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Berekum Amangoase, Ghana

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August 2016

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About Me

My Childhood and Education.
During my childhood, I was discovered to be quiet but strong and intelligent child. My friends used to called me” Asuama the compion . They were afraid to tack me because I was strong.
I grew up cultivating the habit of going to Church everyday as a Catholic for Daily Mass. As an Altar girl or a Mass Servant I used to be at Church at 6:00 AM to prepare the Altar for Daily Mass (Church Service) at 6:30 AM. I couldn’t have a better day without going for Daily
As a student, I used to get myself ready for Daily Mass after which I go to school without going home. I play a good leadership role both in School and in Church. In school (Junior High), though I was not given leadership position, yet I played the role as a Senior Student. I used to go to school early to take roll call so that later comes will be penalized.
One challenge I had when in Junior High, was when my father demand that we should go to farmer and help during school hours. Even though, I was hard working as a child but to go to farmer on the expense of my school hours was serious challenge to me. However, for my hard work and better performance in school, my Headmaster help me out of this by talking to father to always allow me to benefit from my school hours rather than to the father.
This made me never to forget my Headmaster. It was all because of my conduct and good behavior in school and safe me. This helps me to come out from school with a better grade. I would have perform poorly and drop out of school because of this challenge.
I stared my own business as a photographer after I had some experience working with a number of sole proprietors. It has being my dream to have my own business, but how to start was a big challenge to me.
Fortunately, one day I got a small camera which belongs to my brothers. I said to myself I can make business out of this, and luckily it was during Easter, thus a season for photographers to make more business. So it was the right time for me. Even though I had negative thoughts about how friends will under minds me taking up this business yet I discovered it to be lucrative business.
And there I found myself in photographic

My Business

I am a student and also an online free lancer. I write articles and get paid online. I have a laptop and constant internet which enables me to earn small to supplement my parents effort in paying my school fees. I earn an average of 10 to 15 $ on a typical good day. My current financial strategy is one which include savings on income earned on part-time jobs and the little support I receive from my dad.

Loan Proposal

Thank you my lenders for given the first loan to pay my first seamster fees.l need help with the payment of this year academic fees since which is $200 I will use the money to support myself so that i can make part payment this year and have a peace of mind to study in school. In fact I really I know that God us to help me to continue my education. As a future nurse.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

Disbursed amount


Date disbursed

Oct 31, 2016

Repayment status


Projected term

26 months

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