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Photography and video shooting service

Loan repayment securely and safely done today. I want to thank all my lenders for loaning to me. God bless all and provide to you your heart desire.

Buy more goods

The loans I got from my lenders has been a good impact in my life.its has add a good favour for me and my business has been going smoothly and have been able to buy more goods in my store.have been able to make more sales and profits.i am very grateful.a word can't express how grateful I are the best.thanks so much.God bless you abundantly

Boutique opening

I am grateful for the loan..I was able to purchase clothes and bedsheets for sale

New building and computers & UPS back-up, for my training centre

Wishing everyone all the best

Loan to pay my children's school fees & other educational needs

Dear Lovely Lenders,
I hope all is well with you all by the help of Jehovah. I'm still paying for the loan I took and as promised i will complete paying for the loan this year. Thanks to you all once again for your patients and lovely care. I will continue to be loyal and trustworthy.

Tuition for degree in telecommunication engineering

I intend to use the loan to pay for my hostel and school fee, Pay of monthly hostel fees. to make Part-payment of school fees for the semester, Buy books and stationery items for the semester and also pay transportation to lectures
This would help do well for my academic work, and by educating myself for a better career in the future.
To you my lenders, I say thank for your support, love and care. God bless you all

Expand my electrical installation service

Loan received kes 12969,I invested the money into my business and I really appreciate your help, thanks a lot zidisha

Tents and chairs

Thank you Paul. Your are an inspiration to upcoming young entrepreneurs by supporting my projects and others. Thanks for creating an opportunity to be able to also employ other youths in return without having to worry about collateral for starting business capital.
Thank you Zidisha community!

Tents and chairs

Thanks Paul. Very encouraged to have your support in making my business better. Thanks to you we're working on software upgrades and machine repairs we've been assigned to have a youth talent event and for that we need to buy tents and chairs to complete our stage equipment as a full set.

Restaurant upgrade

Thank you Paul. Very encouraged to have your support towards upgrading my hotel business.
Thanks Zidisha community!

Health treatment and school bills

Thank you my lenders am able to purchase the tricycle tGod bless you

Get more water purifier

Thanks my great supporters God bless you bountifully

Selling mobile phone accessories

More blessings to all lenders who made my loan a success!
Indeed d loan was helpful and payment is still in progress.
Love you all!

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Thank you so much UTDream

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Sounds wonderful and like it would be a lot of fun! Happy to support you. May God bless your efforts!

Transport to work with Uber

Thanks for the loan, Mr. Buchheit, I was able to use Uber in a more seamless and secure manner. I am still waiting for the big promotion but until then, thanks for being a powertrooper! God bless you all and Have a Great Year Ahead!

Building affordable apartment housing

Thank you Lenders, the loan will go a long way! Much appreciated

Imported clothing wholeseller

I use the loan to restock
It will help me to have more stock thereby I will make more profit
I really appreciate my lenders

Fertilizer and maize seeds for spring planting

I plan to buy fertilizer and seeds early enough before the planting season seasn. Many thanks for your support.

Household expenses

Thank you John Minges and TP for lending me all the way from US, am glad as soon as I get it, I'll make good use of it and surely pay back to continue having good credit score on Zidisha. Thanks

Health treatment and school bills

A very big thank you to my precious lenders.God bless you

Purchasing of food stuffs

All my Lenders thanks and God bless you All. I will buy products for health and it's wellness. It will go far in the health of people and financial Abundance

Bags of cement for housing project

Hello my dear lenders.
I wish to increase my weekly installment so as to enable me repay my loan amount on time. in addition, my business is growing hence I am now in the good position to increase my weekly loan repayment

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

I am sure I speak for all your lenders: Congratulations on your success so far and your many on time payments!

Staff payment and farm chemicals

Thanks to my great lenders. Really appreciate you. This loan will really help me to pay my farm staffs and also to buy insecticides for the farm. Thanks alot. Is nice doing business with you.

Add more stock

i received the cash and i was very grateful. promise to continue being positive with my repayments. God bless you.

Buying and reselling of affordable solar lights and kits

Thank you all so much for your time and patience. The loan has brought tremendous breakthroughs in my business. Hod bless you.

Purchase of computer accessories

I am pleased to inform you that the loan was received and i have purchased the computer accessories such as cctv camera for resale. Thanks zidisha community.

Tie and dye

I really can not thank you enough for this great assistance.
This loan is going to help me big time because I am going to buy a hand vacuum cleaner for my business.

I want to get training for making shaggy rugs


Thank you so much for the loan. I was able to buy yarn which is the mainstay of my business and the manual carpet making machine that I have desired to buy for so long. I am grateful for this facility very grateful. I had not been able to access this facility for a while I am very grateful that I am back in good books and able to access this facility. I am grateful for the two people who contributed to enable me buy my tool. I am grateful because I wanted to buy this for a really long time and it wasn't possible for me. I was also able to buy yarn. Thank you. Thank you once again. May the good Lord give you more.

Finance my second hand electronic business

Thank you a lot.Now l will be able to add more items to my shop


Best of luck in your endeavours, Daina! :-)

College tuition for my daughter

Am very much greatful for the funds you have just lend me and I am happy to say that this money will really help me alot with my daughters studies. This is because I will manage to pay for her degree course in Customs Administration.

Staff payment and farm chemicals

Thanks to my great lenders.. since I joined zidisha. Have never be let down, my plaintain plantation is improving everyday. In few months from my farm product will be ready for harvest, which I believe will bring enough income for me to practice more in agriculture. Thanks my great lenders.

To develop my sewing material business

I enjoyed the last loan very much, due to much increase of my goods, I now make much sell between N20000- to N250000 daily because I had most of the goods that my customers want,with the little profits that I made,I was able to traveled to my village for the new year celebration with my family and my children's school fee was paid without difficulties that accompanied the month of January in my area and all credit goes to zidisha team and my lenders who made my future to be bright.

Add stock of shoes to my shop

Thanks for your support my leders. My business is good.

Finance my second hand electronic business

The amount l borrowed last time to finance my second hand business was really helpful. Thank you so much for that. I was to buy a few iron boxes which l resold and made a good profit. So am looking to buy other second electronic to continue boosting my business.

Distribution of locally grown dry maize and beans

God bless you. I will repair van and use in transportation of farm produce.


I received the loan of 3,106, I used it to get a practical book for my practicals, thank you so much for the money


I have received my loan of KES 1835 and I am super grateful to all my lenders. I intend to use the loan for the purchase of more equipment for my homestay business. A big thank you to all my lenders, I appreciate.

Boutique opening

I am so grateful for the loan and it will be used in purchasing the clothing items

Selling mangrove poles for making houses

what I would like to know: is there any proof that the one who is selling mangrove, is also planting new trees? If not, the eco system is damaged badly....


I really enjoyed Zidisha, it helps me financially and meet my needs
Thanks to Zidisha founder

Jire Wear shoestore

Men,ladies and children's rubber shoes, men and ladies dandles, Dolly she's for ladies,The money will help me add more stock, pay school fees balance for my son, have money to take my son for therapy. Thanks to all my lenders for their contributions. God bless

Clothing, computer equipments and building materials

Thank you TomF925 and John Minges for funding the loan, I'm so grateful. The loan will be used to purchase inventory (Clothing materials, building materials and computer accessories) for my shop to increase sales thereby satisfying my customer's increase in demand. Thank you Zidisha.

Add accessories to my clothing shop

Hallo all my lenders hope you are doing well,the previous loan helped me a lot I expanded my stall and l add some stuff Iikes watches and sunglasses.

Buying stock for my cyber

i bought staples,printing papers and binders for my cyber

School fees

Dear Mr Kachalla,
Education is so important! I wish the best for your children.
Utahna Faith

To purchase sanitary pads, detergent and toiletries for sale

This is to all my lenders and the Zidisha staffs that I have safely received $ 2,416.50 (GHS 13,017) and I'm glad that you all believed in my dream of self employment by lending to me. I have successfully placed and order for the goods and hopeful that within three days I will received the item for for immediate supply to my customers.This loan would help me increase my customer base.
I am therefore grateful and thankful you lenders who made my funding possible.
God richly bless you all in thousand fold.
Again, I promise you lenders that I will be faithful in all my repayment.

Rent of shop and purchase of refrigerator for yoghurt sales

Am so much grateful to my lovely lenders for extending their kind gestures to me in giving the loan to help me in buying refrigerator,yoghurts and getting the office for distribution.l received 760GHC and l hope to get the various items this week.. I hope to make good sales I appreciation also goes to Zidisha team for the good work for humanity. God bless you all.