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With the loan that I have just finished paying, I managed to purchase some beehives for my newfound business opportunity. This has had an impact on my business such that my revenue flow is increasing due to the sale of honey.
I can say that my earnings have increased by up to 10% and I am optimistic that it will continue to increase even more.

Business loan for hairdresser business

I want to purchase hair dryer because I only have one
It will help me to get more income
I thank you all my lenders God bless you all

Business loan for hairdresser business

Dear Odekoya,

good luck with your business!

All the best from Switzerland,


Opening a new grocery shop

Hello lovely lenders will want to update you. That business is still in a good shape...

Thanks to all that supported .

For my kids' school fees

All the best Stephen

Welding workshop

Good luck to you Prince, I am happy to be able to help!

To pay for my mother's hospital bill in arrears

God bless you all for kindness to helping to pay my mom hospital bill I thank you a lot.

Glass screen-protectors for smartphones

I Thank all my lenders for another opportunity given me. I am overwhelmed for the love you have shown me today. Thank you once again. I am glad to be part of this beautiful family. The love is deep

To buy camera lens

I always thank God for the lives of my lenders and Zidisha for helping entrepreneurs. With the help of my lenders and Zidisha I am able to buy external drive, flash light and other things I use for printing. It has make things easy for me though I have a lot to buy but as time goes on with the help of my lenders and Zidisha I will be able to get them. thank you and once again may God bless my lenders and Zidisha.

Jeans and caps for my business

Thank you for the previous loan it really helped to purchase a bale of clothing

Buying a mobile phone (for work)

I am really thanking all my lender for the loan granted to me. I would use the loan to buy a mobile phone to support my work. God bless you all.

Selling avocados

Good luck with your business!

Open a new phone shop branch

My great lenders! you deserve to be praise.
God Bless you for yours kindness.
I will kindly make the full payment before the due date.
Thank you. Love you all!!

Distribution of disposable face masks

I wish to give thanks to the Zidisha platform and its lenders who really make a great impact in our lives. Through my last loan, I was able to buy myself a computer and a modern to access the internet to start on the online freelancing journey. This has made taking care of my family possible. I was able to get training in Cloudfactory Kenya which in turn I was able to secure a project at the organization as an independent contractor. The opportunity to work from home has been an awesome journey since I get an opportunity to see my kids grow, something so many parents do not get a chance to. I am in love with the flexibility too.

This would not have been possible without your support. Despite the high cost of medication I am currently incurring I can confirm through the income and am able to facilitate on the same for the session it will last.

It is my wish to keep growing with you great people through your support as I venture into the distribution of masks as I keep working on my online projects. This is will make such a great impact and lessen the financial burden on myself and improve my life and that of society as I endeavor to supply masks to people so as to protect themselves from the covid-19 virus.

Dear Lenders I am requesting and feeling optimistic that you will fund my proposal. Thank you in advance

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

Hello dear lenders, I wish you all a happy and prosperous new month. May this month brings you a pleasant surprise, good health and more blessings. Amen

Restocking food items

I thank all the lenders for funding the loan to be use. Gos bless you all

Buying tools to work on vehicles

I have received a loan of Ghc 567 and I am going to use this loan to buy tools. I thank my lenders for helping me out in time like this.

Buying television to use in my barbershop

I received a loan of Ghc1453 and was able to use it to buy a new Television which is going to entertain my vlients. God bless my lenders for this loan

More building materials to finish house

I thank you my lenders for helping me with loan.i am building house so this loan I will building materials to help me to finish.thanks

Selling shoes

I'm thanking GOD for this Mercy to my life and business.I'm inform my lenders that my business is move to GOD glory.the loan make a different in my business and I say thanks to my lenders may Almighty GOD bless u real good.

Purchase of painting materials

Thank you my wonderful lenders

Laptop computer & printer for my stationery shop

My dear generous lenders,
Thank you for keeping faith in me by lending your money to me. You have been patient throughout the period of my repayment of the loan amount.

Thankfully, I have finished paying today. Soon, I will put in another loan proposal for your consideration. I trust you would be there for me once again.
Thank you all, not forgetting my volunteer mentors.


Payment of materials transportation to work site

I received 988gh ,l give thanks to all my lenders...Am using this amount of money for materials transportation to my new contract site

Support to buy water reservoir

Thank you lenders for helping me with this loan. God bless you and continue to make you a blessing to mankind.

Restock provision shop with food items

I thank you so much for the opportunity and support with zidisha loans. Thank you

Opening a new grocery shop

Hello good lovely people who keeps supporting me with their funds am almost completing with the structure will send pictures of it when am done with it... Thank you all for your support ..

To buy barbershop equipment

The loan has always given me relief and I believe this will help me expand the business. Thank you


Zidisha loan has been supportive to my business and thank you lenders for your contribution to me

Loan to buy vegetables and other foodstuffs to sell

I will buy vegetables and foodstuffs with the loan for resale, this will help me expand my business and increase my profit.
Thank you Richard Benyon, [email protected], Craig Newmark and Mar for funding my loan.


Thank you lenders for supporting my loan , I promise to pay on time.

Phone accessories

May the good Lord bless you for the support you have given me towards my project.

To buy sewing materials

The loan I took helped me to satisfy my customers needs on time by buying the dresses and clothes and supplying them on time and this has won me another contract to supply more clothes and also sew some dresses for their friends and colleagues too. My bus is gradually coming up now. I'm soo grateful to my lenders for the loan.

Buying paints for my hardware

It will help me improve my business a lot thanks to my lenders ,may God bless you abundantly.

To boost barbershop business

From the loan which I have completed paying I bought barbershop chairs for my customers. I am so happy because the chairs I bought has changed a structure of my barbershop.

Farming inputs

Am proposing to buy farming inputs such as fertilizer to apply in my vegetable garden, I have diversified into farming because farming currently is doing very fine. Most are now buy a lot more of agriculture goods to avoid GMOs foods. I will be making extra income and increase my income revenue.
Thank you so much my dear lenders for supporting indeed this support will go a long way in my business project and family. God bless all

Cybercafe kiosks

Hello Lenders, due increase in Covid-19 case in Nairobi, Kenya the President has just announced an immediate lock down on our county. We hope and pray that this is temporarily and will be over soon.

Opening a new grocery shop

Greetings to all my lovely and well meaning lenders who keeps supporting me . Am on it raising the structure and will update you when I complete thank you.

Also the business is moving positively in as much as we are in this pandemic.

Thank you all to my favourite lenders

Inputs for crop farming

I am very greatful for the funding of my loan amounting to Ksh 4579, I am waiting for the disbursement so that I can buy some metal stands and weld then in my farm in abid to expand my greenhouse to accommodate more vegetables . Thanks for your support.

Rice, beans & other foods for restaurant business

Thank you very much people you are awesome

Buy floor buffer for my cleaning company

Looking forward to get one of these floor buffer for my cleaning services.
This will really help me to work very efficiently.
Thank you for always coming to our aid.

Loan to run my scratch card business

I will use this loan to buy scratch cards for my business and it will help me to increase my weekly sales. thank you all my lenders for your help.

Loan to run my Indomie noodles business

I will use this loan to buy indomie and other items for my business and it will help me to work effective. Thank you Paul Buchheit for your help.

Cornbread bakery

Good evening to you all I have paid my final installment successfully I thank you a lot for your support.

Restocking hardware goods

With the loan I want to buy all the goods that have ran out. Mainly I want to restock timber for wood, doors, glass windows, paints, cement and floor time. These goods sell very fast and are in demand at the moment because most people are building. They are selling very fast hence earning more profits in good time.
Am really humbled my lenders for supporting me, you are indeed wonderful people to me may God bless you.

New furniture and a little renovation at our school

I received the sum of 60988, which I'm going to use to purchase school furniture and do a little renovation, thank you very much God bless you

Payment of materials transportation to work site

Am using this amount of money for materials transportation to my new contract site,l thank you all for lending me this amount of money... it will make me finish this contract early.

Loan to buy chemicals for my cocoa farm

I have received an amount of 545 cedis from my lenders.This amount has been used to buy chemicals for my cocoa farm. I was not able to buy the bumping machine which I intended to buy due to inadequate funds. I thank my lenders for the loan.

To buy dresses & ladies' bags and supply to customers

I will use the loan to buy dresses and Clothes to supply to my customers who pre Ordered them. Thus will help me improve my business by building More trust between I and my customers. I thank my lenders very much for the loan. I'm very grateful.

Loan to buy fabrics for sewing clothes

Good luck with your sewing!

Scholars' cardigans against rainy season

Thijs, Hermann, Sabrina, Jessica, Jen Davies, Madam Julia and the Staff, gratitude for this loan. THANKS.