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Equip shop with goods

I appreciate my lenders and promise prompt repayment and also to buy new goods in my shop.
Thank you lenders

Mini importation

I'm using the loan to get more goods from abroad to improve my business I have been doing that through

16 room hotel and restaurant

I am having my guest coming back for more as our services is giving them more confidence. They are enjoying every bit . all thanks to the wonderful lenders and the zidisha team.

Buying more goods

Oh my God, I am more than excited to be on this awesome platform. I can't even use word to express my joy. In fact, things are turning around for me in my business. Gradually, my shop is more than doing well. I can now meet most of the demands, thanks to Zidisha for this great opportunity given to us. Thank you lenders.

Selling prepaid mobile phone credit and SIM cards

Thanks to talk of you who made these past loans to this present once come to pass. Business is going on well and with high of of repay it all on time to help source for another one.

Equip shop with goods

I used the little amount collected to equip my shop and hoping to get more loan to fully equip my shop.

My business loan

I am so happy doing my work. All thanks to zìdisha. I am happy.

Real estate sales and marketing

Thank you for being such a blessing to me and my business. I will not let you down.

Airtel mobile money service agent

would like to take this opportunity to firstly thank all my lenders for over the past years i have been a member for this wonderful organization, the just completed loan has really helped me to be stable in the mobile money business as my savings have become steady and im now able to also pay my rentals without a problem currently

the business since January when i started has increased by 20% by reinvesting in the business once i get my commission on a monthly basis hence growing my foot traffic at the booth and used part of it servicing my loan

Selling soaps

I have two cars now I use for my Uber transport business, and I have just gone into distribution of soap. I am a distributor to Multisoap Industries Nigeria Limited, Lagos. And I am doing very well in this area. I really want my lenders to trust me again with their finance as they know that I don't default. I want to add this present loan to my soap business while my Uber transport business is still running.

Buying more needed tools and materials

Am soo happy and very grateful to all my lenders for this great support, am really grateful. Bless you all..this loan will really help me to make a difference and also it will help me by the needed materials and tools needed for my ready to wear textiles. Once again all thanks goes to my lenders . long live ZIDISHA FOREVER

Buying more needed tools and materials

Good luck and best wishes to you and your business.

Amos Muthama Cybercafe

I received the money worth 12 586 kshs.....I highly appreciate your help....may God bless you greatly.....

Loan for school perimeter fence

Thanks for this loan,it will be used to continue the school upgrading which will help in the improvement if the school and it will help to boost student intake.My special thanks go to Chantal,Minges,MarktheMormon,Melkmonin Us,Cuibus in Romania and Maggie and Morwenna inUk God bless you all.

Business expansion

I will go to market first thing tomorrow to stock my shop,it will help me and my customers to see new goods in my shop,thank you very much Mr john Minges,am very great full

Farming equipment

I just want to thank zidisha team for helping me acquire some equipment through their loan.Long live zidisha team

Loan to buy a delivery vehicle (van) for my goods at my shop

Zidisha loan has helped me greatly despite economic challenges, the profits am generating are assisting me to pay schools fees for my children, renovate the family house and also improve the standard of living.I can only thank Julia the Director and the lenders for making it possible for me to have access to Zidisha Loans.I also pray that Zidisha should also continues empowering the people in Africa because poverty levels are very high.I dont know how my life would have been without Zidisha.My God Bless the main founders of Zidisha and the Lenders who have supported the funding of loan.

Amos Muthama Cybercafe

I highly increased by business by buying many commodities for much profit and investment. Iam now buying computers,photocopy machines and printer for my new project of cybercafe when I did not have enough money.May God bless you unsparingly for your I tremendously appreciate all my creditors...plse fund me urgently...there is an equipment for my cyber I want to buy now.

Stock for my hardware shop

Hi John Thank you for the funds. this will really help me

Finishing &equipment

Purchased secondhand photocopier

Finishing &equipment

purchased second hand PC

To provide fast internet services to my customers

I want to buy more computer for my cyber cafe business, so i can attend to more customers, and more sales and profit. Thanks so much to my lenders.

Business support

Hello lovely lenders, I'm much grateful for your support. I am able to get more raw materials.

Distributing solar lights to wholesalers

Thanks Emma for the lead in the loan. God bless you.

More stock for clothes and shoes

let me thank you my lenders for the support financially. your loans have really helped alot to grow my business. due to the growth, i have been able to do other investiments and obligations like paying school fees for my children. thank you alot

Transportation and marketing for poultry farm

Thanks so much to my lenders. Your loan has really helped improve our marketing drive. We will forever be grateful.

Liquefied gas for cleaner environment and education

Hi Fredrick :-) Well done for trying to bring cleaner cooking methods to your community, every step forward is great :-) But I just wanted to ask if you'd considered also stocking solar cookers? Maybe a cheaper more accessible one like the CooKit? But any solar cooker would be a great addition to offer people :-)

The Clean Cooking Forum is Nov 5-7 in Nairobi... Which I highly recommend going to if possible :-)

Here's a couple of links from Solar Cookers International if its helpful:

No affiliation by the way :-) Just trying to let more people know about how wonderful & cheap solar cooking can be... Its so bloody good for the environment :-)

All the best with everything Fredrick :-) I contributed a little to your loan either way.
Warm regards, Emma.

Transportation and marketing for poultry farm

Am so grateful to Zidisha lender for this loan has made my marketing very easy and we can spread our marketing to new prospects. I appreciate you.

Mixer installation

Never give up David ... I believe in you.

Liquefied gas for cleaner environment and education

halo lenders,i want to thank you again for standing with me when you awarded me my last loan,and am back again because of my credit standing,so far the loan helped me a lot i manged to join university doing my degree am in my 2nd year,hoping to scale more higher in my education
in terms of my business all is well have managed to open another shop with different variety of activities am soon introducing agent money business which will also earn me more profits.

Purify water in my community

I am going to pay for the items and it will help me to get enough profit to care for my family and Big thanks goes to all zidisha lenders for helping me till this far and God bless them all.

Mixer installation

Despite of low Cash flows in Kenya, I believe , I have achieved a bit of my dreams, at least , four people are earning from my investment, supported by zidisha. Thanks my lenders.

Mixer installation

Thanks DD ,there is will, so there is going to be a way. I was left alone at 14 having no one to train me anything it God,s favour we met at zidisha, hope all goes well. Cheers.

Restaurant equipment and development

I would like to pass my sincere gratitude and thanks to you beloved lenders,actually you are the best in financial help,With the cash I received from you it really boosted me handle the Emergency in my business territory, everytime I get the cash I utilize it to increase and improve in services delivery. Am really humbled and looking forward to qualifying higher limits to perform great projects. Thanks and be blessed.

Branch setup

This last loan helped me a great deal in buying foodstuffs needed for my catering business and also helped me to start a new branch of my business and that is renting out kitchen equipments to other caterers for events,It has been a struggle but I am grateful to you lenders for helping me slowly but surely getting to achieve my business goals.thank you.

Purify water in my community

Best wishes for you and your community, Kyeraa!

Medical inventory

Was able to buy the items to stock my shop

Loan to purchase and supply health productsw

I must confess that Lenders at ZIDISHA helped me out of financial difficulties.
I got my first loan about GHS400 and after paying back it keep increasing and it enables me increase my purchasing power to meet up with the customers demands and my profits also keep increasing. Today l greatly value ZIDISHA as the one backing the success of my supply business.
As the business keep expanding, who else will l call on than ZIDISHA that has been supporting me all these years.
I therefore call on my lenders at ZIDISHA to come to my aid as usual to remain in business.

Tailoring workshop and training center

Good day Lenders, you guys have been of great support. The loan basically will sustain some accessories need for sewing clothes for sale. Once again, thank you very much. you rock!

Computer center

I received amount of 11,464NGN and I will use it to buy computer materials. Thanks so much

Lace frontals for accessory shop

This Loan will enable me buy more human hair (frontal 360°). This is really going to help me increase my customer base. Thanks so much for the support.


Purity - I appreciate your message so much. But really - you are the one making things happen. I am so pleased to be able to help a responsible entrepreneur like your self take risks & manage a small business in your community.

I very much hope your business positively effects your new & future customers.. your suppliers.. your employees and even the person down the road where you buy your groceries or take a tea break. This is the enormous power of micro loaning.

Add soap and cosmetics to my supermarket

So sorry am commenting so late. I received 42027 from the org. As this will go a long way in equipping my shop. I used the loan to buy more of drinks as dry season is setting in. I wholeheartedly thank the general family more especially the lenders for extending this gesture to me. I thank them so much for this. Thank you so much.

Distributing solar lights to wholesalers

Thank you all so far for your support. It was immensely of great help to me God bless you all.

Baking training and purchase of baking equipment

Thank you for the funds. I purchased a a large oven and upgraded my kitchen to allow me to serve larger catering events. thank you

Bulk purchase of food for restaurant

My Zidisha loan is been helpful, so far some relief with frequent market stress saving cost and time

Lace frontals for accessory shop

Thanks to you all my lenders. Indeed your loan helped me boost my business.

Wig making

This loan will enable me to buy weaveons, attachment and my wig nets .This will really help me in my business.thank you so much my lenders.God bless you all.


Door and furniture carpentry

I would love to see a photo of some of the furniture you build Thomas.

Wig making

Hello Florence, wish you all the best in your wig making business.