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Gregory Kim     Oct 31, 2014

At Kenyatta University doing Public Administration assignment

Purchase of a laptop
Nairobi Kenya, Kenya

Clement Njora     Oct 31, 2014

Hi Zidisha fam, hope you are all doing great!!! I am currently undergoing an aeronautical engineering internship and happened to be sent out of town with no prior notice. I greatly regret and apologise for any inconviniences that I caused. Otherwise, the farm is doing great and each and every time I make sales or as am just walking around in it, I can't help feeling grateful for your continued support! I also thank Mr. Zacharia for his concern and for maintaining contact with my lenders while I was away; thankyou!!

Passion fruit and tomato tree (ribena) fruits farm
Nairobi, Cbd, Kenya

Rose Ayua     Oct 31, 2014

dear lenders' i appreciate you once more for giving me my second loan. am so grateful because it has enabled me to renovate my salon which is now looking good. i am really so happy because my clients my client are now enjoying my services in a very clean environment. my sales have really increased and now i can pay for my kids' school fees in time without straggling too much. i have even bought them a laptop through my savings from my first loan, once again thank you lenders for lifting my life and the life of all small entrepreneurs be blessed as u continue with the good work,thank u

Purchase hair washing basin for my salon
Nairobi, Kenya

Anderson Maitha     Oct 31, 2014

Hi my lenders and zidisha team as a whole. Thanks a lot for the second loan that I managed to repay fully on 30 . 10 . 2014. This loan increased my earnings that is why I managed my income well to make sure that on the date due, the amount is available. Now I would like to buy a power saw machine for hiring that will costs 68,000/= kenyan shillings with the third loan that I intending to borrow the moment the amount is credited. hiring a power saw machine is more profitable business in our area.

Buying stock of wood logs to split using a chainsaw to prepare for resale
Tezo, Kenya

Perry Wanjiku     Oct 31, 2014

Hello team. My business is doing well now. Demand for eggs has also gone up. The few chicken that were not affected by bird flu have hatched and soon I will have additionals. I would like to change the installments amount to Kes 600 as the sale for eggs is now good. Again, thank you so much for been patient with me.

Chicken rearing-a
Kinamba, Kenya

Albert Anim     Oct 31, 2014

I want to use this opportunity to thank my lenders for funding my loan which help me furthering my knowledge about Entrepreneurship and Business Management ,thanks to the program i have acquired insight into project valuation and evaluation,cash flows management .I may say this knowledge has helped to see clear how to expand my business adding more value to it and also by minimizing risk as to increase my profit margin .Though i am yet to complete but i can testify that i acquired a lot of managerial skills .Once again big thank to my lenders

Purchase items for my cafe business
Abeka, Ghana

Victor Naderia     Oct 31, 2014

my incread earning has enabled me to buy a skirt suit for my wife, and i am inteding to expand the business by opening manufacturing go-down. i will share rent with a friend ..after stabilizing i can seek for more space.. thanks a lot zidisha

Expansion of my manufacturing & supplies business
Nairobi, Kenya

Victor Naderia     Oct 31, 2014

DEAR Friends of global pple.. thank u very much for the loan & advice u extended to me during loan sourcing period..now that am closin my first loan those who stay in Nairobi kenya -AFRICA can we have a cup u tea on saturday afternoon..

Expansion of my manufacturing & supplies business
Nairobi, Kenya

Simon Ngethe     Oct 31, 2014

the loan disbursed to me of US dollars 73 has really assisted me to increase the stock of sugar in my retail shop. now i would like to apply another one so as to buy wheat flour and cooking fat to sell in my shop as we near the December holiday when we have so many celebrations including Christmas and the demand for this products is usually high. thanks a lot lenders for your continued support.

Purchase of more stock for my business
Kianjoya Village, Kenya

Jan73     Oct 30, 2014

I hope you re-post your loan application. I would like another opportunity to invest in your business and future plans.

To purchase 500 broiler chicks
Nakuru, Kenya