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Felicia Ameyaa     Jun 1, 2015

Dear Laurie,
Nice to read from you again. What a pleasure. We look forward to meet and see you here in Berekum one day. It will forever be a memorable day. Aburi is a nice place with types of trees and green vegetations. You can also find African sculpture crafted in different shapes and types.
Till I hear from you, I keep praying and caring for you so much. Happy to meet a passionate person like you too..All the best and God's grace for all you aspire...
With lots of love,

Marketing fruit from local farmers
Berekum, Ghana

Dickkefa Mwiti     Jun 1, 2015

i really thank the lenders and zindisha team for the loan disbursed to me last week i have been was able to purchase a photocopy and now my business seem so efficient . am able to serve more that 25 photocopying customers and my cyber cafe has more customers . the productivity has increased.

Chairs and equipments for my cyber cafe
Dagani, Kenya

Eric Owusu     Jun 1, 2015

Dear Zidisha Team and Lenders.

I want to thank you for supporting me to establish new borehole pipe for my community. On the date of May 30, 2015, the Manager of Verdey Hole Digger Company Limited was with me in my community with the drilling machine. He was checking again if everything is perfect, so that it will be so easier for him on the day the project will take place.

My wonderful greetings to you dear Yelka Mikolji. May richly God bless you.

Establishing new borehole pipe for my community
Sunyani-abesim, Ghana

Dora Kageni     May 31, 2015

Halo my family,
I thank God so far and you for enabling my two year old enjoy farm fresh fruits,veggies and free range eggs and chicken. She loves her chicken thigh on sundays every sunday and she insists to take the other thigh to her grandma before she can eat hers. My mum-in-law the best of the best mothers in law has her own chicken but my daughter says 'mum has the best from Zishisha' She is learning to talk to Zishisha is Zidisha. Thank you soooooo much that the whole family acknowledges Zidisha has some impact in the family. Blessed week ahead

Second-hand clothes bales for resale.
Kariani,muthambi Location, Kenya

Abdul Rahaman Alhassan     May 31, 2015

Dear lenders
My loan has indeed helped me very well...acquiring all sort of materials for my tailoring shop. Im most grateful. I know with zidisha and lenders, the future is bright

New fashion design materials for my designing shop
Berekum, Ghana

Moses Esemele     May 31, 2015

After the water pump machine which is a long term investment towards my business i am now assured to continue farming through out the year, looking forward to harvest since my products are already have a market i have contract with a certain company, i grow for them and they buy the products from me, i am also assured to always sell my products, after harvesting my earning will go back into the business, take care of my family my daughters fees my family and i we are looking to expand slowly in size of our products as recommended by the agronomist from the organization that we have a contract with

Modernization of my poultry farm
Kinoo Nairobi, Kenya

Barnabas Wesonga     May 30, 2015

Dear lenders!
I would like to appreciate so much because before Zidisha, I used to fear taking loans, but I have realized that loans lead to success, especially the comfortably that comes with Zidisha loan. The last loan was used to purchase a new pool table and repair the old one. The pool tables have kept several youths busy, particularly my brother and cousin together with their friends. They are in a position to cater for their daily bread, and also make them come together to listen to advice especially on drug abuse. Good news is that they are changing behavior. The income has enabled me to add more money to it and now I have purchased a taxi, and have also started constructing a rental house. Since I bought the new pool table, my income doubled to approximately Kshs. 15000 a month.

Cement, nails and iron sheets for hardware store
Busia, Kenya

Gideon Agyare Nkansah     May 30, 2015

In fact, the loan I offered by the help of zidisha through you the lenders will help me always pay my children's school fees on time, and they will not be sack from school anymore. This is great opportunity for everyone to help grow his or her family in future and help to achieve other projects so far as we are truthful to zidisha and our lenders.

Loan to pay my children's school fees & other educational needs
Tema, Comm. 16, Ghana

John - Wesly Pierre     May 30, 2015

Ma dernière présentation des produits.

Bojolie: clothing business
Port - Au - Prince, Haiti

Atta Kyere Enoch Snr     May 30, 2015

i used the money to buy new products on market and trust me i have
regained all my customers . my business is moving on smoothly than before.i have increase sales of about 1.9%

Pay university tuition fees & stock my provision store
Berekum, Ghana