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Dennis Ngowi     Mar 6, 2015

After receiving my loan i added some of my money i had saved and bought 3 digital set top boxes which i sold within the first week.With the money together with the profits i have now purchased 5 of them and sold 2.I hope to sell the others which am sure after reselling them i will be able to double the number as well as my profits.This is already starting to impact on my business thanks to my lenders and Zidisha.I hope to succeed more and share with you the good news

Adding stock to my electronics shop
Thika, Kenya

Kennedy Onyango     Mar 6, 2015

What a good life...! a midst loving and caring friends brought about by the Zidisha Lending Platform...!

Solar-powered clean water purifier & books for Hope School
Mbita, Kenya, Kenya

Kennedy Onyango     Mar 6, 2015

Zidisha lending platform is the best Micro-Finance I have ever come accross in my life! I strongly believe, this is the right platform to uplift Africa and the developing countries like Kenya out of abject poverty.

Solar-powered clean water purifier & books for Hope School
Mbita, Kenya, Kenya

Tabby Macharia     Mar 6, 2015

As promised, here are some of the accessories I have bought with my first loan from Zidisha. These are part of what I shall need for my internet connection and Transcription jobs (headphones). As soon as I repay my first loan (on time!), I intend to acquire more funding for my desktop PC, study table and chair. So far I'm quite happy with my progress. As the saying goes, ' Do not despise the day of small beginnings.'

Completion of my diploma course
Ruiru, Kenya

Joyce Fondo Nyamawi     Mar 6, 2015

Hello to all Joyce's lenders! My name is Jennifer and I have worked with the JoyFo Bakery since 2012. Am so proud of Joyce and her great record of repayment. She delivered scones and "roses" (rolls) to me yesterday and we took this picture. She is going to "take a rest" from borrowing for awhile. It is wonderful to be a part of this family. On their behalf, thank you

Inventory of kitchen utensils, bowls, and basins for bakery
Zowerani, Kenya

Richard Amissah Duodu     Mar 6, 2015

Today marks the 58th independence of Ghana. On 6th March, 1957 Ghana then Gold Coast gained independence from the British rule. I dedicate this day to all lenders for the great work done by uplifting the image of my school.

Add 3 new classrooms to our village school
Berekum, Ghana

Wiwik Wiharni     Mar 5, 2015

Dear Lenders...
How are you? It' s rainy season in my area. So weather wet, cold and humid. But it's nice. Street, road and everything is clear from dust. The rain moved them away.
I have good news. My home is fixed. Thanks to You dear God to show zidisha and meet me with You all. Not completly fixed, because I have to do some finishing so the production room has to be clean and neat so it could be use properly. But it's okay. Since I can back to my business last month, I ccan start to increase my income and save some of them.
This late weeks i've been busy with my friend to find supplier for fruit crisp ( crisp made from raw fruit and dried it, without reduce the taste, nutritious and smells). I have plan to buy in gtocery and do self in smaller packaging. Want to produce my self but need more than $ 30.000 at the beginning -just for machine. So think I better start from the small thing. 1 step at a first.
The place that produce it long way feom my town. I lived in Pamulang(west Java) and the producers around central Java. Thats why makes me not inform you about my progress often.
Next time i'll show the beautiful picture I took when i did the survey.
Prety place. I wish one day you guys could come and see it.
Enough for now. I havw to start the day.
Bless and happiness for you Julia..and all my lenders and translator.

Catch you soon.

Big hug

Buying materials to fix roof for catering business
Pamulang, Indonesia

Domnic Obado     Mar 5, 2015

this is a pictures of venders that uses the solar lamps upon the sun set.they do appriciate because now they can sell up to very late.

Solar lamps
Kisumu, Kenya

Emmanuel Jua     Mar 5, 2015

My business is doing great,thanks to zidisha team,am now a step ahead and i have managed also to venture into agribusiness!!!am looking foward to your continued support.thank you alot

Copier for my cybercafe; supplying of green bananas
Embu, Kenya

Taylor Hanna     Mar 5, 2015

Dear Lenders,

Yesterday, I had the honor of meeting Emmanuel in Adawso, a rural town near Koforidua, in Ghana’s Eastern Region. We met at the Compassionate Kids School, a primary school founded three years ago by Emmanuel’s NGO, Compassion 4 Humanity, aiming to reach children underserved by government education options. The school consists of seven classrooms, an office/library/computer lab, and a kitchen serving breakfast and lunch. We met at the school so I could give a presentation about Zidisha to interested schoolteachers, but while they were still working we had time to chat privately against a background chorus of students’ songs and recitations.

Founded 2004, C4H now runs a primary and pre-primary school serving students as young as two as well as a vocational apprenticeship program for youth. Emmanuel’s wife, Naomi, works in the school’s kitchen and uses Zidisha loans to buy ingredients for student lunches.

C4H gets some funding from program income, donors, and a small amount of government funding for the school, but quite a lot of its funds come from Emmanuel’s own savings from his other work. When he’s not at the school, Emmanuel has a farm of corn, cassava, and plantains, and he sells his produce as well as fertilizers and pesticides to other farmers during Adawso’s twice-weekly market days. Zidisha loans have been a big part of paying for farm equipment and tools in order to attain higher production yields and therefore higher profits at market days.

In the future, Emmanuel hopes to expand his farm, continue developing the primary school, and level out a spot for a playground. Emmanuel has been involved with Zidisha since the beginning, when he worked with our country expansion coordinator, Roberta, and has been a huge help as a Volunteer Mentor and a resource for borrowers around the Eastern and Accra regions. I know he is grateful for the support of his lenders and we are excited to see what comes next!

You can learn more about Compassion 4 Humanity by visiting their website at compassion4humanity.com/

Thank you,
Ghana Country Ambassador

Pictured: Emmanuel, his wife Naomi, and Emmanuel Jr; the Compassionate Kids School during a recess

Books and vocational training equipment for our school
Koforidua, Ghana