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Maragua, Kenya

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January 2016

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I was born 48 years back. My father did not fancy education. I was thus educated by my mother up to university. I did a lot of manual labor to raise college fees and upkeep.
I have always wanted to be independent. I thus started thinking of starting a small school. My people value education a lot. My daughter wants to become an engineer and I keep encouraging her a lot.
I enjoy watching movies. I can sit a whole day patiently watching a story unfold.

My Business

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Currently I provide accommodation. I give rooms and get some rent. Houses are in demand as people who come to work in the town I live need accommodation and a place to stay. It was easy to run as it does not involve me a lot. I intend to convert the rooms into a school once I raise the funds. Currently the costs are minimum apart from expansion. The tenants pau rent which is my revenue. I save and expand. I pay fees for children and meet my other life demands.

Loan Proposal

With the loan of 27,940 shillings, I will buy 500 construction blocks at 20,000 kenya shillings. With the shillings 7,940 I will take to the hard ware shop for more cement. this will afford me about 12 bags of 50kg cement. This will go a long way in constructing the walls of the house.
I am optimistic I will make it.






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Classic Loan

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Sep 2, 2016

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On Time

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3 months



Priscilla Rathbone

Seattle, Washington, United States

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