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Selling cassava and other vegetables

Hello my lovely lender now marketing is moving fast that has help me to repay my loan although my due date is not yet, but I made a payment so that my last installment I can make a full payment.
Thank you so much my lovely lender for your support keep it up and you will be blessed.

Loan to expand my jewelry business

Thank you for your encouragement and support! I’m blessed to have met you all through this platform. All the best in your ventures too

To increase my farm

The fund I will use to purchase seedlings and suckers for planting and this will help me in taking care of my two grand children and also giving them a good life. Thank you for making my project possible

Equipment for my food business

Thanks to all my lenders
I have received my loan of $1025.40
I have bought the equipments for the business.
We are gradually meeting the orders now.
God bless you all.


Educational expenses to become a journalist

My dear future journalist, I do hope this gets you on your way and start you off on a career that reward you in your heart and soul. Good luck on your journey. Namaste, Romuald Jencka

Mobile money and phone accessories

I used my loan to purchased call credit cards and phone accessories like headsets, phone batteries,phone covers etc and my customers bought it.This loan help my business boost to another level.Thank you my able lenders

Stocking baking ingredients for sale

The previous loan helped me a great deal. I was able to purchase most of the basic equipment and materials for my catering business. As I look forward to buying the heavy equipment with this funds. I want to thank all my backers for making my project possible.

Organic vegetable farming

Dear lenders am so grateful for support you have shown me after requesting for the loan from Zidisha online, this loan has made a big difference in my farming business. Therefore, the loan was able to help me buy the farming inputs needed for my vegetables to grow very well and produce a good production of crops for sale.
Thank you very much for efforts and support God bless you.

Sales of food provisions

You will continue to remain blessed among all, am so happy for your support

Buying a new sewing electric machine

I am going to buy materials to sew and make profit out of my business. God bless you all my good lenders for this support.

Rice distribution

I finally received the loan which I have been waiting for since the 14th of August 2021.
This money will enable me to purchase the rice which I will later resale. Thank you

Expansion of my restaurant business

Thank you very much for the amount of GHC454 sent to my Mobile Money account on 3rd August, 2021. This amount helped me to procure some extra foodstuff to meet my growing demand.


Loan to expand my jewelry business

Best of luck with your venture Gloria!

Buying a new sewing electric machine

Good luck with your project

To start making a container for my shop

I received the funds yesterday and bought organic hair pomades with it and the products will be delivered to me today. Thanks so much to my supporters

Production of iced kenkey

The funding was timely as we were able to produce and supply with customisation for an engagement reception this weekend! Thanks zidisha and all my lenders

To harvest & transport my vegetables

Thank you all God richly bless you all

Increase my stock of car accessories

I am surprised for this support and I want to give a big thanks to my lenders for the support I am getting from you all, the loan is going to help me very well.

Add stock of men's and ladies' suits

Hello Dorothy,
I read your post on the forum and am contributing what I can to your loan. I am posting detailed comment on the forum as well which hopefully helps further.

You are taking a big step of switching from retail to wholesale. Wish you all the best.

Inventory for my cybercafé and bookshop

This is to let my supporters know that I have received the loan and would like to use this opportunity to thank them. I received ghs4,750. As said earlier, the amount will be used to buy scientific and Casio calculators, assorted pens, permanent and temporal makers, trunk and chop boxes, disposable nose mask, A4 sheets for photocopy, cartridges, story books for beginners, foolscape note books, exercise books etc. Would like to use this opportunity to thank my supporters again.I really appreciate all your efforts.

To put toward buying a new photocopy machine

This is a very big surprise for me at this time, am so grateful to all lenders who made this possible

Addition of stock to my clothing stalls

First is to thanks zidisha family and all my lenders for believing in me through this journey. The fund helped me to expand my stall I stock all kind of malimali, the sale do well hence helped me to open another stall but different location, I had three workers hence giving back to community. I am a tenant but am about to own a land. Our area is highland area where 90% is covered by vegetation,forest , mountain, valleys and rivers people come for mount climbing and hiking.
Thanks zidisha family for making my dream of owning a clothing stalls come true.

Sales of clothing for women and girls

I am so very happy that there are still good people out there, God bless you richly

Purchase materials for dressmaking

Zidisha fund has improved my business all thanks to lenders and everyone who contributed to my project

To buy weedicides, pesticides, fungicides and solar sprayer

I want to use the loan to purchase crops and vegetable seeds to plant in oder to expand the farm. I planted some already but I still want more since the farmland is bigger and I also want to expand and increase my yields this year. I will be very happy to plant these crops early so as to keep up with the planting season. I'm grateful to all my lenders for this overwhelming support and I promise to invest the funds well.

To buy more cement for work and to sell

I will like to use the loan to purchase some more cements and transport to my site of work to cement a chamber and hall room and also do the plastering of the walls so that I can do the finishing touches on the building also, Thanks.

Loan to pay my rent (for two years)

How can not contribute to your loan Mr Golo? :-) Glad to be the first one for this round. You need to update the 'About me' and 'My Business' sections in your profile. Don't delete what you have there currently - just add latest information to it so everyone can see your progress! Wish you all the best Hagan.

Cassava, okra and pepper farm

I confirm receipt of the previous loan. Thanks to all lenders for the loan

Loan to pay my rent (for two years)

Zidisha loan really to go through my studies and graduated successfully. I am grateful to lenders for their contributions and support. Looking forward for their support to enable me rent and buy personal belong so as to settle.
Always grateful and thankful to all lenders, God richly bless you all.

To invest in food retail business

So happy to be part of zidisha family. Thank you

To buy weedicides, pesticides, fungicides and solar sprayer

Thank you my lenders for this great support, I have received the ghc266 loan which I will use to buy farm crops and vegetables seeds to plant in oder to expand the farm. I planted some already but I still want more since the farmland is bigger and I want to expand and increase my yields this year. I will be very happy to plant these crops early so as to keep up with the planting season

Ordering clothes and shoes from Togo

I will use the money to order clothes and shoes from Togo
Thank you zidisha

Loan to expand my jewelry business

Thank you so much for contributing towards my business. I was able to purchase inventory and pay back much earlier than I anticipated. I’m grateful.

Clothing & shoes

Thanks for your support. I'm hoping the best in my business in future. God bless and keep everyone safe.

Selling potatoes

Thank you very much for money I received I bought potatoes which I sold and made money

Loan to order 12 boxes of tomatoes

I will buy order 25 boxes of tomatoes, thank you for making my project possible

Money to purchase scrap materials for recycling

2,093 GHS is the amount I received, this money will be use to buy scrap metal materials for recycling
Thank you Zidisha for keeping supporting me

Buying second-hand clothing bale to sell

I am going to use this money to support my business and I want to thank my lenders for the marvelous support given to me. I appreciate it alot. God bless you all

Commercial snail farming project

Thank you so much for your kind gesture.Zidisha is simply one of he best help Platform I have ever met.
By the grace of God ,the funds though small will go along way to enable us proceed with our. Plans.
Hopefully we are targeting 20 youth for training before the end of the year 2021

To pay off my sister's school fees

My dear lenders, I will kindly make the payment very soon. I have been into some issues that has affected me but still I make the payment. Thank you. love you all!

To open another play station studio

I'm very happy to inform you that the new comfortable seats for my play station business are really making a good impact in my business,, customers are happy and gladly to use my services,, currently I'm having even more number of new customers.
Next I would like my lenders to again support me to raise money for renovations of my business so that it can look more appealing to my customers

Adding more hair products and nails

This is soul relief , you have given me the confidence and i will keep it 100% .I will buy more products for home deliveries..

To improve on my business of selling pharmaceuticals

Yes o

Buying leather to make sandals to sell

My previous loan was very helpful as I was able to serve more customers with sandals and raised profit, thanks to my lenders.

Buy material to sew dresses

Ooooo wow am so glad how lovely my lenders are. I will use the money to buy cloth to sew dress for school children. Thank you so much

Making investments into my building materials sales

Many thanks to you

Buy material to sew dresses

Good work

Loan to buy binding machine

Hello please sorry for not being able to pay on time. I had faults with my machines and it hasn't been easy. I promise to pay back soon.

Thank you

Online blogging

I plan on using this loan to fund my online blogging site and drive more traffic to site through affiliates and network marketers. I thank you so much for your kind assistance.

To expand my farm land & for school fees

In fact am very very greatful to members who funded My project
As what I will buy .I will buy some farm tools and some school books
So with all these items that I will buy will help me a lot
And am here by thanking all My members who made My project successful once again thanks