrea, am most grateful for your support even though ghc 149 can buy only 4 bags of cement in a project that requires more than ghc50000. Am looking forward for greater Union and collaboration for VIJU ACADEMY.

School expenses for my brother

Hello Distinguished Lenders,

On my dashboard board, it shows I have missed a repayment quite unfortunate. I made the said payment on the 10th November, 2019 which wasn't credited to my account as a result of error coming from my mobile service provider. I'm currently sorting the problem with them to get it rectified.

I need you all to understand that, no payment has been missed, there is a dispense error.

Secondly, I mentioned I will post the items purchase with loan here. The items include the following.

Student Matress GHS200.00
Sandals GHS50.00
Cleaning items GHS100.00
Shoe (2) GHS200.00
Chop box GHS60.00
Trank GHS80.00
Food items GHS100.00
Blanket GHS30.00
Bed sheet(3) GHS90.00
Sleeping Cloth GHS30.00, etc

Attached is the full list of items purchased

I hope my network provider resolves the issue soon. Thank you

Car seats

Thank you my lenders I will buy new wheels for the cab.Be blessed

Register my car with Uber to use as a taxi

Hello my lenders, I want to say my special thanks to Ms Sayuri, Mr.Bucchet,,Mr Vratic Krocik and Nancy and David for Funding my loan . May God bless you. I'll use the loan to buy my car tracker and alarm. this will protect it from theft when I ferry customers to new places that I'm not aware of the security systems. I'll be able to repay the loan on time. Thank you

To purchase a piece of land.

thank you lenders n zidisha as a whole for i have received the whole dispatch of my loan and have now settled with the vendor as in agreement for the plot of land i had booked for purchase.

God bless you soo much

Selling motor vehicle spare parts

Thank u lenders....This week as been great for me with the loan I took from ZIDISHA..I make a huge profit within a short time after buying motor parts (underneath) from delears and sold it to my customers... Am really appreciate the loan .. I have repaid back immediately, kudos to u guys.. You're really doing me a great favor..GOD BLESS YOU ALL

Car seats

I sold the mpesa shop and bought a old taxi which has enabled me buy a new one now.

Loan for buy mobile phones accessories.

Thanks to you all for your support the business is moving on well and with high hope of repaying the remaining balance on time. Thank you

Portable goods

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to all of you who made this loan possible and available. I'm grateful.
This loan will help me clear my goods and stock up my shop.
Thanks to all my lenders.

Upgrade farm equipment

Thank you for the Ksh 6968 loan which enabled me to procure farmyard manure which came in handy in boosting my kale production during the rainy season.
Thank you for the loan

To buy computer set for my new shop

I was able to buy printers for sale. This made me get a huge profit,I am happy I was also able to satisfy my customers. Thanks for your unceasing support.

Tailoring workshop and training center

Good day Lenders. I received the loan amount of 38310. As always I have used the money to buy accessories. Thank you very much for the loan.

Selling dry pumpkin leaves and pounded peanuts

I will buy dry pumpkin leaves and pounded groundnuts.

It will help me raise my sales and profits

Thank you so much for lending me K3,024.