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July 2015

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About Me

I David gichara, am very hardworking and interesting and Am a simple person by nuture. my childhood was okay l cant complain . l finished high school in year 2006 after that l joined college to pursue accounts but l dropped out because of luck of funds. l have been working really hard too make progress in life l done alot of casual jobs to sustain my self .
for now l have not yet started my business but am saving to start. our land here is beautiful . we have a rich culture which is passed on from generation to another. am not married but in future l will. l love watching movies and reading

My Business

Am planning to start transport services (boda boda business) . l want buy a motorcycle which will cost me ksh. 90,000 ($900) but l have already saved half it is ksh.45,009 ($450) .
Transport services in our county is a booming business, and providing boda boda services which are more faster and efficient and can not be held in traffic jam for long and can access roads which vehicles cant access due to poor road networks. this gap is an opportunity to make profits and lender services .
l chose this venture due various factors, l saw the the gap which was there and the maintenance of the motorcycle is not high and it has a ready market

Loan Proposal

David am 28 years old works as a smallholder farmer. l farm a small plot of land in the green, lush
hills of kiambu, in the central region of Kenya. For the past 5 years l have been involved in mixed
farming and my main source of income has been growing maize, vegetables and tomatoes. l also
keeps dairy cows. I have been able to provide nutritious food for my family.
Although l have made profits selling a variety of food crops, l have faced with the challenge of timely
delivery of produce to the market. This challenge have not made me give up; “I have to do something for
my self to increase my lncome . I come from a remote
village that has poor feeder roads, and transporting my produce to market has been a challenge, which
is why l have suffered so many losses. Perishable products such as milk, vegetables and tomatoes
require timely delivery to the market if you are to fetch a high price, and through this loan I am going
to achieve my dream and goals. Accessing a financial solution for young people in Kenya is an uphill battle but
I feel relieved to know that there are institutions such as zidisha that help people so
that they can gain respect and equality. The benefits of this loan are astronomical because I will
never suffer losses due to delay in delivery of produce to the market and also, lwill increase my
sales volume because l will be able to transport more goods to the market. a young man who is
making a change for myself and for others in the community because l intend to employ someone
who will be riding the motorbike and helping in farm work. With your loan, l will improve my living
conditions and assure my family of a secure future.
Like I, many poor smallholder farmers await for your help. Get inspired, and make money





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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Sep 5, 2015

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On Time

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7 months



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United States

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