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Mombasa, Kenya

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March 2016

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256 installments  •  78%

About Me

My name is George and I do cyber-cafe business in the city of Mombasa. I came to Mombasa 10 years ago after completing my secondary school education. I was born in a place called Muranga - in central Kenya. in a family of 5 where I am the first born.

My parents are small farmers and they only produce food crops for the family consumption. Life was tough at home since my parents could hardly make the ends meet and that I why I decided to move to Mombasa to live with a relative as I looked for job for my own survival.

While in Mombasa, I did a short course in IT and later got a job as a computer operator in a small bureau in Mombasa. The owner of the business decided to sell it to me since he wanted to move to another city. With help of family and friends, I managed to buy the business in 10 monthly installments.

I am married with two young kids.

My Business

My business is based on IT technology. I provide internet services and typing services to people in my area especially those who do not own computers or smart phones. I normally serve between 20 and 30 clients per day where each clients pays a small amount depending on the service given.

My overheads include rent, electricity, paper and other miscellaneous expenses. I get a gross income of about USD 450 and about USD200. I use the profit to support my young family while a the same time putting some money back to the business for growth.

Loan Proposal

My printer that also doubles as printer broke down recently. My technician has advised to get a new one since it will cost a lot to have this one fixed. I had used this printer for four years and therefore I agree with the technician that there is no point of repairing it.

I wish to replace this important tool with a similar one which will cost me about USD 130. With this replacement, I will continue to serve my clients in an efficient way. Thank you so much Zidisha for giving me such a rare opportunity to grow my business.





Loan Info

Project Type

Classic Loan

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Date disbursed

Mar 8, 2016

Repayment status

On Time

Projected term

12 months



Paul Graham

United States

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