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Emmanuel Onyango     Feb 25, 2015

Below are the 2 computers that I bought. One is a HP core 2 duo 3.1 ghz 4gb RAM which will be used specifically for SKYPE , another is a siemens dual core 3.0ghz 2gb RAM. More Pictures to follow.

Wholesale and retail business
Nairobi, Kenya

Patricia Adoma Yeboah     Feb 25, 2015

At the farm

Farming cassava, yam, plantain & sweet potato
Sunyani, Ghana

Luke Gitonga     Feb 25, 2015

Thanks to you guys the printers has enabled my bussines s to move me to another level thanks for profit it has generated,for i have completed my college where i was taking a degree in theology . And my children are also doing fine that everybody in my family is happy. iwill sent the photos for graduation as soon as they are ready for you to see. thanks to zidisha.

Photocopier machine for my studio
Thika, Kenya

Abdoulaye Soumare     Feb 25, 2015

Quelques réalisations effectués dans mon atelier.
Some production done in my workshop.

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Quelques réalisations effectués dans mon atelier.

Welder / Iron Working
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Esther Wangari     Feb 25, 2015

This is my knitting work.

Adding a beauty salon to my beauty shop
Kimende, Kenya

Esther Wangari     Feb 25, 2015

Hello lenders,This is my new cosmetic shop.

Adding a beauty salon to my beauty shop
Kimende, Kenya

Dorcas Nene     Feb 25, 2015

thank you zidisha team and my lenders for your support.my business still moving on well.i hope my sales will continue becoming more better since we are still on form one, first term school admission.


Adding more stock
Kimende, Kenya

Rahmaida Ida     Feb 25, 2015

Gate City Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia

Selling school backpacks for children
Kota Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia

Lillian Nyamusi     Feb 25, 2015

the shop

Help me make an ad banner for my mobile shop
Nyanchwa Kisii, Kenya

Judith Malaba     Feb 25, 2015

Before i started making this items i had made a carpet and i short on the orange wool. I managed to buy when you sent the loan and i will be finishing it by friday

Inventory of wool and knitting needles for knitting business
Bungoma, Kenya