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Prince Evans Cudjoe     Nov 23, 2014

Dear All!
I got a message!
Poverty kills! Poverty is a disease! No one should ever stay long with this dreadful disease called poverty. It is no good thing. And it cannot be tolerated. Thanks to Zidisha for coming on the scene to help curb the situation.
Poverty is a global phenomenon. And every one is in on it whether we like it or not. It's a global canker - the most dreadful of all.

It exists on all levels. From the topmost to the least, it affects everybody. But Zidisha would not back off nor would she relent efforts to combat this dreaded beast. Together we are conquerors! Let's conquer poverty together!!!! Hey! those who can lend, lend. Those who are lent to, be faithful and diligent. Spread the news. Spread the word. Be innovative. Be creative. In the end we want every one as conquerors! Together let us go conquering and conquering till this enemy called poverty is vanquished and banished out of our lives! We'll make the world a better place if we each one is whole and free from poverty. GO ZIDISHA!!!! GO EVERY ONE!!!!

Help save my mother's eye sight
Accra, Ghana

Samson Wasonga     Nov 22, 2014

now im about to complete my loan payment,here are some of the new samples for for Christmas festive season

Stocks for december sales
Nairobi, Kenya

Duke Nyangau     Nov 22, 2014

Dear lenders of DUKE OMBAGI NYANGAU i just cannot forget to say a big thank you for your help in my business. please note that i recieved your money in time and i was able to purchase the shocks in time and am now working very well. This being the month of november my work is doing very well am making almost double of the usual amount every day. this is expected to go on throughout the month of december. the logic behind this is that during this months people travels alot. this means my transport business is needed very much. please note that by the grace of almight GOD i will be able to submit all my loan instalments in time as stipuleted in my loan repayment schadule. Once again i thank you all my lenders. yours faithfully; DUKE OMBAGI NYANGAU.

Insurance and new umbrella for my motorbike taxi
Nakuru, Kenya

Evalyne Njoki     Nov 22, 2014

I now managed to buy a new computer for my movie business. Thank you all for the funds

New DVD burner for my movie library
Nakuru, Kenya

Namaste250     Nov 21, 2014

Hi .jacqueline,
Congratulations on receiving full funding. I see you are juggling many balls in the air at the same time. You must be very hard working. I am pleased to be able to fund organic growing. I too garden using organic methods.
Best wishes for success, namaste

Supply of organic vegetables
Nairobi, Kenya

Fredrick Wafula     Nov 21, 2014

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all Zidisha members world wide, and mostly those who made my loan come true. You people are the great people,
My loan was fully settled within 3 days, Ooh am happy now I will buy a drum for my Kyocera photocopy and get it fixed on Tuesday.
Guys in Zidisha great day.

Computer accessories
Kitale, Kenya

Anthony Njagi     Nov 21, 2014

I wish to inform my lenders and the zidisha community that the loan I was granted was a saviour. As I had indicated, I was able to purchase 2 bags of government-subsidized fertilizer at 2000KES each. I supplement the tea plants at the right time since it's raining. As a result, tea production has greatly improved; over 30% in production, which will translate to increased profits. Once again. Thank you.

Tea and dairy farming
Kanja, Embu, Kenya

Donald Omondi     Nov 21, 2014

i am happy to note that the money i borrowed help in improving the stock in my chemist. i increased stock in anti malaria drugs and antibiotics. over the past two months, my sales have increased since most drugs needed by customers are always available. my earnings increased by 30% for the last two months. thank you Zidisha team

Funding my chemist.
Nairobi, Kenya

Lilian Kimko     Nov 21, 2014

hallo lenders n zidisha family at large, i hope you are doing well.am fine and my daughter hope is fine too,she closed school last week and went to Nakuru town for holidays,i thank God for this far he has brought us, the business is doing fine and its continue d to grow,i have one employee called Lilian just like me, she didnt go to school therefore i have given her some 2 hrs a day for 3 days in a week to attend adult classes near by, right now they have closed and i op this will improve her self esteem,
am planning to train her so that she can know how to stitch which we will probable start next yr.
Added is a photo of my shop at kitengela,, i will post other photos later

Building housing for students
Nairobi, Kenya

Walter Tinderet     Nov 20, 2014

Thanks for the support,I was able to buy a drenching Gun and the medicine for deworming my sheep.I am looking forward for better yield and productivity since i will be selling my sheep during the next festive season(Holiday season ).
I appreciate.
,Kind regards Walt.

Purchase disease-resistant maize seedlings
Nairobi., Kenya