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August 2016

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About Me

Am the third born in a family of five. I grew up in a humble background with mum being the sole breadwinner.
I school at Kampi ya Moto Primary school emerged the best pupil with 382/500 marks and joined AIC Morop Girls. Though my childhood was difficult I always worked hard in school and scored the best grades in class, this earned me a sponsorship from Grandmothers Education Fund Africa.
After high school I volunteered in the above organization for a year and was later employed as a field officer, I saved and started a cyber cafe business that has enabled me pay my college fees throughout college.
When am not working I enjoy swimming and mending torn clothes for family, neigbours and friends who cannot afford taking them to a tailor.

My Business

My business is a cyber cafe that offers internet services, typing and printing, photocopy, binding of books and lamination. We also sell stationery such as pens, notebooks, envelopes, printing papers and soft drinks such as mineral water and soda.
I run it myself and have one employee to assist me. I choose this type of business because I have experience in working with computer applications as well as fast typing skills. It is also a good source of income and I have been able to pay my college fee and support my family from the profits I make.
On average the business generates about Kshs. 1000. The daily expenses are about Ksh. 400 a day. It has high potential of growing if more computers and new machines such as a bigger more efficient photocopier can be availed.
To attract and retain customers we provide free WI-FI services to our customers who come to enjoy soft drinks in the cyber cafe. I also offer discounts as incentives to my loyal customers.

Loan Proposal

The loan will be used to purchase a new laminating machine for samba cyber cafe. The current one we use is old and sometimes fails to work. This has been a challenge as customers leave when the old machine cannot provide the lamination services.
On average we laminate 10 to 20 documents on a busy day. We charge Ksh. 50 for each A4 document, making a profit of Ksh. 30 per document. Therefore having an efficient machine means our profits will rise. On average we can make between Ksh. 300- 400 a day.

Your considering and funding my loan application will be highly appreciated.

Susan Chesire





  • Jane    Nov 1, 2018

    Repaid on time. Communicative. Happy to lend again!

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Classic Loan

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Dec 25, 2016

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6 weeks




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