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Expansion of mobile phone payment business

Am Short of words to express my happiness to you, thank you very much for the trust you had in me , I promise to make you all happy by paying back the loan on time .

Transportation of maize to market

Good luck with your farm!

Well water for my school

Gratitude to all the lenders that jointly supported this request and made it a reality, gratitude to Julia, the director and the Staff too.

Back-up generator for working from home

Wow.. yesterday I received the exact amount of 2,666Gh from you guys.. am happy to inform you that the backup generator is bought this Morning and I wish you were here to see the smile on my much Grateful

Clothes selling

Good luck with your business. This is my last money to lend but I can give you more in the future after others repay.

Expand the stock at my provisions store

It’s another time to say a big thanks to all my lenders.
God bless everyone!

Purchase a sewing machine for my staff

Thanks very much lenders for the loan

Restocking hardware business

Am requesting for this loan to buy the following goods;

1. House doors
2. Switches
3. conduit pipes
4. Bulbs
5.mortice locks
6.Nails and Gloves
These items are highly demand and most customers are asking about these item, once I stock them I will make more profits.
Thank you so much madam Anna Hoad am very grateful for supporting me to grow my business. God bless you

Distributing drinking water

Thanks to all lenders for the loan. God bless you all. I've receive the loan to use

Fashionable smocks, and cashew farm

This loan will be added to my working capital in order to increase the inventories at stock. This will help me to increase the demand of my customers. Am much grateful for the loan given to me, may God continue to bless you.

Tricycle for delivery

Am buying a tricycle for delivery , though the amount isnnot enough i will begin to make part payment . Thank you my lenders for making this project a reality

Capital upgrade for cosmetics business

May I use this opportunity to thank all of you for lending a strong hand to a total stranger. This loan will go a long way to help my finances. I will also do my best to repay on time and also post update on how things are moving. Thank you

For "SaladMaster" healthy system and other items

Facing some challenges in my business in the light of covid.I am making strennous effort to resolve that...Zidisha has no cause to worry...i will steadily pay up.Thanks so very much for your patience

Scholars' cardigans against rainy season

Good luck with your business Abigail

To pay for my mother's hospital bill in arrears

Good morning to all my lenders and zidisha team I thank you again for your support to offer me a loan to take care of my mother's sickness by the grace of God she is very fine, may Lord of heavenly father guide and bless you all, keep safe.

Restocking provisions shop

I am so much grateful to zidisha for their wonderful support. Thank you for everything

Importation of computer/phone accessories

The Loan was received with thanks to the lenders, I have been able to add some accessories to the existing one, hence taking my shop to a higher level. Thank you once again for making this happen, you guys are so amazing.

Nwafor Victor Okwudili.

New products for my grocery shop

Thank you very much zidisha I'll buy more grocery for my shop

Baking equipment for my catering service

God will continue to reward and bless you people richly

Sewing business expansion

Dear lovely lenders,
I have received an amount of 3476GHS. This money or loan will be used to make installment payment of the modern sewing machines I am in the process of buying to expand and setup an entrepreneurial centre to train young girls in the area of sewing.
I am very grateful to you all for your support and generosity.
Thanks a lot.

Business loan for laminating machine

I will buy laminating Machine, 10 feet large format, and plot head.
It will help me very well I have 6feets but am still going outside to print 10feets.
I really appreciate your efforts it's has really helped me a lot.

Restocking hardware goods

The just ended loan helped me to make more profits and the profits I made I was able to pay house rentals, shop rentals and improve the living standard home. The business was was really going down and but has revived and is now stable, thank so much my lenders for the loan I did achieve notable results. I hope you will help me to expand my business in next loan proposal.


I hope your business is going well!

Boda boda (taxi) service

Thank you my lenders for the support you've given me and especially this time of the covid.As I had indicated during my application, I intend to purchase another motorbike for transportation. This will help me create a job for my relative who will benefit and support his family as he also get me some money from the returns. I Once again thank you for your spirit of helping the needy communities around the world. God bless you all.

Business expansion and store relocation

Thanks I the loan to purchased goods like standing fan,electric iron,noise mask and many more.the funds has made a lot of differences in my life at first I go to Accra three times a week to buy my goods but now I have purchase more product so I go to Accra ones a week and more over am able to raised funds to help my father to complete his building.

To buy kente clothes for sale

I'm very grateful to my cherish lenders for giving me this loan. This loan has helped me to get more kente clothes per week and it has improved my business. Without this loan i wouldn't have been able to pay my workers and also buy more threads. Thanks to my wonderful lenders and the hardworking Zidisha team.

New products for my grocery shop

Please I'm really doing well with the loan . And as u can see how my shop is now filled and I'm still working hard to satisfy my customers.. thank you zidisha for the loan

To enable me to stock more slippers/sandals

I always want to say a big thank you my lenders for being supportive to business . With the help of my lenders I have become a successful young enterpreneur and am able to expand my business by selling kente cloth , smock cloth and other stuffs aside the beauty products. my main dream is to get my own shop which I know it my come to past one-day by the help of my lenders . May the good Lord bless you Soo much lenders

Fashion-design shop painting

I so much appreciate my lenders for helping me out. The loan will go a long way helping me in my business. Thanks to you all.

Purchase of inventory for my provisions shop

I want to use this opportunity to thank my lenders for supporting me in my business.I use the money given to me to purchase inventories for my shop.The purchase has made a significant difference in the business.I have been able to add more inventories to my business which i was not into at first.I will say that my business investment has increased by 10%,which is very significant to my business.The increased earnings has been invested back into my business so that it will grow more than it is now.I have been able to employ people in my neighborhood so that they can get something to do especially with covid19 around ,which has slowed things down.I will say it is one of the achievements of myself to my neighborhood. Thank You.

Building affordable homes

Thank you Erik. Much appreciated.


Building affordable homes

Great to hear Nicholas. Thanks for the updates and repayment of the last loan. Glad it is helping you to move the project along. Happy to support you new request given your track record. All the best with the next phase.. Erik

Jeans and caps for my business

Thank you very much


The loan i just completed helped me alot was able to supply my customers on time

Solar lamps & clean cookstoves for rural women & girls

To my lenders, i want to thank all of you for your continued support in making my business grow. We have started distribution of clean cookstoves to Lundazi and so far the demand for the products is high. We have our Delivery Truck moving from one village to another and we hope to be done with 325 clean cookstove distribution by second-week of April.

I have tried to add pictures of our work in progress but it seems the add a photo option is currently not working.

I will send an update with pictures soonest.

Thanks for the loan and always remember you are part of the impact my business is creating in these rural and slum communities of Eastern Province of Zambia.

ZIKOMO (Thank you)

Buying paints for my hardware

I will buy cement for my business and will sell at a profit it will help me improve my life and may God bless you for lending to me.

School fees

It will help me for paying fees for my agriculture studies. Thank you so much for the loan.

Loan to buy chemicals for my cocoa farm

The loan I received from my lenders and Zidisha has helped me to get alot of cocoa seedlings.The loan has helped me to get seedlings which will again help to expand my cocoa farm. I thank my lenders for their trust. I will also continue to pay my loan without failure. I promise not to disappoint my lenders and Zidisha.

Film projector for our science classes

Hi Emmanuel
Glad to help. I like what you're doing - and I understand how income can rise and fall !!

Purchase bags of fertilizer

Dear lenders,

Thank you for your patience and support during my previous loan. My wife and I sold most of the crops which we grew at our farm and this is how we managed to raise the money to repay the loan in full. Thank you.

To buy a bike to ride to school

Good morning to all my lenders, I have received my fund and it was 655ghc I thank you all for your support may God of heaven bless you and guide you all.

New products for my grocery shop

Dear Phyllis,

good luck with your business.

Kin Regards from Switzerland,

To buy more stock of rice for my new shop

The current loan worked so well for me, I managed to resell the bags of rice and opened up a small grocery shop.. All thanx to you guys.

Traditional baskets project

Thank you a lot Ulkar Alasgarova I am glad that you funded me and am looking forward to be working with you

Traditional baskets project

good luck Hopson :)

Food retail

thank you my lenders im very grateful

To buy parts for my tricycle

Thank you very much for helping me to buy electrical wires

Bottled and sachet water

I want to say a very big thank u for the loan. I will use it well and also ensure that I pay it back on time. Thank u once again and God bless u richly.

Venturing into farming business

With loan I have applied for I want to venture in farming business, I secured a 3 hectares of land and I want to begin growing vegetables such as cabbages, rape, tomatoes, Onions, green beans and carrots. Farming business is now on the peak and it is profitable. Hence I want the loan to help me buy the needed farming inputs such as fertilizer, weed killer and pesticides.
Thank you so much and may God bless you so much.

Loan to invest into second hand clothes sales

I will use the loan to sell Second hand cloths, hands sanitizer and nose mask .
This will help me to get more profit to rake good care of my kids so thankful God bless you more Lenders .