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Publication of educational children's books

It is always good to get support so you can keep going - Congratulations!

Poultry farm

Its incredible that i am building my business with the cash from zidisha

Cassava farming and processing

Good luck with your cassava farming!


I received 543 Ghana cedis. This
amount helped me to buy boxes of
nails of different sizes to retail to my customers in smaller quantities. I thank you for all the support. God bless you

Publication of educational children's books

Hi people, at the library promoting the book 'Sema Hapana'. I was given the opportunity at an event organised by one of the local media stations for children. The children came along with their parents and some with their schools(4) and teachers.

I printed ten copies which I gave out (same day). The librarians also requested some for review as they noted that the book though appealing did not have an ISBN number. The teachers were impressed by the art work and the simple story line. A few errors were highlighted and I was thrilled to be corrected.

I will have to correct the few errors and the book should have its space in the library..complete with ISBN.

No sale yet..

Grocery shop

Hello Roda, I am your fellow Zambian from Solwezi. I have supported because I want our country to go forward I wish you the best in your business and repayment of this LOAN.
God bless you.

To put toward reading materials for children in my community

With the help of the loan I will be able to buy reading books for the children in my community and teach them how to read during weekends.

To put toward buying new sewing machine for dressmaking

These am raising today, I would like to buy a new sewing machine as the old one is giving challenges. I have good orders of sewing school uniforms, reusable washable pads for a female orphanage organisation in our community. This will create more income for me because the income I will realize in sewing school uniforms and school jerseys is bigger which requires me to makes me to have a good sewing machine for good production of uniforms and items. Therefore my profits will increase and I will be expecting is K 15,000.00 .
Thank you my lenders for your support and God bless you so much.

To help buy shampoo and conditioner for hairdressing business

I thank you all again God richly blessed you. It will be used for purchasing of shampoo and conditioner for salon services. It will provide income

Buying a tuk-tuk for taxi business

I appreciate the help from financiers.I am grateful.

To put toward buying a power amplifier for my church

I bought an additional two microphones for Sunday school and added my savings to buy a keyboard. Thanks for your support

To help purchase mobile phone protectors to sell

Thank you for and I appreciate your assistance for my loan


To help restock my general store

Hope your business prospers. Please share your love and profits with others -God bless us all :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

To purchase cement and block to support my building

I would buy more home supplies products to sell and make money to invest in more products I am appreciate the love zidisha community shows

For a reading project in my community

I want to say a big thank you to all those who helped in funding the loan I applied for my project.
This will help me kick start the publicity for my project.
I really am grateful and the LORD bless you for your kindness!

Supplies for my printing business


For putting toward my mother's hospital bills

Thank you for making my dream and goals possible to give me the loan to renovate my shop to operate my job

Buying organic fertilizer, pesticides & herbicides

I will some farming inputs such as weed killer, pesticides and of course more organic fertilizer to grow more vegetable as i will increase profits.
Thank you to you all my lenders for your effort and support.

To upgrade computers for cybercafe

Happy feeling blessed God has blessed me with a beautiful baby girl,I want to share my joy with my lenders coz through the money you supposed me with am able to put food on the table for my daughter,God grace has been sufficient am able to go out with friends,I can afford a smile,

To put towards buying tables, chairs, serving pans & plates

Thank you my lenders, the past loan help to buy some tables, chairs and some cooking pot and plate, the loan has changed the face of restaurant. Through the loan it is now developing. Thank you so much and your support once again will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

To put towards purchasing clothing to sell

From my heart I say May Allah bless you and your family. May all your desires come true

For my kids payment for fee's and their feeding fee's

The fund will help me to make payments for the kids fee's and their feeding fee's. Thank you for making my project possible

To purchase motor for sewing machine

My sewing business is improving ever since I become zidisha community member. So much love


School fees for my children

You are a wonderful mother

Publication of educational children's books

This is me at the library auditorium before the children came in. I had to know my audience 'the children' before publishing. Its a book club - there will be another meet up at the last weekend - I want them to have the book

School tables and chairs

My dearest lenders, I appreciate the support you have given me once again for this new loan. I will use it to acquire some more tables and chairs for my private SHS school operation. This will go a long way to help me increase the number of students enrollment in mattest college. Thanks for the helping hands extended to me. I will say once again to the entire zidisha community that zidisha has come to stay.

Publication of educational children's books

I am impressed that you are doing this and using your talents to help people out. I am anxious to see how your book is received. Good luck.

To put towards purchasing oil paint for my furniture work

Good luck with your furniture business. I admire people who can work with their hands like you.

Expansion of mobile money services business

I will invest more money in my mobile money services and generate more income hence grow my business and improve the livingstandard of my family. I really thank you my lender for supporting me and my business.God bless you




From the fund that I have received I have attached my receipt and the balance of the money I have add some money and pay my rentals and has make a big difference because I was not manage to pay the school fees for my child now I have paid and pay my rentals and earnings will increased by 250 kwacha weekly.then the increased earnings I will use (1) saving some money in the bank account for purchasing of diesel water pump to use to my farm for farming business, paying school fees for my children and dependant and rentals, electricity and buying food at home. Below is the attached photos.

School fees for my children

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all my backers, the funds had a major impact on helping my kids to further their studies. On behalf of my children I want to thank you for helping us make a positive difference.

Thanks to all and God bless you!..

Supplies for my printing business

May our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless you beyond measures. Thank you so much for such a great help. May you never lack anything for helping someone.

To invest in my transport & mobile money businesses

This is Kusi Obodum Enterprise.
*Mtn mobile money
*Airteltigo money
*Vodafone cash
I hope it's a step in the right direction!!!

To invest in my transport & mobile money businesses

These are some photos of my new business. I hope the business goes well with me and if it happens, I can make a payment of Ghc 60.00 per month. Thanks

Expansion of mobile money services business

I would like to take this moment to you thank you my lenders or backers of my previous loan, the loan you helped has improved my mobile money services business of which of my doing a good number of transaction to earn more profits. Should you lend me again my business expand and grow, therefore my monthly earnings will increase. Thank you and God bless you.

Publication of educational children's books

Books are so important - best wishes!

Rent settlement

Honestly this was the most important thing that has ever happened to my life lately, the loan helped me a big deal. I was laid off and had no other side hustle. Atleast it kept me going. Thank you so much

Drilling a borehole for water supply & buying fertilizer

I will buy some fertilizer and drill the bore wall and this will help me to have more water to water the vegetables at the farm and grow more crops. Thank you so much my lenders for your support.

Supplies for my printing business

Dear Emmanuel,
I am your sister in Christ Jesus our Lord, and I am so happy to be able to partially fund your need. I teach computing as well, so your project really spoke to me, all the way over here in Australia. Best wishes and blessings on your business and may it prosper,

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello dear Lenders, how are you all doing? i really wanna thank you all for praying for my sister. she is now responding to treatment very well. am very glad and happy. i thank God that the money i have been spending on her medication is finally bringing good result.
i have been very late on my repayments but am very sure that soon i would be on track, thanks for understanding and being there for me always.

God bless you all.


Dear Backers thanks for the project fund support.
The fund is meant for a beekeeping project and a water pond for nectar flower irrigation.
The fund will be used to fiinish a stalled water pond dam liner and add more beehives for the existing project plus labor. the Beehives are for commercial honey while the pond is for water storage and irrigation well.

Thank you all of you for making this project a possibility, i extend invite you to be my partiners where possible.


Thanks for your good support Mr Doug Henderson .I have received your good support capital to my business and I will keep updated you on my Business project and after buying My 25 kg of flour,10kg of sugar and dozen of baking powder,I will send you the photos and receipts.thanks you again for your good support.May God almighty bless you abundantly.In his service Victor Musenge.(my Whatsapp line is +260 965465305)

Building affordable rental homes

Attaching pictures of progress made so far, thank you investors for lending to support this venture.

Charmarfo Bakery and Creations

God bless my backers for me because their help have increased my sales. And I have been able to open another shop.I thank my helpers a lot.

More stock for my phone shop

Hello Zidisha team,
I am doing well and I hope you are doing fine. Thanks for your support and help. God bless you

To help my mom's kebab business & for meds for my father

Thank you so much, my backers, I appreciate your help and this will help me a lot, especially for my father's medication because I can get some medicine for him tomorrow.

Building a home for myself, my wife & two minor children

Dear lenders,

Thank you for accepting to fund my residential house project. I will use the funds to buy and fix floor tiles for my residential house. I received a total of Kshs. 44,669/=.

Payment of PhD fees and support writing of thesis

Dear Backers I have successfully received the loan amount of 13349GHS. I have successfully used part of the loan to pay my fees as was stated. Am using part of for the writing of my thesis. God bless you all the kind support.

Feed the birds

Thank you all for your continuous support and contributions. I received 2111 cedis and it supported me to purchase dried maize and Soyabean meal to help me Feed the Birds. Thanks once again for your help. #Zidishahelps