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Pineapple farming

Thank you Margaret. I never thought of that. I would have a negotiation with the land owners and see how feasible this can be. The suggestion is much appreciated

To pay college fee for my daughter

I paid college fee for my daughter. Since I was using my earnings to pay school fees now it is going to earn me more profit that I will save for future expansion if my business. Thank you all who denied yourself pleasure to help my daughter AIT in class. God bless you all

Materials for making natural skin care products

Dear Laurie,
Thank you so much for your partial lending. It is much appreciated. also appreciated is your suggestion to use recyclable packaging, preferably glass. I was considering biodegradable or recyclable plastic, but I will compare the prices and make a decision on what is more viable economically.

Thanks once again for your lending and encouragement.


Waoo.. I'm so grateful to you my lender for the loan given to me. The loan would be used my clothing business. I'll be buying more ladies clothes with the loan. I'm really excited for this wonderful opportunity. God bless you

Stock for my knitting business

I will buy accessories for my knitting business and also employ one person to help in the work.

Make the work easier for me and also my customers.
I want to thank everybody who funded my loan application.

Stock of kids' clothing and toys

Best wishes for your business with this loan

Purchase a dish washer for my Airbnb apartment

hallo lenders its been a wonderful journey.i appreciate the good help that has been accorded to me in the time we have been the below photo shows my airbnb business is really picking up.its high season.the amount of cash am borrowing will come a long way to help me purchase a dish washer.with the savings and the cash i will get from zidisha i will be able to buy my guests a dishwasher.below are the photos of my airbnb. apartment am really looking forward to making it cosy and comfortable

Invest into kebab business

I will use to buy refrigerator (fridge). I thank you very much for what you have done for me.

Materials for making natural skin care products

Dear lenders,
With my previous loan, I was able to buy more raw materials and packaging containers. This enabled me to increase production and service the increased demand for my products.
I have been making skin care products on a trial basis and the response from the market has been good. I would like to buy better quality packaging for cosmetics with the loan that I am now applying for. I am excited about the response I have from the few clients who have tried the natural cosmetics.


I got 93 empty bottles for the Art+Bar yesterday 27th May 2019 which means i am getting closer to the kickoff of the project . Thanks for believing in me .

Loan to make my rented room good for goods

Welcome. Glad to hear things are working out well for you!

New accessories & equipment for my photography business

I will like to thank you all my wonderful lenders for the continued support in growing my business.Your efforts have put my business on a good standing that am able to serve my customers more efficiently.Thank you soo much for the help.I really appreciate it.


Pineapple farming

Hi Gideon,
Would it be possible for you to do a “rent to own” deal instead of just renting a piece of property for pineapples? This way a portion of the rent you pay can be used as a down payment to purchase land outright. If you are doing all of the work to plant and maintain the pineapple plants perhaps this would be a better business option. With Regards, Margaret

Creating employment in my mobile phone payment service

Thank you for fully funding my loan application.

I will use the funds to be disbursed to me to expand my network of agency business in my community.

All the best,
Andrew Chinambu


With this loan i was able to buy a solar/electric powered inverter which comes with 3 lights, one radio and a charging port for phone, this has made it easy to power my phone and use it to promote my art, other items and commodities i have for sale . Thanks.

Business expansion

This loan is going to help me expand my new shop, acquire more chairs and increase my Capital portfolio.

I've not received the money yet but I can feel my customer base is already increasing.

This loan will help me reach accommodate and serve more clients.

To all my wonderful lenders I say, thank you and God bless you abundantly for having a big heart to help others. Also, more thanks to my loan mentor Christian Golo for his great assistance.

More stock for my wholesale/retail shop

Thanks guys for the previous loan...which is now repaid in full... It was such a great idea to had seedling stock in by shop... Rains still going and i managed to sell all the ordered stock and also i managed to clear the loan...thanks so much dear lenders...
See you in my next project..

Loan to upgrade my gym

Thank you very much for lending me, funds are destined to put in a deposit for a replacement of two exercise bikes at my gym business. This will in turn give my esteemed customers better experience and satisfaction, leading to more referrals and sales. God bless you!

Credit transfer, credit cards for mobile network.

All thanks to you all who made this great organization work. I never imagine it's possible till I applfor the loan and it really work. My business has improved as I have get additional source of funds to help push it. I say thanks to you all.

Car for taxify

With this money i will sort out my driving license in preparation to buying my car. I already know how to drive very well. just need the license

Thanks to the generosity of the lenders here

School for disadvantaged children

Thanks for the provision of funds to Gilgal Springs Academy for the vulnerable. The funds were used in buying 4 desks for the pupils and paying for the county council business permit. The school will now be ready to receive more vulnerable children from the slum.

Purchase a truck

Good Day my honorable lender, i have been able to save towards buying a four wheel truck for my Distribution of purified Sachet water in communities near and far from me. i have been able to save $500 in the bank towards the facilitation of my dream truck which is not enough but i wont give up until i save enough to purchase the truck which is $5000

Mordern farming

I plan on buying a solar water pump, install a rain water harvesting dam and a 5,000 Liter water tank. I will start with the installation of the rain harvesting dam and the other equipment will buy later as my project continues.
Thank you for helping me in my venture by giving me the loan I know i will have good yields and returns

To purchase bales of 2nd hand clothing and water for sale

I will successful buy a bale of 2ndhand clothing, cartons of bottle water, can and bottle water and also sachets of water for sale. Gradually I'm able to increase my stocks in my shop and therefore increasing my income level.
Always grateful to all Zidisha lenders for their support over the years. God richly bless your efforts.

Purchase of more iphones

Once again thank you very much to Zidisha and my lenders Paul, Peter and David for the new loan which has come in good time. This will help me accomplish my business plan before this end month as I had hoped.

Restock business

I wish to thank you Mr. Paul Bucheheit and Mr. Flaguy 999 in advance for accepting my request. I propose to buy some additional stock of food stuffs and some more stock of beverages. I expect the loan to increase both my stock and profit margin which will be of great help in repayment of my current loan as well as my family.
Thanks and be blessed abundantly for being my business financial funder's.

Internet installation for computer lab

This includes pictures of the computers and the computer lab

Home construction project

Dear Lenders, I have received the loan amount and is currently using it to augment my working capital. I will be making the weekly repayment within schedule. Thanks very much for your assistance. God Bless you all.

Pineapple farming

Hi Lenders, i am most grateful for my previous loan. The consistency of the loans has improved my progress steadily. I'm glad I met Zidisha. Zidisha cannot be Zidisha without its lenders. I appreciate you lenders. You guys are simply amazing!

Businesses expansion

Before I forgot,let me say, it feels so good inside to have one liking your line.Thumbs up to you pleased. I read your article on population, environment and how to make it better. I think the world can be saved if we focus and think positively. I like it.

To purchase bales of 2nd hand clothing and water for sale

Having been introduced into Zidisha by Christian Golo a community worker in my area, about two yaers ago, I have been able to support my two children at the university and also the last two (Twins) also completed secondary school.
I have been able to take care of my family with help of Zidisha loan. Standard of living better now with Zidisha loan than ever before. Taking loan at Zidisha without any fixed asset as a collateral is a great relieve for people like me.
Can't thank Zidisha lenders enough for the love, care and support .


Thanks, very much my lenders lots God to bless u abundantly for funding my loan u are of great help to my business , we shall go far thanks very much, for the sky is the limit.

Oyster mushroom farm expansion

Thank you all so much business is picking up. We are in the raining season now. Am happy for that this means more yield.

Additional hair dryers for my saloon

Thanks to my sincere lenders. I bought one standing dryer which cost $106.83 and other hair oils below $9. the dryer was to replace my broken one during my movement to my new location. This, moreover has helped increase my profit margin as well as maintaining my clients.

Well and irrigation for my farm

More project photos

Avocado supply

These are some of the hass variety of avocados that I purchased using the loan funded by my zidisha so happy that I managed to supply to exporter an extra 5000 pieces of avocados this week .thank you my lenders.

New photocopier and additional stock

Dear Zidisha lenders,

Thank you for funding my previous loan. I have been able to expand my business and add stock for my shop, I shall be forever greatfull. I have been able to have an increase in my daily sales by having various new stationery items for sale. Increase in revenue has gone up by 70%.

Business expansion

Hi Lenders, thank you so very much for approving my loan for purchase of another printer for my cyber cafe. You are wonderful people. I will endeavour to repay in good time. May God richly bless you.

Spare parts for bicycle repair shop

Congratulate your org. Coz I received my loan immediately after accepting it. Well done ZIDISHA.

Purchase of more iphones

Thank you very much to all my lenders you all a great blessing to me. @Frosty thank you for the kind words. Yes, I have been able to accomplish my targets in good time and as of today, I have two EX-USA (EX-stock) iPhones in stock from the profit for sale. There is great interest in the iPhones among my clients due to the security features. I hope to sell both by the end of this month as people receive their pay. Once again thank you.

Shoe making materials

Am happy to tell you that the previous loan was used and utilized successful , I was able to buy some cobbling equipments and now my shoe making business is getting back to shape. Thank you so much


Stock for my knitting business

This is my third loan to you Jane. I am very proud of all you have accomplished!

Design & tailoring

This loan will greatly have an impact on my budget as I will be able to cover up shortfall. I thank so much for your help and wish you God's blessings.

Tomatoes farming

Thank you lenders for the loan. I will immediately embark on the process of tomato farming.
I believe that after three months the returns i get will help me, my family and all those that i will be seeking their services meet most of their needs.
I will often update you during my farming process.

Solar lanterns to help women & girls be more productive.

Greetings my Lenders,

It fills me with joy to see how our solar lanterns are changing lives! Today had an opportunity to install a sun king home 60 in the house of Blessing Tembo. Now she can charge her mobile phone right in her 2 roomed house. She was happy that we were able to provide her a chance to own this solar lantern. She plans to start charging phones for people so that she can make some extra money.

This is made possible by your generous lending to me and Kukula Solar! Together we are helping households transition from kerosene lamps to solar lanterns.

For more information on our work visit:

Thanks for lending to me and Kukula Solar!

Health safety and care for all

Hello Martina,

Thank you for your assistance.

Am a nurse by profession running a clinic in the slums of Nairobi Kenya.

I would really appreciate the loan offer in order to purchase a number of antibiotics, anticoagulants, antihypertensives, antimalarials, syringes, gauze rolls, needles.

Basically just restocking the clinic.

Thanks you.

Quick teller/computer center

I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to my lenders because this loan has helped me in one or two ways,and I will forever be greatful because of this loan may see it as small but it is big in a mighty way.

Loan for inventory of stationery to expand bookshop

I joined Zidisha since 2015 but still maintaining my %100 installment rate. Why? Because Zidisha is No.1 best lending organization across the globe. It has helps me so many times and can't explain all of them here. My business patronizing always and all day through Zidisha loans. I say thank you Zidisha. God bless you.

Poultry projects

I was able to use the loan to expand my farming business by procuring additional farm implement which has helped to speedy production. Thanks


thank you so much. my business is doing marvelously all because of the funds you gave me. God bless you always