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Kabartonjo, Kenya

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March 2017

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About Me

My name is Fridah Cheburet, third born in family of six siblings four boys and two girls.
I am from kabartonjo Baringo county,and a mother of three , went to Kabartonjo Primary school, Kapchepkor Secondary school and there after joint college in salon and beauty design.
After my college i started my business of salon by joining hands with other colleagues of mind and made savings every month.

My Business

My business started two years ago,offering services like massage, manicure, pedicure,face facial and other hair dressing,Iam able to make aprofit of about ksh 250 to 300 per weekand even high during good days.
The business has made me able to pay my rent,and school fees for my children in school. The othe amount go to maintaining my living standard and making monthly savings.I also pay marry go round a group that we started with my friends in the same business.

I started my salon business 4yrs ago and i offer massage, manicure, pedicure,face facial and other hair work activities.
my salon business helps me provide my business rent,my own house rent and also paying school fees for my kid who is in secondary now. i chose this salon business because of one the passion in me, i love the work also it has a good income and it helps me help my parents too from the business.
my profit will be used to pay my kid fees,pay my rent, reinvest again to my business and expand it to be big,and also improving my life condition and community too.

Loan Proposal

Given the loan i intend to purchase more stock like blow dry of ksh 2,500, drier and other detergents.
I will also hire one lady to assist me at work and this will promote my business hence increase my profits and more savings.the same money will help me pay school fee for my children, rent and also promote my living standard.
With the same business i plan to enroll few ladies and men and educate them on how to have the same services.





Loan Info

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Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Oct 6, 2017

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Projected term

5 months



Perth, Australia

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Mar 11, 2018


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