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Christian Golo     Aug 7, 2018

My previous loans really helped me complete my masters degree successfully, and I was able to manage my small shop of buying and selling toilet rolls, sanitary pad, varieties of soap and detergents. I was able to employ three permanent shop attendants and four causal workers that I pay them monthly.
I was able to supply sanitary pads to rural schools to girls who would have stay home for about five days during their monthly menstrual period for lack of money to buy pads for a minimum fees.
I can confidently say through Zidisha, I now hold my masters degree.
Always grateful to lenders for their support.

Well & tank to provide clean water to rural community
Accra, Ghana

Yelaakyekpi Vincent     Aug 7, 2018

The loan would be used to purchase malaria rapid diagnostic test kids (RDTs) and other reagents for my laboratory. Only God knows how life would have been for me without Lenders putting me into business. My business has faced challenging moments yet my lenders kept faith in me, I am very grateful. Previous loans have made great impact my life and my family, and has also impacted a lot of lives in my community.
I have used the business proceeds to assist two of my siblings to complete High Schools.
I hope Lenders would support me in my next loan to continue saving lives and make a living as well.

Purchasing malaria rapid-diagnostic test kits
Berekum, Ghana

Francis Yeboah     Aug 7, 2018

I will use the loan to purchase stationery and leaning material like puzzles 2ctn $100,numbers shape 3 ctn $150, ABC foam 1ctn$100 pens 1 ctn $50 note one exercise books 5ctn$400, and pencils 2ctn $200 The purchase has made difference in my business and my life.And am able to employed four people in the business. My earning have increased to $1000 My earning have increased a lot because I have able to put another store at my mother's village to enable the village people to see how zidisha have help me.my achievement is I have able to put up two bedroom house and i help some of my family people to get job doing my children are in school. First may is holiday in Ghana all workers celebrity may day and special to me because we organized football match between the government workers. It is very interesting to see how we celebrity the MAY DAY.

Tamale, Ghana

Bayor Yussif Mashuud     Aug 7, 2018

Well, my dear lenders asked you very well know, I am into the provision of nutritional supplements to my costumers. This business has made lots of improvement in my life. Before I started my business, basic needs of life was very difficult to come by. But now I am living a comfortable life life in relation to then. I make 75.00 profit weekly.

Mobile money and food supplements business
Tumu, Ghana

Hannah Tuffour     Aug 7, 2018

I've been purchasing blue band margarine from Uniliver for resale. It's very affordable and the market value is awesome. The patronage is very good.

Because of Zidisha I have increased in stock and and the customers are happy the shortage has limit.
With the brand I am into it, I it's very good and it has been increasing the brand I've been purchasing by 33%•
Zidisha has helped me alot and am glad my lenders are also happy am making progress.

Bravo to my lenders and this institution Zidisha I'll always share the success this organization has brought me.

Expansion of retailing shop in ( all kinds of items )
Asofan Accra, Ghana

Dedi Minarto     Aug 7, 2018

Location of the production plant

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Lokasi pabrik produksi

Always optimsitis
Tangerang, Indonesia

Francis Kofi Amponsah     Aug 7, 2018

I bought phone accessories as soon as I received my loan. I have supplied them to my customers and made profit of 10% instantly.
My business is improving every day due to the support from zidisha.
Thanks to my lenders.
I hope they will increase my credit limit a little more faster for a rapid expansion of the business.

I will buy mobile phone credit for supply and a mobile pho
Sunyani, Ghana

Florence Nyamekye     Aug 7, 2018

Since joining you, you are always putting smiles on both my customers and my face

Clothes production
Tuobodom, Ghana

Peter Odongo     Aug 7, 2018

When I first joined zidisha back in 2015, I did not have enough to even repay my first loan plus MLF but I gave myself hope because no bank could have allowed me to access credit . From my small salary I manage. I trusted myself and the process. Zidisha became the wind beneath my wings, an extra push and my life changed.
Since then I have always been taking loans for education for my children, my wife and for general purpose.I want to take this moment to say thank you Zidisha, Thank you Julia .

Farming and purchase of a motorcycle
Nairobi, Kenya

Muzalema Mwanza     Aug 7, 2018

Thank you Zidisha lenders for giving me this loan, i will be able to pack more baby kits so that mothers can have safe deliveries without having to worry about getting an infection from using unsafe materials.

Packaging and selling baby-delivery kits
Siavonga, Zambia