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Transplanting costs

Thank you so much
that loan I will pay farmers who are working on the sunken garden today.

Beauty parlor

Hello lenders it has been long since I made my payments, but plans are underway for the same though it can take some time but I will ensure that that I settle my outstanding amount at the course if the year. I had some financial crisis but it shall be well soon. Kindly bear with me

Adding stock

Hello lenders
I start by thanking you for the support you have been supporting me since 2015.
My life is not like before since you have made me move forward. Within no time I will be through with my current loan payment which I used to add my stock of beauty products and so far so good.
Thank you so much.

Facial towels.

Asante John Minges for supporting my loan. God blessings be upon you always.

Lisha jamii

Hello, am humbled you found it worthy to invest in my project. Will buy all the inventory as indicated in my proposal. Which Includes:
(a) Fertilizers
(b) Seeds
(c) Farming tools
(d) Consultancy fee.
Am so glad now I can make all the above possible thanks all of you. This contribution will go along way to help me make Feeding the Community a successful project.
Am so grateful to you all. May Almighty God bless you.

Network Marketing

Hello Laurie Thank you for your comforting message. As you said, let"s all stay in prayer. God can open doors. Thank you Emmanuel.

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Bonjour Laurie
Merci pour ton message réconfortant.
Comme tu l'as dit restons tous en prière. Dieu peut ouvrir des portes.

Inventory of printing paper

Thank you so much for the loan.

Loan for university admission fees and laptop

Hello dear lenders, am very sorry for my inactive lately. Things didn't go as planned, a lot of bad unforeseen issues going on in my life currently but with God all things are possible. I know that the road to success is never smooth, am never given up yet. If plan A didn't work, I would go for plan B. Would do everything possible to finish paying this loan than put my plan B on the map.

My plan B is to go to a driven school and get trained as a professional commercial driver, get my driven license then get a kia picanto of my own and use it to work. I would surely need your unconditional support to bring this to reality.

Kindly don't stop supporting me please.
Thank you.

Mobile phone money transfer services (m-pesa)

Thanks for the loan. This money I will put it in my mpesa float as stock for my mobile phone money services.

This Will at least help me to make sure that my customers have the money services whenever they want. Mostly my customers will withdraw cash from my shop or deposit cash. And when there no enough cash and electric money, I send some of them away. With this loan, I will increase the number of customers I serve and reduce those I send away.

Thanks for the loan, may the good Lord Jesus continue to keep you safe and happy.

Install internet in the new business premises

Hey Emma

Thanks a lot for your loan! We have not yet actively started seeing cancer patients. We are currently only running the referral lab and raising money to put up a chemotherapy unit.

I am a firm believer that nutrition is fundamental in recovery from any disease and especially cancer. It feels nice to know that there is someone out there who cares about this too! We plan to use an approach called integrative medicine that looks at the patient as a whole taking into consideration all the determinant of disease. In short we plan to treat the patient not the disease.

Have a good one and thanks again for your support and your kind words


Selling second-hand schoolbooks

I take this opportunity to appreciate you all my lenders for your generosity and kind hand of funding my loan that fast. I will use the money to buy more books for my stores which i will sell in the next term that schools will be opening from next month may. The new stock will increase my profit margin and this profit will help me to pay my emproyee and also pay my collage fee for the next semister. May God bless you abundantly my lenders. Thanks zidisha

Buy a water tank for farming

You're very welcome David :-) We'll be here to help whenever you're ready :-)

All the best with everything :-)

Renovating a leaking roof for my business

I would like to renovate my leaking roof and atleast partition one side. This will enable me rent one side hence I will be able to get an extra 4000/=. Thank you Zidisha! I am what am because of you people. Thank you once more.

Install internet in the new business premises

Wishing you all the best with the new facility Joshua :-)

Just wanted to check if you happened to also inform cancer clients about the link with their diet? Obviously you're focusing on more advanced treatment methods :-) But I just thought I would try make sure this doesn't get forgotten too... Too often I've found nutrition doesn't even get mentioned.

Anyway, you're doing great things, & you sound like a kind soul. Really wish you all the best with your endeavours :-)
Emma from Australia.

Additional hair dryers for my saloon

Business is moving and I'm proud to let you know.
Thanks to Zidisha and sincere lenders.

Adding stock to my retail shop

This is the greatest achievement ever.Happy to be part of you.

Buy a water tank for farming

Thank you all for funding my loan. My God bless you.

Finalise laptop payment & buy more accessories for talkies.

Dear Lenders,
I wish to record my appreciation to you all for funding my loan. I will be able to clear payment for a laptop I sought for in previous loan and I will add some small accessories for my walkie talkie gadgets.

My son project fee

Thanks for the loan, it will serve the purpose. I really appreciate

Custom fit official suits

the support i have been receiving has help me grow my business also helped me build good relationship for my customers, thank you so much for your help.

Fabrics & accessories for dressmaking

Zidisha has being very helpful to me. I am so grateful. May God bless everyone who contributes to make zidisha a successful one. God bless my lenders, my good friends here and everyone else, Amen


Lisha jamii

I wish you the best Charles as you go about helping others. Tanvir.

More photo print consumables, battery pack, printer repair

I want to wish all my helpers (lenders) a happy weekend! Hope you guys are doing great? Business is good for me, all thanks to you guys. I wish same for all lenders of my fellow compatriots (mentees). We will strive to be the winning team of successful entrepreneurs on this great platform, Zidisha. And also a special "Thank you!" to Madam Julia for this great innovation. You're blessed!

Inventory of home electricals and tools

I wonder if you have thought of selling solar lights? I'm keen to lend to borrowers who are leading the transition to solar technologies.

Buy a water tank for farming

Thank you Emma for the suggestion and encouragement. I am planning to do drip irrigation in future. Its expensive but when my business grow up I will try it.

Open a beauty shop branch

The progress of my business is ongoing well. Thank you Zidisha

Fuel for transportation of solar products to wholesalers

Thank you all for your help during the last loan I obtained. God bless u all.

Mini truck for transportation of my goods

I sincerely appreciate my lenders for giving me the opportunity to work with their money. I wish to add the loan to an amount of #450,000 to enable buy a fairly used mini truck to help me in transportation of my goods from farm to warehouse and to market whenever I want to sell them. This loan will reduce cost of hiring trucks to transport my goods,thereby increasing my profit

Finalise laptop payment & buy more accessories for talkies.

Thank Taun, very much appreciated.

To expand my business

The loan is helping me with the mentainane of my tricycle in order to avoid breakdown,it has also helped raised 5 percent of my daily sales.through that l am now able to provide some family needs.

Finalise laptop payment & buy more accessories for talkies.

Good luck Purity!

Mini truck for transportation of my goods

I bought 3 tons of cashew nuts from my last loan which I sold for 250000 NGN. After deducting expenses of 130,000NGN,i took home NGN120000. I am most appreciative to my lenders for giving me the opportunity to work with their money

Food shopping and labour.

Faith it is so wonderful to see you wanting to use drip-irrigation!!
I hope everything goes so well :-)

I'm following, so I'll be here for future loans...
Wishing you all the best with your endeavors!
Emma from Australia.

Sale of bedsheets

photos pliz

Sale of bedsheets

please see photos

Pay as you go solar

Bright solar power is a solar energy company based Sagamu Ogun state. The company provides affordable home solar energy systems to low-income households.Bright solar power target population is rural communities who are typically excluded from national energy infrastructure. Rural households instead rely on car batteries and kerosene lighting, which are about ten times more expensive than connection to the national power grid.
Bright solar power uses ZIDISHA loans for support our purchase and distribution of small solar home systems. Energy for the small solar home systems is generated by a solar panel, and the system can power a few lights, a radio, plasma led TV and charge mobile phones. Bright solar power also provides technical training and reliable customer services to households who install the solar energy system.

Solar Home systems are self sufficient rural home electrification systems Bright solar power packages contains a Solar Panel, batteries, basic lighting and mobile phone charging ports which address the basic power needs of an off grid household. we distributes these systems to rural households on a rent to own model. The customer pays a small amount upfront and continues to buy energy credits from Solar Home on a flexible payment schedule to ultimately own the equipment after ~24 or 30 months. The company has provided solar systems to 300 households till date.

Bigger loan are needed Am interested in $10,000 loan that will help to turnaround my business. I will use this loan to repay and take another loan to increase my limit to the said amount

Inventory of home electricals and tools

i will always be grateful to all lenders especially to those who comment, monitor and support my business.
i am glad to partner you as you this venture progresses .
thank you all for the support

Liquid soap production

Zidisha has helped me in meeting my desired targets and I appreciate everyone who has made this happen.

Payment of rent

Hello distinguished lenders, Good evening,afternoon, and morning to you all depending on your location.

It's obvious I'm in arrears of two installment with a total figure of GHS 200.00.

I have a little challenge with cash for this past few weeks and that's why I have not been able to make repayment.

I would like to assure all lenders that, this is not total negligence on my part but rather the recent financial constrain faced. I will pay everything arrears in the few weeks to come. I hope this message calms you.

I share Zidisha's vision, I'm a credible member and wish to maintain my credibility established in the past; I can't afford to ruin that.

Thank you

Sale of bedsheets

Dear lenders,
I hope you are all doing fine. Am also good. My business is doing fine despite a few challenges here and there. I have been selling the bedsheets at between Kshs.2,300/= (US $23 - US $25) to Kshs.2,500/=per pair, the flower vases depending on sizes, some go for Kshs. 500/= (US $5 - US $ 20) Some of my clients have been a bit slow in paying.but otherwise business is good. Am clearing my next payment on friday God willing. Am hoping you will still support me in my next loan. Thank you so much and may the Lord God bless you abundantly.

Building materials

Thank you so much Mr Paul for loan,i am going to buy some building materials and it will help me in getting the appartment ready to client for occupation.

Payment to balance fees for post graduate program

Thank you all. So happy and grateful for your kind gesture.


School fees.

It is a great idea to buy a pump and rent it out Maxwell. Good thinking for adding income to your

I need a loan for office expansion

I am very grateful to you all my lenders. This fund will help me purchase a photocopier for my office use. Thank you alll!

Loan to increase stock for my shop

I received Kshs 80,000 and I will use the amount to buy more stock. Thank you all for the willingness to make the life of others better.

New barbershop

Hi Caleb,
Am so happy for you,may your business keep growing.

Expanding my vegetables farming project.

Hello, Thank you a great deal for sorting me out with loan i was really in need, was able to purchase liquid fertilizer for one side of the vegetables and they are doing good. I appreciate much. Thank you!

Restocking of beauty and hair accessories

Thank you so much for my loan.I was able to buy my goods and have repaid my first instalment money of 2,107naira after my goods sales, all thanks to the loan i was given. My earnings increased much more because weavons and weaves are beauty products most women can't do without . I will expand much more in future. Thank you for this opportunity. Long live Zidisha

Add screening services to my pharmacy

I bought an alkaline cup for my client who has kidney stones and its helping. I also bought malaria and typhoid test kits. Thanks so so so much.

School fees for my son

I take this opportunity to thank you all for the loan. it will help me pay part of my sons school fees.