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Selling detergent, sanitary pads & toiletries


Thank you very much for your interest in seeing me do well as a borrower, being safe and fit always. I'm in good health and doing well. I hope you are doing well too?
I'm always happy for your kind words and your interest in seeing me do well. My prayer for you this day is that; The Good LORD BLESS you, and keep you, the LORD make his face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you:
The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace now and even forevermore.

Thank you for your love

Selling detergent, sanitary pads & toiletries

I am used to seeing messages from you every now and then. So just realized that have not heard from you in a couple months now. Hope you are in good health and doing well. Covid has made life tough for everyone. Stay safe and take care.

Distributing solar lanterns and electricity kits

Dear Lenders,

Thank you for your understanding and patience during my previous loan.

I used the money to build up two solar energy booths in an area of our town that is in great need for the mobile money services and solar energy lanterns that we provide.

I hope you can participate in my next loan. Thank you.

Tess's Food Shop

I received a the sun of #14220 from zidisha and I really want to thank my lender cos this loan really help me to upgrade my business. Thanks so much am grateful

Expand my produce sales

i increase my stock and the number of customers has increased i have moved from 8,000 profit to 12,000 shillings thanks to zidisha..

To buy growth booster or Foliar fertilizer

Dear lenders, am very grateful for the support you have given.My farming business is doing fine and the standard of living has improved tremendously.At least during this difficulty period we able to manage three meals a day.Thank very much, I also and pray that you will be able to lend me again.God bless you


Purchase materials to create more artwork

Keep up being creative and follow your style!

To support my farming business

I will pay workers. The loan will help my workers to trust me more for that matter anytime I called them they will be ready to work for me. I thank my lenders so much.

Photography and video business

I have made repayment successfully today October 18, 2020. I take this opportunity to thank all lenders for giving me this opportunity. God richly bless you all.

University education: tuition and living costs

Today October 18, 2020 I successfully made repayment. I wish to once again express my profound gratitude to all lenders for their contributions. Thanks for the support and God richly bless you all.

Laboratory equipment

I have received the loan disbursement .I am very much grateful and shall use it wisely for the intended reason and payback timely.


Shoe selling

New stock

Baobab powder production

I’ve been able to buy my own baobab powder processing machine from the loan I received together with the profit from the baobab business.
Thank you all for the support.
I wish to have my own processing factory soon with your support .

Restocking plumbing materials to sell

By the grace of God, sales are good. Thank you so much

Repairs to service my lawn mowers

Thank you so very much for the loan, like any other online platforms my first reaction was in the negative, though i was skeptical about online transactions (loans) this particular one is simply above board. Thumbs up!! to the team!!!

Earning my tuition fees by selling Greenleaf products

Thank you a lot my lenders for the loan offered, i will definitely put it to good use it will help me a lot. I will buy Greenleaf products such as perfumes, lotions and other cosmetics to sell , the profits will help pay my school fees.

To buy wheelbarrows to rent out to others

My business has raised through zidisha loan I'm having the most needed machines in my construction business.

Hospital supplies for distribution

I made a lot of sales since yesterday and I thank you for your support and encouragement i am having in this platform. Thank you so much lenders and zidisha team

Selling computers and accessories

thank you very much for the loan i will use this loan to buy more inventory :)

Disinfecting schools for reopening

I bought chemical for the decontamination contract in the various schools.. I have started boosting my profitability by 47%..We have aggressively pursue the contract completion by 26% for now which has also encouraged other state to invite us for similar contract execution.
Thank you for the opportunity to boost my business expansion.

Additional capital for MTN mobile money business

Words are not enough to say thank you to all lenders making it possible or funding my current loan. I'm just lost for words and exceedingly grateful. Thanks for your kindness, generosity, selfless and sheer spirit. Your efforts will forever be acknowledged as posterity is going to remember you all, some day. More grease to your elbows!

Buying of clothing bales to sells

God bless you lenders. Sales are good

Gilgal Springs Academy for disadvantaged kids

Thanks very much my lenders I have seen how much you love the children of Gilgal Springs Academy. Let's move on. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Lol. Enjoy the maasai homestead photo.

Shipping fees for stock consignment

I will be able to top up money to purchase inventory of shoes for my business. This will go a long way in helping to boost my sales. Thank you for helping a small trader. I hope to continue to grow my business through this platform. Your funding is much appreciated.

Buying inputs and other materials for vegetable farming

I received an amount of 2176ghs and this will go a long way to buy farming inputs and other materials for my vegetable farm. I thank you so much for your support and kindness. Thank you and pray for my new cabbage season. Thank you

Buying a printer for my cybercafe

I appreciate you lenders, business is good. Thank you

Restaurant business

The good God that I serve will continue to reward you lenders for the good work you are all doing, your barns will never run dry.

Stock for my retail provisions shop

Oh karibu sana Erik.
Am glad to know that you have been to my country Kenya.
I hail from the Coastal region...

Welcome this sides next time you are here.

Best Regards


Beauty shop

Thanks guys. This will go a long way to help me stock my shop

Buying inputs and other materials for vegetable farming

Thank you McLane for the passion you have for zidisha and my farming business. I also pray for everyone here to have a successful business.


Buying inputs and other materials for vegetable farming

I am glad to hear this. I think of you from time to time and will pray for your success Seidu!

Buying inputs and other materials for vegetable farming

Thank you Erik for your support. I am expecting 7% increment of my yields. I am working on cabbage plantation now and it sells well and I hope to increase my profit margin. Thank you


Mr Alexandre.. Thanx so much for your funding.. Really appreciate as this funds will help me to achieve some of my goal this week...

To help me buy gardening tools

Am so so humbled with great joy in my heart. Thankul very much

''Ajaj Foods'' retail business

I thank God that sales are now improving and am able to make payment.
My relocation really affected me. I hope things continue to get better.
Thanks to the zidisha team for the patience.


Stock for my retail provisions shop

Jambo Sana Godwin.. thank you for you message. We are proud for sure to be able to support you and appreciate all your hard work, especially in these challenging times, to continue to grow your business and also repay the loans. FYI - I spent a few months in Kenya - including several weeks working up in Kapenguria-Kitale years ago. All the best - Astana Sana! Erik


Buying inputs and other materials for vegetable farming

Hi Seidu.. hope you are keeping well. By how much do you think you can increase your yields-profits with this loan? You feel confident on making the repayments. Thanks for all the great communications and also your support as a mentor to others on this platform. All the best with securing this loan. Glad to be able to support some of it for you. Best, Erik


Thank you very much Eric G for your concern



Hi Priscilla - thank you for all the updates and great communication. Also many thanks for trying to keep on track with the repayment schedule, we know it's not always easy to do so. You are building a lot of confidence with your lenders. All the best, Erik

Selling second-hand clothes

Making good sales. Thank you

Buy more clothing materials

I will use it to purchase more goods into my store.i will use it to imports more goods
It will help me to stock up more goods and I will be able to make more sales and profits
Thank you so much my lender.Almighty God will continue to bless you

To stock my provisions shop

I will like to thank my lenders for granting me the loan because the loan has been helpful to me.At first I am not able to buy much goods for the store and customers have been complaining that always when they come to me they don't get what they need.Some customers stopped buying from me.But due to Zidisha loan I was able to buy more goods for the store and now those who stopped buying from me has now started buying from me and even new customers have also come to buy from me.My revenue has now increased drastically.I will continue to remain faithful and loyal to Zidisha and my lenders.Thank you.

Distributing solar lanterns and electricity kits

Dear Lenders,

I plan to complete my loan soon. Thank you for your kind support and understanding. Stay safe and healthy!

Distributing clean LPG cooking fuel

Sincere thanks to all lenders of this current loan. I shall not disappoint you

New stock for mattress shop

Thank you all for believing in me and investing in me
I hope to expand my business with your support
Thank you all once again

Tess's Food Shop

Thank you so much am grateful. I will use the loan to buy groceries and stock my shop. The loan will really help to boost my business

Fashion designer, beads and garments making

I will be using the loan to buy materials,fabrics,beads for production ,this will really help me to get a better start up for my business and also ,i will be able to produce more bracelet , waist beads ,sandals for selling . Thank you very much for this loan, and i will pay back soon

Expanding stock to include Juudy and Ekumfi fruit drinks

This is part of the Ekumfi drink purchased with the loan. Thanks to all

To inject into Saladmaster healthy system and other items

This massaging apparatus was purchase today to help me in my work. I am so grateful to the assistance from my lenders from Zidisha. Thanks so much

Stock for my retail provisions shop

*Jamboo ! Eric,

Great to hear from you.

I really appreciate your support and from all my lenders.

Despite the current COVID-19 challenges am soldering on growing my business.

Am doing my best to make you proud for supporting me.

Best regards.


*jamboo is a Swahili word used for greeting...meaning Hi