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i had my basic education at Accra and then further it to Muranga High School .when i completed my father died and money became problem for my mother to further my education to university.i am in the family of three and i am the first born .so after my father died i have stop further my education and i went to learn seamstress because my mother has small provision store which cannot cater for all the three family and her self .so i forced my self to learn to run a business and completed and now i have open new busineses and it is moving on well but their is some little challenges interms of finance and i know through zidisha loan i will address those challenges amicably

My Business

i am vert grateful with dear leaders great support you are offering to ventures and small businesses and your effort to grant affordable loan for business people around the world.i am pleading with my dear leaders for funding for me to buy more materials for my clothing production which will help me to assist my family and increase my profit and able to meet the demand of my costumers in my community.i will expect profit margin to expand by 60% if you grant this loan form .Iam also thinking to open an agrovet alongside the clothes shop.Thank you so much my dear leaders.i hope to funding my loan for me .thank you so much.

Project Proposal

I will use the funds raised to enhance the business so as it can reach more customers .The capital raised will be used to purchase more clothes to the shop .The shop will be expected to increase its sales.





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Pay It Forward

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Feb 7, 2024



Chingola, Zambia


Ibadan, Nigeria



United States

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