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Oscar Alochi     Oct 17, 2014

Working with children in slums

Studio set up light box
Nairobi, Kenya

Joel Irungu     Oct 17, 2014

Good day my lenders: I am sincerely pleased by this project, and whoever started it was very noble in the heart and in mind. I have seen a lot of breakthrough in by day to day business activities and its my sincere hope and objectives to work hard and harder to become probably the first most successful Alumni in business from Zidisha project.
How I hope all the stakeholders of this project will continue to share a healthy relationship that will bring mutual understanding amongest this rapidly growing community.

Once again I would like to recognize the effort of my honored lenders as they continue to keep this project alive and helping it to focus on it's objectives. I would like to apply for another loan once am through with repayment of the current one in order to expand my cloth business which I had started with funds gotten from selling of eggs from my chicken Rearing business which I started courtesy of zidisha loan.

Funds to boost my farming of red onions
Thika, Kenya

Namaste250     Oct 16, 2014

Hey Naomi,
I'm just fine. My baby girl is 27 years old and still my baby and I'll tell her you said hi. I'd like to think of you as a friend.
Best wishes, Ann

Down payment of food supply(kale),buy tomatoes,irice potatoes,onion..all for resale
Homabay, Kenya

Naomi Wangui Kibinge     Oct 16, 2014

Hehehehe Ann thank you so much for everything,anybody who always think of you must be a good friend who you must be indeed.Even here in Kenya during dry season we find it hard to find kale sometimes but during rainy season it's more again.Anyway am ok and hope you are too?Say hi to you baby girl.

Thank you

Down payment of food supply(kale),buy tomatoes,irice potatoes,onion..all for resale
Homabay, Kenya

Abdulai Adams     Oct 16, 2014

I have able to buy new drugs.i thank zidisha and my dear lenders

New medicines and family planning products for my pharmacy
Berekum, Ghana

Alvins Okumu     Oct 16, 2014

I have used the loan to improve the poultry house. This has enabled me add more poultry meaning more eggs. My income has increased and l have managed to pay fees for the two students who l sponsor. I am considering buying an incubator for them to start a hatcery business since there is a high demand for chicks.

An incubator for my poultry farm
Chokaa Village-lower Njiru, Kenya

Namaste250     Oct 16, 2014

Hi Naomi,
Thanks for sharing the good news. I thought of you when I went to the market. People were annoyed because the farmers had no kale to sell.
Best wishes for continued success, Ann

Down payment of food supply(kale),buy tomatoes,irice potatoes,onion..all for resale
Homabay, Kenya

Divican Tochi     Oct 16, 2014

Hello Lenders;
Indeed you are more than of our parents because after your course here in Kenya your parents now gives you a go a head to promote your self. Imagine where to go if you did not secure a good job or you lack capital to start your own business. Indeed for me Zidisha boosted my business to a great position since I could have not qualified for loans here in Kenya for their restrictions for the loan such as a logbook, a tittle deed and the like, but for Zidisha trusting and a face book account are the only qualifications for the loan.
my loan is now 78% funded please continue to fund it up to 100%.
Thanks a lot.
God Bless you

To add 4 computers and speed printer to my cybercafe
Kisii, Kenya

Apolline Balo / Kambiré     Oct 16, 2014

Juste vous faire un aperçu de mon petit coin

Extension of my bistro
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Bedan Waweru     Oct 16, 2014

Dennis Furr, you've just made my day. God Bless you so much! Hardship growing up made me venture into business. Your daughter is lucky to have a caring dad who knows the importance of investing.

I promise to pay back and hopefully meet you someday. Once again, be Blessed.

Bedan Waweru

Buy cooking appliances for my hotel
Ngariga, Kenya