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Hassan Omar     Oct 24, 2014

dear lenders this are the new stock i bought,sorry for delayed upload of the photos

Purchase Cyber Cafe Supplies
Burgei, Kenya

Lucy Gacheru     Oct 24, 2014

thanks Leonora, I had not even signed out after making the application. What a surprise! I am thrilled.

Loan to buy raw materials for making soap
Mombasa, Kenya

Christine Mwendwa     Oct 24, 2014

Thank u for helping me out.there has not yet been any reported case of ebola in kenya yet,we r taking necessary precautions,thank u for your concern.have a good day

Cherry tomatoes farming
Mombasa, Kenya

evinpa     Oct 24, 2014

You're welcome. I hope it is the beginning of good luck for you with your fundraising!

Prepare land for planting
Mombasa, Kenya

Roland Adjei     Oct 23, 2014

Hello lenders,
Hope you are doing great. And your family too is doing well. Here in Ghana, after your University education, you will have to serve the country for 1 year- National Service. That is what I am doing now. This has affected business somehow.

This will not in anyway destroy our trust for each other. I will work hard and be kind to my promises. Thank you

Buy a pop corn machine for pop corn business
Accra, Ghana

Oscar Alochi     Oct 23, 2014

Teaching my son Art of Photography at an early stage he turned four year old August 27 2014,i always show him how to use camera and he is a good leaner,i attend some function with him some day he will be a professional photographer like his Dady.

Studio set up light box
Nairobi, Kenya

Kipkoech Muttai     Oct 23, 2014

To All My Lenders & Zidisha Family!
Today, I fully repaid my loan in full. Without you guys, my business won't be where it is now. Thank you so much! Zidisha has really changed my life for the better. I can now dream big dreams and create business ideas without allowing myself to be scared away by the thought of lack of capital to start a venture. My gratitude goes to all my lenders who funded my first and second loan: Christy CMK71, goodwithoutgod, timnj, hulte, zidishap2p, treyh, mguenter, AllieJ, thebonseung, vortex, Aaron85 and Tom44; Thank you so very much. I look forward to your support in raising my future loans. God bless you all.
Muttai Kipkoech

Working capital for my slim-fit suit clothing shop
Embakasi, Kenya

Jane Kavihiza     Oct 23, 2014

i did build aclass & atoilet for my students it has really changed the face of my school some students had left my school but now there coming back what i really wish for is coming next the beginning of the year is for more students to join.

on the side of the community it has helped a lot some of the members of the community have volunteered to teach for me & some i have hired them, your two loans have really helped me out a lot

Iron sheets to build up anew class &a toilet
Rotego Village, Ikumba Sublocation, Kenya

Divican Tochi     Oct 23, 2014

Dear Lenders,
Am happy with the disbursement of the loan and now I wish to add the 4 computers which I ordered yesterday from Nairobi and the printer this will make me to earn a good profit and my customers will be happy with me too. Also am working on the waiver as I promised my customers who were eagerly waiting for this. LET ME NOW WITHDRAW MY MONEY AND WORK ON IT.

To add 4 computers and speed printer to my cybercafe
Kisii, Kenya

Irene Muiru     Oct 23, 2014

Hi members, all is well with me trying to catch up with strawberries.pictures coming soon for the strawberries,

Expansion of my farming
Thika Mangu, Kenya