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Garbage collection service

This fund i will use it first to apply 2 licenses to continue allowing me to collect Garbage. 1 county government requires everyone collecting Garbage have this license which cost $180 yearly. 2 environmental body which is nationally environment management authority (nema) also requires me to have the license which cost $88 yearly. To me and my two workers while at work we must have a pair of gumboot ×3 costs 15, pair of groves ×3 cost $9, overall each cost $20×3. This will allow allowing to work stress free because i have done all this at once. The rest i will hire a truck which cost weekly $100 a whole day going house to house. I Thank all who has funded my loan, especially jesus figueres and Alex barocas may God bless you. I promise to pay back.

Dairy farming project for the school

This is the farm at present. The rains are still on and we expect a good harvest.
Hello. The maize farm is doing great. The weeding has been done. I'm just waiting for the harvest. Thanks once for all the support my funders gave.

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To open up a restaurant

Thank you my beloved backers, may you continue with the same spirit of helping me with funds. I managed to pay my tuition fee on time and am now enjoying my studies and am not cheated out of school

To pay school fees for my daughter

Thank you, thank you so very much, am so happy that my daughter will start school today. Your help is so useful, God bless you backers

Supplying gypsum for construction

Thank you so so much for making my project come true. I'll pay for my gypsum supply which will yield a profit that will pay for home consumables and school fees

Increase my raw materials inventory for my soap business

Thank you my lenders for my last loan. The funds helped me purchase more inventory for my business which in turn increased my production and I was able to fulfill more orders than before. I wouldn't have achieved that milestone without your kind help. Thanks again.

Farming of vegatables (spinach and kales)

The money was of great help, I managed to plant vegatables and my farm is doing good.


I managed to own a shoe selling shop which I never had and have gained more customers than before but I would like to add more stock in varietie

T-shirt printing machine

Hello lenders, hopefully you are doing well.Thank you for lending me the money.My loan proposal is fully funded.
I will use the money to buy a T-shirt printing machine.This machine will increase the profit to my shop,it will create employment because I will employ one person to help.
I will use the profit to pay the school fees for my two children and help my mother who is a window and lives in rural areas.
Thank you ones again...
Ahsante sana.

Dhania farming

I will buy coriander seeds(dhania seeds) which i will plant and harvest after 4 weeks.
I will use the funds to pay for my siblings school fees.
Thanks for funding my project

Projected to be a large commodity trader

I have always wanted to introduce Macadamia and Hass avocado farming in my rural area of Makueni which is actually known for orange, mangoes, and lemons.I believe an introduction of these farm products in Makueni (especially the HASS AVOCADO) will be able to be beneficial to rural small and large-scale farmers who depend too much on Citrus fruit farming which does not have export potential. The Hass avocado products' largest buyers are the Chinese and the current tonnage from Kenya cannot satisfy the market. So there is potential for diversification and engagement.I will use the funds to study and engage with the county government of the Makueni Ministry of Agriculture and introduce HASS AVACADO seedlings.

Tuition fee

Initially i had received funding from zidisha that assisted me to complete my studies. am now a graduate with bachelor of commerce. Thankyou for funding my project.

Stock bags & accessories

I will always be grateful for Zidisha community. At 28 years old, they took a chance on me and offered me an opportunity to get my first loan for my first business, which was purchasing clothing/bags for my online store, Alien youth designs. The profits I made from this business allowed me to purchase a one way bus ticket to Malindi because I worked online and needed a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Malindi is now home.
Thank you Zidisha.

Prime cleaners

I will use this money to buy raw material for soap production.
This will help me to boost my production capacity and increase supply of my products.
Thank you so much Zidisha team for making my project possible, I promise you that I will not disappoint you

Prime cleaners

I wish you much success. With your skills and knowledge you can achieve anything you put you mind to. May you have a happy successful business and life.

Business enlargement

I bought sheep and i now have 59 sheep. I gave my brother 2 sheep and 1 to my mother. There is a time i sold 10 sheep and registered my brothers exam. when they become may i think of opening up a butchery.

Dairy farming

I will invest in my farm, I will buy cow feeds and plant Napier grass this will increase milk production which I will supply and earn a living.

To pay school fees for my daughter

Dear backers thank you so much, I managed to pay my rentals on time. Your help is changing my life and I hope to get more help from you beloved ones.

Purchase courier needs

Thank you for those who are willing to help, the business capital has increased & I can send my children to school this year :) Even the first child can go to college well, thanks all

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Terima kasih yang bersedia bantu,modal usaha bertambah & sy bisa menyekolahkan anak tahun ini :)
Anak pertama pun bisa kuliah dengan baik,thanks all

T-shirt printing machine

Hello lenders and Zindisha inc as a team hope your are doing.Thank you for funding my previous loan proposal,i was able to to bu big Ricoh Aficio Mp 2500ln worthy of 50,000ksh ( 417 $ ) and Epson PX 660 3 in 1 printer for printing photos 45,000 ksh ( 415 $).
Still i was able to take my children to one of the best school.
I was able to take my business from semi permanent kiosk to a permanent house .
Also i have done small things like buying clothes and house tv.

Thank you

Laski dairy farm

With the funds received, I will purchase a heifer. This will be an addition to my dairy herd, and will add to my farm's total milk yield when the cow matures.
I am thankful for funding my project and I look forward to paying it forward so that someone else's project benefits too.

Inventory for pharmacy and laboratory

I have received the funds.Thank you very much zidisha team,lenders and members for supporting my project. I have already ordered medicines for my pharmacy and I'm waiting for it to be delivered.I have spent KES 100000 for both medicines and non pharmaceuticals.
I will use the rest to buy laboratory agents and equipments. I'm so happy and grateful for your support.

Inventory for pharmacy and laboratory

I want to add stock of drugs for my business.I will be able to buy more medicine and non pharmaceuticals for pharmacy.I will also but laboratory equipments including microscope,centrifuge machine and reagents.
This loan will help to boost my income because of increase in stock.I will be able to meet all my clients demands and therefore my revenue will also rise.
Thank you very much members, lenders and zidisha team for lending me loan.I'm so grateful.


Farming family land

Well done for being such a strong and capable young woman and mother. Good luck with everything, and I look forward to seeing who you choose to help when you pay it forward. xx

Expanding my fruit sell business

Thank you so much zidisha for providing the platform in which people come together and fund projects to improve the economic status of other people.. I will use the funding to purchase more goods(mixed fruits)for my fruit shop and add to my savings to purchase a blender.
With the help this platform I've been able to grow and be more financially independent which has been my long-term dream come true.
I would to thank each and everyone who funded my project. I appreciate your help in boosting my business and my life too. Thank you.

Clothing africa

Hello, Cipha.

Thanks a lot for funding my project. The weather is chilly here and the funds will help me stock up cold weather clothing especially for the children and the old. This will boost my business while keeping the toddlers and old folks warm. Thanks again. Kind regards.

Equiping stationeries shop

Hello Members. Thank you for your support. I have been able to achieve a great milestone in my business and my life courtesy of the last funding you gave me. I have been able to expand my cyber and also added a computer room where we train people on basic computer packages like word processing and spreadsheets. Our class currently has 15 working desktop computers. We have 12 students under us as at now.
This has really expanded my capital base thanks to you.

Study dream come true

Hello friends and backers,

I am happy to have joined KAP in persuing my masters studies dream. I have already made the program contribution fees $1531. Pending amount is $500. I am also actively studying for GMAT.
Note: Experiencing a problem when I try to add a photo.

Expanding my fruit sell business

Am a mixed fruit seller. Previous projects have allowed to expand my business from a kiosk to a shop. I also sell natural Juices too.

Add stock of lg wing smartphone to my stock

The money has helped me and my family alot paying school fees and emproving my income so that my kids can have a better life and go to school well.

Education fees project

In my last project I needed money for Education. It fully funded. I managed to pay my for my two Children's exam fee, lunch and some school requirements. I have been motivated by the fact that this organization acts as an eye opener to those who wishes to have a better future. Long live zidisha.

Online freelancing

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for your support of my project. Your contribution has helped me achieve my goals and bring my vision to life.

Thank you for believing in me and my work. I am honored to have you as a backer and look forward to sharing my progress with you

Education fees project

In my previous project I was funded for Education and boosting my small business. I have been motived more with the organization. It has made me proud and has made me to put more effort. Congratulations to the founders.

Clothing africa

The last project helped me widen my client base, adding inventory targeting new market niches. Thanks a lot.

Pass my technical skills to youths in my community

Installation of an electrical water pump to a client Avocado farm

Help me finish my parent's house

I want to take this opportunity to thank my backers for the supporr they have given me. I have been able to get a door for my parent's house using your funds. Thanks again

Funds for cereal supply

Thank You for the funding that you have provided. I will now be able to Buy the top dressing needed as the project has started really well with the ongoing rains. due to being an Easter weekend work will commence on Tuesday 11th April 2023.
I am really Humbled by the assistance that you have provided for me and God Bless You for the way that you have made the continuation of this project a success. Happy Easter.

Getting back on feet

Alright, it was a pleasure being here at zidisha to experience the love of a family, through my backers, I was able to get some things for my beauty saloon, all thanks to you guys who made it possible

Construction of rental houses

I would like to thank you for the funding towards my loan, may God bless you abundantly. The loan will help me much since from previous loans through you I bought a plot(land) where I will use this loan to build rental houses. From the rental houses I will be able to repay my loan and get more profit to start more projects. Thanks a lot for the good progress.

Repair my motorbike

Thank you Richard. I am happy to receive from you and thank you Zidisha for this amazing platform. I will use this money to buy the manure as outlined above.

Extending my shop

The very best of the best in the World, Zidisha. This community has really taken me far beyond my expectations, you have really raised me far from a paltry farmer to a owner of a shop in the Capital City of Kenya Nairobi. Am counting profit after the last loan i used to buy gas cylinders that now i have no shortage of them..

Insecticides for tomato seedlings

To my lenders, would like to thank you for the support that you have been rendering to me and my family has this have changed our life style for better now.
Its truly a joy to be part of the Zidisha Community, its really helpful.

My thanks,
Susan Sampa.



Thanks to my backers for helping me.The money has indeed helped me plant maize.I hope to reap high.

More stock for the business

The previous loan cushioned and boosted my business during the tough economy we faced due Corona pandemic which led most of the businesses to close down.
The loan enabled me to increase more stock which in turn contributed to more sales. This sustained well the business and all the employees on their wages/salaries; No retrenchment experienced.
Thanks to Zidisha Community for the funds.

New stock for my clothing store

I have no words , I'm very grateful and humbled by your kindness and for making this dream come true, may the Lord bless you all abundantly for your kindness and for making this project possible. Asanteni sana.

I'll add more stock and expand my shop a happy seller a happy customer from a cheerful lender.

Inventory for pharmacy and laboratory

Hello members and zidisha team.Thank you so much for funding me this loan.I will use this funds to restock my chemist by buying more drugs,medicinal substance and non pharmaceuticals.I will also use some amount to buy reagents for laboratory.This amount will help me increase my sales by attracting more clients hence increase my revenue.I'm so grateful for making this possible.Be blessed

Buying a heifer

May God bless all for supporting me and my entire family, am lucky to have you as a family too.
I will buy a heifer cow to increase my heard and milk production.

Maize farming for food security

Good morning from Kenya, thank you lenders for making my project w reality.
I will buy farm inputs which will include fertilizer, seeds, herbicides, and also prepare land that is plough and incur in other farm expenses from it. I will be food secured and also the community at large.

Once again thank you for being making it a reality.

Antonio poultry farm

With the funds I will get from you zidisha I will buy some mesh wire and goose wire for my poultry shed . Your funds will help me raise some money to buy some eggs for incubation . When the eggs hatch into chicks I will later sell them. I want to start selling days old chic in large quantities . I would also like to buy environment heating machines to ensure my chicks don't die due to cold . am progressing very well though i need some funds slowly. I would also like to show you how far am going by sending you picture and images of my farm . In future am also planning to buy animal feeds grinding machine for making poultry feed for my young chick's and my duck. I would like to
thankyou the zidisha community for making it happen.. zidisha is the best lending platform

Farming maize

Thank you Zidisha team for funding me, I am going to purchase my farm inputs and get to the field .seeds and Fertilizer
It will help to facilitate labour payment in ploughing and tilling and harrowing the land as well. The rainy season has began and since this is a crop that is rainfed I am hoping this year the season is favourable to afford us a good yield.
Thank you Zidisha team , this couldn’t be possible without your hands in it.