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Xavier Kamau     Oct 27, 2014

After profit from the sale of two tricycles and 2 bikes I introduced this scooters that are proving to be a good investment.

License, equipment, snacks & fast foods
Nairobi Buruburu Estate, Kenya

Xavier Kamau     Oct 27, 2014

The Tricycles I purchased with part of the loan. They have been really popular with customers and only one is remaining in stock. Looking forward to buying more.

License, equipment, snacks & fast foods
Nairobi Buruburu Estate, Kenya

Xavier Kamau     Oct 27, 2014

Greetings Lenders and Zidisha Team,

Hoping that you are all well, I thank God that my family and I are all good. In terms of business at the moment things are a bit slow due to end of year exams both for primary and secondary schools.

However I am looking forward to a peak time after schools close and the long holiday ahead. I am therefore gearing up for this by trying to stock up more products.

The bicycles and tricycles that I introduced to the shop with the help of my current loan did well in terms of sales and currently I have just two pieces remaining so that has motivated me to plan for more stock for the holidays.

The sales have helped me to pay back my current loan on time and I have used part of my profits to add some more products like photo frames and educational toys. I am also saving some part of the profit to build a display shelf outside the shop to catch the eyes of potential customers.

I thank you once again for your generosity and continued support. Wishing you all a blessed week ahead.

License, equipment, snacks & fast foods
Nairobi Buruburu Estate, Kenya

trincowski     Oct 27, 2014

Hello Dorine!

I'm glad you could overcome the difficulties. Life's never a bed of roses, is it?

I see you have nearly completed the repayments, despite those problems. Congratulations on your good work!


Upgrade my cybercafe
Busia, Kenya

Samuel Karugu     Oct 27, 2014

Hope all are well. Am happy with the Zidisha Loan and I have attached you some of my clients' laptop that I have installed with the laptop stickers am selling. The business has been good for me :)

Getting back to business after university
Banana, Kenya

Rachmad Adim     Oct 26, 2014

I buy rice groceries . 500kg x 7000 IDR/1kg = 3,500,000 IDR and I would plan to add more , because I sold back in Lontong maker. Thank you for Landers and Zidisha team.

Inventory for my phone-delivery grocery business
Surabaya, Indonesia

Rose Ayua     Oct 26, 2014

I always visit them talk to young ladies and give out Sanitary Pads that most of them cannot afford. Whatever little that I have I share with them, it is giving back to the society. Shen Ge Would like to partner with me in this worthy course of action. Thanks

Purchase hair washing basin for my salon
Nairobi, Kenya

Juliet Wambua     Oct 26, 2014

Yaaay!! I got 100% funding for my project. I am grateful for the opportunity granted thus far. Thank you to all my lendors. Here in Kenya we say, Asante sana. (Thank you very much). I will keep all of us posted in the achievements so far.. All in all, Im indeed grateful. ;)

Prov 31 finsos
Syokimau, Kenya

Sussy Mwamburi     Oct 26, 2014

thank you zidisha members for granting me the loan. i managed to buy the steam machine and my customers have never been happier in the service they are now getting.

To buy a hair treatment machine for my beauty salon
Nairobi, Kenya

Jasper Omundo     Oct 26, 2014

My new motocycle is doing good because,unlike the first one,it brings an income of $6 daily,$1 more.It has increased my earnings and life tends to be abit easy as far as daily expenses are concearned.

Adding stock to my retail shop
Uhanya Beach Bondo, Kenya