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To buy more fuel for my taxi

The loan which I just completed helped me to pay my children's school fees so I hope on my next trip I will earn some profit.
Thank you.

Environmentally friendly cooking briquettes

I agree with you that waste problem is huge. However, a little effort by every human being around the globe can have a great positive impact
I am grateful for your encouraging remarks and support. Thank you so much


Environmentally friendly cooking briquettes

Hello Gichuki,
It's amazing to see what you are accomplishing with your problem solving spirit. The waste problem is a very difficult one and I admire your solution. Your work is blessign the world. Much admiration from me, Marjorie

I was able to buy a juice blender which is industrial and I've been able to expand my business by selling fresh juice which is doing so well and my business has really grown. Thank you so much

To pay for academic handouts

Am in tertiary school pursing community health nursing. I could not start schooling early and tried to do my best to say put. I have to buy some books to learn
Thank you all for lending the money to me


To buy more shoes from wholesalers

I am putting my faith in you. I really hope you are an honest man.

Buying & selling fruits and vegetables

I will use my funds to add my fruits stock...I will help me to run my business easily..
And keep it moving
I'm so greatful to support my my business...

Farm crops production

Mr Peter Sagoe Annan and Mr Ossumanu Mohammed Awal I thank you once again for the support you have shown me again

To help me in improve my greenhouse farming

I thank you lenders of Zidisha community platform for your contributions on my project it has successfully funded

Provisions store

The Zidisha loan has helped me a lot,and because of that am now a happy person and my customers are now proud of me because they get everything from my shop when ever they need something.

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

it been another succesful training week. thanks to the most high God.

Support school feeding program

Am a director of a school. The school belongs to my grand father and am currently taking care of it. Recently feeding program has been introduced in the school and am in charge. Its main purpose is to help the less privilege so it really need great support

Environmentally friendly cooking briquettes

year 2022Capital project-these are photos of the briquettes-making room that need a facelift

To help my mom's kebab business & for meds for my father

The loan I just completed helped me to buy a textbook for my siblings and now they are in school and my parents were very happy to help my siblings.
Thank you very much.

Provisions store

The Zidisha loan lenders has helped me a lot.and through Zidisha am now capable of buying any goods in my shop and because of that my customers are happy, because they now get what ever they need in my shop.

To prepare my land for crop farming

Every little bit that everyone support me shall be a blessing unto their life

To stock stationery in my shop

Thanks for Zidisha team, the Zidisha loans are helping my business move forward in this tough times. I do my business plans confidently and hopefully

To help have a container shop for my sewing business

My dear backers, I have received the fund of 634.00 into my account and I have used it to deposit the container.
Thanks forever.

To put toward school fees and to buy a calculator & ICT book

Thanks a lot my dear lenders, things are going well right now.

Tools for quarry work

All my lenders i want to express my profound gratitude to you all am so glad that you have come to assist me
Though the money is small

Support covid-19 vaccination program

Thanks so much for assisting me
Am very glad
And am okay

To help support my siblings' school fees

This loan will help me support my other siblings school fees so that there can get a proper education and become an excellent specialist.

To help purchase new deep-freeze for my grocery business

I requested a loan to purchase more drinks and biscuits for my grocery business. My business has grown and has create 2 employment opportunities for the people working in the grocery store


Renovate our shop to stock more tables, canopies and chairs

Good job!

Grocery shop for mum

Thank you very much for your support. I received 34,939 Kes. I have already paid for the cereals, they will be delivered all by Wednesday to Mum's new grocery shop.

God bless you abundantly!

To help stock mobile phone accessories

I appreciate all the generous lenders for the previous loan. It has really been a blessing to me

Educate people on the COVID-19 vaccination

Thanks so much for assisting me
Am so glad that you have assisted me.
Thanks so much

Buying & selling clothing

Dear Ester,

good luck with your shop!

Best Regards from Switzerland,


Pay transportation for my vegetables into the market

Almighty bless zidisha community for their good service and support now I have my motorcycle


Renovate our shop to stock more tables, canopies and chairs

Best of luck!

To help buy fertilizer and other supplies for crop farming

I want to thank everyone with his or her contribution on my project I am very grateful for everyone these money is going to help me a lot

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello dear leaders, how are you all doing? i hope by the special Grace of the living God that you are all doing great. Am also very fine over here.

Almost done with 3 weeks into the forklift training and so far so good, it been really amazing.

Thanks to you all for your supports, God bless you all.

Plastic carrier-bag sales to support my son's education

My previous loans have had a great deal to stabilize my business, so far so good.

Since the last loan drawn from this forum my cash flow has been flawless, and the need to apply for this particular one is two fold; one, there is need for extra cash to cushion the education needs for my son who is going into university (UNZA) to study medicine, as 14th February, 2022.
The second need stem from a long term project, am looking at buying a house, and with the savings from my business, this loan facility could just come handy as a cushion once i have raised enough credit.


To put toward opening a fashion and design shop

All the best with your fashion and design shop, my friend. May you provide great service to your community and help others to work :)


Restock body-wash gel & other products in my shop

Good Luck!

To put toward paying for rent

I congratulate you lender for the support to fund my project. God bless you

To help stock mobile phone accessories

I bless you all lenders for your support to fund my project

To help have a container shop for my sewing business

My Dear backers, I thank you very much for your kindness in this recent loan which I just completed helped me to pay all my new sewing machine debt.


To expand storage space for maize and cereals in my shop

Good luck with the expansion Samuel

Cake trays for large-scale operations

Hey ,greetings to all my Lender's and Zidisha family, Am well and so is my family, my business is going on well can't complain, in this new year my two main projects is to buy a 50 liters dough mixer and the next one is to replace my trays ,I have had this mixer for the last 9 year's and I believe it has served me well ,it has some minor breakdowns from time to time and I think it's about time I found a replacement before it actually grounds down.
The Aluminium trays are now worn out I ,they have served me for 9 years and the edges are broken beyond repair,they are costly so I will replace them in bits.
Otherwise am good

Additional medicines for pharmacy

Thank you for the support on my fouth loan I received an amount of ghc574

To purchase fertilizer and pecticides to grow vegetables

The third loan was disbursed and I thank you lenders for making it possible for me

Tables and chairs for my food kiosk

Hello my project financiers. Thank you for your continued support, God bless you abundantly.
The money will go a long way in helping me buy cereals in larger quantities and directly from farmers for food kiosk business . The will translate to a reduced buying and transport cost. The means a lower production cost and a higher profit margin.
Once again thank you

To buy a sewing machine

The money is received I am very grateful for the support of my business

Educate people on the COVID-19 vaccination

I will buy fuel which I will use to fuel the car that will trave from one village to another.
The support is not there so I need help.
Thanks to my dear lender and veru glad.

Purchase wood and develop my craft of making furniture

Thank you madam mamuna Seidu, Mr Simon Owusu and Isaac Botwe for support of my project successful I will use these fund to purchase materials I will need

Interlocking bricks production

Hello lenders
I've received kshs 30,824
This will enable me purchase the moulding box for interlocking bricks.
Thanks a lot and may God bless you all.

To transport smoked fish to market

My business is improving I have witnessed good changes in the business

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello dear lenders, am very happy to let you all know that the training is going on very smoothly.

Palojech enterprises

Thanks so much everyone who supported me through this. I was able to begin again my money transfer agency. It helped me so much, though I had a challenge when I lost my brother but all is now well and I trust I will complete my loan repayment in time. Thanks so much.