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Door-to-door food delivery

I would like to take this opportunity and say a big thank you to my lenders for the wonderful support they have given to me. With the loans i have received, my income has increased gracefully of which am gratefully to you all. Thank you and may God bless you for your resources and time. Am very GRATEFUL.

Buying a freezer for my provisions store

I will buy 3 boxes of indomie,3 boxes of spaghetti,1 box of pen,10 bowls of gari,5 bowls of beans,10 bowls of groundnut.The loan is going to help me buy the items stated above which will make my costumers always come and buy from me. I will like to thank my lenders for their support to assist me expand my business Even at this difficult times may God richly bless you all.I will always remain faithful to you by paying my loan on time. I don't much to say than to say thank you for your support

Fabric for making clothing

To my amazing lenders on zidisha, you're simply awesome, I love you guys. God bless the day I came across zidisha.

Grocery shop

The previous loan help me stoked my grocery shop with all the items I needed for my grocery shop. This increase my patronage greatly. My customers are able to get all that they needed from the shop. It has increased my profit level by 40%.

Inventory of plumbing materials for sale

I will use this loan to buy plumbing materials for sales and it will help me to increase my sales and profits. Thank you so much


Restocking my provisions store

Good luck with your shop Nana. Stay safe.

Selling hardware and home appliances

My kind regards goes to you all lenders

Repair my laptop for freelancing work

Thank you so much friend. With this loan I will now be able to service my laptop and be able to resume my work ASAP

Selling face masks, ladies' clothes, and men's shirts

This loan will help me get the bales I need, it's going to boost my business growth. Thank you for your support and God bless you


Muthama's Cybercafé

I'm sorry to hear about your staff. Take care & be well.

Manual production of ballast

To all my Lenders, thank you. You funded my project faster than I had imagined! I am humbled by your response.

60% of the fund will go to the the production of ballast manually and 40% I will invest in horticulture farming. Horticulture is my core business.

Mass production of cloth face-masks

Thank you so much for lending me. It will help me in purchasing my needed materials.

Buying an overlocking machine

I am planning of buying more materials, such as Fabrics, threads and elastics. If i invest in K500 to buying the materials, i will make about 450 face-masks and sale them at K5 each and i will make k1000 as profit after selling all the 450 face-masks.
I am very happy with the great work you are doing to better my life and that of the people that depends on me.

Distributing health supplies

the loan i got has really helped my business during this difficult times of rhe the corona virus, i was able to buy stock for my business.

Increasing stock of foodstuff & plastic items to resell

The footwear

Selling face masks, ladies' clothes, and men's shirts

Good luck!

Buying an overlocking machine

thank you

Buying an overlocking machine

another picture.

Buying an overlocking machine

A Picture of face-masks i was making.

Producing bricks for construction of classrooms

hello lenders

below are the photos of bricks production ongoing, after completing the order for the classroom construction and renovations.

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

it a beautiful Sunday, Mighty is the name of our Lord and our personal savior. he would surly be with us now and forever more. Amen. i thank you all my dear lenders.

Loan for rent

it another wonderful Sunday, i pray and commit you all in the hands of the almighty God.

Stocking my grocery shop for the Muslim festival of Sallah

Dear Mary,
good luck with your business!

Have you considered selling masks, liquid soap or disinfectants? Given the fact that many people will congregate for the festivities, supporting good hygiene practice may be a good idea and an additional source of business.
Maybe there's a local pharmacy, drugstore or sewing shop that you can partner with.

As member of the community, you may also print and display tips on staying healthy . The WHO has some ready-to-print posters available on their site:

Stay safe!

Kind regards from Switzerland,


First aid supplies for community health worker

Awesome and compassionate lenders, your impact was really felt
Thank you....

Bean, maize, okra, and cashew farming

Good morning lenders this loan has helped me to bought the weedicides and fertilizers for my farms and its growing well thanks to all the Lenders

Beauty salon

Hello dear lenders, am excited to inform you that the loan i received helped me get the drier, its brand new and its helping me a lot. Thank you so much for funding my loan.

Selling face masks, ladies' clothes, and men's shirts

My previous loan helped get the sweatpants which has really boosted my business i was able to meet my customer's needs and that's thanks to all the leaders who made it possible for me.
Thanks for your trust in me and God bless you.

Halogen oven and blending machine for making fufu

I will be buying multi-purpose grill pan to supplies
It will really go a long way in my business finances
I sincerely appreciate my lenders for trusting in my business and agreed to offer me financial help

Producing bricks for construction of classrooms

Hello Isabella
Thanks for kind response, I've just visited the institution today to deliver the last pcs to complete the order given to us.

I managed to meet one the management team concerning the pending payment. I was told to wait I'll be sorted out they are working on it.

The production is on going though at a low phase due to payment delays, I had spend my current loan plus the 30% down payment given by the institution to pay my laborers, raw materials for production

at the moment I also do support my workers and their families during this hard period with little have at hand even if there's no production Just to motivate them during this pandemic period. We hope all will be well soon.

Thanks, kind regards

Laptop computer for work; and a vision check-up

Hi Joshi,
It's been a while. I'm fine here and so is my family. Hoping that Covid-19 will pass soon and we will be able to do everything normally as before. I hope you and the other lenders are also good and healthy there. Take care, too. :)

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Hi Joshi,
It's been awhile. I'm fine here so are my family. Hoping that Covid-19 will pass soon and we able to do everything normally as before. I hope you and the other lenders are also good and healthy there. Take care, too. :)

Producing bricks for construction of classrooms

Best wishes at this difficult time, Samwel. The construction so far looks good. I hope that your brick production can continue and that the financial problems do not last too long.

Best wishes to you

Buying an overlocking machine

I have received my first loan, thank you.

Expand my produce sales

The business is doing well ,thanks zidisha for your support

Halogen oven and blending machine for making fufu

I will add it to my money to purchase fufu machine for customers
This will enable me meet up my customers need
I'm sincerely grateful for the loan

Farming and selling vegetables

I don’t know how to explain this but this really help my life much love I really appreciate it thank you so so much

Loan to buy land for my shop

You’re welcome Asuama, hope it helps.

Set of studio lights

Thank you lender for your continued support and patience

Transporting pineapples to market

I did receive the funds in my MTN account exactly 324ZMW, i have hired transport to market the pineapples and sale them.Thank you my lenders for helping and made it possiple for me to find money and hire transport at this difficult period,am really greatful to zidisha team and staff for for facilitating and supporting this online programme to reach us one on one or person to person.Zidisha is one of the best institution i have ever come across so far in Africa and World over.I only hope Zidisha will continue to empower and support this programme.Thank you so much this is great indeed.

Loan to buy land for my shop

Thank you zidisha community .especially Franmiguel from Australia who funded my current loan.this is going to help to improve on my hair dressing business.

Tomatoes, onions, potatoes and green maize for home delivery

Thank you for funding my application, i will use this amount to get enough stock for onions, tomatoes, green maize and potatoes to supply to my customers.
Thanks for the opportunity and God bless you

Gypsum-installation toolkits

Hallo to zidisha,I thank my lenders for the loan which help me bought my cordless drill for my gypsum installation contracts, thanks to zidisha


Drip-irrigation for my farm

Best of luck to you. This is a difficult time for everyone. Please take care of your health as well.

Generator to sustain my eatery during blackouts

I will buy generator for my eatery, this is helpful to me, I will use the generator during blackout. Thank you very much lenders for helping me at this time
God bless

Selling second-hand clothes

I received the loan I requested.Thank you so much for your support

Phone accessories, and healthcare costs

I'll be able to buy more goods with the ones I have left in stock and for me to be able to reach out to my customers for their demand.
Thank you so much for the loan, I'm really grateful, God bless you all with sound health

Fixing a motor

Thank you so much utahna,Hans,Jane,Ads68,Dhinesh,James,Divergent,Tom and Nicole for funding my loan.I will use this loan finalize purchase of groundnuts.

Hardware inventory

I have received a notification early this morning that my loan has just been fully funded.
With the loan I will expand my hardware shop, as I have a dream of operating a big hardware to achieve financial breakthrough as I learn more and more to be a great entrepreneur.
I thank you all my dear Lenders for funding my loan so fast. I appreciate you.
Take care of yourself as you go out. Stay Safe and wear a mask.
Thank you once again.

Selling children's clothing

Happy to end another week. This has taken the hand of God to be alive. It is my prayer that all lenders,staffs and borrowers are still healthy and safe too.
Kind regards.

Hardware inventory

Best of luck with expanding your business and all future endeavours Hellen.

Transporting pineapples to market

I will use the funds to hire a light truck to transport the pineapples for sale in Lusaka.It will help me to transport and find market for the pineapple.
Thank you my lender Mr Jason, am very happy for funding my loan, i will equally work hard and repay my loan in good time.May God watch over you and bless you.