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Expand my produce sales

The business is doing well ,thanks zidisha for your support

Halogen oven and blending machine for making fufu

I will add it to my money to purchase fufu machine for customers
This will enable me meet up my customers need
I'm sincerely grateful for the loan

Farming and selling vegetables

I don’t know how to explain this but this really help my life much love I really appreciate it thank you so so much

Loan to buy land for my shop

You’re welcome Asuama, hope it helps.

Set of studio lights

Thank you lender for your continued support and patience

Transporting pineapples to market

I did receive the funds in my MTN account exactly 324ZMW, i have hired transport to market the pineapples and sale them.Thank you my lenders for helping and made it possiple for me to find money and hire transport at this difficult period,am really greatful to zidisha team and staff for for facilitating and supporting this online programme to reach us one on one or person to person.Zidisha is one of the best institution i have ever come across so far in Africa and World over.I only hope Zidisha will continue to empower and support this programme.Thank you so much this is great indeed.

Loan to buy land for my shop

Thank you zidisha community .especially Franmiguel from Australia who funded my current loan.this is going to help to improve on my hair dressing business.

Tomatoes, onions, potatoes and green maize for home delivery

Thank you for funding my application, i will use this amount to get enough stock for onions, tomatoes, green maize and potatoes to supply to my customers.
Thanks for the opportunity and God bless you

Gypsum-installation toolkits

Hallo to zidisha,I thank my lenders for the loan which help me bought my cordless drill for my gypsum installation contracts, thanks to zidisha


Drip-irrigation for my farm

Best of luck to you. This is a difficult time for everyone. Please take care of your health as well.

Generator to sustain my eatery during blackouts

I will buy generator for my eatery, this is helpful to me, I will use the generator during blackout. Thank you very much lenders for helping me at this time
God bless

Selling second-hand clothes

I received the loan I requested.Thank you so much for your support

Phone accessories, and healthcare costs

I'll be able to buy more goods with the ones I have left in stock and for me to be able to reach out to my customers for their demand.
Thank you so much for the loan, I'm really grateful, God bless you all with sound health

Fixing a motor

Thank you so much utahna,Hans,Jane,Ads68,Dhinesh,James,Divergent,Tom and Nicole for funding my loan.I will use this loan finalize purchase of groundnuts.

Hardware inventory

I have received a notification early this morning that my loan has just been fully funded.
With the loan I will expand my hardware shop, as I have a dream of operating a big hardware to achieve financial breakthrough as I learn more and more to be a great entrepreneur.
I thank you all my dear Lenders for funding my loan so fast. I appreciate you.
Take care of yourself as you go out. Stay Safe and wear a mask.
Thank you once again.

Selling children's clothing

Happy to end another week. This has taken the hand of God to be alive. It is my prayer that all lenders,staffs and borrowers are still healthy and safe too.
Kind regards.

Hardware inventory

Best of luck with expanding your business and all future endeavours Hellen.

Transporting pineapples to market

I will use the funds to hire a light truck to transport the pineapples for sale in Lusaka.It will help me to transport and find market for the pineapple.
Thank you my lender Mr Jason, am very happy for funding my loan, i will equally work hard and repay my loan in good time.May God watch over you and bless you.

Elkiso Food Kiosk

Hi Lenders,
Thanks a lot for your consideration.I will buy ceramic tiles to improve my premises hygienically especially to meet the govt rules due to Covid 19.I will also increase hand washing facilities in my food canteen.It will greatly boost my income and those of employees who are from the community around here.
Thanks again for your support.
Eliezer K Soi

Tomatoes, onions, potatoes and green maize for home delivery

This platform has really helped my business grow, i have managed to increase my stock and the products I sell, this wouldn't have been possible without the support of the lenders, for that am grateful and may God bless you.

Transporting pineapples to market

Good luck with your business Faustina, that is a fantastic looking pineapple!

Inventory of spare parts for motorbike service shop

I want to take this moment to thank all lenders that have supported me to this far, I indeed purchased the stuff that I requested my lenders to support me and afterward have faced so many challenges since the COVID 19 Pandemic announced in Kenya. business dropped and it is a struggle all over, but I thank you for the opportunity you have given to schedule my loans wherever am faced with difficulties to pay fully my loans weekly

Buying supplies for use at home

The last loan was a cry for help in view of the covid pandemic effect on my business. Amazingly, my loan application was approved and disbursed almost instantly, and I was able to get groceries for our upkeep during the first wave of lockdowns.

Thank you Zidisha and the entire community of amazing lenders. You are all truly the best.

Vegetable farming

Many thanks to all my lenders, I promise to use the loan on my business expansion and I will profit with it. I will buy more seeds to extend my vegetable farm.
Thank You

More efficient car for my taxi business

Thanks to my lenders. For lending me. God bless you. Thanks to those who are yet to lend me. God bless you all.


The loan has helped me to weed my farm and also apply agro chemicals to the crops. In fact the loan has helped me to build my capacity in farming. It has not been a only a but also a back bone to me. Thank you so much leaders. I really appreciate your effort. God bless you.

Buying a 7-seater Suzuki tuk-tuk (minibus) for public transport

Dear Lenders, thank you for your generous and prompt funding for my loan. I received USD1070.18 disbursed to my phone on 19/6/2020.
I already added to my budget and purchased the minivan on 12/7/2020 - will be sharing photos later. I am currently working on other requirements to kick off the transport business with the minivan.

Thank you once again.

Welding machine for making doors and windows

Thanks a lot to all my lenders.
I will buy a brand new welding machine for my welding and fabrication business. This loan will help me in a great way. I have currently created one more job opportunity in my workshop since i am currently getting large volume of orders from my clients. This will assist in prudent utilization of labor therefore leading to more productivity and business profits. I thank you again all my lenders for making this a reality.

Grains and other staple foods for my retail store

To all my lenders: Eric G, US; Kevin Kong , US; Cloudways, Malta; MarktheMormon, US ; Georg, Germany; Andrew Gushkin, US; Katrin, Germany;
I acknowledge Receipt of the loan via Mpesa in full.
I immediately paid for my cereals and groceries.
Thank you all.

Transportation of my watermelon

thank you zidisha for the loan that i used to purchase fertilizer for my watermelon crop. Am so happy that my watermelon crop are now responding well because the fertilizer was applied on time thanks once again i will always keep you informed about my progress.

Selling face masks & cosmetics

Am very excited to have you all as my back bone in my business,this loans has really been helping my business to grow, I have been able to buy some good number of Nose Masks , sanitizers and other new stuffs like cosmetics into my shop and indeed, I see a bright future for my business. Thank you.

Transporting pineapples to market

I have received the loan successfully into my MTN account and i will use the funds to help me hire a light truck for transport to transport the pineapples for sell in Lusaka City the market is readily available.Thank you very much my lenders God bless you.

Phone accessories, and healthcare costs

What will I have done without zidisha?
I'll eternally be grateful for your help and support for my family and business

Expanding business selling perfume oils

I got a loan of N20,074
I bought more perfume oils
I'm sincerely grateful because the loan has helped to increase my client base and generate even more sales for me.
Thank you for giving me this loan. God bless you immensely

Producing soap, lotion & perfume

My lenders, i thank you all for your support in my life and business, the loan was a great aid

Grains and other staple foods for my retail store

Thanks to Eric G and all the lenders.
I am grateful for your support.
The loan shall help me increase my inventory.
I shall buy cereals and groceries for my retail store.
These items have high demand and good profit margins.
It shall help me in meeting my family’s daily needs and give me an opportunity to expand my business.
I intend to upgrade my business from retail store to a distributor in the next 12 months or so. With support from you, esteemed lenders it shall be possible.

Best regards.

Selling electronics & repairing phones

Thank you very much I used my money to buy mpesa till which I'm now using to serve my customers in mobile money transfer services


Bean, maize, okra, and cashew farming

Good luck with your new loan!

Bean, maize, okra, and cashew farming

Good evening lenders and God bless you all if my loan is fully funded I will use some to purchase for fertilizers and weedicides for my farms so that it will grow well

Packaging containers for groundnut paste (peanut-butter)

Good evening family. I just want to thank you all for the. Last Sunday i couldn't send my scheduled payment because i was having issues. Fortunately, today i have been able to pay for both last week and this week and a little bit more. Thanks once again. God bless us all

Photography and video business

I successfully made repayment today July 12, 2020 and I take this opportunity to say I am grateful to all lenders for their contributions and support. I appreciate your support for me. God richly bless you all.

A piece of land for my home

Dear lender, it has been a while since we communicate.i hope you are doing well and you are also safe from the pendemic.we are trying our best to make sure that we and our families are safe

Laptop sales

I always thank God for being a member of zidisha family, the lender were always ready to help,my last loan was used to clear all my goods which is laptops that have buy down and waiting to clear for me to be able to sell,the money help me a lot and it boost my business and let me gain new customers, am really thankful.

Converse shoes for my shop

Dear lenders,
Thanks to your love and effort for my business; I have received the funds and I have been able to get the canvas I wanted to get.
I am very grateful, and I promise to be the loyal person I have always been and will have my repayments done just as stated.
Thanks once again for your trust in me.

Alfred Adjetey

Sound system for my hair salon

God bless my lenders, I really do appreciate because this loan will help me to buy new sound equipments for my shop

Stock increase

I am so grateful for funding my loan. I will use the money to buy more stock for my shop hence increasing my profits. I will also add essential products such as face masks and hand gloves to my shop. Thank you very much.

Bean, maize, okra, and cashew farming

Yes a big thanks to all the Lenders this loan helps me to bought fertilizer for my farm and without this loan my okro and beans could not grow well

Selling UV-treated gardening bags

I am excited that it only took two days to get funded.I am really grateful to all the Lenders.this loan is going to help me buy a roll of gardening net plus the organic fertilizer so us to expand my business.
I will for sure encourage others to get funds from Zidisha because here they support growth and development
Thank you so much

Material for making clothing

Thank you my lenders may God bless you

Making liquid soap

Thanks to my lender