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Uplifting the business look

I would like to congratulate all the backers who assisted me to achieve my goals. In the last loan i was able to repair the machine with your funds. Your consideration will be highly appreciated when you assist me in my next loan

Richie fashions and home supplies

The results of the loan had assisted me alots.I have used the loan to grow my business and get more profits.Thank you for hearing my request.Regards

Music production and selling

I Will use the the loan produce another volume 5 songs, and also I will use to hire my friend who can assist me collaborate together.The total cost for production will $300 henc the fund will assist me.Regards.

Funds for enrollment for masters studies

Hey lenders. Good news. I am in the process of taking GMAT so that I can apply for my masters studies. This is one of the most difficult exam ever seen before. My target score is above 700 which needs sufficient preparation. I am wishing myself all the best

Dominic charcoal center

I thank you zidisha team for you have funded my project, it is through your support my dreams have come to be realised you are true friends to me.

Purchase of new air fryer

Thank you so very much for making my project possible this funds will be used to purchase packaging materials for our crisps products and in turn will increase their shelf life this will go along way in growing our enterprise thank you for making it possible

Poultry farming

I had struggled with increasing my the number of my flock but this loan enabled me to raise the number from 150 to 200.I inted to reach 500 by the end of this year hence your support through this facility will be helpful in aiding me achieve my goal

Firewood selling

Iam greatful for the loan i was given.This is because the amount i recieved helped me to transport my firewood from the farm to the market for selling. I was able to make a profit out of it and iam greatful for your assistance.

Funding my small used clothing business

May it be useful for you and your family

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Semoga bermanfaat buat anda sekeluarga


Business project

The project is wonderful , i love how it is life change and is very convenient, easy to apply
I like the way it give one the choice to make the contributions as in you choose the best and convenient time to make your pay

Adding more foods to the menu

I was able to buy a second hand cooker/oven for baking,I hope to grow my business and make more money to improve my life and those around me.I hope to venture later into other businesses because I believe I can make a difference in my life.Thanks to you who funded me and I wish you well

1st term school fees

Thanks again to Zidisha backers for funding my loan, the previous loan was used in paying school fees for my son. Normally the pupils are being sent home who have not completed paying fees at least my son was saved from this . Thank you my backers

Selling locally grown cereals

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my backers for believing in me. I was able to purchase additional stock for my business. My business is growing thanks to you all.

Want to develop a clothing store business

Hello lenders I have dreams and aspirations to become a successful entrepreneur so that in the future I can make my parents happy and can help pay for my sister's school fees who are currently in grade 1 of junior high school And I really want to develop my small business to be even more developed Thank you in advance To lenders who are very generous. Best wishes always

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Hello lender
Saya punya impian dan cita cita menjadi pengusaha sukses supaya kelak bisa membahagiakan kedua orang tua dan bisa membantu biaya sekolah adik yang saat ini sedang duduk di kelas 1 SMP
Dan saya sangat ingin mengembangkan usaha kecil-kecilan saya ini menjadi lebih berkembang lagi

Terimakasih sebelumnya untuk para lender yang sangat murah hati

Salam sukses selalu

Repair my transport vehicle

Thank you my bankers for making my project successful. I appreciate you so much and may God bless you. the money will help me repair my vehicle,pay school fees for my kids and the other part will go to my business so that I will able to pay my loan with ease. I will not let you down. Thanks

Expanding my business on sale of solar gadgets

Thankyou members for your support, these funds will go a long way in fullfilling my ambition to invest in solar gadgets for sale. I am now confident my project will take another step forward. I will work hard to also fullfill my part to always pay timely and support other members. Thanks once again.

Solar water pump

Bee hive setup complete I expect first harvest in 6 months

Additional farm inputs

Hello zidisha,
I kindly want to tell all my backers that I successfully received the loan yesterday for my farming to be good. Thanks and remain blessed always.

Stiff farming and agribusiness

Hello Stephen, this Pstr Mary(Maria)Lusambo from Zambia. I found pleasure in funding your project. I pray for the best results in your project.

Stock for my grocery and cereal shop

Dear friends, words fail me with which to appreciate you for funding my project. I can now improve my business believing that God will bless the works of my hands as He has already been doing. Once again thank you. I'm planning to grow up my groceries by adding more stock. Thanks in advance.

Product additions for my pet shop

I plan to use the collected funds to buy cat food for resale, thank you investors who have helped me to grow my business. Thank you...

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Rencana dana yg terkumpul akan saya gunakan membeli makanan kucing untuk dijual kembali, terima kasih investor yang sudah membantu saya untuk usaha saya berkembang.

Terima kasih...

New branch for phone repair shop

Your Dreams and vision matters alot.

Farm onset

the project made a very great difference in my life that i have never experienced before , and i hope the other members will as well benefit from it, i need more funding of my project please members. thank you

Gilgil young inovetors

my last project wa a success,why? i worked with youths who are talented but dont have certificates but i gave them good pay for their services and good workin environment,open conversations,freandship and thr rest is history.

Repair my transport vehicle

Hopefully we can support each other in my efforts from Indonesia

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Semoga bisa saling mendukung usaha saya dari indonesia

Carwash detergents

To David,Frederick, Douglas, Josephine, Anthony,Samson, Michael and Salsabilla thank you very much for funding my project.May Almighty God bless you all.
The fund raised am strictly going to use to add watermelon stock.
This will boost my business as am gonna buy in large quantity which will lead to good profit after sale.

Expanding my business on sale of solar gadgets

Thanks to all of you and most importantly those who funded my previous projects. I have been able to do a lot especially to grow my business by adding another line of solar gadgets. Defenitely my revenue continue to rise and I am almost hitting my daily projected profit of ksh. 3000. So, I will always be grateful.

Dumpy level hire

It's an amazing platform to grow each other.
Learn various lesson'ls on financial management and equally create a difference

Buy skincare and cosmetics for online store selling stock

hello, thanks for trusting me. I am very happy, because with the funds I get, I can buy goods to increase my selling stock in online stores. so that I will get more benefits.

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hello, thanks for trusting me. I am very happy, because with the funds I get, I can buy goods to increase my selling stock in online stores. so that I will get more benefits.

Carwash detergents

My shop is doing very great and I thank God for that and zidisha family.
Since I started this project, I have been working on shop inventories of which I make a good profit.
I expanded my shop to also deal with groceries which includes watermelon and, pineapples, oranges etc .
This had increased my daily sellings and good profits are also being realised every week.
To zidisha community very grateful and may our living God continue blessing u all.

Purchase of raw materials for candles

candle production is in progress ' thank you for helping to increase capital for the purchase of raw materials .

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produksi lilin sudah dalam pengerjaan ' terima kasih yang telah membantu penambahan modal untuk pembelian bahan baku .

Mobile phone payment center

Hello my beloved members who funded me,I am humbled to take this chance to thank all of you for funding me .I will use the money to add mpesa float.This will help me have good flow of money since my clients will be able to withdrawal and deposit cash without any difficulties.Again I will increase clients because other than salon and cosmetics clients mpesa clients might see something in my shop other than mpesa service hence making a sale and more profit.This will help me repay my loan ,pay school fee for my children,help my family,and also perticipate in charity work like visiting children's homes and elderly people.Thankyou very much.

Stock for my grocery and cereal shop

Though it's been a while since the last funding of my project, I have to say that the funding was worthy the course. It was during the dwindling economy due to the pandemic but the funding helped me so that my business got somewhere. Right now I trust that by your funding me this project I will have to go another mile. Dear lenders, I therefore humbly request that you support me just as you did the other time and am sure that with your support I will make a stride. Thanks in advance hoping that you will consider my sincere humble request dear ones.
Yours faithfully, Milika Akosa Shitela.

Handaa's farming

I will use the fund buy buy more farm inputs like fertilizers and seedlings. And also use some small amount to prepare my land. The loan will help my earning to increase. Thank you so much for the loan.

Purchase of new air fryer

We successfully bought the sealing machine for our products now we have two and have doubled our capacity to package our products this in turn will enable us to produce more and keep up with demand

Denoo cybercafe

Thank you so much backers for making my project run smoothly. I will use the loan to repair my photocopier and laptop. This are more useful in my business thus helps me produce my earnings Thanks

Denoo cybercafe

The fund you funded me assisted in adding more services to my business, i used the money to buy printer and a larger disk. Thank you so much backers.

Increase stock

Thank you so much Zidisha family, I have received my first loan. Those who supported me I want to thank you may God bless you and bless Zidisha family.


New stock for my mutumba clothes business. mitumba is a Kenyan name for second-hand clothes, handbags, school bags, and shoes. A mitumba business is one of the most lucrative businesses you can start with little capital. The sale of mitumba has changed many people’s lives, especially the youth who fail to secure formal employment.

Middle-class Kenyans refer to second-hand products as “okoa jahazi” (save the yacht) since they are quite affordable and budget-friendly. All you need to do is play your cards right. Here is how to start mitumba business in Kenya.

Medical expense

Thank you Sir for your support and care. I will manage to get my sister the meds she needs and soon she'll be well. That I believe. Once more Sir, Thank you so much.

Open a shop

I so celebrate because have just received the money in my account. Blessed be you all who have funded me

Distributing rice

I was able to feed the hungry people, because there was scarcity of food,even now people are still hungry want food more, please help me to do fast

Purchase of new air fryer

The project was a complete success we managed to complete the clients order in time thanks to everyone’s contributions and now we have registered a growth of 30% percent in sales thanks to our partnership with zidisha

Talk time inventory

The funds I procured last time round were channeled to purchasing inventory for my business- mobile phone airtime.
I was able to reinvest the proceeds within the time I had picked to pay back and consequently grew my capital base before I had to payback what was lent to my business. This grew my capital base by an extra 22%.
My children seamlessly attended school this last year and are going back for the beginning of the school year in September.
My neighborhood is cool, green and ideal for tea farming.

Sustainable dairy farming

Thanks my supporters am humbled .God bless you
The supreme Court has upheld the Independent Election commission results ..We have now our new President ..The country is now peaceful..and we are hoping for the better future ,reduced cost of doing business in KENYA (bottom up .model) which augers well with my business objective

To fund stationeries and computer memory replacement

Thank you Alfred malonzo, fredrick Chazima and elias mwakima for your courtesy to support me. I intend to buy a toner to put into my photocopier and will help me to print out bronchures posters and this will boost my work . I thank you since your boost will make my business to proceed. Thank very much

Purchase of cooler for our restaurant

I must take this opportunity to profoundly thank our financiers for making the funds available for progressively growing our business, enabling us to buy a deep freezer, a meat mincer, and moving our eatery to a more spacious building. All these have resulted in growing customer numbers and sales. Thank you very much indeed.

Now we are looking to buy a chiller to keep bottled water, soft drinks and fresh juices cool amid the sometimes scorching heat of the day. A cool drink amidst a hot day can be quite refreshing, and we are responding to our customers request in this regard.

The chiller we have identified for purchase is a 150 L Von VARV 15 Das Vertical Cooler, with an internal capacity of 150 litres, available from Hot Point Appliances Ltd for Kshs 53,995.

This is one more restaurant appliance that will help us quench exceedingly well the thirst of our cherished customers.

Thank you.

Expanding my office

I will furnish my office readying the deployment of a receptionist. This will help serve customers well as they will have an office to make inquiries. Thank you for actualizing my project.

Cake business

The loan helped me to buy a new mixer, thanks to Zidisha.

Trade in pos and telcom recharge cards business

Wow, thank you Zidisha and all the backers! The last funds I recieved helped me and my business greatly. I was able to bounce back after the effect of the harsh economy.