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Emmanuel Ngereso     Aug 10, 2018

Hi, thanks so much to Zidisha lenders for your support in my farming business. I started with poultry and you've been there for me. The loan that I received was used to buying farm inputs and now my crops are very healthy and expecting good harvest this season.

Pump to spray my chicken house for disinfection.
Nairobi, Kenya

Granvile Wambugu     Aug 10, 2018

Zidisha platform has been pivotal to my farming career having allowed me to source money for development. The last loan helped me put up a greenhouse and hence continued expansion. I hope to continue expanding my greenhouse project such that I can be in a position to reap consistent and more income. I, therefore, would like to thank my lenders for continued support.

Loan for greenhouse vegetable seedlings
Gateiguru, Kenya

Ruth Musela     Aug 10, 2018

Hi Lenders,

Thanks for the loan it has made my mpesa business work for me since I have enough float and I can transact at any given time. It had improved my finances I will be able to get a holiday this year thanks to you lenders may God bless you mightly.

Ruth Musela

Mobile phone payment service center
Nairobi,dagoretti Corner, Kenya

Giotilda Chelimo     Aug 9, 2018

Thankyou lenders for my previous loan. I was able to stabilise my electronic money transfer business. _mpesa. The commission I make now makes me smile,my employee works well now and the customers are satisfied. From the proceeds I was able to facilitate harvestingof my crop in the farm,and a boost of my pub and renovation of my rental houses. Thankyou so much lenders,may God bless you immensely.

Farm vegetables and beans
Kitale, Kenya

Riza Adrian     Aug 9, 2018

I am very grateful to the lenders who have trusted me, I am very thankful that after joining the zidisha program my progress was very significant, and I was able to repay the loan on time before it was due, even I was trusted by one of the telecommunications operator providers to add card stock starter kit and also credit, Terim love zidisha! thank you kind hearted borrowers.

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saya sangat berterima kasih sekali kepada para pemberi pinjaman yang telah mempercayai saya,saya sangat bersyukur setelah mengikuti program zidisha kemajuan saya sangat signifikan,dan saya bisa melunasi pinjaman dengan tepat waktu sebelum jatuh tempo,bahkan saya dipercaya salah satu provider operator telekomunikasi untuk menambah stok kartu starter kit dan juga pulsa,Terim kasih zidisha ! terima kasih para peminjam yang baik hati.

Still need a pulse stock
Sukabumi, Indonesia

Philip Nyasio Samo     Aug 9, 2018

My very sincere greetings of joy and THANK YOU, to Mr. Paul Buchheit of Mountain View, United States for wholly sponsoring and funding my latest funding proposal. Will be heading to shops for my Dynamic Solar PowerBank as soon as my funds are disbursed.
Thank you so much for the support.

Nairobi , Kenya

John Kwarteng     Aug 8, 2018

My recent loan I took enabled me to hire manual labourers who helped me to cultivate my cassava stem cuttings due to the size of the farming land.this prevented me form incurring loss if the stem cuttings had gotten spoilt by been infected by pest if I didn't grow them.I am grateful to Zidisha for playing this vital role.

Cassava farming
Toase-nkawie, Ghana

Franklin Asare Kumi     Aug 8, 2018

Thank you very much Treesforpeople for your interest in supporting business in solar as I provide service installations such as solar power plants for homes and business i.e 1kw/h to unlimited Kw/h depending on client consumption. However the there is high demand for solar installations for major stakeholders in Ghana but challenge has been the initial investment capital to get it installed. therefore if i get an investor who is ready to fund projects for interested clients then we could look at processes to secure such businesses. please for details visit www.ecoghana.com/solar.html


Capacity-building loan for solar business
Accra, Ghana

Bismark Nana Opoku     Aug 8, 2018

I bought more wood for building purposes. It has increased my profit to about 12 percent. I used the the earnings to buy school uniform for my kid sister. Now I'm looking forward to buying a college form to further my education.

To buy wood for building
Techiman, Ghana

Lucy Gakii     Aug 8, 2018

Hello lenders,i am lucy and i have appreciated a lot for the loan that i have been paying.It has helped me a lot and i thank God for that.i added the stock with the money i got and it has helped me and my customers because the customers had whatever they needed in my store.The earnings have increased by 20 % and i thank God.I have used the earnings to pay school fees for my children and to boost my business.thank you.

Adding stock to my grocery business
Nairobi, Kenya