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Laurie     Feb 23, 2015

Hi Richard,
You are such a good soul. I'm glad to hear that you're sometimes able to give free product when others truly cannot pay for it, sharing your profit with others. Of course, I'm not glad to hear that you have had to do this, however. I hope, though, that more people will be able to benefit from this great creation of Julia Kurnia's--Zidisha!--so that more and more people can improve their financial situation and then be able to buy these important products from you at a price that is fair to both buyer and seller.

Family-planning product inventory
Berekum, Ghana

Rahmaida Ida     Feb 23, 2015

Type bag schoolboy I sell

Selling school backpacks for children
Kota Kendari, Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia

Gladys Nyawira Gachomba     Feb 23, 2015

Dear Lenders,

I would like to thank you so very much for believing in me and my project. For sure your funding has enabled me to expand my chicken project up to 20 pullets having 200 pullets in total now. In two months time i will start collecting eggs, at least 5 trays a day and i am overwhelmed by the many orders that i am receiving already; people booking the eggs. In future i am planning to expand the coop and keep a larger number of pullets plus i am also planning to venture into broiler chicken farming in order to meet the market demand. Your help and your support has made me a happy farmer.

You are surely making my dreams "Young Successful Farmer" come true .

Abundant Blessings on you.

House building.
Nairobi, Kenya

Clarence Ackah     Feb 22, 2015

business in progress

Inventory to purchase plastic chairs and tables
Takoradi, Ghana

Isaiah Githaiga     Feb 22, 2015

Hallo Lenders und Zidisha Team ,

Der Architekt hat bereits ausgelieferten die erste draft.Please siehe beigefügte .

Isaiah Githaiga

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Hi Lenders and Zidisha team,

The architect has already delivered the first draft.Please see attached.

Isaiah Githaiga

Loan to finish constructing our home
Nairobi, Kenya

    Feb 22, 2015

This comment has been deleted

Upgrading my online business for better service delivery.
Kaptama, Kenya

Isaiah Githaiga     Feb 22, 2015

Hi Lenders,

Here are the photos of the Items I purchased for our business with proceeds from the last loan.

Isaiah Githaiga

Loan to finish constructing our home
Nairobi, Kenya

Bramwel Cheroben     Feb 22, 2015

I managed to buy a good dairy cow that i have assesed with the help of a vetinarian and under good management she can produce upto 7 liters of milk a day. she is a good breeder cow.Just what i needed to start my dairy farming. I call her ZIDISHA.

Motorbike project
Sendera, Kenya

Endang Nurwahyu     Feb 22, 2015

This stall for a living place for the needs of family life

To purchase a mix of goods and prepaid mobile phone cards
Kabupaten Bantaeng Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia

Ohene Anim     Feb 21, 2015

thank you team zidisha and my lenders. I have been able to purchased all the tools and equipments I needed for my work.

Purchase computer accessories for sale
Accra, Ghana