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Rice and onion sales

I appreciate very much for lending me the last amount of 2800, it helped me alot. I bought more onions and afew carrots, I sold and made good profits, thank you my lenders.

Add clothing sales to my shop

Dear Lenders,
This is to let you know that the loan I had applied for and which you helped me get helped me immensely. I was able to introduce more things at the shop, attract more customers and boost my sales more. Thank you very much for you support.

Second hand clothes business

Hello lenders I am much grateful for your help and support. The loan i received has helped me in my business and other needs. I thank you so much for your support.

Buying of fertilizers and pesticides for my vegetable farm

I thank you lenders for your support given and through your support, it has helped me to grow well in my vegetable farming as i have been able to produce more vegetables and I am looking forward to produce more of these vegetables stuff. Thank you lenders and I am humble appreciate your efforts. Thank you and support me again to improve my farming produce. God bless you

Urgent request for home renovation (fallen house)

Dear Team I greet all of you in the mighty name of the Lord. I give thanks back to Him for his mercies and protection to us..
Surely this Corona pandemic has brought everything down but I hope Through Gods will things will be back to normal..
I still have high hopes that I will complete paying my loan.. I wish therefore each and everyone of us safety and God bless this Zidisha family

Add computers to my cybercafe

Hello. Thank you. I have already received my loan of ksh.5,819/=.
This computer accessories will help take my business to a higher level. Thank you again.

Stock of malaria medicines and other health consumables

Thanks and God bless you

Mobile phone sales

God bless you all my lenders
You guys are awesome
More blessings!

Supplying face masks

I have received order to supply nose mask.
Because of the quantity required i need a bigger loan to be able to buy and supply.

Art center for youths who are HIV positive

Bit by bit,getting there.

Art center for youths who are HIV positive

Now things are really starting to look up, working from home but being able to do all the work online

Art center for youths who are HIV positive

Well I've been working on my website, it's a work in progress,to which am learning something new everyday.its exciting.

Producing African prints

With this loan i will fulfill an NGO request. It will really help me specially this time of covid.
Thank you all for your generosity

Completion of my permanent house

Hi Christopher and Wendy,
I sincerely thank you for lending me again.
I intend to finish work remaining at my house because I have already done the initial work.
I'll keep you updated.
God bless you.

Selling local fabrics

Thank you zidisha community and lenders for this beautiful platform and how u’ve helped me to grow my business substantially.Am greatful that I have this platform. Thank you to the lenders

Vegetable farming

The loan was utilized for vegetable farming of Okra which is popular amongst locals and has helped increase revenue with repeat customers.

Selling clothing door to door

Please i will add up to my working capital to increase my stocks.
It will help me to provide for my customers' demand.
Thank you so much i do not know how to express my gratitudes may God richly bless you.

Buying of materials for my smock sewing business

Thank you lenders for helping me with the loan I just repaid. You're so wonderful and I am improving in my business with your support. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to support me again.

Purchase of equipment for my gym center

My loan was received and it has helped me pay for the hands Sanitizers I purchased thank you to my lenders

Two high-speed desktops for my cybercafe

Your loan support really helped me to add cyber stock that is really moving so fast. I do appreciate. Thanks big

Stock of malaria medicines and other health consumables

Big thanks to all zidisha lenders for helping me till this far and may the good Lord Almighty God bless you all

Solar energy kiosks

Wow! Paul!

Am totally blown away! You are truly amazing!

Thank you so much for lending me the money to boost my business! Your confidence in me and in my business makes me want to hug you!

I have no words to express the feeling of gratitude and joy that I am feeling at this moment! I can only express my joy by promising to work extra hard and repay you the money within the quickest time possible!

Thank you and stay blessed and healthy! God bless you so much!

Photography and video business

I made repayment today May 30, 2020. I take this opportunity to say I am grateful to all lenders for their contributions and support. I appreciate your support for me. God richly bless you all.

Selling jewelery and other accessories

Hello lenders I received an amount of 713ghs and will be use to buy more of my jewelleries and watches and I am humble and appreciate your support. Thank you very much and thank you once again. God bless you lenders and Julia

Selling jewelery and other accessories

Good luck with your business!

Kind regards,


Stock for grocery shop

Hi leaders, I hope you are all doing great. I have stocked my store with grocery as I promised to purchased. Sales is good; business is good because all that the customers mostly ask of is in the store. I thank my lenders and I appreciate you all.

Machine for soapmaking

new addition

Machine for soapmaking

Back on feet


Shoes and clothings

The Pandemic is affecting life everywhere Simon. Thank you for looking after those who are hungry.

Inventory of phone accessories

Good day. I really appreciate my last loan because it helps in increasing my sales after the lockdown. It generate an additional profit for my business. Thanks

Materials for fashion designer

Thanks to zidisha loan, the loan has been helpful, I was able to add to my stock and increase my profit. Thanks so much


Laptops for sale and other merchandise

Hello Endang, we are all rooting for your health, happiness and success.

Laptops for sale and other merchandise

My daughter was sad because she could not celebrate graduation with her friends. But surely it must "make peace and be patient" with the current situation. Even for the next level of school, there is still no certainty of going to junior high school, which is because schools are still closed. For my online business, it was very affected because the stock of goods was almost gone while there were no goods at the supplier because the workers were closed so that they temporarily stopped producing goods. Hopefully this virus outbreak passes quickly so that things can return to normal as usual. Always be healthy for Joshi, Joost, all lenders and Zidisha management, God bless you all, Ameninn.

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Putri saya sedih karena tidak dapat merayakan kelulusan bersama teman-temannya. Namun tentunya memang harus 'berdamai dan bersabar' dengan situasi saat ini. Untuk jenjang sekolah selanjutnya pun masih belum dapat kepastian akan meneruskan ke sekolah menengah pertama yang mana karena sekolah sekolah masih diliburkan.

Untuk usaha online saya, sangat terpengaruh karena stok barang hampir habis sedangkan tidak ada barang di supplier karena para pekerja diliburkan sehingga sementara waktu berhenti produksi barang.

Mudah-mudahan wabah virus ini cepat berlalu sehingga keadaan bisa kembali normal seperti biasanya.

Sehat-sehat selalu untuk Joshi, Joost, para pemberi pinjaman semuanya serta manajemen Zidisha, Tuhan memberkati kalian semua, amiinn.

Solar energy kiosks

Hello Paul, Jonathan, Melkmom and Johannes!

Hello to all my wonderful lenders! Thank you so much for your trust and confidence in me!

Last week I adjusted my loan due to some works that we are doing
to establish an energy kiosk that we are setting up in Siamatika village. The works are not yet completed.

However, this week I managed to increase revenues of one of the energy kiosk by about 5% by relocating it and placing it on a more busy route! This has enabled to raise all the funds to complete repayment of my loan! Am so happy!

Thank you to all my wonderful lenders and I hope that you will participate in my next loan.

Stay safe and healthy!

Renovation of student housing

We have removed part of the roof and have started to replace with new ones.. below is the photo of how we are progressing
Thank you so much lenders

Low cost housing project

I will pay the labourers with the loan amount.

Thank you for the loan.

Purchase of equipment for my gym center

I will used this loan to buy more hands Sanitizers and it will help me get more profit to add up to my savings and thank you lenders for successfully fund of my loan

Shoes and clothings

Once I get my loan I will buy men shoe's costing ksh 36000. Men sports shoes ksh43000. Open shoes. Ksh15600 and ladies shoes costing ksh.33600. This will boost my business in a very big way. Thanks for your support. God bless you abundantly.

Second-hand clothing sales

I thank you for your support during this difficult time's,, I will now be able to boost my business and add some New stock,, thank you


Complete the expansion of my provision shop

So sorry to hear about your situation. Please stay safe and free from COVID. Praying things will be better for you soon. - Eric

Seedlings and fertilizer

I do pray that all zidisha family are all fine with good health. I am working hard to make.ends meet during this coronavirus disease period. With God on our side we will overcome this pandemic soon.
Stay safe.

Selling jewelery and other accessories

I am very much appreciated for your support and I have been able to repay all my arrears today and I thank you very and looking forward for your support in my business. Thank you so much Julia and the lenders

Sports viewing centre

The new satellite dish bought and installed at the back of my viewing centre

Shoes and clothings

Good afternoon my leders. I have just completed to pay my last loan. I'm thanking you for your support in my business because this pandemic period was very hard to sustain customers. My business was very low but God is good we are healthy.I have supported many people who most of them have been coming in my shop complaining of hunger due to pandemic challenges. I hope you will support my business now and future. God bless you.

Bottles and sachets water seller

This loan has been helpful to me in many ways,I was able to buy more bottles and sachets of water,and also buy new items such as sanitizer and hand tissue to my shop because, People has been asking of them,this loan is really taken my business to the next level,
Thank you for the loan and also your services

Renovating property to rent

The last loan help me geatly to execute most of my projects. I was to secure more business through online advertising and able to secure more clients. Thanks to Zidisha for being there always.

Purchase of grains and cassava stem cuttings

Cassava foods are difficult to find here in the United States, but I love them! When I saw that was your project, I was all in. Best of luck on your plantings!

Spare parts to repair my taxi

I am happy for your support even in this period of time where the global pandemic, Covid-19 had worsened the plight of business but you keep lending a helping hand to me. The loan has been of a very good use to me. God bless you.

Establish a hand washing center

This is my work place

Low cost housing project

The bricks are ready for building, I intend to use the loan to pay the contractor.