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Judy Karambu     Nov 12, 2014

Thanks so much my lenders.chkuo,neumans,tommy chheng,Rdcmole and coloradoEmac..Thanks all.Thanks to you all for funding my loan.I am glad to inform your that my loan has been funded fully

Restocking ladies' shoes and handbags
Chogoria, Kenya

Agnes Muchemi     Nov 11, 2014

since I joined zidisha,life has never been the same again.before then I used not to have morale of going to work due to lack of stock,but nowadays I do wake up early and head straight to work knowing well that I will make sales and meet the clients needs.am overwhelmed and I am taking the opportunity of applying for a higher loan in order to take advantage of the season ahead.may zidisha continue to empower more people everyday.

Kisumu, Kenya

Albanus Ngumi     Nov 11, 2014

Dear lenders,

I have always wanted to own my own school. i believe that a long journey starts with a single step. this is my single step. Kindly assist me make this dream come true.

Thank you

Increase junior tuition services and employ an extra tutor
Kilimambogo Village In Thika West Division, Kenya

Gilbert Kibet     Nov 11, 2014

Greetings all,
I've just received my first funding this morning. Thank you all for the trust and support.
Now at work!

Distributing milk for local dairy farmers
Nakuru, Kenya

Samuel Kagiri     Nov 11, 2014

THANK YOU all lenders for supporting my loan bid ,i can see your efffort,i am still on the process of registering kidspupils as per now i have fourty student and i am expecting some more student from puplic school who have not closed their school, i have rented two classrooms and iam expecting their tution to start by tomorrow,this student will be coached by my wife who is also a teacher as we wait others to come .

Opening a junior school for tuition during the holidays
Solai, Kenya

Obed Boahen     Nov 10, 2014

I have been able to purchased two sets of computers (used once). Thank you Zidisha Team and my honorable Lenders

Purchase of chairs for pupils
Kumasi Pankrono, Ghana

Patrick Ruto     Nov 9, 2014

Hello Kimeny. Thanks for your kind message. My small farm is doing great and the cows are in good shape. The bulk purchase of concentrates enabled me to save on some of the costs through discounted bulk purchases. The savings have helped in buying of fodder for cows as we are currently experiencing a dry spell.
Thank you and hope to hear from you again.

Additional incalf heifer for more milk production in my farm
Nairobi, Kenya

Oscar Alochi     Nov 9, 2014

Zidisha Community you are true Dream makers
Thanks so much for Empowering ordinary Citizen to do extra ordinary things in life,as the say alittle courtesy goes along way
I appreciate you have turn my life around for better.
Asante Sana

Studio set up light box
Nairobi, Kenya

KM     Nov 8, 2014

Thank-you for your first repayments - and for posting all the pictures of your work. I hope that your well will never run dry.

Fish storage facility
Nairobi, Kenya

Thomas Kwame Billa     Nov 8, 2014

Fantastic , This loan has help me to be able to purchase 10 pieces of clothes today which has increased my stock level and equally given me the opportunity of reaching out to possibly 10 more new clients. I am so grateful to my able lenders and I pray God increase your wealth . This will make my dream of owning a group of companies come to light with the vital support of my precious and ever supportive lenders

Inventory for my kitchen utensil shop
Sunyani, Ghana