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Edwin Ochieng     Feb 17, 2018

Thank you very much lenders.The loan i have just finished paying of KES 3779 has really helped me a lot i bought 3 watering cans at cost of 900 KES and 2 feeding troughs at a cost of 1000KES. Deworming drugs at a cost of 500KES.The remaining 1379 KESi used to buy chicken feeds.This has really helped in their rapid growth since they dont crowd at one feeding trough and drinking point .Thank you very much lenders and may God continue Blessing you.

Poultry farming
Ngiya Market, Kenya

Kevin Maina     Feb 17, 2018

The son is fast learning the ropes. This is macadamia farming...Ever rising

Drip irrigation project for my macadamia
Muthithi, Kenya

George Kiio     Feb 16, 2018

Lenders, featured here is my current state of my store ( still building it slowly due to low cash flow) , a grass shade for my cow( yet to be thatched due to lack of money to buy iron sheets. Coming up soon), a snap of my current land state as I clear weeds by burning them despite of knowing the consequences of burning the soil. I think now we are on the same page. I wish not to increase nor decrease my weekly repayments due to heavy burden. I will have to work with it that way. I have a bigger project coming up by July. Happy Lent season to my fellow Catholic community if any in the house.

Purchase land & help improve food security
Muthwani, Kenya

George Kiio     Feb 16, 2018

Hi lenders and my humble followers,
Today is a big day. I will be unavailing Rainmaker. The way to go on with farming on a dry land. The system is here with me waiting installation by the system engineer. This is to cut off labor cost and reduce manual work. I will then be able to concentrate more on my plants. I wish not to empty the project at this point. Keep posted and see. This system is bought from profit after selling my farm produce- cereals to be specific. And this maybe the end of planting cereals...

Purchase land & help improve food security
Muthwani, Kenya

Selamet Barito     Feb 16, 2018

Thank you for the support and support you have given me because I can complete the obligation to pay the loan I received. Here is one of the organic vegetable products that I managed to cultivate and market.

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Terima kasih atas dukungan dan support yang telah Anda berikan kepada saya karena saya bisa menyelesaikan kewajiban untuk membayar pinjaman yang saya terima.
Berikut merupakan salah satu produk sayur organik yang berhasil saya budidayakan dan pasarkan.

Purchase of organic vegetable basket
Martapura Oku Timur, Indonesia

Daniel Muyunda     Feb 16, 2018

With the loan I managed to get mukwa timber for making a coffee table and pine timber to make chests of drawers. among other items bought were varnish, glue, nails and screws to help with the products. this purchase made a difference as it enabled me to move a step forward and my earnings have increased by 50%.

Ndola, Zambia

Ronald Ewoe     Feb 16, 2018

Thanks for your funds which helped me to improve my irrigation system, the drip system is helping me to reduce the cost of irrigation and reduce labor as well. I want to extend the coverage of this irrigation system to more area.

Purchasing more irrigation lines
Prampram, Ghana

Masiye Wamundila     Feb 16, 2018

i will fix the car, buy new tyres, new shocks both rear and front, this will help keep fit to be on the road and generate more income for the familty, thank you my render very much for this wonderful support.

Reconditioning of car
Lusaka, Zambia

Augustine Mbale     Feb 16, 2018

I will buy school desks and enroll pupils to begin learning at my school, because this will be profitable, thank my renders for support and may God bless you.

School desks
Lusaka, Zambia

Rebecca Sarpomaa Agyarko     Feb 16, 2018

I used the loan to buy more shoes at the cost of 100$ n resold it to get a profit of 60$ ....

New stock for my small scale business
Techiman Bono Ahafo Region, Ghana