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Keneth Mutuma     Feb 26, 2015

With the loan I was able to get a HP 1510 deskjet which I have already started using at my business and it generating an extra income as am now typing and printing projects for university students who are in their final year and also doing some photocopies beside repairing laptops at my shop.I really do appreciate the lenders for this and pray for God's blessings upon them all.

Purchase of laptop housings for resale to enhance income
Chuka, Kenya

Raphael Gatheca     Feb 26, 2015


One of the sheep we had for the Christmas last year.
It was great indeed.

Buy goat to increase my livestock
Nairobi Kasarani, Kenya

Chris Mwangi     Feb 26, 2015

Dear Lender,
Thanks alot for your support,this is a result of your top up.Timely delivery of the eggs and an increased purchase order.We always say in our language,Asante Sana(Thank you very much).

Loan to buy seeds for french beans produce for export
Naivasha, Kenya

Kerry Tiedeman     Feb 26, 2015

My name is Kerry Tiedeman and I am a Client Relationship Intern for Zidisha in Kenya. Normally I am staying and visiting borrowers in Nairobi, however this week I am Mombasa, Kenya to visit some of our borrowers in this vibrant coastal city.

Today I had the opportunity of meeting with John Bosco, a first time borrower of Zidisha, who is working on fundraising for his first loan. John actually has strong ties to Nairobi. He went to University there where he studied business, and also where he met his friend and the manufacturer of men's shoes he purchases and later sells in Mombasa.

I met John with his volunteer mentor, Margaret Julliet. The three of us met over coffee, fanta and mango juice at a local cafe in the center of town. John works as a Microfinance field officer here in Mombasa. He worked his way up by first working at an MPESA shop (the phone money transfer service) and later as an insurance agent in Nairobi, until finding this opportunity in Mombasa. John is pleased with his progress in business, but would like to be his own boss and have the freedom to run his own business full time.

When John moved to Mombasa, he discovered that the quality of shoes were not as high as they were in Nairobi. He told me that the shoes you buy here would only last you five months. Having connections in Nairobi, he started transporting better made shoes from Nairobi to Mombasa via bus. He was able to sell the shoes in a nearby computer store. John would go in to fix his laptop and began chatting with the owner. Together they went in business together with half of the shop dedicated to computers and the other selling shoes. John's partner tends the store while he is at work during the day with the Microfinance bank.

John is asking for a loan to help stock inventory for his shoe business. He would like to begin to stock children's shoes. He says that the loans at his bank have a much higher interest rate than Zidisha, and he also does not have the assets to secure the loan. He hopes that with more profits by branching into children's shoes, he will be able to help with tuition fees for his cousin at the same University where he studied. He would also like to help out his family in Kitale, upcountry. He is the only boy of four children. When I asked him what about ladies shoes for his sisters, he told me that with the help of Zidisha, that will be the next venture!

Check out some photos from our visit!

Solar power
Mombasa/ Bamburi, Kenya

Emmanuel Onyango     Feb 25, 2015

Below are the 2 computers that I bought. One is a HP core 2 duo 3.1 ghz 4gb RAM which will be used specifically for SKYPE , another is a siemens dual core 3.0ghz 2gb RAM. More Pictures to follow.

Wholesale and retail business
Nairobi, Kenya

Patricia Adoma Yeboah     Feb 25, 2015

At the farm

Farming cassava, yam, plantain & sweet potato
Sunyani, Ghana

Luke Gitonga     Feb 25, 2015

Thanks to you guys the printers has enabled my bussines s to move me to another level thanks for profit it has generated,for i have completed my college where i was taking a degree in theology . And my children are also doing fine that everybody in my family is happy. iwill sent the photos for graduation as soon as they are ready for you to see. thanks to zidisha.

Photocopier machine for my studio
Thika, Kenya

Abdoulaye Soumare     Feb 25, 2015

Quelques réalisations effectués dans mon atelier.
Some production done in my workshop.

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Quelques réalisations effectués dans mon atelier.

Welder / Iron Working
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

Esther Wangari     Feb 25, 2015

This is my knitting work.

Adding a beauty salon to my beauty shop
Kimende, Kenya

Esther Wangari     Feb 25, 2015

Hello lenders,This is my new cosmetic shop.

Adding a beauty salon to my beauty shop
Kimende, Kenya