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May 2014

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About Me

I am 33 years old, I am currently in Nairobi. I have a diploma in Management( Human Resource option). I come from a family of 5 siblings, being the second born, I have always been a role model to my younger siblings and I try my best to groom them in terms of achieving their career dreams.
I am also mum of 3 childresn, 2girls and 1boy, my babies have been my motivator. I started my business to see them through their daily basic needs.

I like travelling, reading business magazines, engaging in business forums, online forums, attending workshops, group discussions etc, I also like visiting childrens' home, I have a passion in corporate social responsibility.

Through the business forums, I have gained experience on how to curb various challenges encountered in day to day activities. People are the resources I need to walk smoothly in this world of business. I have learnt alot.

Zidisha is the best money lending organisation I have heard so far with pocket friendly rates, most affordable for starters, people who are looking forward to add stock to their businesses.

I am looking forward for a good relationship with the organisation for a smooth run and together I know we will make it.

My Business

I opened my shop last year, I am in clothing business, I do sell ladies wears, handbags, shoes and kids casual wears. My business has been my main as source of income, I pay all my bills from the income I get from my business.
My clients gives me referrals of new clients since I sell original products, I ship goods from Turkey and China at pocket friendly prices so my prices are pocket friendly as well hence getting a good clientele. My clients opt to buy from me because I do delivery services, so if one is busy in the office, at home, I do deliveries at the convinient time and places.
The business is profitable because I run an online shop and physical shop, my rent is 30000 shillings, water nor electricity bills which drains the profits one can make.
Like any other business, there are risks that one encounters when running a business.
For online clients, at times you deliver the item but mayb it becomes too small or to big for the client(not fitting at all), so you end up making another delivery for them. Another risk is getting lost when doing deliveries at news places within the town, not clear directions leads to that.
My profits are good, my sales are KES 150,000-180,000 a month, when I deduct my monthly expenses, my profit amounts to KES 50,000-70,000. I will repay my loan from my profits and I am sure my profits will increase if I add the stock I want to add.

Loan Proposal

I will add more stock and introduce a new product. This will be the right time to do so before the suppliers hike their prices. Therefore, I will be able to make good profits.

Income Source

I will market both online and offline. I am a good marketer and this will move my products fast. Thus, I will make good profits.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Jan 28, 2021

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

1 week



Patrick Clavette

Hartford, Wisconsin, United States

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