matt carroll


United Kingdom



I'm a COO of a game developer based in London.

I started my career in marketing and brand management working for children's book publishers and local council. I set up my own marketing company and completed an MBA at City University London by the mid 1990s. I had hoped to work in the toy industry after the MBA but fell into video games as a product manager - and once there I never wanted to leave. I moved to a commercial roles in 2001 - focusing on distribution & operations, licensing and business development, I worked across mobile games, online games, websites and digital distribution of console games. I have worked on the board as treasurer of our industry trade body. In 2018 I moved to help run a development studio that makes games for PC, Console and mobile overseeing finance, personnel, IT and helping on strategy and business development.

Since my MBA I remain passionate about new business. Today I informally mentor several external start up and small companies looking to develop growth. I'm very interested to see how microlending via Zidisha can work - I'd like to see successful companies delivering high quality services and employment opportunities for the very long term. I'm happy to offer mentoring/advise via email or other route if you think I can help.

My linkedin profile is here: