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Art center for youths who are HIV positive

My love for written poetry,and crafts,saw me mixing the two to bring out pieces like this.

Mobile phone sales

From the depth of my heart,I am sending a shoutout to all my lenders who made my loan a success, thanks for being a part to achieving my dreams.
God bless you so much!!!

Phones and accessories

hello, thank you my lenders i think situation now in the world is very hard but you are managing to change others life, oh what a mystery am so grateful about your kindness and mercy unto us. Thank you once again and God continue bless you and the team. Thank for giving me this great opportunity to share my view.

Distributing thermometers and face masks

I will buy infrared thermometers, and nose mask. Thanks so much for the loan.

Stock of malaria medicines and other health consumables

This is my hand washing center and it is really helping the people

Hospital fees for my father

Hope your dad enjoys it :)


Hospital fees for my father

Good luck with your project Adu

Selling mobile phone credit to support my school fees

Thank you so much for the loan,I received the sum of 36,791 Naira and I will use it to purchase more recharge card.
I really appreciate

Stock up onions, tomatoes and green pepper for home delivery

I was able to get the tomatoes stock and it has helped my business, thanks for the lenders who made this possible for me.

Buying of fertilizers and pesticides for my vegetable farm

Hello lenders I once again thank you for your support given me in improving in my life and business through the loan from the lenders. After I received an amount of 786ghs, it has helped to improve upon my farming yields and I am looking forward to make repayment very soon. Thank you so much lenders. I love you all

Stock of malaria medicines and other health consumables

The loan has really helped me to establish my hand washing center and my people are very happy to get this to fight against coronavirus (COVID 19) And I give thanks to all zidisha lenders for helping my dream come true and God bless them all

Loan for rent

hello dear lenders, with a happy smile i come under your comforting wings once again. i thank you all for being there for me all the time. am very proud to be part of zidisha family. it been a blessing being here and i sincerely thank you all. the loan was very helpful to me in many ways. God bless you all.

School fees

My loan will be given to my lovely wife to purchase food stuff to sell

Customs duty for imported goods sales

This loan has really helped me. I have been able to sell the new cloths, I am getting a new order again tomorrow! how I wish I could take more! I will repay my loan tomorrow! i will get a new order soon so I need more money to buy the new cloths! I wish I had seen this opportunity on time!
Thank you Zidisha!
God bless all my supporters!

Recycling business

About my just concluded loan , i want to tell the lenders that the loan really help my business and its increased my profit which makes me to buy more goods(cartons) that i sold to the paper company.

Laptop sales

I thank all the lender on zidisha on how they devoted in helping people in the time of need,the loan I repaid really help me in my business a lot, I can able to stock my shop with good laptop gadgets and it help me to gain some new customers because they can find what they requested for,am very happy the loan promote my business a lot,thanks all

School fees

Hello and good morning, Richard Osei!

Numbers 6:24-26 King James Version (KJV)

24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:
25 The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
26 The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

God bless you abundantly! - Christine E. Graham

Fashion business

Chiemerie, thank you for all your informations. I hope you are well and you can open your shop soon. It is a hard time for all.

Sales of hair products

Greatings my lenders and hard working zidisha team, I sincerely apologise for late update, had issue with my phone network, I am very sorry. I will say thank you very much for lending me your money, infact your money has increased my stock o am able to buy more hair products products for sale though my customers are demanding different styles of hair extensions which I don't have, hope you will lend more money when I finish paying this loan so that I can meet their demands. The picture attached was captured when I was buying at the wholesale outlet, God richly bless you.

Solar energy kiosks

Dear Paul,

Hi! I just made my weekly repayment of K2,167.

Hoping to repay the rest of the loan as quickly as possible. Business is doing great and my sales are steadily increasing. Thank you for your support. Stay safe and healthy!

Warm regards,


Selling jewelery and other accessories

Hello lenders I must admit business is progressing and I have been able to take most of the responsibilities of my family through the help of zidisha loan by the lenders. I thank you so much for your support. God bless you all

Bottles and sachets water seller

Actually I like to buy more bottles and sachets water to my shop and also buy more new things in addition,this loans had been helping me since day one,gradually,am expanding my business to the highest.
Thank you very for your kindness and support.

Selling of second hand clothes

Hello lenders I appreciate your efforts in supporting many businesses as well as mine. Thank you so much

Driving school truck repair

Thanks for the last loan it worked well for me. I run a driving school and the loan was used as a top up for paying for the monthly radio advert on Rise FM a local radio station in chingola.

Selling of second hand clothes

I humbly appreciate your support for my business and I thank you so much.

Bottles and sachets water seller

Dear Dorcas,
good luck with expanding your business!

As the Corona virus will stay with us for a while, offering nose masks and hand sanitizers seems like a good idea. Maybe you can arrange a deal with a local sewing shop or pharmacy to secure good quality for a decent price? And what about adding liquid soap to your offering? This seems to be still one of the basic measures against infection, at least where water in available.

Kind regards from Switzerland,


Buying spare part for my bodaboda

My previous loan really helped me for I purchased a crankshaft for my motorcycle. I can now take my food stuffs to different construction sites with ease

Distributing thermometers and face masks

I'm extremely grateful for the loan. I used it to buy infrared thermometer, nose mask and other accessories to assist in the health screening during this time.

Purchase of equipment for my gym center

Thank to my lenders with the loan with the second loan it has helped me increase my revenue by $20 after the sales of the hands Sanitizers

Distributing solar lights

Thank you all lenders for a job well done so far. God bless you all.

Additional capital

We have just opened the restaurant today because all restaurants were not operating in our country.

Maize and tomato farming

Thank you ... I appreciate

Construction of a modern barber shop

I received 7,128 KES.
I will buy shelves,nails,bolts and locks.
I want to take this opportunity to thank my lenders.I'm humbled and may good Lord reward you immeasurably.


Maize and tomato farming

Keep up the good spirit! I'm glad I could be of some help.

Establish a hand washing center

Thank you and God bless you for your help and best wishes

Establish a hand washing center

Best of luck with your project Eric and stay safe and healthy on the frontline my friend.

Add food delivery to my restaurant

Am so sorry for the delay in the repayment lately, due to the lock down I couldn't use the loan to buy products instead I bought a small space to build a shop . The restaurant am running is a rented place and its expiring by the end of june 2020, I use the loan to secure a more permanent spot which i have also open a new shop my clients I do cook food for had to return back to the USA bcos of the pandemic leaving me in total shock. But that God am rent free in the business all bcos of you Zidisha. I will do my best to repay my loan .

Producing face masks

A big thanks to Zidisha. This loan will help me purchase some necessary materials needed for nose mask production. Thanks to my lenders as well.


Mobile money merchant

Have you thought about opening a second location as your next business move Ezekiel? I greatly admire your commitment to help care for the poor.

Cybercafe working capital

First of all I need to give thanks for the support you have always granted me in terms of loan.
Now this loan if get will add a bit of stationery at my cyber and have float for mpesa business which have just started operating from the beginning of this month

Maize and tomato farming

It has been raining , and we have been doing a lot of spraying because of blight and pests


What can I say to my lenders but to thank you very much for your support. With this I think I will be able to achieve my aims. I will buy more provision for my shop

Stock my shop with household goods and foodstuffs

The stock in my shop

Motorcycle to deliver fresh produce to customers

Hi, leanders I would to thank you for the loan you gave me and I received 26282kes ,I have added my stock to my business so that my customers as usual they can get everything that they want may God bless you.

Stock my shop with household goods and foodstuffs

I would happily wish to inform my lenders that I received Ksh 11360.
I was able to buy stock for my shop..
Thank you so much.

Buying of fertilizers and pesticides for my vegetable farm

Thank you very much Mary, I will check on that on YouTube. Thanks very much for your advice


Buying of fertilizers and pesticides for my vegetable farm

I started a no dig garden which reduces the need for fertilizers. Look up Charles Dowding on youtube for his compost making video. It is the only fertilizer he uses and he makes it for free.

Supplying face masks

I thank you all for your kindness.
I am buying nose masks for supply.
God bless you all

Maize and tomato farming

I had been involved in my farming project that saw glofha general supplies with an acre of tomatoes and an acre of green maize . We are nearing harvesting but am suffering lack of some pesticides which have proven to be expensive . I have the confidence zidisha will hold my hand .

Purchase of inventory

Thank you for the loan am very happy to receive this loan