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New desks for my school

Dear Judi, Myles Johnson, Thomas O'Neil, MarktheMirmon and W Phil Ratcliff, I am excited and thankful to you.


Sewing business expansion

Hi Mary - thanks for the update and great to hear things are going well. Also great to see you are even ahead on the repayments! Building lots of confidence with your lenders to support you next loan request and continue to expand your impactful project/business. Congratulations and wish you continued success.. Erik

Face-masks, sanitizers & disinfectants

I will buy disinfectants, face masks and sanitizers, it will help clean the school and the children from contracting the dangerous corona virus by observing all health regulations and keep our children safe. Thank you my lenders for supporting me I really appreciate you.

Rent for my business stall and purchase beauty products

To all my lenders, I'm eternally grateful; I received the funds (Kes22585) and paid used it to pay for beauty products supplies. This has improved my business a great deal and I have started partial repayments as I sell. Thanks once again and God bless you!

Purchase chicken broiler streeth pack, starter & grower

I will buy food warmers and serving pans for my restaurant to operate well and make more revenue , thank very much to you all all my lenders .I really appreciate very much. May God bless you and keep safely for business in future.

Sewing business expansion

Good afternoon my generous lenders. Hope everybody is doing great by the grace of God? I think it is about time I once again update you on the loan funds. My business is gradually doing fine as profit margin has increased more than 50%. This increase in profit and the support from my husband's salary will help me pay the next loan when I finish paying for this current one.
The loan funds received so far have been used to make installment payments of the five(5) modern sewing machines I am in process of buying to expand and setup an entrepreneurial centre to train young girls as entrepreneurs in the area of sewing.

Clothes for sale

Dear lenders,

Thank you so much for lending me the money. With your support my business is surely going to continue to do well. Thank you.

Glass screen protectors for smartphones

Thank you for the reply! It just shows how much we have in common, despite the miles (kilometers) between us... Tony Robbins has been one of the major influences on my personal and business life!! I have studied him since probably before you were born (more than 30 years), and his ideas and techniques are INCREDIBLY powerful! I have also studied Steve, Jack, and Lisa (I'm assuming you mean Lisa Nichols?), who recently gave a deeply inspiring presentation to a Digital Marketing group I'm a part of. I didn't recognize the name Prince EA, but I watched a video of his and immediately realized I had seen an interview with him and was very impressed with his passion. So Nick Vujicic is the only one I hadn't heard of... and he is now on my list to watch in the next couple of days. I'm glad to be learning from you! :-) I don't mean to take too much of your time (and thank you again for your thorough response to my last question!), but if you have a couple of videos of local entrepreneurs in your country, I would love to see those as well. It's just a matter of time before there's a video about you, right? Or is there already?! :-)

Thank you, my friend!

Buying an interlocking block-making machine

With this loan, I'm going to buy a machine for making interlocking blocks. This machine makes building blocks made from murrum soil and cement. It is simple to make them making it a simple way for making money. I will be selling my blocks mostly in areas with scarse quarry natural building blocks. So it will give me money and help to pay the loan. Thank you lenders and be blessed richly.

Upgrading business (photo studio)

Thanks for you help I managed to get my new gear for my camera

Transporting materials to my construction site

I have really enjoyed this loan because I was about to bring my workers all the way from Accra to here in kumasi for my new contract and I made it very easy.... Transportation wasn't problem at all because of zidisha loan.... Am so excited and I thank you all my lenders... More blessings...

To buy immunity boosters for sale

The previous loan you lent me, help me to make liquid soap which was sold the next day at a whole sale price to a different company. After I made the sells I was able to pay off my loan, I thank you so much for your support if not you I would have lost this great opportunity. I was trying to add the pics of the liquid soap but it's not going through.

Glass screen protectors for smartphones

The book that interest me most is “Awaken the giant within”
The book cover strategies for improving Virtually every area in life. It thought me how to find confidence to take control of life and make change a reality. Because change is the only constant thing. Getting the right attitude and positive mind set is essential in personal development and self confidence. Ultimately the book is about having belief in your self and your effort. It cover more on realizing your goal to develop positive mental habits. I also watch video of prince ea, Steve Harvey, Jack ma, Lisa Nicholas, Nick vujicic lot each morning on my way to work. I also Watch success stories of local entrepreneurs in my country on how they started and how they were able to build upon till now. I love to know more and share my experience with others. Hope to hear from you.
Thank for the care and assistance.

Open a new phone shop branch

Thank you very much my great lenders! May God bless you from his riches. I know you will love to lend me again.
Last week business was very fair.

I'm working hard to make the repayment ontime. Thanks to my lenders and Zidisha Team %

For transportation fees

I want to say a big thank you to all my lenders for this support, I am really blessed for this support.

To purchase stock (rice)

Dear Lenders,
I am happy and glad for your support. With your support, I can pay for cost of transportation of my stock and that will help me meet my customers demand.

Thank you very much,may God bless you all.

Glass screen protectors for smartphones

There has been significant improvement in my business this few months I joined Zidisha. Thanks to my current and previous lenders. Gracias, Danke, Merci, Dank je, Grazie, Go raibh maith agat, Tak skal du have, Thank you.

Buying pesticides, weed killer & herbicides

Dear lenders this to confirm that I have received the 8,976.00 ZMW in MTN successfully.
The funds will be used to buy pesticides, herbicides , weed killer and hiring to help me do the weeding at farm project.
Thank you very for supporting during this difficulty time, I also would to extend my appreciation to Zidisha staff for making possible for me to have access to apply for this loan.
Thank you I really appreciate you and God bless you.

Raising school fees

Hello, I completed the university and I am hoping to secure a job that will help me repay the loan. Thanks for your support.

Locally made face masks for sale

I thank you so much for lending to me. I will use this loan to order surgical face masks for sale .Thank you for the links my dear lender I will also explore how to make cloth masks as they are more affordable. So this loan will help me make more profit for my business and therefore increase my capital base.Thank you once again.

Locally made face masks for sale

Dear Jenny,

good luck with your business. Very commendable from you to help your community to stop spreading the virus!

Just out of curiosity: What mask do you sell? Professional surgical mask or FFP masks?
If you think cloth masks may be appropriate and more accepted, there are good sewing instructions and pattern to produce community masks, e. g.

And have you thought about adding hand disinfectant or liquid soap to your offering? This is another piece in the puzzle to fight Covid-19 and also helps with hygiene in general.

Lastly, I find the WHO information for the general public very useful:
They include ready-to-print posters

Maybe you can put some of these on display to educate the community about how to fight Corona.

Stay safe!

Kind regards from Switzerland,

Crop farming & hardware shop

thank you my lenders im very grateful,it will help me very much..i will buy the fertilizer etc im so grateful

To purchase inventory of clothing

Thank you all my lenders for financing my loan.I really appreciate
I will use the loan,to bring more stock to the my shop.
Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face during these tough times.

Purchase equipment for my I.T. shop

Thank you all my lenders.God bless you for the cash

Windows and doors for my school

I am indeed very happy for my last loan as it came in handy to promote my business.

To buy organic manure

Thank you my dear lenders for your support. This loan will help me plant locally grown vegetables and sell at a profit. This will increase my earnings. Thank you

Transporting materials to my construction site

Am so grateful to join zidisha.... I thank all my lenders.... Much love to everyone

Transporting materials to my construction site

In a bus to our new site in kumasi

Glass screen protectors for smartphones

I'm glad to hear that you are working to grow your business! I believe that an important part of being a business owner (as you and I both are) is to grow our capacities by learning from others. Have you read any books, or watched any YouTube videos, that have inspired or educated you? If so, I'd love to hear about your favorites!

Enjoying getting to know you - thanks so much for taking the time to correspond!

Clothing sales

No one can beat Zidisha I love you.


You are so good I thank you

Manure and other fertilizers

Thank you soo much for trusting me once again. You are doing soo much for me and I'll always be grateful

Manure and other fertilizers

Good luck with the fruits! :)

Buying clothes to resell

I want to say thank you for your support. My business is doing well

Electricals stock for my phone accessories shop

on my job today

Buying an office desk

Hello my lenders,thank you so much.i received an amount of GHS 3,173 . This will help me buy my office desk. Thank you so much for your assistance.

"Mo Cyber"

sometimes am able to exceed the repayment installment, like today. thanks.

Restock shea butter and locust beans

I have received the loan.I will restock more Shea butter for sale. I am so grateful to my lenders. Thank you.

Supplying face masks to schools

Thank you very much to all my lovely lenders, I promised to forfill my payment 2 weeks before the main date I fixed, because the loan has come at the right time ..thank you for your help..

Loan to expand my business

I will buy 5x4 boxes of headphones and many more and it will help to grow with my business, thanks to all my lenders and zidisha team

Purchase cement bags for blockmaking factory

Dear Andrew,

Thank you so much for lending me the money. I am truly grateful.

Loan for making shelves in a new shop

Thank so much dear lovely lenders


Supplying face masks to schools

I like the video you made Opoku. I hope you can continue to grow with the help of Zidisha lenders!

Computer / ICT laboratory

Great lenders and the Zidisha team, thanks, I got the loan today.

Getting traffic to my sites

Thanks for for your assistance.
I will pay for services to direct more traffic to my sites.
Thanks a lot and be blessed

Glass screen protectors for smartphones

If today I see my business moving forward than, I need to take this opportunity to appreciate my lenders for their endless effort in helping eradicate poverty. Thank you very much. I am humbled and grateful.

Buying an interlocking block-making machine

My business has been Soo different since I got the last zidisha loan. Using the loan, I bought renting wheelbarrows. I took this decision after knowing that in most construction sites there is no enough wheelbarrows because people feer to buy more and dispose them in few days of work. So they find it better to rent. This business is going well. The increased amount of profit is used to widen the small scale farming and to help raise the family. The family is doing well. We are happy for zidisha to help us. Thank you lenders.

To invest in my carpentry work

Hi, lenders I appreciate you, for
helping me to get this amounts to improve my work , with this loan,am going to used it to buy woods to make Door frame and windows frames I hope this money will help me to get more income if God permit.

Buying yam tubers to sell

I am going to use this money to make tables to sell my foodstuffs. I want to say a big thank you to all my lenders. I really appreciate it

Transportation of sweet potatoes to the market

I must thank every lender for helping me with a loan which I used to buy a well pump and I am waiting to buy cables and a solar panel so that the pump can be installed.