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Rachmad Adim     Feb 24, 2015

My boy age 3 month
I am grateful to the Lenders and Zidisha team with confidence on its loan
business success and I can buy my boy needs


Inventory for my phone-delivery grocery business
Surabaya, Indonesia

Isaac Baccah     Feb 24, 2015

Yes, ma'am, living on campus these few days has been quite the experience for me. I sleep better now without worry of oversleeping and missing my early-morning classes. My roommates are cool and they've been nice to me.. and it feels good to report to work refreshed and with a smile. It's really nice and fun here. The name of the residence hall is Jean Nelson Aka Hall. There are so many activities at night at the Hall, ranging from church activities to sporting activities. Thanks so much for enabling me to share in this experience.
God richly bless you, ma'am.

Loan to help pay fees for tuition & residence hall on campus
Accra, Ghana

Saffara Saffara     Feb 24, 2015

Increase the number of cans and gas cylinders to increase revenue

Gas cylinders and jerrycan for gasoline
Kabupaten Bantaeng Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia

Ronald Shitakha     Feb 24, 2015

this the picture of my new bike, will send better pictures as soon as i get everything in order. thanks guys for your patience and prayers thanks allot GOD BLESS.

Insurance and licensees for my motorbike taxi
Magaoni, Kenya

Joshua Ageta     Feb 24, 2015

Hi lenders.
Today i received a call from a school. Am required to take passport photos for new students tomorrow and with the camera i brought am hoping to do a nice work.

Thanks once again for creating this opportunity for people like us.

Loan for poultry business & for t-shirt printing machine
Kisii County, Kenya

Fredrick Ochieng     Feb 24, 2015

Finally i got some photos.My barbershop is in the middle of a busy market known as Chepkube and surrounded by different vendors.You can see photos of the items i bought to help me in my work,two blowdryers and a Wahl clipper(the other one was being used). On this day i had hired a lady to help me.

Barbershop inventory
Bungoma, Kenya

Agus Agus     Feb 24, 2015

Direktur Zidhisa saat mengunjungi Toko Alifha & Alifha Cell ( warnet Alifha), foto bersama dengan istri saya di toko.

Add seven computers to my cybercafe
Kabupaten Bantaeng, Indonesia

Esther Musyoka     Feb 24, 2015

Thank you very much my generous lenders. The loan you gave last time has really made a big difference in my business, life and community in general. Now that i bought a portable laptop i have been able to access my clients job wherever i am. sometimes a client needs his/ her job and maybe im not around the town nor in the business or they want us to discuss something, i just pull out my laptop and we discuss hence making it easy. Secondly, most of the time i assign work to my employees because maybe im out of town for an assignment of my work place, they are able to send me what they have achieved or the job they have been working for and then i check on it, do corrections and as well deliver the job in time.For instance, whatever i produced in six months last year ,i have already made it in two months, this has really encouraged me. I have been able to pay atleast three quarter of my school fees this semester, so im not worried about school fees till next semester.
Ever i have experienced easy Month of January after a very long holiday and everybody was broke except people who brought me business but im very sure is because they dont want to be left out in the graduation list....hahahaha

Exam fee / tuition for bachelor of commerce degree
Nakuru, Kenya

Agus Agus     Feb 24, 2015

Toko Alifha dan Alifha Cell

Add seven computers to my cybercafe
Kabupaten Bantaeng, Indonesia

Fredrick Kevogo     Feb 24, 2015

these are my chicken at their feeding area

Cattle farming
Nairobi Embakasi, Kenya