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Jacob O'nyamul     Jun 3, 2015

i am very thankfull for the loan i received on 1st june. actualy it was apprx 57dollars. this has realy boosted the stock in my grocery shop.i did use 36dollars to by 43kg of sugar,16dollars to buy 50kg of maize floor and 5dollars to buy 5kg of cooking fat. i have lots of expectations,and i do believe that the additional stock will bring an increase to my investment. to my lenders- i do appreciate you indeed. may God bless you all

Food stock for my grocery shop
Nakuru, Kenya

Wilfred Njiri Njamba     Jun 3, 2015

Hello lenders, today I managed to purchase new goods from the funds I borrowed, Power banks were out of stock so I used the funds to purchase cell phones which I have sold one piece already, power banks will be available in a matter of days. Below are photos of the goods.

Mobile phones, school fees & home improvements
Nairobi, Kenya

Elizabeth Wangari Waweru     Jun 3, 2015

Hello dear lenders, am so grateful that my laminating services are going on well, I started offering the services on 29th may and so far, i have been able to make almost $20. This is very positive news. Am charging around $0.6 per A4 size of paper and I ve been able to do 38pcs. Phocopy is also respoding positively and 1 rim is done already.will keep you updated on the progress.

Loan to pay for school fees for my daughter
Kitengela, Kenya

Adika James     Jun 3, 2015

Thank my lenders for the receipt of $167 I receiced. It has enabled me to buy raw materials for my leather work. The materials increased my profit by 7%. The increase of my earning has help me to increase my capital. If fact I am now looking forward to purchase more materials since I have been able to get orders from one local primary school for branded school bags and motorbike seat covers. This work will need a lot of raw materials to be able to complete work on time considering the school has over 300kids under bay care.
Thank you once again, I have never seen this type of micro-lending organization ever since. It has narrowed the gap between the rich and the poor.

Add leather materials
Kisumu, Kenya

Isaac Nyangena     Jun 3, 2015

The ZIDISHA loan helped me to expand my business by enabling me to acquire more financial resources with which I bought diversified dairy products for sale to my customers. Through the loan I also obtained a second hand bicycle that made my travels to reach customers easy. The bicycle cost 60 dollars while 22 dollars were used to increase the quantity of daily products supplied, i.e Yoghurt, cheese, UHT Milk and freshly packed milk products.The profit returns doubled and enabled me to open a clothing business for my younger brother. i also used part of the profits to pay my university fee arrears.

Laptop for my online freelance writing services
Nairobi, Kenya

Molly Ochola     Jun 3, 2015

honestly peaking the loan I have just completed improved my Life to the better, I was able to meet the basic needs and school fees and items for my siblings. The profit increased to double figures, from the loan of Ksh 8000, I was able to make a profit of Ksh 10000. I hope with the new loan and the demand, I will be able to make more profits. Thank you so much lenders for changing lives, God bless you!

Clothes business
Nairobi, Kenya

Henry Njuguna     Jun 2, 2015

I thank my lender for the money he lend to me. It helped me to buy printing/photocopy papers for my work.
These papers increased my profit by 5%. The increase of my earning has help me to increase my capital. If fact I am now looking forward to purchase more materials since I have been able to get orders from one local primary school to be typing and printing exams.
This work will need a lot of papers and photocopy ink to be able to complete work on time considering the school has over 400pupils.

Stock increase
Wang'uru - Huruma Village, Kenya

Lydiah Rutere     Jun 2, 2015

Am very grateful to my leaders for supporting me and I was able to buy the Microwave, two banner gas cooker and the thermal flask. I say thank you for your support.my customers are enjoying hot meal every day particular this cold season in Kenya and actually my sales have increased by 30% within those few week there is a great charge in sales turnover. thank you.

Beverage fridge and security mental grill for my shop
Juja, Kenya

Stephen Karanja     Jun 2, 2015

Dear Zidisha lenders,
I want to confirm that I received the loan of amount Ksh 18,208 which I have invested as I had planned. As depicted in the photo, I have injected the money into buying more eggs as well as cereals. 80% of the money has gone to cereals while 20% has been used to increase the stock of eggs. One week after making this investment, I am already enjoying bigger profits since my customers now have access to a wider range of commodities. I thank you sincerely for believing in me and giving me hope of success despite the hard economic times. This is a partnership that I will always treasure since it holds the key to my future business plans. Thank you Zidisha for your benevolence and trust.

Motorbike for transportation of commodities for retail shop
Nairobi, Kenya

Faith Waki     Jun 1, 2015

Thank you for giving me this opportunity again. It is my pleasure to let my lenders know that my first loan has been so helpful to me. I have been able to continue with my classes during my final year without struggling much with my basic needs. Actually i was able to clear my exam fee in time. Also i expanded my business and right now i have two ladies who help me when i am busy in class

Educational loan
Nairobi, Kenya