About is, since the beginning of 2018 a Spanish-registered charity.

BienesDar [WellGiving]’s mission is to improve society’s wellness (bienestar in Spanish), sharing activities, resources, skills and knowledge.

In order to fulfill this mission, the following activities are organised:
Personal development training workshops, conferences, seminars, conventions and symposiums .
Development of ways to connect people so that they can share activities, resources, skills and knowledge which may improve society’s wellness.
Any type of activity that includes improving the participants’ wellness and/or society’s wellness in general.
Any type of activity that empowers the charity to launch any of the activities listed previously. This includes agreements with anyone (person or entity) that can help BienesDar’s mission.
Contributions, grants, subventions, awards and prizes to encourage actions that can contribute towards BienesDar’s mission (This is where our collaboration with takes place).

Projects Enabled