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Young sukumawiki sacco

Thank you for the loan I received it helped me to weed my cabbage, the remaining amount of money I applied pesticides in my vegetables, the estimated amount was £15 , am proud with zidisha, I look forward to develop because of you people

Loan to buy more stock

Zidisha has brought a lot of difference in my life i always fell happy when i see myself achieving my dream

Loan to relocate my pig farm to a safe and hygienic place

Thank you so much lenders and thank you Zidisha Team, for the flexible and affordable loans giving. The loans have changed a lot of my business activities and i can do more business with less time and gain more profit, through the machines i bought such as Colour Copier Core i3 Computer for the control of my cyber cafe. Pork is consumables here in my Village and i am making money of 55% from the sales of pork.. All the above is the help and support of Zidisha and Lenders. Thank you very much

Increase stock of sisal bags and ropes.

Though I have never attempted to work with online lenders, I must admit I'm very please that Zidisha is REAL and I'm developing interest as time goes.
The loan I sought helped me in that it saved me time and did packaging for my sweet potatoes and transferred them to market by the expected time. I appreciate this a lot and will forever be grateful.

Beading and arts

thanks for the loan. it's boosting my business

Cow shed

I used the loan to build a cow shed

Stationery business

Thank you ZIDISHA lenders for the 80 dollar loan.It has really impacted my stationery business by adding stock such as calculators, novels and programming books which I managed to sell among my college friends and was able to get pocket money ,support orphans in Zimmerman and take part in Marie Stopes programs on educating youths on the importance of family planning for the future.I really appreciate the support through the funds that is make me independent and be able to apply what I learn pursuing my business degree at JKUAT University.

Add stock to my busines

Hi readers ,I appreciate for the support you have been giving me ,God bless u all as we continue to do business together, i have used the loan well ,and i well continue with the same spirit so that i may be able to support my family and community

Buy water tank

Hallo lenders.this has been the longest year for my life and family since I have been on and off with pneumonia.. but I thank God he has enabled me to pay my loan.. I managed to build three houses with the loan and added three more with the proceeds.. this has helped me pay my daughter's school fees with ease since my tailoring business went down.. with the little income I also managed to visit some students and donated panties and sanitary towels in area that are prone with clashes.. below receive the photos.. thank you all for your continued support

Fruit trees and inputs for my farm

Dear Zidisha lenders yesterday I started work on the farm planting for next season . Find some photos

Cybercafe expansion

Dear Zidisha Lenders,
Thanks for the loan support for my business. I have been able to carry out the follwing with the loan you gave me last time.
Restocking of my shop which included buying of stationery items in bulk for resale.
Re branding of my shop .
With the above activities I have heard an increase in sale by 30% margin.
I have also been able to start a saving plan with my family which we contribute money every month Kshs. 500 which we use to help each other.
I have attached a photo

Revamp of my restaurant to get more customers

Hi Margaret,
Than you for the great advice, i will take it into consideration. I think we may have to do an audit of our dishes, the cost of ingredients, and the mark-up on each item and calculate what we are making per dish while including all the condiments used, such as ketchup or parmesan cheese added at the table.

We will also take into account all our costs, including labour, rent, cleaning, supplies, and utility bills. Estimate an average number of monthly customers, using previous months’ till takings if we're unsure of the figure, plus how much people spend on average. With these numbers to hand i think we should be able to work out how much profit we’re making on individual recipes, and overall. Im sure having all this information in mind will help us see what part to focus on during the revamp. For now, i will use the money to purchase more comfy chairs for my customers. I will start with two first. Thank you so much

Planting sugarcane

Man, honestly we came along way from nothing at all, from streets, I use to be a street boy,so tell me what can I lose when I am with my worldwide lenders,who stake their trust on my capabilities, I have been down but I feel good to be up, okey,I started from nothing ,it is alright, now I am at the top of my game and I said "I am moving at the speed of light". Wishing you a great time lenders,.

Milk production

Hi,want to give all of you a lot of thanks for your finical support.
The project is going Ok and know I have 23 students whom learning about rearing chicken.
The support you offered is used to buy books and feeds bt hope soon it will be so good.
God bless you so much.


Am so grateful to the Zidisha team of lenders and most of all ads68 for lending me $14 which went to paying my employees for the past week. Am grateful because my work went on smoothly despite me lacking the money at the time I was expected to pay bt thanks to Zidisha I paid my workers on time. Looking forward to being with Zidisha for a lifetime . Can now definitely recommend it to my friends and family

Oppening a window glases hardware shop.

I had a project with a certain county to build a 250 cubic meters tank and I'm not yet paid. I'm also having a problem because I had not yet been able to register my construction company with the government.

Rearing layer hens

Greetings to my Zidisha team and my lenders ,,i would like to thank you so much for the support you have given me ,my previous loan i was able to increase my chicken broilers to an amount of 1400,there's been a lot of challenges but by the help and grace of God have overcome all obstacles Knowing that every business there challenges .,. my prayer is may GOD continue blessing you for being part of my business journey you've made it possible

Mug printing machine

I thank my lenders for their support towards my sewing business. I used the funds to purchase sewing materials to sew school uniforms for a school. This support was very timely since I needed some amount of money to top up what I already had to be able to buy the items. This has increased my earnings since it was not affected by increment of the prices of the items. As a result, there was no waste of time.

New stock for my clothing business

I managed to purchase more goods with the loan I received hence the purchase made a difference in my initial profit of Kshs 1500 per week to Kshs 1900 per week. My neighbourhood is full of small scale traders hence showing the picture of entreneurship culture. I have grown personally since I almost gave up before the loan rescued me to make my business stand.

Young sukumawiki sacco

Thank you for the loan amount you offered me, it has really helped me to manage my project, I bought pesticides and fertilizers, the remaining amount I paid workers,

Bags of cement for housing project

Finally finally, this is how far the good Lord has bless me through noble lenders of Zidisha.
3 bed rooms,
1 hall,
1 dinning,
1 kitchen,
1 store room,
1 office, and
spacious car park.

Thanks to Zidisha for supporting me this far. To my lenders, you will always remain the best and may the good Lord bless you all. Had it not been you, I wouldn't have made it this far. Thanks once again.

New business has been added to my printing business and will soon update it on this platform if God permit.

To all lenders, please follow me on this page for quick update of my project.

New stationery stock for samba cyber cafe

Dear Lenders,
The just completed loans was used to buy new printing papers stock for the samba cyber cafe.
Being the end of the year, businesses and institutions are preparing books, receipt books and invoices for their next financial year and we took advantage of this and did good business.
The printing papers brought an additional profit of KES. 5,000 which was achieved as were able to deliver customers work on time.
The amount has been reinvested in the business to buy more printing papers stock.
The month of October was also a good month for my family. My son graduated from his pre-school and will be joining Primary school next year.
Thank you for your continued support

Laptop computer for work; and a vision check-up

Dear lenders,

There is new change in payment system for Indonesian borrower. as for now, we can only pay the installment with PayPal. I got limitation with my PayPal, so, I need time to fix it first. I'll be back on the track again next week.

Please be patient with Indonesian borrower for awhile again. Rarely people have a credit card here and there are some debit card that able to be linked to PayPal. But little understand how to do it. and PayPal is not popular here.

You can find the information in page Three of this thread here in the forum;

Thank you for the considerations.


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Dear lenders,

There is new change in payment system for Indonesian borrower. as for now, we can only pay the installment with PayPal. I got limitation with my PayPal, so, I need time to fix it first. I'll be back on the track again next week.

Please be patient with Indonesian borrower for awhile again. Rarely people have a credit card here and there are some debit card that able to be linked to PayPal. But little understand how to do it. and PayPal is not popular here.

You can find the information in page Three of this thread here in the forum;

Thank you for the considerations.


Increasing the inventory for my baking business

Am one grateful Zidisha client ,I want to say Thank you to my Funders and Zidisha at large for this platform. At first it was so difficult to start my business, and I was introduced to Zidisha and am so grateful because I managed to start my business with the fist funding I got which I serviced to the end. My Business started to grow and these brought forth the need of expansion to my cake and bread shop .
Then it so happened that I needed to moved my business and family to a different county, which I did and also opened a shop, a bigger shop which I continued to do the same business under the same name, since I was new in that location my business encountered a storm and it didn’t pick up well .But am so hopeful that with Zidisha i will be able to achieve success.
i delayed in my payment of the loan,something i regret and i will do my best to pay the balance on time.
Thank you Zidisha and my Lenders

To finance my university education

The Zidisha loan I received really helped me to make necessary fee payment in my school, and this helped me have full concentration on my academic work for the semester. I am grateful to all Zidisha lenders for you are really transforming lives. I can't thank you all enough for the good work and smiles you put on my faces. God richly bless Zidisha Team, Director Julia and all you lenders abundantly.

Buy computers for my cyber cafe business

Hi Lenders, today I managed to upgrade my data to plan as promised earlier in my loan proposal. The service provide had to lay a new cable from my router to the aerial/receiver just to make sure things work as expected. I took a few snaps of the material used and I will post them soon.
You will notice in these photos the old cable, and the new cable that was laid today, we reused the dish/aerial because it was still in good working condition.
I take this chance to thank you all for supporting my dream. May you be blessed abundantly.

Buying a new motorbike taxi

The money I last serviced which I was lent was of such great benefit to me because I was able to buy a grand new motor bike which enables me to serve my customers very fast and efficiently and of course they come in large numbers those who are my customers .
I have made a lot of profit since the time I bought the motor bike taxi and I have also increased in getting more customers in the last few months
Thanks a lot for having lent me in the past am looking forward for you to lend me again to buy another motor bike by adding more money from my own account.

Water tank

Thanks a lot my dear lenders. A photo of me next to the tank which i purchased after I topped the difference of the money you loaned me. The tank costed Ksh.70,000/-Thanks a lot, i appreciate.

Retail pharmacy/chemist

The last 3 loans have had tremendous change in my pife and those around me. The profits i got really helped me in corporate social responsibility. I have helped some widows and orphans.
Currently am supporting 4 girls in high school one is completing this year and the three still continuing .
I am so glad that the profits have enabled me to start a bigger venture that will get me even better profits to enable me support girls who would otherwise not have an opportunity to study.

Mpesa float loan to cover the festive season due totransacti

I used the loan to improve my grocery shop stocks,initially I never used to stock wheat flour due to limited capital,but now after getting aloan from you good Samaritans I can stock the same hence I can foresee abrighter future for my Family.Thanks in advance.

Sewing machine

An amount of 257 Ghana cedis was disbursed to my account.
This money has being used to buy 10 materials my customers are demanding much. These materials are used to sew men and women outfit of clothings . they have bought 70% of these item which they have ask me sew clothes with it for them. This has brought great improvement in my business. Because I will earn not less 20 dollars profit of this contract. And this would be completed within 2 working days.
I thank lenders so much. May the Almighty God bless them all for making life better for me.

House completion : wish to complete a family house

Thank you for your funding . The funds really helped me. I didn't have enough money to buy a new sheep but when I got your help I added what I had to buy it. Thank you once again.

Longlife milk project

I managed to open an account with dairy top creameries so that I can now source for funds to buy the long life milk which is my eventual target to buy the milk at kshs 380 per carton and sell it at kshs 650.


My last loan was so helpful in my vegetables project. I was able to purchase chemicals that will allow for increase in sales. Since I sell them every day, am able to repay my loans with ease. Thank you so much Zidisha

Business expansion

Below are some of my paintings

Add more stock of printing papers ready

Due to zidisha family loan, my life has completely took a different move. Am able to run my bussiness without much struggle since am being boosted.

Add stock

I am going to buy new products to add may stock. I really appreciate the loan I have used,I am going to restock my kibanda thank you my lenders

Purchase land & help improve food security

Dear lenders, this is the current state of my land project. I have uprooted all pea trees and the land is ready for planting. I have dug 2*2 inch holes for maize planting. I am harvesting kales and spinach on daily basis for supply in the nearby hotels. I am trying to connect my house with offgrid solar systems with a small battery and a 12vDC to AC inverter. Hence I can listen to radio music to get informed while I work at the farm. I purchased the inverter from Jumia online shop at a price of Kes 2,000. The battery is part of my water pumping system used for trial, I am yet to buy one for my stereo system.

To finance my university education

I received an amount of GHS1,237. I have paid my monthly hostel fees with the loan received, I will make part payment of my school fees for the semester, buy books and stationery items for the semester. I will pay for an IT training courses to enhance my IT skills. Once again I take this opportunity to say thank you to all my lenders. You have no idea how much your help means to me. God richly bless you all for your kindness and generosity.

Inventory for my salon business

A loan of $2 helped to diversify the supply of perfumes and I gained new clients with unique tastes, the income from sales increased and I'm confident to open a big store.
I'm an inspiring young entrepreneur from Kisumu city (K). I live with my husband and 15year-old,son.
I do saloon business and also perfume-selling. Sometimes I do get the products from abroad. I really try to put all my efforts into developing the business and plans to open a big store.

My husband works at a local mining company and, a side from his daily work, he also owns coffee-making machines in several places in the city.

In order to diversify the supply of perfumes, I decided to apply for financial assistance. I plan to expand the variety of perfumes. This will help me to gain new customers with unique tastes and increase the income from the business.

I and my husband are risk takers and we try every business opportunity since this will bring better living conditions to our little family. My husband hopes to open a coffee store or a little cafe someday. We both invest all our time and efforts to create a sustainable future for our little one.

Increase of my stocks of bananas and pumpkin.

Hey lenders, i will use the fund to buy bananas, pumpkin and use the rest to build shed for my storage of those things from rain and sun to prevent them from damage these will improve my earning from 50% to 70% per week. The increased amount can be used to increase stock pick and employ worker to help me,that can to create job for youths, then neighours can get goods nearby without transport then during the holidays I can take my kids out for re freshness. The amount will be used also to pay my rental house and school fees for my children.

To purchase a computer or laptop

The helped me in purchasing a photocopy machine which I use on a daily basis to produce copies of documents for my customers. The sales I have made from it have helped me to pay school fees for my daughter and electricity without any difficulties. This machine has increased my customers and sales too thus securing a future for my family. Its profits have enabled me to divide family needs without burdening a part of the business. I am very greatful to you my lenders for giving me this awesome opportunity to depend on myself.

School fee and sports uniform for my daughter"s kindergarten

Thank you very much for trusting me and for giving me the opportunity to acquire this loan. They are an incredible company that always thinks of the people that need it, again thanks!

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muchas gracias por confiar en mi y por darme la oportunidad de adquirir este prestamo. son una empresa increible que siempre piensa en las personas que lo necesitamos, de nuevo gracias!

Expansion of salon

Dear Lender I have been able to purchase my water drum. Thank you.

Laptop computer for work; and a vision check-up

Dear Lenders
It's nine year ago Zidisha start it operation.

Allow me to say Thank you to Julia, the volunteers and all of you who contribute to me for the opportunity you gave me. All of your support help me to be a better person to reach my dream. Sky is not the limit, the ground is.

Hope you all fine, happy and save wherever you are.


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Dear Lenders
It's nine year ago Zidisha start it operation.

Allow me to say Thank you to Julia, the volunteers and all of you who contribute to me for the opportunity you gave me. All of your support help me to be a better person to reach my dream. Sky is not the limit, the ground is.

Hope you all fine, happy and save wherever you are.


Help purchase more goods for timber-yard business

Pleasure.I will add ksh.2000 from my savings .this will total up to ksh 9600 which I will use to order purchase for 2 more 50 kgs nails bags and a dozens of door hinges.this will give a good profit increase.

Onions and water melon selling business

I am in the agribusiness, I do buy bulb Onions and cabbages from farmers and resell to stall owners in the urban markets.

Home building project

I was able to purchase a water tank and some pipes for irritating in the farm during dry seasons. The avocado trees are doing very well and my farm is being used as a demonstration grounds for interested Farmers who want to grow the trees. It's an amazing venture! My business is also doing great! Thank you for walking with me in this journey! I now want to build a home for my lovely family and I invite you to walk with me!

Tha saviour of my business

The loan was really helpful to me though the amount was small but i really appreciate. Thanks a lot.


I bought chickens from my neighbors and sell them to my customers at the market where I made a big profit