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Beatrice Odhiambo     Jun 3, 2015

Joy is currently continuing with her physiotherapy after the reconstructive surgery on her right hand which was badly disfigured as compared to her left which is pending operation after her right hand has completely healed.

Purchasing a three in one coppier machine
Busia County, Kenya

Milton Wanzala     Jun 3, 2015

I received $200 today. I immediately bought an amplifier in preparation for these weekend wedding .thank you so much for the loan

Amplifier for my music system
Ugunja, Kenya

Eric Asamoah     Jun 3, 2015

The loan i received has helped me to buy more mobile phone accessories and my profit margin has increased.I thank my lender very much.

Loan to add more mobile phone accessories to stock my shop
Nsawkaw, B/a-ghana, Ghana

Esther Maina     Jun 3, 2015

To all my worthy lenders,I am happy and thankful for your kind support in my Zidisha loan that I have already received the loan.I am on my final process with the land owner to complete the paper work so that i can lease the neighboring piece of land for my agriculture farming.To all my lenders I am thanking you all for your effort to make this a successful one.Thank you and have a great week ahead.Regards.

Loan to buy quality seeds and organic manure for planting
Kayole Estate,nairobi City, Kenya

Nusura Nafula     Jun 3, 2015

Hello lenders. I hope you are having a good evening. I am doing well,my irrigation kit has been of very very great importance and hence my income has also improved,thank you

Introducing poultry farming
Koyonzo, Kenya

Patricia Marfo     Jun 3, 2015

My New Brands in the Store

Stock of clothing for my store
Ab 22 Phobia Spot, Ofankor, Ghana

Evans Okoyo     Jun 3, 2015

Thank you so much Zidisha for your continuous support. I received the Cash actually as i had applied for and right in time. A customer had placed an order of pens and pen holders while another placed an order of clocks and a three-in-one picture frame. Just as i was trying to live up to their demands, another asked for coat hangers so this is why i must say i received the cash on the time. I bought materials like pens, paints, pen holders themselves, and served my customer in time. Right now i am winding up clocks and the picture frame the deadline is soon so that i can come back to this third customer. Once again thank you for the loan because it has really boost me a great deal and it really keeps me going, thank you and God bless you.

Art and craft
Nairrobi, Kenya

Domnic Obado     Jun 3, 2015

business is power and power is life.big thanks

Solar lamps
Kisumu, Kenya

Zacharia Kwanya     Jun 3, 2015

Hey Lenders this is my second cow by the name Grace the Great its such a friendly cow even to those who takecare of them. Grace came with a bonus i know quite a number will ask what i mean if i say it comes with the bonus. Grace the great is two months pregnant thats what i meant.

Dairy farming
Athi-river, Kenya

Andrew Maringa     Jun 3, 2015

Hello Lenders,
Thank you so much for lending your support and money to me once again. I have received the loan that I had put up for financing to the tune of US$100. Last minute dash but the finish line finally came through.

I have already ordered for the Leaf Springs for the new project. Likely, they will have arrived and been fixed by this Friday. I am also making arrangement for the Dumpers. So the project will be good and ready to run by weekend, God willing.

I cannot express my appreciation for your support well enough. Thank you for coming through and God bless you all richly.

Pics coming up soon.

Best Regards

Purchase another two new tyres for my double cab
Nairobi, Kenya