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My name is Michael Kinaro but most of my friends call me Mike. Mike was born in Central Kenya where almost everybody is a farmer. The area is known for potato and tomatoes production which is normally consumed in the capital city Nairobi.

My parents like everyone else in the area are farmers and it is this early exposure to farming that would shape my future. I did my primary and secondary education and then proceeded to Mombasa to join my uncle who was well established in business. He was a wholesaler in arguably the largest market in East Africa called Kongowea in Mombasa. This is a market where many food produce from the country and even from neighboring countries are sold.

He trained me for one year and then I started my own business within the market. This is what I am doing to date.

I am very sound spiritually and I serve as a deacon in my church. I joined a theological college a few years ago and did a diploma course in theology; in an effort to get to know the word of God better. I harbor desire to do a degree course, in the same field - time and resources allowing.

My Business

I deal with selling of fresh tomatoes and onions at the Kongowea market. I source the produce from upcountry where these crops grow abundantly. This is a business that calls for speed delivery due to its perishable nature. For this reason, my day starts quite early at 4.00 a.m when I arrive at the market to receive the produce which is transported overnight for a distance of about 600km. My day of work ends at 2.00 p.m when I sell my last tomato.

I normally sell tomatoes in boxes. My main clients are retailers and hotel owners. I am proud of this business because it is the one that supports my family 100%. I am able to make a modest profit of about $200 per month but this can go higher during the peak tourism season when big hotels buy these products in large quantities.

I am hoping to diversify my range of products to include fruits like mangoes and oranges which do quite well in the market.

Loan Proposal

My business has grown in the the last one year - thanks to Zidisha loans. I have been able to attract big clients mostly big hotels (3 star hotels) where I supply them with fruits and vegetables besides my normal retail business. This has come with its challenges since the new clients demand high quality products and in large quantities.

For this reason, my business needs a cash boost so as to be able to meet the demands of these bulky buyers since I believe this is the future of my business. The loan will go a long way in giving my clients confidence in me since I will be able to deliver promptly and as per their requirements.

Thank you.





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