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Ernestina Yeboah Enning

Sunyani, Ghana

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Ernestina Yeboah Enning

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May 2016

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About Me

My name is Ernestina Yeboah Enning, I was born on 22nd day of March 1992.Iam the second born of three Children, my parents are Mr.and Mrs. Enning but unfortunately my father passed away when I was twelve years old. My mother and my uncle took care of me through my secondary school education. After my father's departure ,life turned upside down for me and I had to enter into pety trading to support my mother since the eldest of us had traveled to Europe by foot, for about years now we have not heard of him.Later my uncle stepped in to assist on our education but since he was also haven a family, he could not do more. After my secondary education, I wanted to become a professional teacher so I used some of my pety trading Capital to purchase a cape coast university form for distance program so that I can trade and the same time study in addition to become a professional teacher as I wanted. God granted me a favour so I was admitted. Is a three year program and iam in my second year now.

My Business

I started my business of pety trading when I was in secondary school ,I sell plastic bowls, spoons,and some kitchen equipments.I started with $350 which I got from my father's funeral donations. During weekends and vacations, I move from house to house to give my products on credit basis so that I will come for my returns the following weekend. People are very happy the way I give items out for them to get grace period for payment and my business is growing and at times some people pay already cash for their items.I choose this type of business because I was not haven a huge Capital to start any other business and also I wanted to do a type of business in addition to my studies. It does not require a huge capital but profit margin is good,for at times I earn $80 to $85 a month. I use most of my profit to pay my tuition fees since our fees are paid yearly. Part of my earnings are used to support my kid sister's education and feeding.The rest of my earnings are re invested in my business.

Loan Proposal

I will use the loan to pay my tuition fees to enable me complete the program I am offering at the College .The management of the School has decided to defer all depters in School of their courses of which I am part of it. I would like to pay my fees so that I may not be defered from my courses. I hope lenders will see me through my education. Thank you.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Mar 9, 2018

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Projected term

11 months

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Service fee: $5.70



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