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My name Ronald Osialai, I come the western part of Kenya in Teso North District. I am 53 years old and I have a family of 7. I have been doing a business of hardware and making of furniture for the last 1 year in my town of Malaba. Business was good initially and I have been able to gain a substantial number of customers. However when the business grows it always requires more stock and equipment. Customers demand for more furniture and materials and my capital input cannot sustain. I require some funding to enable me add tools in order to meet the demands of the customers. I have experience in business management with a Diploma in Business Management and Administration.
And have a vision of developing my hardware /workshop to compete with the best stores in the region. With some funding I am able to increase my profit and thus enable me grow my small business.
I have five children in school, one in college, one in secondary and the rest in primary. The growth and profitability of my business will help me pay for their school fees and all their needs in ease. Besides that I am also studying to advance my course in Business Management and Administration. The growth of my business will help me further this.

My Business

My business is located in Malaba border town of Kenya/Uganda, Teso North District in Busia County,in the Republic of Kenya. In my hardware/workshop I sell building materials and timber and use the same in making furniture like beds,tables,chairs,sofasets,cupboards,desks,wall units naming but just a few.
I started about a year ago and since then the business has been improving. Since the inception of a new constitution and new government structure in Kenya, construction projects are in the rise. Local governments have embarked in construction projects and thus demand for materials. This informs the increase of my supplies to my customers. My daily turnover is an average of Ksh 6000.00 and this translates to a monthly profit of Ksh 30000.00.
I will use the loan to purchase cement which is in high demand in the region at the moment. The loan will go a long way to help my small business grow and sustain the education of my children.
Thank you.

Loan Proposal

Before I even start talking about my business, I would like to thank each and every member of zidisha family, especially my lenders for their financial support towards my business. I lack words to describe how grateful I am today, and what I have so far achieved with the exponential growth of my business. I managed to repay back my loan before even the intended period and currently my pride is beyond reproach, how I wish you guys were here.
I live and do business in western Kenya and the new constitution has brought enormous opportunities, currently more resources and power have been developed to the grassroots and this has escalated the demand for my goods and services, probably that’s the main reason I managed to repay back my loan easily and promptly.
My Governor who is the Governor for Busia county launched one of the finest investor conference few weeks ago to attract more investors to come and invest in Busia county, after a period of time we saw an increased number of investors who were interested to invest in our county. We have also seen investors in the building and construction sector putting up malls, business stalls and residential places. This has caused the demand for blocks for building and construction to go up.
In each and any visionary business person in this world, has and must always think of diversifying his or her products to meet the demand of her clients so as to maintain them. In addition to this, business diversification helps to reduce risks associated with having one single line of business. As a businessman of Busia county I have managed to identify an opportunity in the building and construction sector.
With the demand for building and construction materials going up, am planning to take my second loan to acquire interlocking machine used for construction of blocks that is used for building structures. Currently the machine goes at a price of Ksh 100,000 which is almost equivalent to US 1,200. If all goes well, I will add what I will get from my second loan with what I have saved the past three months. This will enable my business increase my profits by Ksh 40,000 in a month. I will be able to break even after three to four months and I will still comfortably pay back my loan and my bills. As part of the larger zidisha family I will never disappoint you guys, may the Almighty God always bless Zidisha family






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Dec 13, 2013

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