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Margaret Mburu     Jun 15, 2015

this is a photo of the new class which completion was made reality by your fund

Start lunch program for students in my nursery school
Kiptagwanyi Center, Kenya

Derick Louis Zika     Jun 15, 2015

The Loan has helped me increase the products on my display

New Stock of Mobile Phones
Lusaka, Zambia

Margaret Chengo     Jun 15, 2015

I here by register my sincere thank from the first loan I received . It did alto of improvement into my business, I bought a new overclock machine and more materials for the business.
This made an Improvement by increasing the production of clothes I used to make per day from 20% to 50% this also made an increase of the my profit from ksh.200 to ksh. 1000 daily.
since being the first born in a family of 8 people I paid school fees to my young brother who is in high school.This had a very big impact into his studies since he stayed full time in school and last term he did very well by scoring an A(Plain)in his end term exam.
During the Easter holidays I rural home an I really had fun since we had chance to visit the beautiful sandy beaches,we swam and enjoyed ourselves.

Margaret taioring
Mtwapa, Kenya

Muriuki Mugambi     Jun 15, 2015

Hello zidisha family, i greatly appreciate for support you have offered me all through my business, i now enjoy the success of my business as well as supporting my family through my business, it is only the support you have given me that has enable my business to grow a great deal, my volunteer mentor Mr Fredrick has been of great help to me all through since he has been ever ready to assist me in all the challenges i faced in all matters pertaining zidisha as well as all the directories i ever wanted, thank you zidisha family, i now enjoy paying back my loan and meet the required conditions set by the organization.

To buy popcorns cooking machine for selling popcorns
Chuka, Kenya

Amos Khaemba     Jun 15, 2015

My children were happy to see me with new stock

Detergents and soaps for mobile home supply business
Bungoma, Kenya

Amos Khaemba     Jun 15, 2015

My daughter was happy seeing the stock i bought

Detergents and soaps for mobile home supply business
Bungoma, Kenya

Ezekiel Sogbodjor     Jun 15, 2015

hello lenders,
once again i want to thank you for your contributions towards the growth of my business. my school is experiencing growth in every department especially the photocopy section which is a commercial activity to generate extra income for the school. because of your loan we have been able to aquire the lamination and binding machines and we want to add the sale of STATIONERY ( A4 REALM, NOTEBOOKS AND EXERCISE BOOKS, PENS, PENCILS , ERASERS ETC) as a way of expanding the business. i can assure you that the demand for these items in the school is very high and for that matter is economically viable business. due this we would need additional money to top up the little profit made from the photocopy section of the school to buy and stock these items.
the total cost of buying sizeable quantities of these items is 1,250 ghana cedis (313 USdollars). thank you for your support

School project loan ( sale of stationery)
Ashaiman,zenu, Ghana

Renson Nyaga     Jun 15, 2015

Thank you Zidisha community and my lenders for my previous loan. I was able to use the funds to increase learning space by building two new classrooms. This way, I was able to accommodate more pupils in my school and this translated to more revenue. I was able to clear my loan on time and had some money left to cater for my expenses. I will be forever grateful!! Thanks

Expand my school by building two more classes
Karama Market, Kenya

David M Maina     Jun 14, 2015

Up to now, zidisha lenders have been supportive enough. for example, i was able to build a house for my family and i rent no more, i got enough space to rear chicken and goats, now i do not buy water because i get is from the same house that i built, my children's school fees have been taken care of and they learn smoothly.

Electronic oven for bakery in order to be environmentally sustainable
Nakuru, Kenya

Robert Kabiu     Jun 13, 2015

The previous loan helped me to introduce some new commodities in my shop and this increased the profit margin.The profits have been very useful to me,i had been previously experiencing some financial difficulties but now my business has relatively stabilised.

Loan to buy a fridge for my shop
Nairobi, Kenya