Greetings — from all corners of the globe! Our team members may not share time zones, but we do share a passion for building a person-to-person microlending community that overcomes the barriers of location and circumstance to help deserving, driven entrepreneurs all over the world.

Some of us are full-time staff, but most of us are volunteers who either work with Zidisha from our own homes around the world or have actually relocated to developing countries to serve as ambassadors to current and prospective entrepreneurs.

Check out our Volunteer page to learn about our volunteer and internship opportunities.

  • Julia Kurnia
    Master's degree in International Economics. Developed grant projects in Africa for the US government and worked with Kiva and MyC4 field partner microfinance organizations before founding Zidisha. Enjoys practicing Indonesian martial arts.

Julia Kurnia   |   Director

Sterling, VA, United States          LinkedIn

  • Rodrigo Reyes
    Master's degree in Computer Science. Has been programming since he was 12 and has worked for startups all over the world for the last 10 years. He also worked as volunteer coordinator for HdC, an Ecuadorian NGO. Loves reading, movies and Yoga.

Rodrigo Reyes   |   CTO

Guayaquil, Equador

  • Ale Cors
    Developed Payments for Ecosystem Services for communities in the tropical rainforest. Led operations team of a P2P transportation marketplace, YAXI. Loves the ocean, scuba diving and her family.

Ale Cors   |   Operations Coordinator

Mexico City, Mexico          LinkedIn

  • Aliz
    Master's degrees in Economics & International Relations. Background in banking and a passion for development finance and social responsibility. Spent several years in the Middle East. Enjoys traveling, sports & cooking.

Aliz   |   Anglophone Liaison

Budapest, Hungary

  • Arianna Miller
    Master of Public Administration with special interest in international development. Originally from Nashville, TN but a very mobile individual! Enjoys French, reading, brunching, and wine tastings.

Arianna Miller   |   Anglophone Liaison

Washington, DC, United States          LinkedIn

  • Abdelkabir Mandili
    Master’s student in Political Economy at the University of Amsterdam. Participated as a Global Citizen fellow in Malaysia. Passionate about international development. Enjoys travelling and sports.

Abdelkabir Mandili   |   Anglophone Liaison

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Ronny Wijaya
    An engineer who worked in fin-tech & mobile-payment fields in the Bay Area. Curious on what could happen if we help others to grow. Enjoys finding intriguing topics; also enjoys basketball.

Ronny Wijaya   |   Indonesia Liaison

Jakarta, Indonesia;, United States

  • Lauren Finkenthal
    Undergraduate student at Georgetown University studying Africa, French, and Women's and Gender Studies. Passionate about social justice on a global scale. Enjoys cooking, singing, and debating competitively.

Lauren Finkenthal   |   Francophone Liaison

Washington, DC, United States          LinkedIn

  • Betsy Ramser Jaime
    Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship. Business Instructor and Mentor. Originally from the Midwest and currently living in Florida. Loves travel, K Pop, and reading.

Betsy Ramser Jaime   |   Entrepreneur Story Writer

Gainesville, Florida, United States          LinkedIn

  • Leah Silverman
    A current student at the University of Virginia working towards a degree in Public Policy. Interests include vegan advocacy and sustainability.

Leah Silverman   |   Francophone Liaison

Reston, Virginia, United States

  • Emily Silber
    Born in Connecticut. Bachelor's Degree in International Business, University of Connecticut. Master's Degree in Accountancy, GWU in D.C. Passionate about international relations/finance, travel, music, the beach, photography, and her pets.

Emily Silber   |   Accountant

Arlington, Virginia, United States          LinkedIn

  • Siddharth Shankar
    Economics/Law student at UNSW Sydney. Passionate about development economics and entrepreneurship. Cricket nerd who loves traveling, art and photography.

Siddharth Shankar   |   Anglophone Liaison

Sydney, Australia

  • Jyoti Diwan
    Born and raised in India. Recently moved to the U.S. Master's Degree in Business Administration with specialization in Finance; over 7 years of experience working across domains. She has always wanted to work for a nonprofit.

Jyoti Diwan   |   Anglophone Liaison

New York State, United States          LinkedIn

  • Ting
    Bachelor's Degree in International Management, 2016. Currently learning French. Planning to go to graduate school to study Business.

Ting   |   Anglophone Liaison

Virginia, United States

  • Lauren
    Graduate of Elon University with a degree in International Studies and soon to be law student at Case Western Reserve University. Passionate about international development and women's empowerment. Loves hiking, history museums, and horseback riding.

Lauren   |   Anglophone Liaison & Francophone Liaison

Texas, United States

  • Bethany Plummer
    Master's Degree in International Studies and Diplomacy from The School of Oriental and African Studies, London. Specialisms in African Politics and Political Social Media. Enjoys cycling and travelling. Currently based in Western Kenya.

Bethany Plummer   |   Anglophone Liaison

London, England, United Kingdom

  • Wolfgang
    Retired from senior positions in I.T.; for the past 10 years, has been mentoring companies in Germany and Canada. Helping the Zidisha team adds a new and inspiring challenge. Enjoys swimming, diving, and traveling.

Wolfgang   |   Anglophone Liaison; Francophone Liaison; Mentor/Consultant

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Reema Mukherjee
    Raised in India, Reema moved to the U.S. recently. Keenly interested in meaningful & impactful contributions and understanding the myriad roles of finance in society. Relishes traveling, reading, and meeting new people.

Reema Mukherjee   |   Anglophone Liaison

California, United States

  • Christie Young
    Recent graduate in International Affairs, based in Boston and working for a community solar company. Found Zidisha when writing a paper on Microfinance last year!

Christie Young   |   Anglophone Liaison

Boston, Massachusetts, United States          LinkedIn

  • Yujie
    An Economics student at Bocconi University. Currently spending a gap year travelling around Southeast Asia. Loves eating, travelling, and exploring the unknown. Always looking for meaningful and innovative ways to help others.

Yujie   |   Anglophone Liaison

Ipoh, Malaysia

  • Camille Smith
    Studying Finance and Spanish at Truman State University, studied abroad in Spain and Costa Rica. Interested in international development and microfinance, passionate about financial empowerment for women. Loves running, cooking, and reading.

Camille Smith   |   Anglophone Liaison

Kansas City, Missouri, United States          LinkedIn

  • Raquel Salgado
    B.A. in Business Administration; attended the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management certificate program in Microfinance. Has traveled to over 13 countries and has lived in India and Taiwan; recently got married in Italy.

Raquel Salgado   |   Accountant

California, United States

  • Zack Burt
    Businessperson and technologist who embraces practical solutions for providing community.​ Loves art and learning new things.

Zack Burt   |   Country Expansion Lead

New York, New York, United States          LinkedIn

  • Claudia
    Master's Degree in Physics and PhD in Engineering; working as researcher in Italy with short secondments in UK and USA. I teach Italian as a volunteer and manage the website of a non-profit organization. I Love traveling, reading, and movies.

Claudia   |   Anglophone Liaison

Milan, Italy

  • Emily Johnson
    Born and raised in Texas, but currently spending time in Taiwan and in Idaho. Pursuing a a bachelor's degree in History and Non-Profit Management. Passionate about supporting and empowering children and families. Loves hiking, skiing, and reading.

Emily Johnson   |   Francophone Liaison

Taipei, Taiwan;, United States

  • S​ara Haire
    Graduated from the University of Alabama with majors in Economics and International Studies and a minor in Italian. Pursuing a career in international development and/or microfinance. Avid book reader, traveler, and striving to be a polyglot one day.

S​ara Haire   |   Francophone Liaison

Athens, Georgia, United States

  • Aleena Saha​​
    A (mad) cognitive scientist turn designer discovering how to empower creative human success. Revels in strategically welding minds and ideas for a more sustainable and equitable society. Reads voraciously and dances ballet.

Aleena Saha​​   |   Media Outreach

Cupertino, California, United States

  • Kavitha Ashwin​​
    Born in India. Previously worked in advertising. Mother of two boys. Enjoys creative and artistic pursuits. Keen to help people help themselves through Zidisha.

Kavitha Ashwin​​   |   Anglophone Liaison

Sydney, Australia          LinkedIn

  • Mai Nguyen
    Born in Vietnam, educated in the U.S. Currently a CPA working for a healthcare company in Nashville. Passionate about solving problems through economic freedom and equality. Enjoys reading, traveling, cooking.

Mai Nguyen   |   Accountant

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

  • Cameron
    Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and International Affairs at James Madison University. Grew up in various European countries. Interested in development economics, travel, and history.

Cameron   |   Anglophone Liaison & Francophone Liaison

Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States

  • Pooja Kumar
    Studying Business Administration and Economics at UC Berkeley. Passionate about microfinance and helping internationally-focused nonprofit organizations.

Pooja Kumar   |   Accountant

Berkeley, California, United States

  • Abdoulaye Tandia
    Young finance professional from Senegal. Moved to Toronto in 2010. Spent most of youth travelling and saw firsthand the disparity of opportunities across the first and third worlds.

Abdoulaye Tandia   |   Francophone Liaison

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Mary
    A rising senior at George Mason University, majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Human Security. Became interested in Zidisha after taking an Environmental Policymaking class focused on developing countries.

Mary   |   Anglophone Liaison

Fairfax, Virginia, United States

  • Ruth Prosko
    Pursuing an MBA at Ohio University. Interested in technology and developmental economics. Enjoys traveling, cooking, and sports.

Ruth Prosko   |   Anglophone Liaison

Athens, Ohio, United States

  • Linda
    Masters in Global Studies and International Relations with a concentration in development in Latin America. Lived and worked for a year in Guatemala. Enjoys traveling, painting, and running.

Linda   |   Anglophone Liaison

Massachusetts, United States

  • Paige
    Master's Degrees in Public Administration and International Development. Interest ed in economic development, global health, and agriculture. Likes reading, listening to music, and playing the balafon.

Paige   |   Francophone Liaison

Senegal & East Coast, United States

  • Jessica Scazzero
    Studying Economics, Statistics, and Italian at Harvard College. Interested in social entrepreneurship and financial empowerment of women. Loves traveling, hiking, and cooking.

Jessica Scazzero   |   Indonesia Liaison & Anglophone Liaison

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

  • Abhisek Sahoo
    From California; studying Business Administration and English at the University of California, Berkeley. Interested in poker, basketball, and spending time with friends.

Abhisek Sahoo   |   Anglophone Liaison

Berkeley, California, United States

  • Namu Hichilo
    Passionate about technology, history and Africa. Background in software engineering. Always looking for something new to learn.

Namu Hichilo   |   Anglophone Liaison (& helps Ale w/Operations)

Lusaka, Zambia          LinkedIn

  • Evan Metzner
    Raised in Connecticut; pursuing B.A. In Economics and History w/a Minor in International Studies. Admittedly indecisive w/his broad choice of studies, has a voracious appetite for knowledge & hopes to use it to solve inequities around the world.

Evan Metzner   |   Anglophone Liaison

Fairfield, Connecticut, United States

  • Laurie
    Bachelor's Degree, SUNY, self-financed w/grants, scholarship & summer work; Cumulative GPA: 3.8/4.0, Rank: #15/814. Passionately helping the disadvantaged! Disciple of Tom Shadyac, his excellent "I AM" film & great book: LIFE'S OPERATING MANUAL :-)

Laurie   |   Anglo/Francophone Liaison (& helps Ale w/Operations)

East Coast, United States

  • Erin Stackowitz
    Pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Chemistry; social-entrepreneur fellow recipient and Chief Development Officer for "Smart Women's Securities"; passionate about art and running; hopes to attend medical school in the future.

Erin Stackowitz   |   Anglophone Liaison

Malverne, New York, United States

  • Shohini Gupta
    Studying Economics and Political Science at U.C., Berkeley, with an interest in microfinance and development​al​ economics.

Shohini Gupta   |   Anglophone Liaison

Berkeley, California, United States

  • Joseph Abell
    Master of Economics from the University of Queensland. Has a keen interest in development economics. Enjoys football, travel, and hiking.

Joseph Abell   |   Anglophone Liaison

Brisbane, Australia

  • Grace Bachman
    Studying Economic Development and Finance at Messiah College. Passionate about poverty alleviation and expanding financial literacy. Loves to travel. Has lived in Panama, the Gambia, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, and the United States.

Grace Bachman   |   Francophone Liaison

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

  • Jwalin Joshi
    Currently attending EVHS, hoping to major in Economics. Nationally ranked debater, loves yoga, basketball and music.

Jwalin Joshi   |   Anglophone Liaison

San Jose, California, United States

  • Kahhow Lee
    M.S. Applied Economics Candidate at Johns Hopkins University. Born and raised in Singapore, interested in Education and Economic Development.

Kahhow Lee   |   Anglophone Liaison

Singapore;, United States

  • Christina Sobota Kovacs
    Master’s degree in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies from Oxford. Background in human rights and particularly the rights of displaced persons. Interested in the language of rights, development and progress.

Christina Sobota Kovacs   |   Accountant

New York, New York, United States          LinkedIn

  • Rebecca Wolfe
    Born and raised on America's West Coast. Studied sociology and social history. Passionate about amplifying the voices of the unheard. Loves running, reading, writing, and cooking.

Rebecca Wolfe   |   Entrepreneur Story Writer

Folsom, California, United States

  • Ada Yeoh
    Bachelor's Degree in Finance. Currently working as a finance executive in the automotive industry. Wants to pursue a career as a digital nomad. Has a heart for the marginalised. Enjoys travel and meeting people.

Ada Yeoh   |   Anglophone Liaison

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Hongji Wu
    Born in China, now studies in U.K. for Master’s Degree in Development Finance. Tried to start a P2P program in China but failed. Curious about everything fresh. Enjoys movies, reading, chess.

Hongji Wu   |   Anglophone Liaison

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

  • Amanda Treppmann
    Master's in Business Administration. Worked for a microfinance network providing technical assistance and fundraising support to microfinance providers. Loves reading, the outdoors, and spending time with family.

Amanda Treppmann   |   Accountant

Berlin, Germany

  • Liliane Cheung
    Master's degree in Finance, working in banking with a passion for social entrepreneurship and microfinance. Participated in the social entrepreneurship train journey Jagriti Yatra in India. Enjoys travelling, cooking, wine & cheese.

Liliane Cheung   |   Francophone Liaison

Paris, France          LinkedIn

  • Ammar Ali
    Engineering student interested in writing, coding, and cinematography. Joined Zidisha as soon as he heard about it so that he can play a small role in changing someone's life. Spends his time writing, coding, and creating videos.

Ammar Ali   |   Anglophone Liaison

Karachi, Pakistan

  • Tony Liao
    Born in Beijing, now working in corporate strategy for Canadian financial institution. Passionate about financial empowerment in developing nations and all things microfinance. Always looking for ways to contribute in international development.

Tony Liao   |   Anglophone Liaison

Toronto, Ontario, Canada          LinkedIn

  • Aditya Jayanthi
    From outside Washington D.C., currently working as a strategy consultant in Germany. Interested in meaningful contribution towards fostering international development. Bachelor's Degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Aditya Jayanthi   |   Anglophone Liaison

Frankfurt, Germany;, United States          LinkedIn

  • Emily Wu
    Presently pursuing a law degree. Previously worked in non-profit management and health research and policy. Passionate about traveling, music, and photography.

Emily Wu   |   Anglophone Liaison

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • William Hickman
    Majoring in Business Administration, plans on pursuing a career in the nonprofit world. I love people, and hope to bring hope and joy to their lives.

William Hickman   |   Anglophone Liaison

Williamsburg, Virginia, United States

  • Martha Fleury
    Web Designer/Graphic Designer for nonprofit organizations. Interested in microfinance and international development, enjoys gardening, traveling, biking, and spending time with family.

Martha Fleury   |   Anglophone Liaison

Washington, D.C., United States

  • John Fay
    Social entrepreneur focused on clean energy solutions for low-income communities. Holds a PhD from University of Cape Town, an MBA from Cornell Johnson School and B.A. from Duke University. Enjoys sports, particularly ice hockey and lacrosse.

John Fay   |   Trustee

Lusaka, Zambia         LinkedIn

  • Ronald Cheng
    Software engineer at Dropbox, previously worked at Facebook and Samasource, a social enterprise that connects people living in poverty with life-changing work opportunities via the Internet. Graduate of Computer Science at Columbia University.

Ronald Cheng   |   Trustee

California         LinkedIn

  • Whitney Holmes
    Partner with Dorsey & Whitney specializing in securities law. Helped pioneer legalization of P2P lending in the US as legal counsel to Prosper.com. Formerly Chair of the Securities Law Subsection of the Colorado Bar Association's Business Law Counsel.

Whitney Holmes   |   Legal Adviser

Denver, Colorado         LinkedIn

  • Yun-Fang Juan
    Entrepreneur, data scientist and software engineer, expertise in social networks, machine learning, social impact and crowdfunding. Creator of Facebook Ads, now CEO of Fundastic, a company devoted to bringing transparency to small business lending.

Yun-Fang Juan   |   Adviser

Cupertino, California         LinkedIn

  • Paul Graham
    Cofounder of Y Combinator and Viaweb (today Yahoo! Store), essayist and author of On Lisp, ANSI Common Lisp, and Hackers and Painters. Invented the algorithm that inspired today's email spam filters. PhD in Computer Science from Harvard.

Paul Graham   |   Adviser

Mountain View, California         LinkedIn

  • Kevin Hale
    Partner at Y Combinator and advises their companies on user experience and design. Cofounded Wufoo, one of the earliest Y Combinator companies ranked by Jakob Nielson as one of the best application UIs of 2008 and later acquired by SurveyMonkey in 2011.

Kevin Hale   |   Adviser

Mountain View, California         LinkedIn

  • Eric Wu
    Cofounder and CEO of Opendoor.com, an online real estate technology company. Previously, Eric founded Movity.com, which was acquired by Trulia.com in 2011 and is an advisor and investor to nonprofits and startups throughout San Francisco.

Eric Wu   |   Adviser

San Francisco, California         LinkedIn

  • Haroon Mokhtarzada
    Cofounder of Webs.com, now VP of Digital Innovation at Vistaprint. Angel investor with a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship. Serves on American Express Open’s Digital Advisory Board and UN Foundation Global Entrepreneurs Council.

Haroon Mokhtarzada   |   Adviser

Washington, D.C.         LinkedIn

  • Paul Duan
    Cofounder & Chief Scientist at Bayes Impact. Formerly Lead Data Scientist at Eventbrite and cofounder of Obelisk Technologies. He has been featured in the WSJ, Kaggle and Healthcare Data Consortium.

Paul Duan   |   Adviser

San Francisco, California         LinkedIn