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Isaac Muthiani     Jun 10, 2015

first i take this opportunity to thank all my lenders and the whole zidisha team.
I used to purchase this loan to increase my daily stock. as i indicated in my loan application, my business of for selling snacks which are easy moving and they do not last for a day. Currently, i am able to meet most of my clients demand with alot of ease. My earnings have also increased since initially, i was not able to cater my daughter's school fees but now she has enrolled in school and she is in a baby class.

Increase my stock in food retail supply
Nairobi, Kenya

Jackness Mwende     Jun 10, 2015

good news lenders,all my chicken are now laying eggs,am so happy....tho i must say it was not easy being patient for allmost two months,i collect 60eggs every day,which gives me kes 700 in a day,a total of kes4900 in a week,i thank God for this and thank you lenders,you guyz are heaven sent,may God bless you always.

Buying more layer chickens and enlarging poultry house
Nairobi, Kenya

Edward Marfo     Jun 10, 2015

Dear lenders and family i am very grateful for all the help you have given since i joined Zidisha. My shop has grown and the impact in my community is what i am so proud of. today, the people don't have to walk miles and distance to buy basic health care drugs all due to the help you gave me that helped me to stock the shop.
I have just finished paying the second loan, i have also finish reading the books i bought. i have had my lessons and i have taking notes of them from the ups and downs of my business.
i also now have the privilege of issuing prescription drugs from the district governments hospital to which i choose just twenty people due to my capacity but i will be increasing the number .
All these have been possible due to financial assistant you have been given me. it is therefore with much gratitude and appreciation that since i have finished repaying the previous loan that i intend to apply for further help and this time around a higher amount.
I am only humbly appealing to you again as individuals and your good offices for further help and support to help me keep up with my project...
I am grateful for all the help..
thank you..

Mini-pharmacy for my community
Abura Dunkwa C/r, Ghana

Ronald Kyere     Jun 10, 2015

After visiting the three Orphans in their school,I snapped a picture with them.The one at my left handside is called Kyere Enoch,the one at my right is called Boateng Joshua and the girl infront of me is called Veronica Ofosua .
Their teacher told me Veronica's performance is excellent while Boateng and Kyere's performance are averagely good.I was told by their teacher that Veronica want to be Doctor in future.When I heard that I became much pleased.
I believe the good Lord will touch the heart of Zidisha Lenders to help me finance these Orphans.

Expanding my cocoa farm
Berekum, Ghana

Francis Wafula     Jun 10, 2015

Thank you very much for the money I received from zidisha money lenders through mpesa account which was a total ksh. 9526. This money I used it to purchase shaving machine and chairs. The number of customers have increased rapidly because of quick service. This has increased my income by 30%. This has made me to offer employment to one person to reduce a lot of queuing at the work place and also to buy some after shave liniment to customers to improve the services. The money has improved the living standard to my family.

Chairs and shaving machine for better services
Siloba, Bungoma, Kenya

June Mutwiri     Jun 9, 2015

I have been able to buy more material and hire more disabled people thanks to the Zidisha loan.
I can now afford to pay a whole semester fees without worry.
Thank you very much Zidisha team.

Sewing machine for making sanitary pad and tampon bags
Kiambu, Kenya

Ronald Kyere     Jun 9, 2015

I really appreciated about the loan given to me through Zidisha Lenders.May God richly blessed them very much.Infact,they have left me from poor state to good state.I can say,i can't live without them.
I was given $179 as my second loan.I use some of them to employ five workers who are still helping me in my cocoa growing project.I used $50 to finance three(3) orphans as far as their school is concerned.I bought each a school uniform,sandals,textbooks and paid their school feeding for a term.People in my area are praising me about what i have done to the orphans.
I used $70 to buy chemicals and fertilizer.these have helped my farm against disease infection.i have applied twice of the fertilizer on the land and it is helping my farm interms of its growth.

Expanding my cocoa farm
Berekum, Ghana

Martin Macharia     Jun 7, 2015

My work has gotten really more exciting since I bought the digital camera. I have increased my productivity and my engagement with my community

Bicycle for ease transportation to work
Nakuru, Kenya

Priscilla Namunyak     Jun 6, 2015

I added the loan to my float which enabled me to serve more customers and also bought phone accessories.this has improved my living standards and that of my two kids.my earnings increased by approximately 15%. thanks a lot to the zidisha community.

Mobile phone payment service center
Keroka, Kenya

David Kariuki     Jun 6, 2015

First of all i thank my lenders for the the support they gave me by helping me start a shoe business.The shoe business has changed my life in that i was able to take my two children to a good school since the profits i got were able to pay for them.Also i have interacted with other business people who have shared their ideas in how i can expand the business which will also continue changing my life.I thankyou very much for your support.

Kimson boutique
Githurai 45 Next To Mwiki, Kenya