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Expanding stock to include Juudy and Ekumfi fruit drinks

This is part of the Ekumfi drink purchased with the loan. Thanks to all

To inject into Saladmaster healthy system and other items

This massaging apparatus was purchase today to help me in my work. I am so grateful to the assistance from my lenders from Zidisha. Thanks so much

Stock for my retail provisions shop

*Jamboo ! Eric,

Great to hear from you.

I really appreciate your support and from all my lenders.

Despite the current COVID-19 challenges am soldering on growing my business.

Am doing my best to make you proud for supporting me.

Best regards.


*jamboo is a Swahili word used for greeting...meaning Hi

Cooking fuel distribution

hello my lenders,i have made another step in my business.I have added some new LPG 6kg gas cylinders(3 Kgas cylinders @$100)I really appreciate your support.

To inject into Saladmaster healthy system and other items

I have received gh689.00 and i am immediately with haste thanking all my lenders for their magnanimity towards me. I will be buying as i indicated earlier some creams, specially prepared organic oils for massage, face marks, sanitizers, etc and organic food stuffs, lentils , seeds etc for the preparation.of the recipes for clients after massage. I will be able to train more people in.the art of reflexology. Thanks so very much my lenders. Ayekoo in my dialect means well done.

Stock up my beauty shop

This the completed space and the chair where the customers will be attended at.

Stock up my beauty shop

Equipment for the spa

Stock up my beauty shop

Doing some signage to advertise my services

Stock up my beauty shop

I completed the nail art space and it's up and running

Providing computers for ICT laboratory

My wonderful lenders for believing and trusting me,I thank you,God bless you all. This your help is so timely.

Grinding mill

Servicing in progress

Restock my one-stop shop

Great lenders and the director,I thank you immensely. 63,426 NGN was credited into my account and I went to the market to restock my one-stop shop. This is a massive relief for me,my family and business, customer base is expanding,feeding is easier.THANK YOU.

To inject into Saladmaster healthy system and other items

This is jollof rice cooked in the skillet without single drop of oil, without water and salt for my client after massage.

To inject into Saladmaster healthy system and other items

I am at a clients residence cooking this special stroke/gout recipe after reflexology to eat from.this system. Zidisha is helping me achieve my dreams and purposes in the life of clients. Thanks

To inject into Saladmaster healthy system and other items

I am so grateful for the help Zidisha is bringing into my life , businesses and is starting very small but increasing by the day.I shall post very insightful information about my progress and activities...Zidisha you are simply the best.Thanks so very much.

Boosting my business

My plan for this loan is to by new bicycle to using in transporting my produce to the market, thank you very much to all my lenders that took part in funding my project I will never disappoint you.

Laptop computer & partial payment of university fees

it been another peaceful day the Lord has made. thanks to the most high for protecting my lenders and i in these covid 19 season till now. my heart desire is for the almighty God to continuing protecting my lenders and keeping them safe. Amen.

Decorations business

This is some of my work I did during someone's wedding ceremony and I used the loan I took in paying for transport to the place thank to lenders for the loan

Gilgal Springs Academy for disadvantaged kids

Hello my lenders,
Once again I would like to shortly update you about the Gilgal Springs Academy for the Disadvantaged that you have been lending.
We started by buying one packet of dustless chalk,then a desk, uniform for 10 pupils but now we are talking big. From the church building,we moved to our rented 10 classrooms and finally last year December we bought our own land that we are yet to build our complete school.
Challenges have been many but we as a group can smile and work harder to assist and reach more children. More than 500 children are still awaiting to join us if only the school construction will complete soon. Most private schools have been closed down because of Covid-19 setbacks and current new Government rules.
I am happy to share with you also about our success in empowering the first 8 vulnerable women through our partnership with Kenya women finance. My prayer is that in the next five years,we should be lending to women through Gilgal Springs Sacco.
Currently I am working on building some temporary classrooms in preparation full school opening in January 2021.
I have requested for Ksh. 100000 not because it is enough but I will use to build one class room for grade 4, buy sanitizer, hand washing equipment and masks.
Least but not last, I would like to thank you very much for having been patient with me when things seemed not working well. We Gilgal Springs Academy community are very proud of you,Our lenders.

Water pump for my vegetable field

Dear Lenders,

Thank you Chris, Aneta G. and all my wonderful Lenders for your kind support!

I feel so great to know that the water pump will soon be watering my vegetable field. Thank you all for making this dream a reality!

Water pump for my vegetable field

All the best for your production! Regards Aneta G.

Gilgal Springs Academy for disadvantaged kids

These are the house I built they are waiting for Windows, doors and floor finishing.

Buying serving pans & big cookers for the restaurant

I buy serving pans and the big cooker for the restaurant and take away.This is a great motivation for business to improve.
Thank you all my lenders for this awesome and wonderful support you have given me.
I pray for you all may God richly bless you.

Restocking plumbing materials to sell

Thank you lenders, sales are good

Children to learn at home

The sale of learning machines in covid-19 era is booming.

Shoe selling

Thank you lenders for your support

Licencing exams & groceries

Please I've received a loan worth ¢173.00 and am to pay ¢213 by 24th of October.
I've used it to pay for my licencing exams fee.
Thanks to my lender Mr Andrew
Thanks Laurie for showing me the way as well

Catering business

With joy in my heart, I say a big thank you to all my lenders

Building materials for house renovations

I would to take this opportunity to thank you all my lenders for funding my house project loan to purchase building materials for the home renovation for the house that is in a dilapidated state.I use the funds to buy all building materials needed to complete the renovations of the house.

New cloth materials for making clothes

Iam humble by the kind gesture zidisha lenders have done. Thanks its fully funded and I accept this loan to progress my business.
God bless you.

Expanding stock to include Juudy and Ekumfi fruit drinks

A big thank you to all my lenders. The loan will help me secure additional inventory for the fruit juice and the additional stock from the 1 district one factory of Ekumfi factory. This would increase my variety on offer and increase my profit. Thank you once again.

Cooking fuel distribution

I will buy jikokoas inorder to satisfy customers demands.My gratitude goes to all my lenders.

Food café

Thank you lenders. I got few more materials

Buying new stock of footwear for my shop

I want to us this opportunity to thank my lenders; Dirk, Mary, and all who have helped me reach this far.
I promise to make my payments as promised and will never let my lenders down.
Thanks once again.

Loan to buy used home goods from importers

The country is recovering from the Corona virus and we are now enjoying full business again i wish it will continue like that.
We always appreciate zidisha lenders for their support they are giving us on the platform

Loan for clothes sales

Good luck!

Transporting and offloading of clothing bales to customers

I celebrate you lenders

Transporting and offloading of clothing bales to customers

Thank you lenders for considering my work.

Stock for my retail provisions shop

Good luck Godwin, I wish you well

Sack bags, transport and sowing ropes for charcoal business

My last loan business.

Sack bags, transport and sowing ropes for charcoal business

I Invested the loan in a clothing business, i bought a bale of garments. I have a very big project that has been running in my head for a while now. I want to do farming this December, and with my calculations i need to save abought 10,000ZMW before December for farming. so, this loan and the current business will help me to save my earnings for the bigger projects. Thank you, lenders for entrusting me with this money and i am very happy to fulfil my promise i made to repay the loan within the given time.

Running a music website & later constructing a house

I will buy laptops for selling and other money i will top up on wich i have and get a land.
Zidisha team thanks for helping me.

Gilgal Springs Academy for disadvantaged kids

Good morning! Here in Kenya. I would like to thank you all my lender for your support. This is how I spent the funds. I bought different types of farm food worthy $300 I sold the food within one week and made a profit of $150. I made a list of eight most vulnerable women parents and visited Kenya women finance bank, Kitengela branch. I made the manager and discussed about funding these eight women to start each a business. The manager agreed and we used the funds generated to open account place saving and borrow against our savings. These was done and we were given loans as below.
Judith Mutinda-$500
Justine wamalwa-$200
Clare Nanjala-$200
Dorine Nanjala-$300
Esther Wangila-$300
Iren Nelima-$400
Faith Mutinda-$300 and
Eunice Mulupi-$300.
All these group members are doing well. I am grateful for the support you gave me to empower these seven first woman. I am looking forward to reach more in future. The group is called Gilgal Springs women group. I have seen several more women seeking to join the group. I am looking forward to expand it to be a small Gilgal Springs Sacco in future.
About my $500, I constructed four rental house which are not yet finished. Each has one-bedroom,a sitting room and a small kitchen. I will be expecting each to be rented at $45 which will be a total of $180 per month. I will be paying up my loan of zidisha on 6th of October.
Once again thank you for extending your help to me.

Fashion designer, beads and garments making

I am going to use this loan to beads and sandals to prepare beads sandals which is a special order for some unisex boutiques. This loan has really improved my fashion business because, I am able serve stores and boutiques with their orders.Thank you very much for your service.

Poultry farm expansion

Thank you all for all your support during this hard times. God bless you all.

Baobab powder production

God bless you so much my lenders ,
I managed to buy some few extra raw materials for producing my baobab powder .

Mother's hospital fees

I have received an amount of ghc724 in my mobile money wallet from Zidisha. About 1/10 of my school fees but a good amount to add up to what I have to pay up for the semester.

Solar products to sell

Hello zidisha team, just to let you know that I am back to business. I hope everything will run smoothly from my end. Thanks very much for your support and encouragement, many thanks.

Farming oyster mushrooms

Thank you all so much. God bless you all.

R.A.M. & hard drive for graphic design & music business

With this loan I will purchase a new RAM & HardDrive. Which will help me a lot with efficiency and speed during my working time.
Thank you so much and I appreciate