Add stock to my stationery and purchase a printer

Jeff Kenya

Kebirigo, Kenya

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Jeff Kenya

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February 2014

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About Me

Hello to all of you! My name is jeff currently run a stationery business in kebirigo town. Over the years, especially after my graduation from university with a bachelor's in education literature, i developed a taste for the need to boost education access and literacy education hence i set up a stationery business which has been favoured by the growth in the number of private schools countrywide as well as in my area, the increasing advocacy for quality education and the gradual population growth all these have seen the increased demand for stationary services. I have specialized in the distribution of past examination papers, pamphlets and precision tools like rulers and geometrical sets. My goods have been selling fairly well. I have bern ploughing back my profits to help acquire new goods and materials like coloured duplicating papers. I intend to grow my business and make a strong statement to the many disillusioned youths in my area that entrepreneurship is the best available

My Business

Well as i mentioned beforehand i run a small stationery business in kebirigo town in the main market. Before going further, i would like to note that the town municipality has a registered two major market days each week being on Tuesdays and Thursdays where in these days the town experiences a heavy human traffic when people from far and within converge to buy and sell. There has been a rise in crime but the local county government has been stepping up patrols to help contain the menace. On a fairly good month, i can register sales revenues of up to 18000 ksh. I usually pay 8000ksh in rent and bills and remain with 10000ksh in profits 70% of which i Plough back to the business to procure new stock. I intend to cut down on costs by acquiring a heavy duty photocopier machine to use in duplicating examination papers, pamphlets and marking schemes to distribute to local schools or sell directly.

Loan Proposal

i will use this loan to add stock to my stationery business.there is a high demand for things like bulk supply of writting materials to nearby schools but am locked out because am not able to buy them in bulk. from this loan i will be able to buy in bulk and sell to them and get good profit.
secondly this loan will help me buy printer to print plastic id for students in nearby schools. from the profits i hope to repay loan in time. please lenders help me.
thanks in advance





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Classic Loan

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Mar 12, 2014

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56 months



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