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Elizabeth Wanjiru     Oct 30, 2014


Distributing fertilizers, seeds & agrochemicals to farmers
Mitimingi, Kenya

Catherine CatDesignz     Oct 29, 2014

Dear Isaiah, now you can get the smartphone that you need for your business! A friend in America told me about Zidisha and I chose your project as it was so close to being funded. I look forward to hearing how things are going for you. Wishing you success, Catherine

Loan to finish constructing our home
Nairobi, Kenya

James Gachukia     Oct 29, 2014

To all my dear lenders,

Its all joy and an obligation to inform you that I received my loan in full.I really appreciate.Now its getting down to work immediately.

Between I have lately done a course on working capital and cash management and the capital cycle.So I have the skills,I have the capital,I have the confidence,and most of all,I am a human dynamo!

I will make it…watch me!


Publishing educational books
Thindigua, Kenya

Lilian Kithuka     Oct 29, 2014

I have been concentrating lately on my Masters degree research which i have completed awaiting graduation.My indigenous chicken have really helped me a great deal in terms of financial returns now that am able to control the number of chics i want ,thanks to the incubator.

Raising indigenous chickens
Nakuru, Kenya

Lilian Wambui     Oct 29, 2014

hi lenders have purchased old and new dreses,some shoes and now am looking forward to selling men wears so that can raise my income,with my small shop am able to support my mam,my kids who are in school

Buying of new open and closed shoes for women,men,and kids
Kahawa West, Kenya

Victor Naderia     Oct 28, 2014

I must say thanks zidisha i adopted my sister in-law's 2 children after she passed on... some three months a go. first i thougt i wont manage but your assistance has enabled me to take them in school and feed them together with mine 3 normally. KEEP UP GOOD WORK GLOBAL PEOPLE.

Expansion of my manufacturing & supplies business
Nairobi, Kenya

Linet Obonyo     Oct 28, 2014

I have already purchase 5 more plastic seats with my last loan. I hire to a local church in the estate every weekend they require 200 hundred. now i have 105 so I will keep increasing I gain USD 3 more every weekly from the added seats besides other services.
Thank you zidisha and I hope to increase more seats and other stocks through your help

To continue adding more stocks of fabrics
Umoja 1 Innercore, Kenya

Dennis Furr     Oct 28, 2014

The blessing isn't in my small contribution but in your labour and the improvement it makes to the community. I've received your first repayment and immediately reinvested it in another project. I hope to continue in this way to help more people.

Buy cooking appliances for my hotel
Ngariga, Kenya

Ivy Wanjiku     Oct 28, 2014

hi ccs36. Sorry for the late reply. I have been very busy of late hence the delay. I started my uniform business and I have already delivered 50 sets to different school in the neighborhood. I will file a comprehensive report soon. Thank you for your support and encouragement. With people like you close to me, I am confident I will take my business very far.

Inventory of school uniforms for sale
Mombasa, Kenya

Peris Wanjiku     Oct 28, 2014

This is the TV set that I bought with the money you loaned me and this has seen my business grow by leaps and bounds. The next loan will definitely lead me to another milestone and I am counting on you to make this happen. I appeal to you to make your contributions and I promise I won’t disappoint.

Expand my pig farm
Mombasa, Kenya