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Richard Bundi

Meru, Kenya

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Richard Bundi

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January 2015

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About Me

My name is Richard Koome, I am a young, innovative and hardworking Kenyan citizen. I live in Meru and my business is located in Meru town. I have specialized in Mobile phone repairs, and I am learning how to fix computers through apprenticeship. I have been in this business for 3 years now, and I have already made a good customer base. I have a passion for charity work, and I use most of my free time in the internet to learn the latest mobile trends and update myself since my area of specialization is very competitive. My greatest motivation in this world is my mom. My mother successfully educated us even after having not gone to any school. She always places emphasis on the importance of learning. She likes advising me and my fellow brothers and my only sister. The reason I value my work so much is because I have a passion for it, and it is my only income source. Any assistance or support from dear Zidisha members is highly welcome.

My Business

Basically, my business entails mobile phone repair and software updates in mobile phones. Other services in my business include mobile phone charging, Flashing phones as well as consultancy for people wishing to buy good phones. I own a shop located in Meru, at a corridor in stanstead building, Tom Mboya street. I do not have an employee at my shop, and I operate it alone. I buy repair tools and gadgets from Nairobi, and they are transported to Meru where a collect them from the Bus stop. In future, I would like to grow my business to the point of being a wholesale dealer of wholesale mobile repair tools such as screens, ear piece, mouth piece, speakers and keypads. In future, I have a dream of installing internet in my premises, and purchasing a Mobile phone flashing device of my own, since I do not have one. Whenever I get flashing/software update gigs, I have to rush to a friend's shop that is located at the adjacent street. I would like to seek support from members of this forum so that they will help me grow my business.

Loan Proposal

Once my loan has been fully funded, I would like to use the loan amount in Buying a Hot air machine. In my business priorities, I need a flashing machine and a hot air machine. However, the cost of the flashing machine is a little high since its value is about $ 200 but I have not qualified for this amount of loan. However, I am planning to first purchase the hot air machine which is about $ 79. The hot air machine will be very helpful i my business since I will use it to dry mobile phones or electronics from clients who have experienced submersion in liquid accidents. It is also used in soldering gadgets during mobile phone repair. It will be very resourceful in my business. I have projected that my business profit will increase. Everyday, I get about five people who would like to dry their phones. I charge about $ 4 for every successful phone or accessory drying. This loan is going to be a great game changer in my business. Any support in terms of motivation, finance or ideas is highly welcome. Thanks in advance.






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Classic Loan

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Mar 2, 2015

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On Time

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2 months


Paul Buchheit

Mountain View, United States


Melbourne, Australia

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May 9, 2015


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