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Kerry Tiedeman     Mar 10, 2015

My name is Kerry and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Nairobi, Kenya. Today I had the opportunity to meet Jacqueline, a strong independent businesswoman living in Nairobi.

Jacqueline and I met downtown next to her day job where she works as a saleswoman for Dynapharm, a company specializing in natural herb ingredients. This is a networking sales job where employees are encouraged to sell their products as if its their own business earning commision. Jacqueline excels at her job, however some months are better than others, so she is a self described "Multi-tasker" and has been pursuing other business interests as well.

A year ago Jacqueline found that a fertilizer from Dynapharm helped plants grow well organically. She approached a friend who is a farmer and asked him to use the fertilizer. Then she set up meetings with her local chain supermarket, Tusky's, to sell them the organic tomatoes and onions that her friend was growing. The supermarket was very interested since marketing products as organic is starting to become more enticing to customers here in Kenya. This has been a profitable relationship and Jacqueline is proud of her business skills which have proctored this deal. She is also thankful to Zidisha lenders for helping her to stock inventory of the fruits and vegetables so she can continue selling them to the supermarket.

Jacqueline hopes that as she continues to borrow from Zidisha and pay off the loans, she will increase her credit limit to the amount of 200,000KES in order to afford to build her own green house and grow the fruits and vegetables herself. This way she can control all levels of supply.

She also has a third business venture. She has invested in an onine company that is doing well and therefore giving her small weekly returns. She says she is living a comfortable live which makes her very happy since as single mother she is able to provide for her 2 and a half year old son."It's why I wake up in the morning. He motivates me", she told me over coffee. While she is out purusing her career, he stays at a daycare near their home.

Jacqueline is doing well, thanks in part to Zidisha, and looks for ways to give back. Her fourth and for now final project, she volunteers for an organization Good Hope, which helps women start their own businesses and teaches them how to save. Jacqueline was introduced by a friend, and helps teach the classes and offers support. The church funds the women loans and has them pay back after they make profits from their kiosks and over the course of three months as they save, they can triple the amount of the next loan. Over the course of the two years she has volunteered, Jacqueline has seen these women be able to now send their children to school and provide for their families.

We said goodbye since Jacqueline had to run off and collect goods from the store to sell them to her customers. She is a busy woman, but somehow she still makes it home at 5pm to cook dinner. Her favorite dish is Pilau, a rice and meat dish from Kenya. She also likes to travel, spend time in nature, swim and go to the dance hall. She is a superwoman.

Supply of organic vegetables
Nairobi, Kenya

Gilbert Onzere     Mar 10, 2015

Hi my lenders,thank you so so much for having provided funds to me when i was in need.i was able to purchase the calculators and several learning materials and supplied .now they have made the payment and very soon ill be adding more of the items ready for the next supply.its great that i associated with you God bless you .

Supply of basic school learning materials
Nakuru Shauri Yako Estate, Kenya

Joseph Mwaura     Mar 10, 2015

Dear lenders, I was pleasantly surprised to see the first loan you gave me. It came at a much needed time. Thank you.

I sincerely appreciate working with you in Zidisha team. Am able to buy mature pigs and sell at a higher price, making a profit for my living and loan payment. I assure you I will do my best to merit the trust you've placed in me.
God bless you. thanks!

Pig rearing
Nairobi, Kenya

Baba Abdulai     Mar 10, 2015

Dear wonderful Lenders and Zidisha, in fact I really appreciates your support of expanding my Mobile Money Business. I have bought extra
two Mobile phones for other Mobile Money networks, which include Tigo
Cash and Airtel Money.Thank you very much for your support.
My customers are also feeling comfortable when they come to me and transact.

Mobile-phone payment services
Berekum, Ghana

Kundu Mwanziia     Mar 10, 2015

Hi Zidisha and my dear lenders.Its me Kundu D Mwanziia, i am so happy that you trusted me again to help me achieve my goals.I am glad that i received the second loan early this morning of Tuesday March 10th.I am excited to be able to make another step with your help.The first loan enabled me to strengthen my motorbike and i even managed to boost my savings for buying a new one.I hope to be able to do it in two months.I finally bought my small sister an Oxford dictionary,the kind she always wanted,she was so happy she cried.I never had tat chance but i'm glad i can make it happen for her.My brothers are doing well in school and i am able to pay their school fees now that my motorbike is stronger and i have increased my earnings.I am shopping for pay-a-ride bicycles which i will add to my list of transport machines and will save the money earned from these to go towards clearing my two brothers education.I also boosted my wifes vegetable stall and she may move into her own shop in a month.I am so happy and have never been so thrilled.I had been turned away by the banks which charge very high interests on loans but i am glad i found people whom i can confide in and who can help me reach my goal faithfully.I hope to do bigger things and firmly get my family out of poverty.I am especially so happy for my small sister,i am her parent now and will do anything for her.Thank you lenders.Every positive thought and deed towards others is a blessing that changes whole families and villages.

To buy bicycles for transporting clients.
Mumias Town, Kenya

Micheal Konyango     Mar 10, 2015

Thank you so much my lenders. This is how I started spending the money that you lent me:
I bought two goats- one pregnant she-goat, that cost me about kshs. 5000 ( about 63 dollars), and a he-goat that cost me kshs. 6500 ( about 81 dollars). The she- goat is indigenous and the he-goat is a cross-breed one.

House renovation & inventory of bananas for my shop
London Estate, Kenya

Geofrey Yegon     Mar 10, 2015

I have a the best way of selling my books, it is through youth trainings! this is magnificent!

Adding stock
Langalanga Estate In Nakuru, Kenya

Janet Malinda     Mar 10, 2015

Dear lenders.
I appreciate you for the effort that you made to fund my first loan proposal. I thank God because the loan helped me so much to realize my dream.I bought cosmetic for my beauty shop which at long last increased my income at a double rate.that is why i was able to repay my loan on time.Therefore am coming to you again, Kindly find a good reason to fund me again. I am humbled to be associated with you guys!thanks..

Chicken farming for eggs production
Tasia, Kenya

Benedict Makau     Mar 10, 2015

Zidisha loan helped me buy water tanks -Since i have plenty of water i'm currently doing my modeling of my clay brooder heaters for warming chicks,clay rabbit drinkers and feeders at the comfort of my home .I have also set a small demonstration farm to show my customers on the best use of my clay rabbit products.Water expenses now very minimal -that money goes to other uses like you can see! Community around knows they have a place to learn about best tips on poultry and rabbit keeping.Sometimes in future i would need a motorbike for easy movement when i need to reach my customers during delivery of my items.

Purchase a motorbike to deliver my poultry products to customers
Kaani Village, Kenya

Kenneth Buyeka     Mar 10, 2015

thank you so much zidisha team, my sister now has joined high school at ST. PETER'S HIGH SCHOOL. i never thought she could make it due to the poverty line we had in our family, but i thank zidisha lenders for all this, for their loan has made my business to cater for all this due to profit increase and investments. God bless you zidisha lenders.

Computers to start an IT training center
Bahati, Kenya