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Daniel Mwangi

Thika, Kenya

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Daniel Mwangi

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December 2018

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About Me

Hi, am a music prodcer mainly producing electronic dance music. I want to fund a project and see how it goes.

My Business

I produce music and distribute it to music stores. After that I receive royalties and make deals with other artists hence earning much profits. This loan will help me upgrade my business to the next level.

Project Proposal

I want to buy a 48v power booster for my condenser microphone. The cost is not that much but it will be worth buying. This tool will help me easen the task when recording studio vocals. All your help will be greatly appreciated.





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Pay It Forward

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Dec 6, 2021

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Service fee: $4.78



Multia, Finland

Aaron Mackenzie

Nairobi, Kenya


Minneapolis/StPaul, United States

Geoffeey Wahu

Nairobi, Kenya

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