Increase M-PESA float and purchase products for my salon

Valentine Mongola

Elburgon, Kenya

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Valentine Mongola

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July 2014

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About Me

My names are valentaine asaale mongolo.I am a mother of three and currently living widow after my husband was killed in Somalia one year ago.He was serving as a soldier in Kenya.
I live in Elburgon setelite estate and i do my business in Elburgon town.I have a certificate in hair and beauty from Vera and Beauty College in Nairobi.At this point i have a beauty shop in Elburgon where i run an Mpesa and offer my service to my customers.
Besides that i am a gospel artist at our church here in Elburgon and i am planning to realise my first and new album very soon.

My Business

I am in the business of beauty now and as mpesa agent.I run a salon,Mpesa and sell local made and imported shoes,children wear,makeups.Most of my customers comes from within the town.When i started this business i faced so many challeges such as lack of enough capital and stiff competition but with time now as i had improved on the service i offer,am now at the pick within this area.Now i am proud to run a successful,stable and reliable business.
Today if the opportunity is given to have a loan,i will use it to expand my business by bringing new products that will attract me more customers hence earn me more income.

Loan Proposal

Thank you so much zidisha for giving me this golden opportunity to raise loan.I kindly ask lenders to support my bid.First i am going to use $47 of the loan to add mpesa float because currently my customers are growing daily that i need a bigger float to meet their needs.Then $ 65 i will use to bring ladies foot wear(sandles,closed and open shoes) from Malaba Uganda.This because i have realized majority of ladies around my place really love Ugandan's products and bringing those product will help me attract more customers.Then the remaining amount $ 40 i will use to add make ups for my salon,that is air oil,wig,weave,braids,air food,shampoo and buy a second air drier @ $ 21.Thank you






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Classic Loan

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Aug 8, 2014

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On Time

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7 weeks



Gorssel, Netherlands


Atlantis!!!! x), Mauritania


Sarasota, Fl, United States


Zurich, Switzerland

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Sterling, United States


Huntington, United States








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Sep 9, 2014


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