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Alex Fosu Gyeabour     Feb 16, 2018

my little hardware shop

Goods for my small hardware shop
Abesim, Ghana

Elly Kisala     Feb 16, 2018

Thanks for the last amount ksh 20,000 that I borrowed and I was able do finish my fence and now my small farm is secure. The neighbors' cows, sheep and goats cannot go through to destroy my crops. I have just finished my harvesting season and I got profit I have never received, my profit went up 100%! Its now a dry season and Am returning all the money into land preparation and buying the inputs for the next season which begins at the end of March.

Since my farm is ok and am sure of farm inputs for the new season, I would want to borrow another money to take my children to a better school. I have 3 children, two girls: Rehema 8 and Amani 5; and one boy: Baraka 1. I would like to take Rehema and Amani in a good school so that I can give them a better foundation of life.

Thanks a lot for being part of what is happening in my family.

School fees project
Kitale, Kenya

Kwadwo Poku     Feb 16, 2018

Thanks you God Almighty for given us another year to smile again.I am most grateful to all my Lenders and Zidisha Team for supporting my business to grow and the quantity of stock to my customers.Through Zidisha loan my profits has increased by 11.42 percent,So i didn't spend the profit alone during the Christmas season,I was able to think of a widow in
my community by supporting her with 10kg of cooking oil,5kg of tomato paste,10kg of rice and a chicken. Thanks God through Zidisha and my Lenders i was able to put a smile to the widow.

Buy mobile phones and their accessories
Berekum, Ghana

Tonny Mutie     Feb 16, 2018

Hey Zidisha and my lenders I appreciation you for uplifting me.I was able to purchase 10 crates of eggs which gave me a profit of Ksh.900.This helped me much to pay my house rent which is Ksh.2000. Thanks again.

Stocking my shop
Kisii, Kenya

Samuel Mwangi     Feb 16, 2018

My well stocked chains, courtesy of Zidisha loan.

Dresses and braids for my beauty shop and boutique
Kitale, Kenya

Samuel Mwangi     Feb 16, 2018

See the stock I bought with my Zidisha loan

Dresses and braids for my beauty shop and boutique
Kitale, Kenya

Isabela Nyambeki     Feb 16, 2018

Hello zidisha, my previous loan i purchased calf pellets, $4.50. dewormer $ 3.0 acaricide $8.00, milking salve $ 2.00 and $ 13.00 I cleared my merry-go-round debt. The purchase has enabled my cattle to be free from infections. In future i will receive a loan from the merry-go-round to facilitate school fees to my young children in high school. I most sincerely thank you for your continued support.

Nyaisa farm
Kegati, Kenya

Peter Muiga     Feb 16, 2018

Thank you for your help. GOD BLESS YOU

Salon business
Kisii, Kenya

Nicholas Oloo     Feb 15, 2018

I bought color paints to to paint and colors my cybercafe business premise. The last loan I have completed servicing was of a great benefit to me in that am now able to employ more on helper in my cybercafe .
My business has increased by 40% since I purchased the the color,the business has increased so rapidly .

Buying two new computers
Eldoret, Kenya

Leonard Ngeno     Feb 15, 2018

I bought two crates of zinga beer from my previous loan each costing $23. I make at least a minimum $10 profit a day. I I'm now able to help my younger siblings who a still going to college with transport to school and also some pocket money. I have also started a seedling nursery by planting onions and intend to add other varieties. After maturity I intend to sell to the community.

Additional chairs for my pub.
Nakuru, Kenya