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Dorcas Nene     Feb 25, 2015

thank you zidisha team and my lenders for your support.my business still moving on well.i hope my sales will continue becoming more better since we are still on form one, first term school admission.


Adding more stock
Kimende, Kenya

Rahmaida Ida     Feb 25, 2015

Gate City Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia

Selling school backpacks for children
Kota Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia

Lillian Nyamusi     Feb 25, 2015

the shop

Help me make an ad banner for my mobile shop
Nyanchwa Kisii, Kenya

Judith Malaba     Feb 25, 2015

Before i started making this items i had made a carpet and i short on the orange wool. I managed to buy when you sent the loan and i will be finishing it by friday

Inventory of wool and knitting needles for knitting business
Bungoma, Kenya

Judith Malaba     Feb 25, 2015

I am also started working on the carpet using the green wool and the tapestry

Inventory of wool and knitting needles for knitting business
Bungoma, Kenya

Judith Malaba     Feb 25, 2015

It is cloudy today. I am working on a few items. I started a grey poncho with the circular needle i bought (No. 6mm)

Inventory of wool and knitting needles for knitting business
Bungoma, Kenya

Sigit Sulistiyono     Feb 25, 2015

New update regarding the micro business that managed by my self. Today I have join to make agreement with Hygienic Fish Market (PIH) under Department of Indonesian Marine And Fish to producing large scale milkfish or Bandeng Presto and various fish processed products. Because purchase order from my agent had overload, so I can't handle on this anymore. Currently I have #11 agent and a few reseller. Here the pictures of equipment also new production place.

Bratwurst fast food service
Jakarta Timur, Indonesia

Rachmad Adim     Feb 24, 2015

My boy age 3 month
I am grateful to the Lenders and Zidisha team with confidence on its loan
business success and I can buy my boy needs


Inventory for my phone-delivery grocery business
Surabaya, Indonesia

Isaac Baccah     Feb 24, 2015

Yes, ma'am, living on campus these few days has been quite the experience for me. I sleep better now without worry of oversleeping and missing my early-morning classes. My roommates are cool and they've been nice to me.. and it feels good to report to work refreshed and with a smile. It's really nice and fun here. The name of the residence hall is Jean Nelson Aka Hall. There are so many activities at night at the Hall, ranging from church activities to sporting activities. Thanks so much for enabling me to share in this experience.
God richly bless you, ma'am.

Loan to help pay fees for tuition & residence hall on campus
Accra, Ghana

Saffara Saffara     Feb 24, 2015

Increase the number of cans and gas cylinders to increase revenue

Gas cylinders and jerrycan for gasoline
Kabupaten Bantaeng Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia