United States


After spending the summer of 2015 reading about the tragedies in the Mediterranean due to refugees and economic migrants making their way to Europe, I really wanted to do something however small it may be. I really feel strongly that providing people with opportunity and giving people a reason to stay in their own countries will prevent some of the horrific tragedies that result in migration. It will also keep families together and strengthen communities.
I also feel that empowering people is very important, i.e. by lending but also having compassion i.e. the understanding that not everyone will be able to pay back. The repaying of loans, allows the recycling of funds so even more people can benefit. Hence very little can go a long way.

Zidisha provides opportunities for people through lending, but also encourages the amazing creativity, energy and determination of borrowers.

To be honest, I am not sure how I would manage, if I were in the position of many of the people in the countries that Zidisha represents. Could I be as creative, entrepreneurial and determined?