A loan to buy cosmetic stock for my shop

Elizabeth Makasi

Mombasa, Kenya

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Elizabeth Makasi

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August 2014

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54 installments  •  72%

About Me

I am a young lady trying to venture in this entrepreneurial world. i have been trying different business ventures such as selling households among other ventures. Am a persistent business person and i have been surviving through such since i stopped depending on my parents. i have had a passion of business since i was in high school and i have a very great hope of succeeding and becoming a well known business person and an example to the young and upcoming entrepreneurs.

currently, am operating a cosmetic shop at Kilifi town which is doing quite well. i have been pursuing a cosmetology course which am about to complete in a few weeks time and intent to expand my cosmetic business by starting a salon.

My Business

I am a business person operating a cosmetic shop at Kilifi town. i depend on that business for my upkeep and find it quite comfortable with me since i started the business.

Having studied a cosmetology course, i feel that i can expand my business by starting a salon and this will hopefully increase on my income from the venture. the business has been doing well despite the challenges of competition which i believe are normal in this world of business. i have also faced the challenges of funding the business but this has never been a reason to make make stop being a business person. i have always looked for all possible alternatives to compound the above mentioned challenges. i hereby request the zidisha team to grant me a loan which will enable me finance my business and increase the profit margin. i will highly appreciate the support and agree to comply with the zidisha terms and conditions in repaying the loan if granted to me. thank you in advance.

Loan Proposal

Hello Zidisha, am grateful for the previous loan that i have completed repaying. The loan was of great help to me since i bought the salon equipment that i had intended to. however, i want to expand my business by buying cosmetic stock to add to my shop. the main reason that has triggered me towards the need of increasing my business is the high demand for my customers to bring to them these goods that are related to the services that i offer. i intend to start selling cosmetic products in wholesale and this calls for a high capital. i will appreciate your support towards the success of my business and promise to repay my loan dues timely as per the Zidisha requirements. Thank you in advance.






Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Jul 27, 2015

Repayment status


Projected term

5 months


Matt B

Stratford Upon Avon, United Kingdom


Jake Gibson and Beverly Picardo

San Francisco, United States

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