Agribusiness (farming of French beans for export)

Christine Kadzo

Mombasa, Kenya

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Christine Kadzo

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November 2013

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About Me

Hallo Zidisha am back. I thank each an everyone of you for your patience. Its so unfortunate that I lost my mum whom I was taking care of thus making it hard for me to pay loan,but its the grace of God that I managed to pay it in full although abit late. I still live in kiembeni with my son. He is now in class one next year he will be going to class two. He wants to be a pilot and I hope through zidisha I will make his dream come true.

My Business

I brought back my rabbits and the money which you are going to fund me will be mainly for me to buy feeds,medication and of the rabbits, and I also started a new business of selling new bed sheets which I sell them at 2500 per pair. I get one bale of bed sheets at 15000. 5000 will go to the rabbits feeds and the remaining amount will be for medication. I also have a house is for rent and we normal rent ksh 5000 per room and they are six bedsitters. They are all occupied and the tenants will pay money every month. The money I will get will mainly be for business purposes and I won't use it for any other purposes. This time i pray that i won't let you guys down cause am in business fully. Please lenders i will be grateful if you give me a second chance.

Loan Proposal

When I get this loan I will all pump it to my farming business that I want to start. I have done the research and it very promising with good revenues at the end. I will lease a land of 1acre which is kshs 6000. I will be able to use this land for one year starting from the day I will lease it. Preparing the farm will cost me kshs 900. I will get seeds from Flamingo at a price of kshs 2000. I will then have to sign a contract with Flamingo company so that they come for the harvest when it's ready. I will also have to buy fertiliser and pesticides for my crops which will cost kshs 5000 until the last day when I will be harvesting in the first round. I will also need to employee one person who will be watering the plants every day so that I get good harvest. He will be paid kshs 200 per day for the job. That will cost me kshs 8400 until I get my first harvest. I will also need transport from where I live to the farm to go and supervise what the people will be doing not daily but thrice per week. When the harvest is ready I will need to get a grading person who will sort the best French beans from the rejected ones. This person is from agriculture and he will be paid kshs 6000 to do all the work. The rejected ones can be sold locally at a cheaper price. Also the remains can be sold to people who keep cows. The good thing is that if I sign the contract with Flamingo company I won't be going around looking for market to sell my harvest but they will come to my farm and take the harvest while I wait for them to send my money in my account. Please fund the above amount to make this a reality because I see potential in this business and there are very few people doing it. I will be very grateful if you assist me. Am available for any questions. Thanking you in advance.






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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 12, 2018

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Projected term

5 months


Stefano Bertolo

Luxembourg, Luxembourg



Arlington, VA, United States

Seppo Ruohonen

Vantaa, Finland

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