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About Me

My name is Kenn but my friends call me Ramar short for Ramayian which is a Maasai childhood name.I am the fourth born in a family of five. Sine childhood I have developed a passion for cars and nature. I am a scout so loving nature is not an option,wild animals and natural vegetation have my heart and I try as much as I can to conserve them.
I live in an area where people do all types of farming from small scale to large scale farming. I have been employed before but I prefer being self employed reason being my previous employers have not been men of their words and pay at the end of the deal as agreed. This made me think outside the box and start my own game centre which is a place for computer games and a play station.I also engage in farming which involves the growth of various types of crops for home use and business.I use the earnings from this business to purchase the necessary equipment needed to expand and make my business grow.
My hobbies include camping,going for hikes, climbing trees,making new friends,playing video games,cycling,jogging and so many other interesting activities.

My Business

My small farm mainly deals with vegetables and other seasonal crops,I grow tomatoes,potatoes,cabbages,spinach,beans,peas,onions and other crops. Most of my customers come back for more,this is because I have built a good customer relation with them by allowing them to take the produce to the market then pay me later,this is done under basic understanding and agreement. The business is profitable since I grow the crops according to the season and demand. The risks in this business are mainly pests and disease. The monthly cost is close to 100 USD and the profit is around 250 USD.
The game center has different types of games to offer from football,racing and action. The demand for this services is high or low depending on the season because most of my customers are school going therefore making the demand vary during session and holidays. The risk the business faces is when the machines don`t run efficiently or develop a problem.The monthly cost is around 50 USD,profits vary from 60 to 150 USD.

Loan Proposal

I will use the loan to purchase seed and farm input and also purchase new games for my game centre. It will benefit me a lot because I will be giving to the society by providing food for them right at their disposal. on the other hand,the game centre makes our teenagers busy and not get involved in dangerous activities like doing drugs or other substances. this will also keep them focused on their education and its also mind exercise
You should support me to do this because its a benefit not only to me but to the society as well.






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Jul 16, 2014

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