A loan of ghc 638 helps me to purchase bales of second hand

Johnson Ofosu

Odorkoraccra, Ghana

16% repaid



Johnson Ofosu

Member since

December 2014

On-time repayments

131 installments  •  15%

About Me

Johnson Kweku 0fosu is my name. l live in Odorkor , a town in Accra-Ghana . l was born in Kumasi -Ghana. My parents are Mr and Mrs Ofosu.l like reading books,making new friends and dancing. My business located at Kantamanto . l have my small business . I Sell CLOTH and get an income from it.When l graduated from school. l search for job but unfortunately l could not find one so l decided to open my small business and by the grace of God l was able to do that..
I am married with a child. l used some of my profits to send my child to school and take care of my wife . l also save some for my business. l stated this small business because life was not easy for us and l want to take good care of my children and wife .

My Business

My business is selling clothing sales . l earn GHC 320 ($100) and sometimes when business is good l earn more than that. l believe if my loan is granted l will be able to rapay the loan.
My business is profitable because l have some good customers who prefer to buy from me and they also sell it to other peoples. .My price are cheap and customer do not want to travel long distance before they will get some of the cloth ..The main challenges is the lack of money to invest in the business so that l will increase my income and make more profit. l want to get Loan from zidisha so that l will invest in the business .If my loan is approve l will add the money to want l already have so that my income will increase.and take good care of my wife and provide better life for my children too..

Loan Proposal

I am going to buy a bale of second clothes using an amount of Ghc638and added to my existing one .This will increase my income, profit and take good care of my wife and children. Secondly, My business will grow ,reach more clients and be able to create jobs for others too. Now, bulk of cloth used cloth cost GHC 700 which is about $183,l will add the money the lenders will lends me to want l already have so that l will be able to buy bulk of used cloth..The demand is very high in the market . and l want to meet the demand of my customers that is why l want the lenders to support me to satisfy the demands of my customers. When have new clothes my customers will buy more clothes from me. l am requesting all the lenders to help me to achieve this dream. l will work hard so that l will be able to repay the loan my business is profitable and with this l will be able to repay my loans.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

May 22, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

26 months

Cost to entrepreneur

Service fee: $4.05

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