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Boost my inventory

wow. am so happy and grateful to all ofnyou lenders..words cannot express how happy i am. God bless you and i will keep you posted about my progress.
Thank you once again.


To start a tvs tuk tuk garage with auto spares shop

Keep on the good work, Eric!!! And thanks for all your help to Zidisha!!!

Affordable 3g/4g phones

I received my last loan and I was able o buy a second printer for my business. This has really increased my sales since it is a 3in1 Epson L382 printer. This means I can print, scan and copy and this has expanded my business.


Supplies of paint and fabrics for screen printing caps

Hi Hesti,
How is your screen printing business doing. I have a company in the US doing the same thing. If you need help in the future, let me know and I will try and offer any help I can.
Take care and best wishes.

To expand my shop

This loan will help me to add new varieties in my shop,This will increase my sales and attract more customers and increase my profit, I salute and congratulatet the Zidisha team for being with me always thank you God bless you.

Oyster mushroom farm expansion

Thank you all very much lenders. Your loan has really been a blessing to me.

Loan to make my rented room good for goods

I will buy 20 ladies bags, 25 men shirts and 15men shoes and it will help me get 20% profit

Muthoni farmer

Thanks my lenders since I joined zidisha my life has changed I have gotten increase in profit upto 40 %my children are happy including my three month old baby..,I in end to buy more seeds and continue farming untilli achieve my goals asante sana.

Lisha jamii

Hi, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for making it possible for me to actualize my dream of farming. I was able to purchase fertilizers, seeds and other farm tools like wheelbarrows. This enabled me to conduct my farm practices with a lot of easy and increase my produce to a much higher yield. The farm earnings has increased very much and I was able to even pay for my brother's tuition fee. He is currently pursuing a catering certificate at a local collage called Kitale Institute. In addition i have managed to support through providing pencils and books to other less privileged children in my community.

Home construction project

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

Working capital shore up

Thanks so much dear Margaret for your wishes. Sincere appreciation goes to all the lenders that funded this proposal.

Motorbike business

The loan i had just finished repaying has been of great value to me, to my business and to my entire family as a whole. My business has gradually been increasing day by day. I am so happy and gratefully to my lenders who have not been letting me down and as i result of that i have not let them down too. I pray that they will keep on that spirit and i promise to the maintain the 100% loan repayment of. Long live Zidisha Organization. Thank you.

Working capital shore up

Hi Olumide, just thought I'd pop a quick suggestion your way :-)

Have you possibly thought of offering solar cooking instead of gas? You could maybe sell them a kit (that tends to cost about $3 to $7 like CooKit), or could even make your own, from cardboard & foil...

This might help:

Wishing you all the best with your endeavours :-)
Emma from Australia.

Well & tank to provide clean water to rural community

Another loan repayment safely done, and I'm very happy and thankful to all my lovely and kindhearted lenders. I can't thank you enough for the good work you are doing. God richly reward you in thousandfold.

Hotel improvement

I'll top up some more money and buy a blender/juice maker for my hotel...much appreciated, thank you.

Shop expansion

A worry-free experience as I had Zidisha t loan r at my fingertips. Saves my time too, as it meant I didn't have to burn my lunch hours and monday mornings visiting different banks to compare their various packages.". Thank you.Zidisha , and thank lenders for making this hitch free and easy going

To buy inventory to meet a customer's order

good Luck Caleb!

Pay as you go solar

Thanks lender I appreciate your loan contribution towards pay as you go solar

With these loan it will aggument for provision of solar for our clients

I thanks you all

Home construction project

Dear lenders, I am hopeful that you're all doing well. I am in good health and work is going on well.
This week, I was able to complete the hard-core filling for the project I am working on as well as casting the ground beam concrete. I am hoping to cast the oversite concrete next week after doing plumbing works and compaction.

Food retail and wholesale

With this loan I was able to.improve my retail and wholesale by adding more local foods in bulk and I was be able to sale to customers in large quantity . I have initiated creation of another branch of shop to salee more of the local foods
because there are lot of demand for local food like rice and beans.

Selling second-hand schoolbooks

To my lenders i wish to express my gratitude to you for your kindness. My current loan has been of great help to increasement of my business. I have grown my business from a small single books store to two books stores and this has increased my profit and also created job to other two young people who were jobless. Im planning to complete my loan payment soon. Be blessed

Loan to increase stock for my shop

The loan will help me increase stock for my business. Thank you Zidisha Community. Much love

Purchase motorbike and a laptop

As before but things have started to look up..

A loan to pay for my admission fees

Thank you lenders for my kid brother’s school fees.

Project cow peas

Good luck with your business. Greetings from Estonia, where potato is our national food :)

Setting up an apiary

I am making progress albeit slow. I thank all my lenders and my Zidisha family at large. I have had numerous challenges but am glad an headed somewhere. I have a long way to go but they say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Here is my single step

To pay college fee for my daughter

I received Kshs.50,309. I paid my office rent and I wish to thank all my lenders for an excellent gesture you showed me by going an extra mile just to make me grow in my business. Thanks

Autoshop inventory

Thank you, I bought shocks, CV joints and ball Joints

Working capital shore up

The last loan enabled us to acquire a new digital scale. We really appreciate our lenders

Add screening services to my pharmacy

Thanks so much for the loan. God richly bless you all. I intend to use the loan to buy an alkaline cup for one of my client that has kidney stones and UTI infections as well as buy malaria and typhoid test kit to serve my clients.

More educational materials for my bookshop

Thanks Zidisha team for understanding and caring. Keep up changing the lives of People.

Shop expansion

Thank you so much my lenders for making my day. Am very grateful.

Home renovation

Dear Lenders.
Thankyou so much for your support.This loan will help me a lot in finishing my house.I promise to repay it so that others can benefit like me.May God bless you.

Maize and beans

Thank you for your support i do appreciate you .

Project cow peas

Hi Thomas :-) Have you thought about maybe planting Orange Fleshed Sweet Potatoes instead? They have more vitamins/minerals, like Vitamin A & beta carotine etc :-)

Locally made sandals and shoes for my shop

Local Handmade male slippers in stock. Business is going well and really want to thanks everyone for your wonderful support.

Well and irrigation for my farm

Dear Zidisha lenders

Thanks for the loan I have received the funds. Iam waiting for my capentar and plumber so that we can begin working on the project this week.

be blessed more updates to follow next week on the progress

Expand vegetable land and buy farm inputs

Hello, Lenders, im still waiting for my produce to mature and sell, once my cash flow increases, I will raise the installment amount.

Information technology school

cultural day at Youth Star International School

Vegetables and rice to make meals for schools

Indeed the loan I just finished repaying helped me increase the quantity of vegetables and number of the cups of rice for my jollof rice business. This caused an increase in my profit margin and I'm so happy for that. Thanks to my lenders and zidisha. God bless you all richly.


Loan for homemade solar water-heaters

Good advise from Svenip. This is a good project! Best wishes!

Loan to purchase new fabrics and sewing materials.

Thank you for the effort you put in supporting my loan

For school project and school fee

Thank you soo much Anja and God bless you..

Loan to purchase new fabrics and sewing materials.

Good luck my friend!

Refurb iphone and factory network unlock

other Jobs I Did, Screens and batteries replaced on these iPhones. this was only possible with Zidisha's Loan

Refurb iphone and factory network unlock

Laptop bought and supplied

Add new inventory and replenish existing stock

Thank you Zidisha for the previous loan. I boosted my business by adding new inventory to my stock. I used the funds to get high-end used and refurbished phones which have a higher ROI. Thanks.

Pay as you go solar

Its great to see what you're doing Tola :-)
I wish you the greatest luck with your endeavours :-)
All the best, Emma from Australia.

Acquiring food items for my cereals retail outlet

Happy new month!

We are hoping for the rains in April, expected them in March, but the same did not materialize. Famine hit hard, but we remain hopeful.

I am doing quite well with my repayments so far, 63% repaid! I am hoping to finish repaying and apply for another as i prepare for planting once we are favored with the rains.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Wairimu Gathii.
Volunteer mentor.


For school project and school fee

Believe in your dreams :) Good luck!