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Hello! :-)

So, some of the content that previously was on this page,
you now can find on these other pages: [-next]

This also is new over there, about the Saharan
dust storms nicknamed "Godzilla" that are the
most severe ones to come over from Africa and
impact the United States in about five decades: [saharan-dust-storms]

Most-recent edits to the "RootCause" website:
2020 July 4th @ 1:35 P.M., E.D.T.

Best wishes, everybody... and please stay safe. :-)

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Zidisha's Beginnings:
- Founder & Director's Story:

Zidisha's Team:
1st Tab: Community Leaders:
the Founder & Director, and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO),
and some of the volunteer Community Moderators (CMs),
and some of the Volunteer Mentors (VMs)
2nd Tab: Trustees & Advisers
3rd Tab: Volunteer Alumni:
some of the Country Liaisons (CLs)
and some others.

Some active lender Community Leaders (or other non-borrower
active Community Leaders) sometimes choose not to be listed
(either at all or as active), or to be listed with only a given name
and without a surname, and/or without a photo, for various
privacy reasons.

NOTE: Both the "First Name" (a.k.a. "given name") and
the "Last Name" (a.k.a. "family name" / a.k.a. "surname")
always appear on the Team page for each listed borrower
actively in a "Community Leader" role (of any who choose
to be listed there), because each such listing links directly
to that individual's borrower-profile page; the same photo
of the borrower appears automatically in both locations.
(A photo of the borrower is supposed to be posted at the
time of the third loan request and at all times thereafter.)

Any Zidisha member actively in a "Community Leader"
role may choose, at any time, to be listed, or not,
under the "Community Leaders" tab on the Team page.

Alumni also may choose, at any time, to be listed,
or not, under the "Alumni" tab on the Team page.

Kind Words and Updates from Zidisha's Borrowers:
- Project Updates: [updates]

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Zidisha's Blog:

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