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Buy flour to try different type of cake

May God continue to keep you safe as you embark on the business, shalom!

To help buy raw materials for my soap business

Thanks a lot to my lenders who funded my last loan, I am grateful because now I will be able to purchase the RAM for my laptop to enable me to work without problems.

Cake trays for large-scale operations

Hey, greetings to all my esteemed Lender's.
Am back again to send an appeal for a Loan to fabricate now cake trays, it's a very central item in my day to day use,I use them at the production abd molding section, I se them at the off loading zone on finished product and I use them flat Cooling area abd lastly I sew them to hold the sealed cakes that are waiting to be stacked in crates ready for delivery.
Basically each section uses this trays and am looking at fabricating 100 pcs to start with, they are costing 1,500 each so that's 150,000 kenya shillings.
The beauty about it is it serves me for many years, the ones am replacing were done 9 years ago do I think it's worth it.
This trays are an integral part of my work so am very passionate about it.
Kindly assist me to raise funds towards this very Noble case.
Thanking you in advance.
Note:- am trying to share pictures but my phone is misbehaving, I'll keep trying though.

NellyJackson Cybercafe

May God help you as you do your business

Vavet Traders (selling home supplies)

I am planning to buy curtain materials from Nairobi and then design curtains for orders I have already once paid I will service the loan and invest in buying curtains materials for other orders.This will expand my business an give me more money to meet my basic needs.Thank you so much and God bless you.

Construction of rental houses

Hi Lenders,

Thank you for the funds.The project has commenced.There was a delay in starting as I was waiting for my Foreman to finish on another project that he was working on.


Boost my inventory of calling cards

Thank you so very much for making this possible. I will now be able to get more stock which will greatly boost my sales.

To put toward expanding clothing business

I thank all my lenders for their wonderful support,I have received the fund and I will use the fund to support my business.May the good lord guide and protect us all.

Roofing material supplier

When I go to factory to place the oder for my customers.. trust and honest always come first

Roofing material supplier

It's my pressure to give my customers best service.. roofing ironsheets

To make the final payment of my school fee

I have made full payment of my school fees because the amount of 1012.00 was successfully credited into my account a past week ago so many thanks to you all.

Transportation for livestock & crop farming

It has been a hard time for farming because of the lack of rain in the past few months but because of the help I got from Zidisha on the farm I have been able to manage and as the rains are showing signs of hope I am hoping that things will get better on my farm soon.

I did lose some birds on the farm but all is not lost as I am hoping to complete fencing the farm with this new loan and increase my birds as well. While trying to purchase a vehicle for the farm as planned I am going to plant some coconuts along the edge of my farm to improve on the quality of my farm.

Iced kenkey production

It's been an interesting experience these few weeks.The universities were closed because of the strike action of the lecturers and I was a bit apprehensive as to how I was going to repay my loan since most of my supply vase was on forward and my team and I explored other markets and it was amazing to see the demand. Was able to pay my loan ahead of time and looking forward to raise bigger loans and explore other markets


To purchase an electric sewing machine

Best of luck!

For practical test in nursing school

I will use the Money to pay for my practicals.
Honestly am very greatful that am being helped in this manner. I will do my best to pay back very soon. Thanks for assisting me.


Inventory of supplies/provisions for my shop

i like the fact that you also do some mentoring voluntarily to help others. i wish you the best of luck in your businesses.

Growing cucumbers and other vegetables

Thank my lenders I have received my last loan you funded and I really appreciate you all

Iron rods and wood to continue building a house

My business is improving and also my building construction is in perfect process

School fees for secondary school for my son

i am hereby Confirming that i have received my loan ksh 28000 and i have used the cash in topping up my shop stocks . thankyou again Zidisha team

Family healthcare

I used this loan to support my ward's lab tests at the hospital. Thanks to my lenders and the Zidisha team, things are getting better. There was not much pressure on my regular income. Once again, thank you all.

To help my mom's kebab business & for meds for my father

Hello my lenders, the amount of 427.00 has been released to my account on the 11th day of February 2020 and I have bought the bag and business is moving forward,
thank you very much.

To put toward an architectural design shop

I'm really grateful to all the generous lenders who have shown kindness to support my project. God bless you all

Fabrics & accessories for dressmaking

Hello, to All Zidisha team. I have been away for a very long time. I want to say a big thank you for your support and patience. I am really grateful may the Lord bless you all. My loan helped me a lot. To purchase sewing stuff for my work. So many things has happened in my life the last few years. It has not been easy at all. I am trying to stand back on my feet. Thank you all here, all lenders and supporters for your patience and love. I say a big thank you to you all. I am happy to be part of Zidisha. God bless you all Amen.

NellyJackson Cybercafe

Zidisha is exceptionally Perfect it has really assisted many Small business owner from Different countries I Urge the members that we be honest and Grow in Zidisha

To produce farm crops

Thank madam Florence, Mr Frank, Mohammed,and brother cobby Charles Jackson for funding my project God bless you all

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello dear lenders, it another wonderful weekend. i hope by the super natural powers of the living God, you are all doing amazingly well.
Am also very fine and the training is going very well.

on this special Sunday, i pray the almighty God change our storyline to happy, healed and financially stable.

stay safe and bless............

To buy a container for my beauty business

I wish you good fortune.

To produce farm crops

good luck

Growing beans & maize

So far so good this is my fourth project from zidisha since I joined and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my success


I would like to thank Mr Nicholas Twene and Brother Cobby Charles Jackson once again for their contributions on my third project


Buy binding wire for a project

Your work sounds interesting.

Environmentally friendly cooking briquettes

Once more, I take this opportunity to thank members who have finance my project. It will help in my capital of face-lifting the briquettes room. Thank you for making it possible

To make the final payment of my school fee

Thanks, Erica I appreciate your help and your comment.

To buy more shoes from wholesalers

My prayer for you is that may God bless your home as you continuing supporting others in need.

Food selling business

Good support from my business I am really doing great in my business

Online marketing for my nail & spa services

The last loan I was given made all the difference 3 years ago. It helped me open my doors at my Physical location. Although I eventually closed shop, I believe I am resilient to keep pursing my dream of owning a chain of Spas in Kenya.

I am back, stronger and wiser too.

To buy roofing sheet for my two-room building

Hello my lenders I greet you all the fund of the ¢756.00 has been released to my account successful and I have used it for the roofing sheet.
Thank you.


To make the final payment of my school fee

Good luck to you in your studies.


Environmentally friendly cooking briquettes

I learned a lot from your video. Good luck with your business.

Selling laptop computers

Zidisha is the best lending platform have come across,the repayment of loan is a way too easy and best for doing business,I thanks all the lender that made this possible for people like us to be able to do business.

Tools & equipment for repairing computers

i really thank every lender who has taken it upon himself/herself to help me improve my business. I promise that i will not let your help be in vain. I will use this funds to purchase some tools and also computers accessories which will help me work well on computers and laptops when repairing them.


To buy more shoes from wholesalers

Thank you so much for being a good person. Take care of yourself.

Kananest Provisions Store

Please leaders my business is moving on well. Thanks

Support my business of selling fish

Thanks for the money I will use this money to increase my business in fish selling

To buy more fuel for my taxi

Thank you so much you have made my project fulfillment come through and from now going I will have a spare tire for taxi.
I appreciate your help.

To buy more shoes from wholesalers

By the Grace of God I will forever be grateful and honest. I hope you will support my project again. I pray God bless your work

Remaining balance on overlock machine for my daughter

Thank you and I really appreciate your kindness and support towards my project

Motor for my electric sewing machine

May God bless the owner of this big company for such a wonderful supporting

Nursery management

Thank you all the zidisha lenders and the staff with my second loan limit it has fully funded and very grateful

To pay for prepaid meter

Thank you for contributing to support my business