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Sulaiman Musthofa     Mar 1, 2015

Hi all, I have made my second repayment and still waiting for Zidisha team to publish it.

My stall is running well with pasta fusilli and toast as the best seller.

Purchasing toaster and other kitchen utensils for my food stall
Jakarta Timur, Indonesia

Wahyu Fitria     Mar 1, 2015

saya ingin melanjutkan pendidikan jurusan komunikasi,sesuai dengan bakat dan minat saya.terlebih lagi saya suka sekali memotivasi teman-teman,kerabat kerja dalam berbagai hal.dengan membaca buku-buku motovasi,saya jadi semakin percaya diri untuk melanjutkan pendidikan didunia komunikasi.bagi saya komunikasi adalah dunia saya,jurnalistik,penyiar radio,pembawa acara bahkan presenter pernah saya jajaki.dan saya berharap,banyak pihak yang mendukung saya.dan saya juga pernah jadi duta cagar biosfer prov.riau,berikut saya lampirkan fotonya.saya sangat ingin cepat-cepat selesai kuliah,agar orangtua saya bangga.meskipun harus membayar uang kulaih sendiri,saya terus berharap dan berusaha agar saya tetap bisa melanjutkan pendidikan lebih tinggi lagi.semangat!

Uang sekolah untuk melanjutkan pendidikan
Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Paul Meltus     Mar 1, 2015

Am glad all has worked out well. i had to work hard extending my work hours from 08:00hrs to 18:00hrs to 06:00hrs to 21:00hrs. i realised i have alot of customers too from 19:00hrs to 20:30hrs. this has made me be prompt on my installments.

I get time too to study in the Magaret Thatcher library in campus. finish any assignments in time and time to be in my shop. it requires hardwork and determination.

I thank you Derrick Fairchild and McJulio for your helping hand.

Purchase of inventory for my retail shop
Springs, Kenya

Kerry Tiedeman     Mar 1, 2015

My name is Kerry and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Kenya. I have been stationed in Nairobi and meeting borrowers there, but for the week I've decided to leave the capital city and head to the most important coastal city of Kenya, Mombasa. That is where I met Ivy, a young mother who specializes in selling uniforms to schools.
Ivy just gave birth to a beautiful boy three weeks ago. He was born about three weeks premmature, so when I visited Ivy she had only recently left the hospital. She said that bay Aiden could practically fit in her one hand. Now he's healty and growing fast. I was invited into her home that she shares with her mother and brother, who have both been a big help, especially since her boyfriend works in Nairobi to help support the family. She is taking a small hiatus from her business or a maternity leave, but she sat down to talk to me about how it began.
Ivy is only 22 years old and after secondary school, she began selling used clothes.It was challenging sine when you purchased inventory all you knew about the clothes before buying them was what type of article of clothing it was. They came in large bails labeled "shirts" or "trousers" and you could only see the contents after purchasing. Ivy performed well though, and with the help of Zidisha she was able to purchase the bail. The shirts that didn't sell she sold to an Aunt in the village, and with the profits was able to rent a cabana for a business location.
Ivy's mother was the one to inroduce her to Zdisha. She has had a salon in downtown Mombasa for many years. She came to the house to meet me and generously bought Fanta for the occassion. She is very well dressed and is beaming from being a proud grandmother.
With the second loan Ivy decided to branch out into selling school uniforms. She began approaching private schools and securing small contracts to provide the school uniforms for the year. I asked her how she did this, and she told me "you have to be confident." After securing contracts, Ivy then goes to a trusted local tailor to make the uniforms. With the profits she has reinvested in the business and helping to pay the medical and other costs of having a new born. Ivy is optimistic and hopes that within about three months she will be at it again, when the baby is slightly older. After getting to now her, I have complete faith that this business will expand and she had her young family will do well. She has a great support netowrk with her mother an brother. I'm looking forward to following Ivy, especially since we are now friends on facebook!

Inventory of school uniforms for sale
Mombasa, Kenya

Domnic Obado     Mar 1, 2015

Hi Zidisha team,let me take this time to thank you all for the loan you gave.I must say that the money that you lend has got a greate impact in my life,my family and the society at large.my daily earning has been increased because I used the loan fund to purchase some lamps and the venders were happy to see some new lamps.these are the pictures of the lamps I bought and asmall video captured during the day when the lamps are beeing charged with the sun,by blinking of the lamp means it is taking charge.thank you again.

Solar lamps
Kisumu, Kenya

Aissatou Traore     Feb 28, 2015

Hi, I am Aissatou Traore a member of zidisha comminuty since 2010. I work entreprenarialship whith a American company whose name is FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS and I am happy in my business. I help many people to achieve theirs dreams. In 2014 I build a house for my mother in my region because this is my promess whith my loan of zidisha and I work very hard to realize this dream. It is one part of my life

Dakar, Senegal

Paul Meltus     Feb 28, 2015

Apart from paying my installments in time i have been in a position to clear my tuition fees for my First semester yesturday. Am now sure i will sit for my exams in April without a problem.

as for my second semester fees i have raised a quarter of the amount it will run from May to August. Am happy Zidisha has helped me by increasing sales volume through the inventory i added. my profits have also grown.

Am hoping to clear my last installment in time so that i may borrow another loan and from the proceeds generate my remaining fee for my second semester by May God willing.

A special thanks to my lenders.

Thank you

Purchase of inventory for my retail shop
Springs, Kenya

Kenneth Kimutai     Feb 28, 2015

I used the previous loan to till a small piece of land I was allocated at home and planted a few cash crops which did fairly well despite the less rainfall.
The produce from the farm has helped me lease a small piece of land from the neighbor and I also supplied a nearby children's home with food.
Over time my earnings have increased from 100 $ a month to around 250 $ a month.
I have also been able to employ two young energetic boys who help me run the game center and during farming. Both of them work for me full time.
During my free time I happen to go to scout camps and a times visit the children's home and play with the kids there,they are amazing young people.
With the help of anew loan,I will settle off the remaining amount for leasing land and start cultivating it as soon as dark clouds are up the sky.
Thank you Zidisha.

Loan to settle leased land and plant
Torit, Kenya

Francis Maweu     Feb 28, 2015

this is the grace zidisha showered my business with

Loan for expansion of my computer college.
Nairobi, Kenya

Kevine Ojendo     Feb 28, 2015

I am very happy to inform and appreciate all lenders for the good idea and wise thoughts of coming with these community loan. Through the previous loan have managed to create eight employment opportunities whereby two are casuals and four are permanent, two on contract basis, however, have managed to increase the weekly selling, meet customers demand, operate the shop efficiently, purchase some stock(chemicals) and lower the selling prices for our products to meet the market competition and reduce the costs of production and distribution, buying one motorbike for distributions and my profit and savings are positively increased, good.

For the boosting up of the stock for the new branch
Nairobi, Kenya