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Rita Achiaa     May 15, 2018

thank you my lenders for helping me to achieve my goal on this business i would like to take this opportunity to thank you my lender because this loan has helped me a lot on my first loan and second loan because am doing this business i saved my loan and my interest and later i used the money expand my business so, as at now i have bought many things to my shop i have bought cotton, lining, wooding ,and more materials for my shop so please this loan has helped me a lot and i am expecting my interest to increase by 100% thank you my lenders for supporting me .

To buy more cloth
City, Ghana

Sadick Suleiman     May 15, 2018

Zidisha is the best online loan lenders with low interest rates. I've applied for 181 USD to help sustain my mobile money business. 
Serving my customers is my aim.
Zidisha has help to increase my standard of living.
At first I feed myself twice a day but due to the improvement in my business as a mobile money merchant, I feed myself and family trice a day.
I thank all my lenders for such a great offer.

MTN mobile money & selling airtime
Atebubu, Ghana

Longinus Nyongesa     May 15, 2018

After deductions I received KSH 29030 which I have used to order a photocopying machine that I am expecting to arrive anytime from today, am so happy with Zidisha, indeed with this machine my business is going to improve, thanks to my lenders.

Photocopying machine and a computer
Bungoma, Kenya

Jared Omurwa     May 15, 2018

Am glad to congratulate the Zidisha team for your continued support, which as improved my life ,financial and made my family to enjoy more,in school my children are doing well because they are not chased as often as it was there before because of school fees I thank you all,God bless you

To purchase wheelbarows
Kisii, Kenya

Joshua Maina     May 15, 2018

I wish to notify all my lenders that I received the loan amounting to ksh 35100 and am so great full for your assistance. I was able to buy flour mills maize flour, cooking salad and dry foods amounting to ksh 50000 of which I added some ksh 15000 from my savings. I hope my business will continue expending and I will pay all the loan on time. I hope to continue working with zidisha as it has been of great help to me. Thank you my lenders and all zidisha team God bless you.

Cereals store
Ruiru, Kenya

Darius Mukabwa     May 15, 2018

Dear lenders, since I joined zidisha about one year now, I have really benefited from your positive support, I have done many project just because of your funds, the project include.... Farming, spares to my motorbike taxi and paying school fees for my daughter, thank you and be blessed.

New motorbike spares for sale
Eldoret, Kenya

Edward Njoroge     May 15, 2018

Hello Zidisha and Lenders first is to thank everyone for your support,Despite few challenges today as I pay my last installment am proud,my business is doing great,i used my Loan as I stated in my loan proposal,My dream is to become a successful business Man that's Why using the profit I have started investing in learning how to,of doing it. I'm reading a book "How To start and grow a profitable business " .As I apply a new loan i will make sure certain percentage of the money will help me to attend business workshop. God bless you all

Rice, maize flour, new tires for my motorbike and tuition
Mazeras, Kenya

Anthony Ludeki     May 15, 2018

That's the motorbike, beside is my cereals and empty egg trays on display.
Thank you my lenders, my business is doing well especially with the introduction of the motorbike, I have started realizing increase in profits.

Motorbike to ferry eggs/cereals from farm to my store.
Kabiria, Kenya

Sintia Dewi     May 15, 2018

Thank you for the lenders that fund this Fund I will use for the ingredients "cuisine

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Terima kasih atas lender yang mendanai
Dana ini akan saya pergunakan untuk bahan" masakan

Supply of rice and other foodstuffs for stalls then
Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

Jacqueline Urudi     May 14, 2018

Hello lenders I received my loan of Ksh,6889.I used this loan to return back my kids to school, it was such a blessing,I thank you so much for your continued support.May God bless you so much my lenders.

Sheila and eugene school fees
Nairobi, Kenya