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Long-distance trade in smoked fish

Business is now improving after a down turn. We fall into lean season always before, during any major festive season and it starts to pick up after January and May. We are bouncing back with great sales very soon and I will settle all the arrears. Thanks so much for your support

Supply building materials, sand and quarry stones

Dear all, it is great pleasure to say thank you for supporting my project loan which has been disbursed into my account this morning. I have already started making payments for the ordering, and loading of quarry stones will start be supplying this evening to my customers.l am grateful to you all for raising funds.And please rest ensure, am going to work hard with the money. God bless you all.

Variety of cereals for my food kiosk

I wish you the best of luck and would like to hear from you about how you and your business are doing.

To buy cement to floor my cattle pen

It's my wish that zidisha will help me take care of my young and growing cattle farm during this rainy season. Thank you

Spices for restaurant & take-away (take-out) business

I will buy and restock more spices in my shop, I will increase restaurant goods and order more drinks as there is more demand currently for me to generate more profits.
Thanks my lenders for helping me to raise these funds am delighted for your support.

Spices for restaurant & take-away (take-out) business

Dear Alice,
good luck with your restaurant business!

Kind Regards from Switzerland,

Building affordable rental homes

Glad for the support. I was able to fix doors windows on my rental apartment. Also wired the place, occupancy already underway.

For expansion of my sewing business

I am very thankful to every backer who helped raised an amount of GHS 4468. This money will be used to pay for a sewing machine to me enable prepare for the setting up of entrepreneurial centre.

Building a home for myself, my wife & two minor children

Dear lenders,

Thank your for funding my project.
I will utilize the loan proceeds to buy floor tiles for my residential house and also pay for the labor to get them fixed. My intention is to complete the house soonest possible so as we can do away with paying rent which is consuming most of the family income. After moving into the house the amount we have been paying as rent will be released to grow the family business which will intern generate more income to the family helping us plan for a family vacation at least once or twice in a year.

Payment of PhD fees and support writing of thesis

Dear Lenders I have successfully receive an amount of 10,413 GHS. Thank you very much.

Supply building materials, sand and quarry stones

Good afternoon, loving family of Zidisha community.first of all, l thank God for making it possible for you for funded my project loan in order.I am grateful with your kind support.l have already call to the loading site for ordering arrangements while waiting for the disbursement into my account for immediately for the materials.And is going to help me earns money, and to settle my project installment loan in time, and to expand supply to my customers.May the mighty God bless you all abundantly and stay safe. Thank you all once again.

Feed the birds

Whoooaw yet another loan fully funded. I can't say thank you enough for all who have been encouraging me and supporting my journey on this platform. I am hoping to use this loan to purchase dried maize and Soyabean meal to help me 'feed the birds' and increase my profit margin. From my Son and Daughter and the entire family thanks so much for the love and support.

To put toward buying new sewing machine for dressmaking

I would like to buy a new sewing machine as the old one is giving challenges. I have good orders of sewing school uniforms, reusable washable pads for a female orphanage organisation in our community. Hence it will help me do my job on time and receive the payments on time.
Thank you to you all my backers for your efforts and support toward fundraising my loan.

Float for mobile banking

With the last loan, I was able to buy enough raw materials to make 20 litres of liquid soap. I was also able to buy a big 40litre bucket that I use for mixing all the ingredients.
I just want to say a big thank you to all my lenders because thanks to the loan I was able to sell all the soap.

Cocoa farming and growing maize

Thank you for supporting my project I really appreciate all my lenders

Sewing skills development project

•Thank you to all members for contributing to this life changing project. As stated in the write up about the project thus Skills development,for the mean time I will use this money to get a space as a start for the Skills Development Center.

•This money will help me stay on track and focus on achieving the stated purpose. It will also give hope to myself and the girls whose desire is to develop their sewing and other skills once the journey have started.

• Once again I say thank you so much for making this dream possible. It is my hope that one day hopefully when we grow and build a big company, you will travel to Ghana to see the wonderful display of sewed items from our girls who will benefit from this project
Together we grow
Thank you

For expansion of my sewing business

I am very grateful to all my backers for helping me raise this loan. This loan will be used to pay for another modern sewing machine which will help setup entrepreneurial centre very soon.
Thank you all and may God bless you.

To put toward buying 7 sewing machines to develop skills

I will buy 5 sewing machines for training young and upcoming girls in our community. It will help me very much by developing them to have more skills in tailoring of reusable sanitary pads and earn some incomes for the selves.
Thank my lenders for supporting me in this project am so grateful.

Selling local rice

I was able to help my son to travel to Lusaka and write his tests with the loan that you were kind enough to grant me

Feed the birds

Thanks to your contributions and support, the new birds and doing great and I was able to feed them without any challenge. This loan has helped me to purchase dried maize and Soyabean meal to help me continue to feed the birds. The birds are growing really fast and well all thanks to my supporters.


Sewing skills development project

Go Matilda!

Building house

Hello lender,
Thank you for funding my loan.
I received the money and going to use it for plastering hose for the orphans I accommodate for more than ten years now.
Thank you once more

Reduce post-harvest loss of fruits during high season

Thank you team.I will use all the money as per earlier developed business plan. I will add more crates. Have more capital to buy more fruits. and repay back through carry forward so that it can help others develop thier business.


Reduce post-harvest loss of fruits during high season

I wish you the best ! Stay strong and keep going.
God is with you my brother.

To put toward buying a power amplifier for my church

I will buy a power Amplifier to help me preach the gospel especially the scheduled crusades this coming week. Thanks alot for your support

Building a home for myself, my wife & two minor children

Dear backers,

Receive much greetings and appreciation for lending me your funds in my last project and also for being patient with me as i struggled to make the repayment despite the hard times. I used the funds to buy roofing materials for my house and though the house is not yet fully complete, my family is happy for we have a place we can call home. God willing very soon we are going to complete the remaining bit and then i will move my family there. This will be a huge boost to the family for it will do away with the rent bill, releasing this funds to other functions like improving our business.

To expand business of selling mineral water

Thanks for your wonderful support. The business is growing.

Production of iced kenkey

Thanks for funding my project, will purchase materials and ice chests for customers without refrigerators to chill the product. Thanks for believing in the project

Clear family loan

Hi Daniel, it sounds like you're setting a great example for your family and kids. Here's to your children getting the education they deserve. With love from NZ.

Female sheep (ewe) for my livestock farm

Good luck! My sister used to breed sheep too. One of hers was eaten by a bear! I hope your one does very well.

Selling yams and other vegetables

Thanks very much for all the support and help to improve my business

Stocking my business

Buy more cards to sell
It will go a long way to help me generate more income
Thank you so much for making this possible

For expansion of my sewing business

I am happy that my lovely lenders have started contributing for this worthy cause of gradually establishing an entrepreneurial centre to train young and upcoming girls. This will help in the near future reduce high rate of unemployment in my country Ghana.
Past loans raised so far have been used to decorate the sewing shop. Another machine has also been bought. Gradually, I will my reach my goal. I only need your support.
Thanks for your support.

To put toward building roadside shops

I will buy the building materials I will need for now for my project and I thank my lenders and zidisha for this opportunity. May God bless my lenders and zidisha always

3rd term school fees

Thank you Zidisha team for funding my project, The loan will be used in adding stationery stock in my shop. Its the beginning of school term a season for stationery selling. This funds will keep my business on toes.
thank you for speedy funding of the loan

To help pay for forklift training & transportion to school

Hello my dear able Lenders, very happy and with a heart full of gratitude to all of you for always being there for me. though i have lost my parents but because of all of you, i never feel alone in life. i thank you for what you have all done for me and am thanking you for what you would be doing for me in the future too.

By the special grace of the living God, am done with the forklift training, a certificate, testimonial and a licence have been given to me. all thanks to you for funding my loan. May the almighty bless you all.

thanks for the supports, i know deep down my heart that i can counts on all of you always. God bless you all.

Payment of PhD fees and support writing of thesis

Greetings from in Spain. Good luck with your project, which we believe will provide jobs and well being for others too. Keep up the good work!

Small-scale medicine production

The raised funds will be use to acquire more materials for my small scale medicine production to serve my clients well and efficiently. The funds will go into buying more bottles, a mixer and gelanicals to increase production of medicine to meet the need of my clients.
Part of the funds will be use to buy 5000 bottles, each bottle cost 50 ghana pesewas totalling ghc2,500.
100 kilograms of gelanicals needed and each kilogram of the gelanicals cost ghc25 totalling ghc2,500.
Part of the funds will be use to acquire mixer to aid good mixing of the medicine. A mixer cost ghc2,000.
With this funds I will be able to increase production to meet the demand of my clients.
Thanks so much for your support. God richly bless you all.

For expansion of my sewing business

I am very pleased with how my lovely and generous lenders have started contributing. With all due respect, I am calling on all those who have not contributed to come and help raise this loan to enable me buy another new and modern state of the art sewing machine. I urgently need your support and backing to help me realize my dream of setting an entrepreneurial centre to train young girls. Please support me!
Thanks,God bless you all.

To put toward building roadside shops

Mr. Daniel May God Help You with Your Business.

Sawdust charcoal project

Am currently on my way to the villages to purchase cocoa beans and also research more on up and coming sawdust charcoal project. Appreciation to all members who funded towards my project, am very grateful.

To stock a computer shop

I intend to put up another computer shop.
below is the distribution of the expenditure.

$1000 for rent of premises for 5 months $200 per month
$3000 for assorted laptops 15 pcs @ $200
$620 for wooden shelves and display

this will expand my customer base as well as the income base.

I would like to thank my backers and lenders for the generosity and the dedication to fund my project.
am so grateful. my you excel in your areas of business and career


Small-scale medicine production

May God Bless all you do!

To help purchase sandals and heels to sell

Thanks for my previous loan. I am really appreciate for much support

Buying & selling clothing

I will add it to my capital for my clothing business.
It will help me to increase profits and pay my loan on time.
I really appreciate those who funded my loan, God bless them.

3rd term school fees

Hi Lydia. Wishing you all the best as you stock your shop. May the heavens visit you and you get many customers. Cheers.

Gina's Bakery Shop

I will still buy baking sheet and baking bowls and flour. It will help me to produce product. I thank everyone who have supported me for making my project possible. I thank you all, God bless everyone. Amen.


Gina's Bakery Shop

The very best of luck with your business, may God bless you

To help acquire a projector for lectures

I wish to sincerely thank you for funding my project. This will go a long way to ensure that the money will be used for the intended purpose. Will use the funds to procure a school projector so that our learning and lecturing purposes is efficient.
Thank you for your positive consideration.

Dietary supplements

Thank you so much for funding my loan ,this loan will enable me to stock antioxindants ,natural hormone balancing support ,natural pain killers and neural regenerators for the many elderly women and men suffering from various inflammatory ailments.

Consequently, those suffering will be able to lead a normal life thanks to your funding of the loan.

May God bless you most abundantly.