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My name is Catherine Wanjiku Rimui. I am a Kenyan national, currently resident in Nakuru County, within the larger Rift valley province, Kenya.

I am married to Mr. David Wanjohi and we have 4 children and one grandchild. Super exciting.

I am currently not employed, and it is only my husband who has been supporting the family, which can be difficult. I would therefore like to contribute and help my husband in meeting the needs of our family.

I have been doing kitchen gardening, leaning towards vegetables for subsistence use, and that has assisted in some of our expenses, where food and nutrition are involved.

Recently I have developed an interest in poultry rearing, and while I now have 10 chickens, I am looking to expand my brood and in the process make it an income-generating prospect.

I am excited to start this phase of my life, seeing that at my age, formal employment is off the table. I would be happy to apply my time and strength to this project, and with your help, I will be able to contribute to raising our family.

I am a firstborn to my parents, and I hail from a polygamous setting, meaning I have very many brothers and Sisters. Almost 20 in number! Our family reunions are therefore usually full of fun and laughter, as is typical with large gatherings, it's literally a clan.

I am therefore happy to be incorporated into the Zidisha family, which is global, and founded on principles of kindness, generosity, trust, and confidence. We are indeed each other's keepers, and that is humbling. I remain entirely grateful.
Looking forward to walking this journey together.

My Business

Hello again,

I am looking to expand my chicken rearing project starting with broiler chicken to sell chicken meat, and later expand to incorporate layers.

Later on, with proper equipment, I will also be able to sell chicks to other persons involved in poultry farming to rear for meat and eggs.

I will need to build chicken houses, buy chicken food, ensure there's medicine at hand, and feeding/watering equipment.

There will also be a need for a thermostat to regulate and maintain viable temperatures for hatching chicks.

Loan Proposal

The goal of the project is to improve the livelihood of my family, through direct sales, by also creating employment in the long run o for the youths in my neighborhood, and ultimately by providing quality Poultry products at the most affordable and reasonable rates.

Moving forward and with increased numbers, feeding will be a major aspect of this poultry project. In fact, most of the expenses in the future would go towards poultry feeding.

Therefore, it will be imperative to figure out the feeding aspects of this business as we progress and grow go into it. In order to control my expenses, I plan to produce own feeds but also will be buying from the market at the initial stages.

However, this particular loan will go towards purchasing 150 10 day old chicks for rearing, extra expenses like feeding and deficits in the amount needed for the chicks i shall supplement from family, friends, and savings.

Thank you.

Income Source

Several factors make this project profitable;
• Food is one of the basic needs of man. Regardless of the economic situation, human beings must feed, and since domestic birds are consumable, that makes poultry farming feasible.

• Kenya, for instance, has a population of over 40 million and growing; bear in mind that a huge population means a huge demand for food (eggs and meat).

• With the increased awareness of the health implications of red meat, there’s an increased demand for white meat, and birds are a source of white meat.

I will while undertaking the project Identify and review possibilities for relevant strategic risks and evaluate the strategic control environment, and therefore i will be able to evaluate and deal with any foreseeable risks and deal with them as they arise.

I will also as a stop-gap measure speak to my friends who are zidisha members to guarantee this loan.

Thank you.





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Apr 22, 2021

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