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To buy more maize and fish for my kenkey business

Thank you my lenders I promise I will pay it back on time

Need to buy car battery

Thanks for the lending am very grateful and will never disappoint you

Shoe sales

Thanks my beautiful lenders for your support I promise to pay on time

Selling second-hand clothes

My previous loan was very helpful I was able to increase my orders and made an increase in my profits.Thank you so much.

To buy a sewing machine

Thank you my lenders

Honey harvesting equipment

With the loan i just concluded repaying, i managed to purchase beehives and used the remainder for fencing the apiary area. this has made a difference because my income base has kept on increasing. In the next few months when the harvest matures i will have more money flowing in. My earning currently has increased by close to 2%. I still use the increased earning to improve the condition of my apiary.

Restocking essential medications

Thank you @ Monty Lewis.
Very grateful for the support


Restocking essential medications

Best of luck with your venture

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

Thanks for the Pay it Forward funds that I have raised. I will restock clean Cookstove inventory so that I reach more people. Thanks alot

I want to buy more seedlings

The planting season is here so I used it to buy some seedlings like beans, soya beans, maize and and other seeds to plant for more harvest this season. This is gonna help increase my yields for the season.

Hair for my shop

Thanks lenders for your support , I bought boxes I planned it was very supportive to my business.

To purchase more fish

Hi everyone there I hope all my lender's are doing well I thank you for your kindness support God bless you all because your help has taken my husband from pains and he is very well.

Private security for school

Gratitude is an understatement for your love and sacrifice in ensuring the funding of my loan application and your patience as I fully repay today. Thank you.

To purchase building materials for building my own house

Having being Zidiaha borrower for about five years now, I can say Zidisha loan is very helpful to me and my family and we are grateful to Zidisha lenders. Having been tenant for the past twenty years and paying exorbitant two years rent advance every two years, through Zidisha loan and the business I’m doing I’m able to acquire a plot of land and building my own house. Very soon I will be able to complete my house and I can also have a home for myself and for my family. Always grateful and thankful to all lenders on the Zidisha platform

Hospital bill

Good Evening Lenders,

Hope this mail meets you well.

I will like to thank you for my last loan. it was very helpful with my business and houshold expense. May God continue to replenish your pockets.

God Bless You

Upgrading chemistry laboratory

Thanks Jochen, will keep you posted.


Expansion: adding soft drinks to mobile money business

Please share your profits and love with others! God bless us all :D
Genesis 26:12: Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the LORD blessed him.

Purchase more seedlings to increase vegetable production

Dear lenders,

I managed to sell my vegetables this morning and I have repaid my loan in full. Thank you so much for your support!


Renovate my shop

Good luck Clement, stay healthy and build up your business!

Upgrading chemistry laboratory

Dear Esther,
good luck with your project! This is the first "pay it forward" project that I support. I'm interested how it turns out.

All the best from Switzerland,


Repairing rainy season damage to our home

Dear lenders am so humbled for your efforts for loaning me a loan, it has helped us a lot in renovating the house that was damaged during the rain season. Your efforts have paid off even on my business and I have recorded good successes because of the great boost of the loan you helped me. Thank you very much and may God bless you so much

Transporting 5000 bags of maize to market

Thank you my lenders for supporting my business is really growing and doing well, I really appreciate you for your support and effort of helping because it is not easy during this Covid 19 era we passing through. Thank you and God bless you.

I need a laptop computer to do research at home

God continue to bless all my lenders in abundance.

To purchase materials to repair sandals for customers

I will use this loan to purchase for materials which I will use to make sandals to sell them thanks to Alexandre who helped me to raised this loan may the most high God bless you with more.

Rice wholesaler

To God be the glory for making me come in contact with zidisha, i am so happy being here, thanks all

For expansion of cybercafe business

I will buy A4 sheets and Printer toners/ink to facilitate the work I do to order to satisfy my customers demand. I thank you all my Lenders. May God richly bless you and promise to settle the loan very soon.

Taxi service

Thanks Alan i appreciate your assistance


To buy drip pipes and organic fertilizer for my vegetables

Thanks for the message and also repaying the loan Beatrice. Happy to be able to support you new loan application.,

Loan to buy paint and painting tools

I will buy paint and other painting materials to help me work better .
This will bring the profit high i will get to profit as well which will help me to get more customers and expand my business as well i will say thank you to everyone who lend to me .

Clothing & shoes

My business is doing better

Clothing & shoes

Good afternoon. So far so good I have high hopes in my business after along period of covid challenges. I'm looking up for better future. May God bless and keep each one of us safe. Thank you.

Buy photo backgrounds

Joey I don't even know how to thank you you are such a great helper May God bless you For this loan which am using it for a photography softbox I assure you will see its difference on my instagram page. Thank You May God bless you.

Taxi service

I used by a Taxi driver many years ago.

I wish you good luck with your project.

Best regards


Marketing my book

Thank you very much

Buy photo backgrounds

AM very grateful to Joey God sent for my loan funding. I have now been able to the own a speedlight which has really improved my business and am looking forward for the best on zidisha thank you Great lender;s

To buy more of food items to sell in my area

Thank you my lenders I promise I will pay it back on time

Electric sewing machine

Thank ,
I will make the best out of this and I will let you know with pictures and videos.

Purchasing of vegetable seedlings & organic fertilizer

I would like to buy vegetable seedlings for planting to have a variety of crops. The following are the seedling I need to buy for my vegetable gardens.
1. Cabbages
2. Rape
4. Green Beans
6.Onion Bulb
7. latice
8. egg plants
9. sweet potatoes
I grow the above vegetables and are highly profitable and sustainable.
Thank you to you all my lenders for making it possible to fund my loan and enable me to work very effectively.

Buying empty bags & transport maize to market

With this loan I want to buy 4000, 90kg empty sacks of maize, the maize is ready at the farm to load in and pack in the sack now and transport them to market or to the milling companies for sale. I need empty sacks and pack them for sale and this will allow me to transport 2000 bags of maize for sale and earn money.
Thank my lenders for making funding the loan in good time, I really appreciate you so much.

Supply building materials, sand and gravel stones

Good evening to my lenders, and Zidisha support team. It is my great pleasure to say you for your money , guardiance and support,thru all the time for making it possible for to pay my loan in time always. Even when I was on sick bed, your motivation and courage alone give me strength for speedy recovery. Expercialy Rudy and Bert God continue to bless you for such a passionate and caring heart of yours. With all the lenders,God bless you for been there for us even in time's of sickness. Am grateful and God bless you all.l am to inform you that, l have finished paying my last loan installment earlier before the due dated 20 June 2021 today.Havent fully recover from sick, but manege to step out to collect some outstanding money's from my client's to settle my loan ASAP. l will always be truthful to deliver

Rice farming

My rice farming as at late May 2021, I will be posting more photos on the current status,this far the project has costed sh90000

Rice farming

That's is status of my rice farm during my visit in Late May

Rice farming

My rice project in late March when I was preparing the farm for transplanting

Rice farming

My rice project nursery stage late February, I planted Pure aromatic basmati/ Pishori rice

Rice farming

My rice farm now at 2months , this is at late May 2021

Buying a new photocopy machine

I am very much grateful for your love, care and support so far
Thank you so much

To purchase groceries for my shop

Dear Paul,

You are a true legend in the Zidisha community! Thank you so much for funding my project. God bless you!

Loan to buy vehicle parts for resale

Some pictures from the shop

Gypsum supply to Erdemann Gypsum, Ltd. (Mwingi, Kenya)

Once again thank you my lenders, this facility will buy an additional truck of gypsum yielding an additional income that will go a long way in to building my business. Blessings


Marketing my book

Good luck with your book, Sophy